On June 6th, of 2006 I was asked to speak about the significance of the Mark of the beast or 666. Before I addressed the large crowd, a man dressed in black and wearing a hat with a large feather came up to the stage and handed me a book wrapped in a rag. He said that the book was given to him by someone and that someone said that I had to pay a dollar for it. This made me curious and so I gave him a dollar.

The book was nearly 100 years old. There were symbols inside it, many poems and incantations and one of the pages was bookmarked with a black feather. I really paid no mind to it and kept it in my closet for 3 years until  one day my fiancé Janine found it and felt it was giving off energy or there was some power or event associated with it. I researched the symbols and incantations, the publisher and the writer of the old beaten book.  The book was very popular at the turn of the 20th century. It was a book that had secrets and names in it that were very familiar to me. Some were unfamiliar.
The book had ciphers embossed on the cover. They were some sort of code.  I couldn’t quite figure them out. Eventually I was able to find someone whom I knew, that was familiar with symbols and she expressed to me that the book’s symbols indicated that it was dedicated to the oath and covenant given to the antichrist and the co-creation that existed in the shadow realms.
I had asked her about the shadow realms. She had told me that not only was there a Genesis where the genes of ISIS were created; there was also a simultaneous creation that we were unable to see. These beings existed outside of the light.  They were the beings of shadow.
In order to understand, there is the earth we know that is balanced, and an earth that exists that is imbalanced. There is an earth that we know that has been created, and one that is in the process of being uncreated.
Both worlds exist simultaneously and while both are apart in substance they can cross back and forth as the ebb and flow of the tides.
The tides are what slow the earth down, and the moon is in control of the passage of time in the realms of shadow. As the earth slows down, the more we are able to witness the co-existing realm that we have not been able to see before,
In a book titled The Cipher of Genesis by Carlo Suares we see the Kabala used as a means to decipher ancient scripture. In this book we find that “woman does not issue from a rib of Adam; she is not called Eve; she does not disobey; there is no question of sin.”
These notions would obviously not sit well with those who insist that the path to salvation is to go to their church every week. What is perhaps even more profound in the Cipher is a totally different interpretation of man’s origin and purpose.
There are theories given on how the universe is made and how the Elohim and its progeny is a primitive, coarse, brutal human substance, hopelessly incapable of reconditioning itself.
He book also shines a light in the names and numbers associated with many Gods. These names and numbers are known and are very much like a computer pin number or password. The elite and those in power use these numbers in order to gain power and reach a point of universal light.
It is also peculiar to hear that many people who have cracked the codes for this universal light are aware of the simultaneous action and reaction in every dimension and in every duplicate biosphere.  They are aware of the methods to use “gods” and or emissaries to conduct acts of metaphysical espionage, temporal manipulation, and many other paranormal practices that would be considered anathema to scientific reasoning.
It has been indicated in many writings of magicians, shaman and sages that there are many known names of God and each name has a corresponding number or “mark” to signify which God.  It is like a puzzle you must know the name of God, and the covenant made with that God.
All of this information is found in biblical texts.  In the book of the Apocalypse the act of magically conjuring a God is outlined clearly. When names are pronounced in ritual prayer the secrets are given.
None of what I am writing here is made up for effect.  It is written that there will need to be a time where only the elect will be given of the name of God in order for God to be with them.  The only problem is which name is the correct one for the correct dispensational epoch?
In secret societies there are three known keys or name combinations that have been revealed to be the symbolic combination that when used in ritual can open a star gate and allow for the arrival of the working or waking of God.  These are taken from the Kabala and are rich in traditions of the Chaldean, Syrian and Egyptian.
Names like YodHehVavHeh, Adonai, Yehoshua, Tzva’ot, and Elohim represent several gods that may exist in the host of the hierarchy.
Jahbulon is a composite name for God which includes the secret. The Secret is in the utterance of God the Divine, God the adversary and God as the one divine adversary.   This also indicates the secret that God has duality like his human creation, that we must find balance in our duality.  But as humans we become marked and beastly.   More profane than divine.  There are some who believe that Jahbulon is an ancient Chaldean demon.  Jahbulon is the one divine adversary God Create and God Uncreate the alpha and omega; end is the beginning, the beginning as the end of all things, the enlightened and Luciferian Genesis.
Another mythical God who came to earth was supposed to be another alien God who spoke of a binary solar system around whom the Egyptians and all subsequent Hermetic systems constructed their elaborate and obsessive religions. This God destroyed the non believers.  Those who were frightened fell to their knees and paid homage to this Alien God from the Sun.  His name was Amen Ra.
Like much of Ancient Egyptian history, the history of worship and meaning of Amen Ra was lost until recent times.  He was also called Amen kem-atef or the great Serpent or Dragon God from the Sun. He was worshipped coincidentally after a Great Sun Storm Between 2500 2000 BC. The explosion from the sun caused mass death.
According to Ancient Egyptian religious history, Amen Ra is a sun God, lord of the sky and king of the Egyptian world. He is perceived as a primeval deity present in chaos at the creation of the cosmos. He has been depicted in several forms including a Golden ram or a Golden calf.
Amen Ra also shares the same attributes as Moloch, Marduk, and Baal. Moloch is of course Phoenician deity that many believe is worshipped by our leaders at the Bohemian grove ceremonies.
In Finlayson’s Symbols and Legends of Freemasonry   it is stated that “AMEN” is the great unknown God of the sun.
The true master whose name is an untranslatable word, the same in all languages is a name of the great God of Egypt.” In the book of Revelation Chapter 3:14, God is called “the   great AMEN”.  So the question is, could there be a secret about the Gods that the elite know about that we don’t?  Are there alien Gods that are worshipped or ritualized in forms that we are unaware of?   Using these Gods as metaphors can we decode the future?
The word Amen according to Oxford English Dictionary sources means “certainty, truth”. Amen was said to have azure skin, a bluish tint that looked like sapphire.  One of the more popular films of 2010 was the Movie Avatar. People all over the world were drawn to it because of its protagonists. The Metaphor of giant blue “gods” has somehow remained with us as we see them animated on the screen with the use of a computer. The story that surrounds these blue “gods” is as ancient as time itself.
The story opens our collective unconscious to familiar themes of creation and the destruction of paradise. In the film we relive the era of being born of the water, to being consecrated in the fire.  From the fire we transcend to another being completely.  This is known as Palingenesis.
The death and rebirth metaphor is associated with the Phoenix. The Phoenix represents the Bodhisattva, Avatar or Christ.  The Phoenix has always sung for the Sun God. The bird’s song was said to be so beautiful that it would slow the earth until it stopped so that the sun’s rays would ignite its nest.
It dies in its own funeral pyre and then 9 days later a new bird rises from the ashes.
According to myth a major cataclysmic event involving the Sun took place around 2350-2000 BC. This about the time Amen Ra first appeared as a deity.  It was known as a time when the Gods came down from heaven. There were columns of light and fire that were seen in the sky.  People compared them to fiery serpents. These accounts are spoken of in ancient texts and Old Testament accounts.
Science has determined that there were space anomalies like close comet orbits, where the orbital tracks intersected with Earth during this epoch. Close encounters with a major, active comet fragments, over those centuries, must have been spectacular if not terrifying.  The idea of a messianic God like Amen Ra arriving  when the heavens literally were opening stands to reason. Many mystery religions were created based on astrological events.
Once again NASA is pulling an ominous calling card with regard to astronomical events. Warnings have gone out for years that the ocean in which our earth is suspended is becoming turbulent.
They are saying that the Solar Storm will have a major impact on electronic, and satellites here on earth.  It will be a major magnetic tsunami that could cause fires, pulse detonations, health problems and possible extinction level death. They have also been baffled by a number of space anomalies that have transpired lately.
The Universe is obviously in a transitory state and new and interesting revelations are about to occur. The hidden things will become visible.  Some of these things may become frightening.  It will be a “post-human” or “post- spiritual” time. The things that we have discounted as myth will be accepted as fact and they will be empowered for the new thought forms and dogma. It is obvious that everything you thought you knew will be altered.
It may not reveal itself to you on a personal level abruptly. It sometimes comes as a gradual and subtle indication.  However there are things that can abruptly change the game plan.
It seems that the abrupt changes are the only things we notice.  It was once indicated to me by Rex Church, a well known Satanist that the paranormal is actually what is normal.  All of the other experiences we have are just the resting points between events.
It remains to be my opinion that much of what we witness as history or part of the narrative is well planned and permitted.  There are exceptions, and those exceptions are what the universe or if you may permit, God can allow happening.
We oft times forget that we live in a chaotic world and it is our minds that try to find patterns and establish order amidst the harshness and blight that is a constant in our world.
We are being told by highly paid scientists that we have contributed to the world’s hostile environment and that is why we hear of different marketing terms to sell us on the idea that “greenhouse gasses” and “carbon footprints” are to blame. While wasting resources is a suicide mission, the earth is and has always been a harsh, toxic, and hostile environment for humans.  It seems as though we do not belong here. However it is becoming more apparent that we are sharing this world with another world that has simultaneously been created.
A world where bacteria live on arsenic or other lower life forms can survive in the heat of volcanic cones. The world we share has been called a shadow biosphere.  It is world that the majority doesn’t see.
Sometimes it can be called an underworld. It is the place where vivid imaginations can roam and where so called logical skeptics dismiss flights of fancy.  However the more we look around us we see that the paranormal is becoming more normal. The blind spot that has kept us protected from the nightmare of real monsters no longer obscures the shadow world. It is as if someone or something has shined a light in the dark corners of this world that lives simultaneously with us.
As the sun shows signs of becoming violent and its rays are shooting magnetic jolts at us, the creatures of twilight drift to unknown ends.  Many believe that these creatures have mimicked mankind and have placed themselves in positions of power.  We hear from the likes of David Icke that there are cold blooded reptilians among us. They feast on the blood of the innocent and rob all people of earth their virtue. They leave them in financial, physical and spiritual poverty.
With the findings of the shadow biosphere, and the simultaneous Genesis we can understand where the idea of the existence of these beings come from.  If you determine that they are rantings of a mad man consider what the bible has said regarding the presence of human dragon or vicious blood drinking reptile.  The book of proverbs describes a creature that walked among the ancients.
“There is a generation whose teeth are like swords, and whose fangs are like knives, To devour the poor from off the earth, And the needy from among men.” –Proverbs 34:14

In the present the majority are like rabbits staring into the eyes of the Cobra. They dismiss the thought of vampires and yet stare transfixed into the eyes of leaders, clerics and scientists that can tell you anything you already know or suspect, or probably want to hear to justify your panic attacks. When you are not looking they tax you, they defend pseudo science for cap and trade, and they take your children and property.
They lie.
For years they tell you that there are no aliens or extraterrestrials and yet they hint at strange bacteria that live in harsh environments, amino acids and sugars that hitch rides on asteroids that are seeding new life forms as we speak. The Catholic Church is searching for extraterrestrial life in space with a telescope called LUCIFER. This of course is an acronym for Large Utility with Camera and Infrared Field for Extra-galactic Research. There are even scientists in Switzerland that have this magical particle accelerator that can find the God Particle and they use a Solar Axion Telescopic Antenna or SATAN to find it.
It’s a cosmic joke and so many people are too weary to laugh at it.
All of the science and all of the speculation and really we do not know who we are. We don’t even know that name of the God we worship, or the devil that knocks on our door. We have heard a few names, and we seem to be aware that something out there is looking out for us.
But what, who is out there?  What are we waiting for?  Our future seems to be all for naught because we hear of mass destruction on the way and maybe it is all because we secretly know that most of what we are told is really nonsense.
This isn’t a blow to faith, because without it we are lost. I am merely expressing my frustrations when I read the news or a magazine and they announce that prehistoric weapons or pottery, maybe some cultural evidence is dug up by archeologists that appear in a place where they have told us it shouldn’t at a time where they tell us it couldn’t.  We read stories about artifacts left behind by man millions of years before man is supposed to exist.  There are foot prints in rock beds that date some 40 million years ago. And why?  Those facts end up being buried and lost somewhere in the debate of creationism versus evolution.
Which scientist is going to explain heart transplants being depicted on caves drawn by observers 60 million years ago in Egypt? Who wants to take on the explanation of ancient toys that resemble airplanes and helicopters being found? Or railroad spikes found in caves in Peru that can be dated to be thousands of years old?
Now archeologists have found evidence to suggest that there was beneath the waters of the Persian Gulf a civilization that may have lived there some 75,000 to 100,000 years ago.
It is easy to explain it and it has nothing to do with Aliens.  It has everything to do with cataclysm.  It is the destruction and rebirth of everything.  It is the sun heating up the atmosphere; it is the, moon slowing down the earth with the tide. It is the alignment of planets and the doomsday balls of fire that have hit the earth creating extinction level events. It is the aftermath of ice, receding waters and pillars of smoke and fire spewing from volcanoes that look like entryways to the bowels of hell.
It has been happening for millions of years maybe more. Each time the earth slows down and speeds up, days go by faster and then slower. Each time we slow down we begin to notice those things that were once a blur become clear again. The Light bearer returns and the songs are sung. In the end was silence; in the new beginning was the word.
Let there be light and there was light.
They call it an Apocalypse.  What we are seeing now is just business as usual.

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