M.I.B. 97239

M.I.B. 97239

Law enforcement officials are now investigating the mailings of letters that may or may not contain pathogens. A few lawmakers, including House Speaker John Boehner, received threatening letters in the last few days with an unidentified white powdery substance and more may be on the way, say law enforcement officials.

In addition Boehner, at least one lawmaker from Wisconsin and a senator from Indiana have received the letters at their district offices, with more expected to receive additional letters, the officials said.
Once again there is terrorism in the mail. The letters come more than a decade after five people, including two Washington postal workers, were killed when anthrax was mailed to the Washington offices of a pair of Democratic senators and a number of media personalities. The mail system to the U.S. Capitol was completely overhauled in the wake of those attacks and letters are now sent through and off-site processing facility before arriving at lawmakers’ offices.
While the letters contained a harmless powder officials are saying the authors or author of the letters say that there is a chance that harmful materials may be sent or may have been sent out. The letters make vague complaints about too much money in politics and had a Portland, Oregon return address from an organization listed as “The MIB, LLC.”
The MIB address is listed at 2413 NW Burnside, Portland, and Oregon 97209.
In addition to the letters to the lawmakers, officials said television comedians Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert received letters mentioning the letters to senators.
The author told the comedians he would send letters to all 100 senators and ten percent of them would contain “lethal pathogens.” The alleged MIB wrote that they wanted an end to corporate money and lobbying, an end to “corporate personhood,” and called for a new constitutional convention to rewrite the constitution.
The author also told the comedians he would tell the senators they are “working for the wrong side” and there is a ten percent chance they have been exposed to a lethal pathogen. The author also said he “randomized” which letters would contain the pathogen and even he did not know who would get which letter.
I am intrigued by this story because of the return address and the M.I.B. reference. It was no more than a few days ago I did a show about M.I.B. sightings in Portland Oregon.
I really can’t tell if any of this is connected, but it seems to be a tremendous synchronicity that need not be ignored.
Ground zero recently reported on the Men In Black as there were at least three sightings of what appeared to be classic M.I.B. in Portland, Newberg and Hillsboro. There was also a sketch made of what the MIB looked like to a passerby who also spotted the M.I.B. near a local bar in Portland.
Nick Redfern who has appeared on Ground Zero numerous times has indicated that the new reports of M.I.B. incidents deal mostly with fear and intimidation and not necessarily UFO based appearances. He has also related in his books that the mystery of the M.I.B. can be exploited by government agencies to commit false flag acts of terror and blame it on an agent from another country or an alien or foreign criminal element acting on behalf of recognized names like Al Qaeda or the Taliban or any other terrorist organizations.
Redfern also stated on Ground Zero last year that he believes that in lieu of a typical American going to his congressman to complain about injustices or draconian laws, they can anonymously say that they are the M.I.B. carrying out what “has to be done” to send a message to government. He predicted on Ground zero that if this would happen, the average American would not take it seriously and would write it off as some sort of prank.
In the meantime those who are aware of the M.I.B. can understand that perhaps there are several different agents with agendas to intimidate with acts of terror or threats.
Such is the recent case. While none of the packages or envelopes contains lethal pathogens, an element of trickery is involved where no one knows who may or may not have been infected or exposed. In the meantime the M.I.B. wants the last laugh by informing two comedians of their intentions and their lethal joke.
They make appearances in Portland and are seen throughout the area. They are reported by citizens who see them wandering around locales. Skeptics dismiss their appearances. Then letters are sent to Senators from Portland Oregon claiming to be from the M.I.B. in hopes that no one will take it seriously.
The part that is most frustrating is that we do not know who they are. Redfern has concluded there may be more than one group behind the MIB phenomenon. We always hear of how they are supernatural however they may be simply agents who employ technologies that we are not privy to and use classic methods of intimidation when needed.
It is more than likely in this case that the name M.I.B. has conveniently been used as a cover name for a group similar to “Anonymous” in order to commit these activities. The M.I.B. can become a servitor for an idea or even anything that is threatening. It would evolve from being just a legend to something tangible and easily manipulated to represent a group or being that can be controlled by yet another group or person with immoral or wicked agendas.
It’s like summoning a demon to carry out ill will. No one can see the demon nor do they believe in the demon, but the demon becomes the agent that carries out the agenda.
It is a no fault crime because a demon can’t stand trial for crimes against humanity.
The true motives for the Men In black may be far deeper than we can comprehend. They seem to act with no consequence. They are amoral, and believe that the end result justifies the means.
Is it a stretch or too much to believe that somewhere out there agents exist who alter humankind’s fate according to their master plan? We have given up control of our lives to politicians, police forces, armies and alphabet agencies thinking that they are protecting us when all the while they give us an attitude adjustment that sways our thinking to their amoral agendas.
Can this be the beginning of the M.I.B. acting in plain sight? Will we see more so called M.I.B. criminal acts?
Whatever the future holds the meme has been released and now we have yet another egregore or servitor to pay attention to, at least for the time being.

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