Vampires have always been a matter of interest for me. There are many things that I know about the “real vampires” because I was completely immersed in the subject by accident when my uncle bought me a copy of “Creepy” Magazine back in the 1970’s. I remember that one of the stories dealt with a beggar who was offered eternal life if he killed someone and drank their blood. He would kill and kill and was not able to partake of the unholy communion. He just disappeared and it was eventually revealed that the story was based on folklore of a hunchback that was maltreated at a flop house. He actually killed his victims near the White chapel district and rivaled that of another infamous killer Jack the Ripper.

While “the ripper” ritualistically murdered his victims and while many speculate that they were ritualized in a Masonic way, a real satanic panic has begun with the arrival of the so called Zombie Apocalypse stories that have been reported in the news.
While the mainstream media is trying hard to convince the consensus that all of this new cannibal feasting is due to a designer drug called bath salts it is becoming a bit more apparent that we are seeing a new form of programming. We are seeing anew curse that is being employed by the darkest of agents wanting to force the public into fearing a plague or worse.
The occult is a convenient scapegoat when there seems to be nowhere else to go and no matter what you may think about the occult, there are dark forces that are easily summoned to attach a program or an entity that is so chaotic that it can manifest as a demon, when it is really a product of an induced dissociative disorder.
Many levels of programming can bring about negative behaviors. Demonic activity and dissociative disorders are every real and wherever they come form is not important as is the way they demonstrate an area of the human mind that can be beastly and animal like.
There have been many occiaisons in my life where I have discussed dark occult subjects with catholic priests. I was first interested in speaking with the curators of the Basilica in Argentina dedicated to la Madre de Lujan. The reason I needed to speak with them was because of an encounter I had with a man that I was told was a real Vampire. Before Ash Wednesday in 1984 I encountered a man who stood motionless in front of the basilica. He had a bad odor. He smelled like rotten vegetables or flesh. His eyes were fixed on the cross of the basilica and his face was drawn out as if he was dehydrated.
The priest warned me to stay clear of the man because he was a “demon.” I was not at all impressed with his story however after a week of seeing the man standing in one place unmoved even during heavy rains I had to pause and contemplate what was truly happening.
I was starting to believe that the demon that was standing in front of the church was a zombie or a programmed soul who needed to be delivered from his own entombment.
Some of the people of Lujan warned me that the man was a vampire and was seen drinking the blood of cattle in the surrounding farms.
I summoned the Cura of the basilica and asked what happened to the man. He stated that he believed that the man fell prey to the programming of a curandero. I had met several Curanderos who were nothing more than folk healers. The folk healers of the rural South America were mostly harmless, however according to the Catholic hierarchy there were some of the curanderos that practiced black magic and have been the scourge of the church in the surrounding area.
Many of the Black magic shaman would remain in hiding because man of the locals would hunt them down and kill them much like what is depicted in an ancient book known as the Malleus Maleficarum. The Malleus Maleficarum is a famous theological treatise, written around 1486 and intended to be a kind of handbook for the discovery and destruction of witches in Europe. It was written by two members of the Dominican Order, Johann Springer and Henrich Kraemer.
The Malleus Maleficarum was known in German as Der Hexenhammer and in English as the Witch Hammer or Hammer of the Witches. The English translation was done by the famous Montague Summers, a clergyman intent on the study and eradication of vampires, werewolves and witches.
This treatise served as one of the big sources of the witch hysteria or Satanic Panic that had gripped Europe over the centuries. According to some, if it had not been for The Malleus Maleficarum the mass hysteria surrounding witchcraft may not have reached the level it did.
The Malleus Maleficarum was was so respected by experts that it ended up being adopted by both Catholic and Protestant witch-hunters. It was even authorized by Pope Innocent VIII, who had found all of the many tales of witchcraft circulating through Christendom disturbing.
But what does all of this have to do with vampires? Well, the focus of The Malleus Maleficarum was on witches, but it did also mention vampires. It made it clear that vampirism was one of the very worst manifestations of the devil and it even included early tales of vampire activity.
Here is just one mention of a vampire in The Malleus Maleficarum and a bit of insight on just how paranoid these men were:
“It is true that both in the Greek and in the earlier Roman cults, worships often directly derived from secret and sombre sources, ancient gods, or rather demons, had their awful superstitions and their horrid rites, powers whom men dreaded but out of very terror placated; fanes men loathed but within whose shadowed portals they bent and bowed the knee perforce in trembling fear. Such deities were the Thracian Bendis, whose manifestation was heralded by the howling of her fierce black hounds, and Hecate the terrible “Queen of the realm of ghosts,” as Euripides calls her, and the vampire MORMO and the dark SUMMANUS who at midnight hurled loud thunderbolts and launched the deadly levin through the starless sky. Pliny tells us that the worship of this mysterious deity lasted long, and dogs with their puppies were sacrificed to him with atrocious cruelty, but S. Augustine says that in his day “one could scarce find one within a while, that had heard, nay more, that had read so much as the name of Summanus” (De Ciuitate Dei, iv, 23). Nevertheless there is only too much reason to believe that this devil-god had his votaries, although his liturgy was driven underground and his supplicants were obliged to assemble in remote and secret places.”
In the occult writings Mormo is the king of vampires, the ruler of the dead and the keeper of the blood rite. The Pastor of the First Satanic Church, and the author of the Satanic Bible, Anton LaVey lists, under “In fernal Names,” “Mormo,” which is the God of the living dead, and the king of the Ghouls
Mormo the Vampire god of the living dead, has a connection to the genealogies of the Merovingian bloodlines and the conspiracy to place on a globalist throne a leader who professes divine blood rite and programs his followers to be a part of a “beast” system of government.
There have been modern cults established as Vampire religious sects that have been known to program followers to become vampires. They are believed to be offshoots of the Church of Satan and the Temple of Set. The Temple of the Vampire uses their inner circle known as the Order of Prometheus to program their members to do their bidding.
Meanwhile there are other theistic satanic cults who program their members many of whom have been some of the most well known mass murders in our midst.
The Process Church of the Final Judgment is supposedly born of disaffected Scientologists and later accused of being the inspiration for both the Manson family and the Son of Sam shootings.
They are now known as the Society of Processeans. While there are denials that Berkowitz and Manson had any ties to the cult, there was a surge of a Cannibalist and ritual murder wave that was triggered in the United States and it was speculated that the real Satanic panic was a result of an MK Ultra plan to program people into becoming animals. It was known as predatory programming.
In July of 1970 Satanist Stanley Baker was convicted in the cannibal- slaying of a Montana resident. He confesses other crimes, committed as a member of the “Four P” cult – a spinoff from the Process Church of Final Judgment – and bloody fingerprints link Baker to another homicide in San Francisco, but California courts bar prosecution on a claim that was denied a “speedy trial.” He was paroled in 1985.
In 1987 Tim Erickson and two other Minnesota teenagers, admitted to being programmed by a “vampire cult” by watching the movie The Lost Boys. The ritualistically murdered a 30-yr old drifter and took turns drinking his blood.
The recent findings in the Rudy Eugene Zombie cannibal case are pointing more towards a possible programming event or even a Voodoo ritual. Weeks after the zombie apocalypse frenzy broke out following a cannibalistic style attack by Rudy Eugene, a new autopsy report has revealed that no flesh was found in Eugene’s stomach, according to the Miami Herald. The finding suggests that although Eugene was seen ripping off his victim’s face with his teeth, he did not actually swallow the flesh.
Everyone has a primitive brain in them that has the same structure and function as a brain does in reptiles. That’s why it’s called the reptilian brain and this is the part of the brain that was operating in Rudy Eugene while the more evolved parts were shut down. With the right kind of multi-level programming or creating alters the mind becomes a Matrix that gives priority to the reptilian part of the brain. This would shut down the caring side of the brain and open the more predatory side of the brain. Eugene Rudy became in essence a werewolf, vampire or human predator.
So could all of the attacks that followed be a part of some mental programming and the Vampire predatory “reptilian brain” programming?
In ancient cultures cannibalism was used as a form of social control. Needless to say the recent spate of ritualized attacks has controlled the media and has reinforced the ideas that we are indeed a danger to ourselves.

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