I wish to borrow a well known science fiction metaphor where something speaks to us through a series of numbers, like an alien force that guided monkeys to turn bones into weapons. We are the monkeys responding to the numbers of some strange alien force that creates a strong chaotic and causal relationship.
There seems to be some cognitive bias when it comes to certain combinations of numbers. I know that the coming date of 11/11/11 has a lot of people vexed even though the dates of greater importance and magic have passed us by and no one has really acknowledged their chaotic causal relationship with the collective unconscious.

Is the mainstream news responsible for reporting that there is a cloud of chaotic relationships with dates and numbers in the world? They won’t speak of the synchronicities because they are not the watchdog for the esoteric. They have no need to report the patterns and the significance of dates and times. They will botch any and all references to numeric coincidence in any news event because the general public has the inability to understand that the consciousness of the planet is troubled and when faced with the numeric coincidences there seem to be some very interesting glitches in the matrix.
The end of the Creation cycle or the temporal fullness of cycles according the Mayans happened on October 28th, 2011. The seed of creation reaches its limit and the new age of light begins with a tumultuous shift.
Beginning on October 28th, 2011 a series of babies were born and they were considered part of the 7 billion group. They were the babies that represented the 7 billion people that live on the earth.
While no one knows for sure which baby was the 7 billionth, an official baby declared by the U.N. On October 31st, was born in the Philippines. They named the Baby Danica. The name Danica means morning star. The morning star is the star of Illumination the name sake of Lucifer the bringer of light. The official child of the end of the cycle was named after the star of the morning a ritualistic signal that the age of new light was beginning. Lucifer is known as the light bearer and the number eleven is also associated with illumination, it is a master number and is powerful when used in chaos magic. It is coincidental that the cild known as the Morning star, Lucifer that light beraer is born in the 11th year of the 21st century.
According to the Mayans there are 9 levels of conscious development leading to that date- of October 28th, each level takes a thirteenth of the time to complete of the preceding level. From, the day after the end of the cycle we calculate 11 days and we land on November 9th, 2011 or 11-9-11. This day is significant magically and is the signal date for a causal event.
From time to time I look over the comments on my website. There are many comments that are favorable and many others who are waiting in the wings to write in detail how I am spreading BS. It happened yesterday after the Emergency Alert System failed and there was no widespread effect or anomalous activity that I took great lengths at talking about on the air. The phrase “nothing has happened” has always been a phrase that stupefies me.
I do know that when someone writes me to indicate that “nothing has happened” what it really means is “Nothing has happened that has affected my life in the way that you have stated.” It means that the weather report that predicted a storm didn’t have the impact that was projected by the person who received the message. At least it hasn’t affected them immediately.
There is a big secret that isn’t discussed at parties or at the water cooler. It won’t even be said on the nightly news or told to you by your president, pope, or king. Everything interpenetrates everything, the present does have an effect on the future and not every action immediately has an effect. I want to demonstrate an example of how what I have said this year has approximated a fact that widely affected and or raised and interest in the zeitgeist.
My first show of the year was called 2011 Childermas. The show was a show that allowed me to project my thoughts on the future of 2011. The show spoke of how 2011 would be the year of revolution. I said that the year would show us the rising up of the people against an oppressive force that holds our children and future progeny in slavery and peril. I had to point out that the number 11 had significance magically and that we need to pay attention to the markers and signs. I urged my listeners to be prepared for events that would make us refugees in our own cities.
According to the great magician Aleister Crowley, the number 11 is pure magic unto
itself. It is the number of ritual and with ritual there has to be an offering on the altar of
As the number of the light bearer it represents one and the other one.
A duality or dueling core where one may fall and the other will stand. It is the number
noted to be one beyond ten yet one short of twelve, a number of disintegration and destruction. I was particularly concerned with the 11th number and the 11th, hour and the time for the sacrificial rite to be had and the advent of witch hunts and rebellion to be common place in the news.
I said that in 2011 Children will cry out for help and will receive platitudes. Children while embraced by Christ in the bible are nothing but refuse today in the eyes of the government and in religious hierarchies. Their innocence is no longer cherished by them. I placed all of my approximating and speculation in an open timetable. I know that not all things happen on cue.
Not all predictions happen at once and if anyone believes that they do, they have no knowledge of how chaos operates. The weathermen see patterns in the clouds and I see ripples in history that tend to repeat in the Mobius strip.
I watched today in horror has videos from the Penn state Riots made their way to the internet. In one of the videos I watched how crowd of people destroyed a television news van by toppling it over.
I realized how weird the behavior was. The riots were happening because Penn State’s Board of Trustees fired the university’s head football coach and president Joe Paterno in the wake of a sex abuse scandal involving a former assistant coach.
Jerry Sandusky Sandusky is s accused of sexually abusing eight boys from 1994 to 2009. Some say the college leadership should have done more after Paterno learned of an alleged incident in 2002. So 9 years after the incidents we see a riot on 11-9-11.
Tthe people rioted because they wanted Paterno reinstated even though he allegedly looked the other way when Sandusky was engaged in pedophilic behavior?
Doesn’t that send a chill somewhere in your conscience? The one and the other one were in a conspiracy of enabling the sexual abuse of children—and when the secret is revealed the chaotic causal relationship between the people and the so called child rapists became volatile and they rebelled and rioted in favor of the one who witnessed and did nothing.
The riots happened the night of 11-9-11.
The number combination in the Luciferian matrix opened a door to chaos and a mob rioted in the name of enabling child rape. The shift of values is evident and the adjustment went virtually unnoticed by the mainstream.
On 11-9-11 we saw the massive, violent, adjustment of values and the dark chaotic cosmic rationale. Sure there was a raping of children but—they wanted their coach back how paranormal is that? How does it not demonstrate the real beastly nature of man and how the pathocracy has its cold grip on society?
The sequence of the number 9 and a 11 even take into the date that everyone is worried will be a date of destiny and that is November 11th, 2011
While November is the 11th month in the year, it is also interesting to note that the word
Novem is Latin for the number 9. So once again the 9/11 combination continues. However removing the reference to 9 and sticking with the 11 is the sequence we learn the the Satanic number 9 still is in combination with the Luciferian 11.
In medieval times, numerologists believed all numbers had both positive and negative aspects … except for 11. In the words of the 16th century scholar Petrus Bungus, 11 “has no connection with divine things, no ladder reaching up to things above, nor any merit.” Stuck between the divine numbers 10 and 12, 11 was pure evil, and represented sinners.
It is also a weird coincidence that 11/11/11 is binary for the number 63 which added to itself produce a 9.
The date of 11/11/11 is a very interesting numeric palindrome. There are many who see it as the numeric sequence that will open a gate. That it is a cosmic combination that will be the symbolic opening of illumination. If you take a calculator and divide 11 by 11 and then divide the sum of that by 11 you get (11 / 11) / 11 = 0.0909090909.
Will these dates and numbers become some indelible mark left behind on the cosmic highway?
So far the road trip has been interesting and the signs ahead point to more causal relationships that we will make on the way.
So if you still think nothing has been happening on these dates you aren’t paying attention.

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