I have gotten to the point where contemporary music – or that music which is in a world of hurt right now gets switched off. It isn’t because I am getting older; it is because I am not as easily duped into listening to it or watching the performances for that matter.
However, after talking with Freeman I am realizing that I am missing out on all of the hidden ritualism that takes place during music awards shows. From Lady Ga Ga’s Mk Ultra sex slave writhing to Pink’s Masonic ritualistic theatrics there has been pretty remarkable symbolism happening on national television.
We in the world of conspiracy theory call it “predictive programming.” It is all there to get the youth accustomed to the so called “open conspiracy” and ritualistic nature of the “secret schools.” Is it all real?
Who knows?
After I was told to watch Beyonce Knowles performance at the Grammy’s I began see that perhaps predictive programming is becoming more state of the art and that this generations first police state is very evident.
Her performance of “IF I WERE A BOY” included riot gear clad storm troopers marching into the room acclimating the viewers for the arrival of the jackbooted thugs only dreamed about in a nightmarish Orwellian novel. It seemed to be that she was the queen bee and the armies that surrounded her were ready to respond by opening all of their firepower on an audience spellbound by the audacity of the event.

[youtube S0QaAyT0XdY]

It was the lights, camera and action of a segment that was meant to show the youth of tomorrow that they are not in control. That there are powers far more able to hold the masses hypnotized while the roll over them with their tanks and their machines of war. Few Americans realize just how small of a group controls this police state and how we as Americans are vast in numbers and can realize that we should not relinquish our power and demand accountability.
One president, nine Supreme Court justices, one hundred senators and 435 congressmen equals 545. That is the totals of how many, out of the 300 million people in this country are directly responsible for creating and implementing the police state. The police state is in place in order to somehow protect us from the consequences of the domestic crisis that they have created.
There are untold thousands of others employed to enforce the police state on a federal and local level. Several alphabet agencies report to the chosen 545 and do not question their motives. They only know that there is a crisis and an executive directed that imposes civil rights violations across the board. There is one alphabet agency, The CIA that does not answer to congress. They have unlimited budgets to wiretap, observe, search and seize property without due process.
The Central Intelligence Agency is an independent US Government agency responsible for providing national security intelligence to senior US policymakers.
On December 17, 2004, President George W. Bush signed the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act which restructured the Intelligence Community by abolishing the position of Director of Central Intelligence and Deputy Director of Central Intelligence and creating the position the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. The Act also created the position of Director of National Intelligence, which oversees the Intelligence Community and the National Counterterrorism Center.
Since the September 11th, attacks we have become an intelligence state, a surveillance state, and a full time police state enforced and protected by the 545 that created the crisis in the first place.
House bill HR1955 entitled “Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act” passed in October 2007 with 400 votes to 6. It casts a harsh and paranoid view of people seeking to protect the US Constitution, misconstruing them as violent and radical. It refers to the Internet as providing “broad and constant streams of terrorist-related propaganda in the United States.” According to this bill’s writer’s definition of terrorism, so does the American Declaration of Independence.
The “John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007” (H.R.5122) (2), which was signed by the commander in chief ( President Bush) on October 17th, 2006, in a private Oval Office ceremony, allows the President to declare a “public emergency” and station troops anywhere in America and take control of state-based National Guard units without the consent of the governor or local authorities, in order to “suppress public disorder.”
The policies and doctrines of the Bush Administration were criminal and unconstitutional.
The excuses for these activities were always linked to the War on terror and that in a war; suspects will be found and will be contained. The public debate of torture vs. interrogation should have never been debated.
American policy has always been “fair treatment” under the law according to the constitution however experimental tortures were carried out in camps set aside for political detainees. This has been determined to be criminal activity under the Geneva Convention. However, there will be no trial for those who may have been responsible since Democratic leaders Pelosi and Reid have repeatedly said they will block any attempt to bring anybody from the previous administration to stand trial.
Even though there is a mountain of evidence to show that governmental criminal activity has been going on early on before the Bush administration. The criminal activity has been shown to be committed by what is known as a shadow government to insure the continuity of policy, which is now criminal policy in the United States.
The Mob of 545 is now using the police to enforce draconian laws against its people and keep them from facing prosecution for laws they break every day.
Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has shown her malfeasance by refusing to prosecute or subject members of the previous administration to investigations, despite their many criminal acts. Barack Obama continues in the criminal mischief by not dismantling the Bush Doctrine but extending it with every unconstitutional policy still intact.
Policy that is unconstitutional remains as standard law and executive decision to surrender sovereignty, and implement a private police force to round up Americans that they see as threats is still waiting to be carried out.
Beginning in the 1970’s during Jimmy Carter’s administration, the Army began setting up at least 50 concentration camps officially called Civilian Internment Camps around the USA. These camps were also mentioned in Ronald Reagan’s REX 84 program. While many have denounced this as “conspiracy paranoia,” George W. Bush sought the services of Kellogg Brown and Root to build detention camps for illegal immigrants.
The beefed up militarization of local police forces has run amok in the United States. Some police forces now have tanks in their arsenal, while others have employed ELRAD sonic weaponry which can cause ear damage and skin burns. The technology was developed to use on terrorists during war time, however it was used recently at the 2009 G20 Summit that was held in Pittsburg Pennsylvania. Paramilitary operations were relatively rare in the United States in the 1970’s.
SWAT teams that were once called in during violent takeovers and hostage situations, have been replaced with militarized CERT teams that are now being used for cases as simple as domestic violence.
How many times have we heard of the lone suicidal family member that has been shot dead with no weapon or the family that was awakened by a confrontational no knock brake-in by CERT teams who in a moment of self defense a father or mother was gunned down by paramilitary operations who attacked the wrong house?
Peter Kraska, a criminologist at the University of Eastern Kentucky, estimates we’ve seen a startling 1,500 percent increase in the use of CERT teams until the early 2000s. And the vast majority of these CERT team raids are for routine warrants that could have been handled by a deputy Sherriff.
The unfortunate thing about the typical American is that they are too comfortable with the idea that America is too big to fail. They believe that our very form of government is immune to collapsing into a different form. We as Americans SHOULD know full well when our government is teetering on the brink of socialism, communism, or even despotism. But we don’t. We believe that it just can’t happen here.
It already has happened here and it continues.
A lot of people want to continue their politics as usual without setting them aside so that they can understand that the rules of the game are changing at a rapid rate and that Barack Obama has chosen to play within the boundaries of a global agenda. An agenda that has been put into play by despots that have rendered your ability to have life liberty and the pursuit of happiness useless.
Despotism and the police state that comes with it is so alien to the American Mind that we foolishly believe we have banned it and outgrown it, and that, like slavery, horse-drawn carriages, and smallpox, it is a forgotten relic of the distant past never to be seen again.
But though it is contrary to our national mythology to say so, despotism is everywhere in human relations, if not uniform. It can appear in the workplace, in relationships and in family situations. We are so used to it than when it appears in our government we tend to accept it as a “necessary evil.” However allowing it to continue creates a whole group of problems. Many of them are now appearing in the mainstream. The inaction of the people is unprecedented.
I believe that much of the inaction is based on the fact that no one sees the police state or they are convinced that it can’t happen during a time where a “progressive” president is handling American affairs.
There has been much debate about whether or not there is a conspiracy to keep things progressing towards a police state here in the United States.
The idea has taken a backseat lately because in Obama’s America many people are too brainwashed to believe that the beast wearing the jackboot has been planted firmly in the grave. The idea of a fascist state was allegedly silenced with a vote against the Bush administration in 2008.
The truth is painfully revealing itself and the chances of you being oppressed by your own government has increased now that Obama has become president.
This is not based on any political ideology, but of course republicans will point the finger stating that Bush had nothing to do with the rise of the fascist state.
The truth is both the right wing and the left wing when flapping together give the fascist bird the ability to fly. Left to its own devices it will swoop down and sink it’s talons into its prey. You will have to lay low and avoid being seen by its ever watchful eye.
While the eyes of a fascist police state are very keen, the eyes of America have dimmed and we are suffering from a form a of Facio-myopathy where the muscles of our eyes heart and mind have softened to the point of not caring.
There is also a problem with people and their ability to judge character. Americans have become shallow and tend to base class and success on money and looks. They have what are known as “image and action parameters” that determine whether or not we are in a Democracy or a police state. We all have an image of Dictators and the horrible things they have done.
The United States failed in its first test of protecting itself from unwarranted hijacking of their rights after the attacks of September 11th, 2001. The attack was a criminal act that was never investigated. It was only assumed that the attacks were planned and executed by Middle Eastern terrorists. More and more facts are surfacing that demonstrate that the attack was an inside job and that it was a “flashpoint” for the government to implement the Plan for a New American Century. The real criminals will never see a trial. The majority of people have not yet demanded it.
The problem that faces us is not the outward face of tyranny. But the subtleness of it and how people ignore it because it is not obvious to them. We have all been duped into believing in the smooth pabulum that has been created by consultants, ad agencies and spin doctors that downplay and belittle the reality of tyranny.
They blind side the public with issues like abortion, immigration, and global warming. Things like constitutional rights are no longer important to the average American Citizen. Fear has determined that the constitution is a worn out document that is a death sentence. The American sphere of ignorance remains and the popular form of attitude is based on precautionary moods and potentiality.
Rather than telling the child that the stove is hot when the elements are red it decides to either remove the stove or keep a guard posted with a camera keeping an eye on the stove so that no child goes near it.
Even if the child is able to be burned after all of the precautions have been made then it becomes executive policy to go to drastic measures like hiring the military industrial complex to go in and destroy the entire kitchen.
The United States is Bankrupt but President Obama’s spending Freeze exempts the “Military Industrial Complex. “ The United States of America has 700 Military Bases in 130 Countries and 2 Wars with another one being planned using space based weapons against Iran. Iran announced on February 1th, that they now have weapons grade uranium and they can now use it to make bombs capable of creating an EMP wave over the United States. They most certainly have the capability of creating a reason for Israel to take a first strike stance. Iran’s capability is not limited to firing rockets into space. In the wrong hands a low yield nuke could be detonated anywhere in the United states forcing into play more of a police state stance by our own government which could possibly include rounding up, or even shooting American citizens.
On February 3rd 2010 Dennis Blair, director of President Obama’s National Intelligence told the House Intelligence Committee that it was now “defined policy” that the U.S. government can murder its own citizens. This execution would be based solely on assumption that the citizen is a threat to national security. This would be carried out with no arrest, or trial, or conviction, just execution on suspicion only.
Plain and simple the police state has now advanced to policies that are similar to Salin’s Russia. The executive branch has assumed the right to murder Americans who it deems a “threat.”
They allegedly won’t kill you on American soil—but take a step out of the United States and the intelligence community can wipe you out, if they see you as a threat to the country.
Where does it end really? The idea that you can be killed anywhere by your own government demonstrates the grandeur of the police state and how it goes unchallenged by Americans who see it as a necessary evil against terrorism.
The policies of overseas assassinations being carried over to the states is probably not a far reach. Americans have already been killed for their beliefs from the incidents at Waco to Ruby Ridge to the Black Panthers a dark side to police state activity exists and persists.
To execute anyone without a trial takes away their constitutional right of due process.
This is what goes on during a police state. If this is your first one – then I welcome you.
I would explain more, but I have some Lady Ga Ga Videos to catch up on.

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