When western anthropologists first heard reports of witch doctors who could issue deadly curses, they quickly found rational explanations. The families of the cursed often felt there was no point wasting food on the “walking dead”, for example. That’s why many of the cursed would die of simple starvation.
However, other case histories have come to light that defy attempts to explain them. In the 1970s, for example, doctors diagnosed a man with end-stage liver cancer, and told him he had just a few months to live. Though the patient died in the predicted time, an autopsy showed the doctors had been mistaken. There was a tiny tumor, but it had not spread. It seemed the doctors’ prognosis had been a death curse.
The idea of wanting to believe someone who claims to be an authority is becoming dangerous because methods of speech and patterns known as Neuro Linguistic programming  are creating a method to put people in a position of passively accepting lies and routine manipulation.  There are many mechanisms that are being used today to socially engineer people into making decisions they wouldn’t normally make.
Though the mechanisms remain a mystery, the result creates either a Placebo or a Nocebo effect.
Placebo effects make great band aid to calm the people from perceiving the worst and Nocebo effects describes any case where putting someone in a negative frame of mind has an adverse effect on their health or well-being.  Nocebo effects also can create crisis where one doesn’t exist forcing people to react in fear or force them into fearful stupor where knee jerk decisions are made and later regretted.
Think of all the social concerns that are swirling into a Nocebo effect, anything from apocalyptic paranoia, to health care concerns, to global warming, and pandemic flu.   Mow be introspective and ask yourself just who is effected by global warming? Is it Global Warming really a concern when you are told that the weather has been cooler than normal? Can you hear the manipulation in the way words are placed strategically and events are reported for the response in favor of an agenda or goal?
Are you certain of any decision you make or are you bending to public pressures or even consensus moves that are socially engineered by predictive programming or words that are psychologically proven to get a response?
Government seems to thrive on a manufactured crisis to justify its existence and its policies and to stop its approval ratings going into freefall.  This is very disturbing considering the idea of crisis was first proposed in the prepared document “Project for the new American Century” in order to create a need for an expanded Military. The document was written and agreed upon by treasonous war criminals that surrounded George W Bush during his presidency. The document indicated that what America needed was “a new Pearl Harbor” in order to justify an increase in Military spending. Its published aims came true on September 11th, 2001. Yet Americans do not see nor do they want to pursue that possibility that the men who wrote the document had inside knowledge of a plan to carry out the deaths of 3000 people.
It makes you question your own stability when you consider that perhaps there are crisis talks about what kind of manufactured crisis is to be initiated and when it will be carried out. The manufactured crisis must also have maximum impact in order to create a climate of fear and absolute urgency to create a fear based consensus that will demand a solution as easy and as fast as possible.
The previous administration was accused of fostering nightmare scenarios in order to facilitate a crisis to maintain two wars.  This now is evident and a matter of record. A record that has not been brought to light in order to establish justice and insure domestic tranquility.
In fact domestic tranquility of the homeland is non-existent and the excuses made for the complete denial of no documented action to curtail fears and nightmares should be held suspect.
We should all suspect that something is holding the country in a trance and that for the first time in history a government has successfully held a nation in suspension and created a nation of trained dogs that will salivate to the idea of more war, taxes and the idea of Armageddon.
The wars we are now fighting are unnecessary and have placed our economy in the red.  We are now at a higher risk for future attacks.
The Obama administration has not really created any new nightmares; however they have been able to keep up the pitch of unnecessary dread amongst the populace.  This most definitely is not progress.
Those who now question the policies of Barack Obama are forgetting that they are also questioning the inherited nightmares and crises of George W. Bush. However there are those clever spin doctors who have called those who question “heretical operatives” that seem to be playing for a right wing extremist conspiracy, although many of the so called protesters seem to be moderate democrats that have lost their faith in Barack Obama’s dogmatic prose.
These points are not being made in the mainstream narrative for a reason.  The reason is quite simply that programming has become fine tuned and unless people break free from it and recognize that their decisions are manipulated by programming or trigger words we will continually stall and make no progress for the future. There is that gray area that the authorities love to play in.  They love to cast shadows of doubt and lie through every crisis.  People out of fear tend to think that if an authority says it is for their own good it must be.  It has been shown that the mind can act irrationally during times of unrest or in times of stress.
When the mind loses control out of fear sometimes we begin to see a form of voodoo take hold and soon we see many people act as if they were a deer in the headlights.
Adolf Hitler had used linguistic programming skills to create a “The big lie” that would be believed by the most elite and educated of Germany. He wrote in his book Mein Kampf that
“In the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation. For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying.”
When lies are told to inflict dread or harm there is also that progression which leads to betrayal.  Where promises that are made are easily broken and you are convinced that it is up to you to be an apologist for that betrayal. In a sense you develop Stockholm syndrome and you become a willing slave to your master.
Hitler’s propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels wrote: The essential English leadership secret does not depend on particular intelligence. Rather, it depends on a remarkably stupid thick-headedness. The English follow the principle that when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it. They keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous.
It is common for People to get deeply attached to their beliefs, and form emotional attachments that get wrapped up in their personal identity and sense of morality, irrespective of the facts of the matter. They have so many things that okay a part in their decisions.  From patriotism to religious upbringing to political ideology.  Their inferred justification is creating cognitive dissonance. Left unchecked and with the negative  thought forms being generated by authorities we can only await the moment where the powder keg will see its spark.  Social wars can lead to civil wars and various “mobs” could spring up creating an uncontrolled despotism.
There are many who are suggesting that the United States is well on the way to becoming fully militarized.  This means that not only would we see the increase in police forces, we would also see private Military forces being hired and the National guard being deputized as law enforcement as well.  People have seen economic budgets being depleted with the threat for pandemic on the horizon.  No pandemic ensued and yet there will be many more that will jump to the government’s whims and continue to do so because their minds are week and unable to see the manipulations
It’s becoming disconcertingly clear that post-9/11 America has no trouble accepting soldiers patrolling our streets with military equipment and Black Helicopters.  SWAT teams have been replaced with combat ready SERT teams, and soon we could be seeing soldiers in digital camouflage patrolling city streets. With Obama’s proposed threats and his use of manipulative word salad , the dread can be so great that soldiers and policemen can and will be interchangeable. In fact, most Americans seem convinced that the threat to “homeland security” is now an eternal struggle and once again rationalize their various opinions based on  terror fear and the necessity to eradicate it.
They are easily persuaded to dismiss more than 200 years of history, including posse comitatus and any other bulwark against military mission creep on the home front. If there’s a manual on how to create a crisis to fool the public, I’m sure it would say that it’s very important to plant false ideas when the public is in a vulnerable state.  If the public are hit with crisis after crisis people will demand a solution or  some may flood the streets in civil disobedience.  The deluge will  allow an excuse for control.  Once again  we will see “inferred justification” being used  to allow the need for a  Police state.
Our culture tends to marginalize those who express any ideas that indicate a mass brainwashing or manipulation is taking place. A secret stronghold that pays no mind to the peaceful teachings that are found in religion and spirituality has molded culture over the centuries.
Cultures all over the planet are encouraging their people to accept domination and manipulation. The question is for what purpose and for what outcome? Is there actually a force or perhaps a group of entities that are controlling us from some nebulous fortress?
We in the western culture are consciously unaware of what is going on because we are so caught up in our own so-called religious and political superiority.
We dismiss all of the blood rituals as barbarism and fail to comprehend the significance of what is released into the ethosphere when scores of Middle Eastern dead are left to be buried in mass graves.
We fail to comprehend the significance of a shell of human flesh burnt to a crisp and sitting in the same position as it did when it had life. The most frightening part of all of this war and bloodshed is the religious imperative to murder and to shed the blood ritualistically. After the blood has fallen to the ground a ritual of fire should seal it.
This is done to unleash a psychic power into and around the earth. When scores of souls are released in a violent manner it is believed that the energy activates a number of demonic or chaotic elements.
The images of violent murder that we see on television create a sense of hysteria in the collective consciousness. It cripples our psychological well-being and leaves us open for suggestion.
We do not account for the possibility that all of this ritual murder is being done to trigger the base instincts of humans. Their fight-or-flight mechanisms are toyed with and we begin to understand why we see an increase of consumption of sleep aids and antidepressants.
We were told that the wars would end and that change was on the horizon.  There has been no change and there has been nothing significantly different about our way of life.  We have been manipulated and mesmerized into this hope program while at the same time we are being told that doom is on the horizon,  that time is running out for all of us.
It is an exercise in reminding the people why they need to be controlled. We are a danger unto ourselves and that we must be treated as children so that Government “leaders” can justify their jobs.
Most Americans are  far removed from the idea that our government could be anything but a benevolent father figure.  This type of attitude is the breeding ground for all sorts of state socialist policies.  This would have been case regardless of who was at the helm of the country.  The socialist “daddy state” creep is not the product of an Obama administration it is the agenda of the New World Order.
The socialist creep was already beginning to come together at the end of the Bush Administration.   The bar was lowered with a management policy that created a schism within political parties.  The left became complacent and the right became disenfranchised.  Now the Complacency and apologetics have become the best friend of the Socialism, military mission creep.
The Pentagon ( which has no loyalty to partisanship)  will take advantage of the political environment and  extend Homeland security in order to create another crisis. This being  domestic terrorism.
Do you think that what is going on in Arizona with immigration is an accident? Do you really believe that the BP oil spill was not planned and that now the report that the huge spill has disappeared is not a bit far fetched?  Think about it, we had a huge oil spill that killed wildlife and then with a snap of the fingers a new reality is in the paper and on the news.  Nothing to see here, no oil, no worries, all is well.  Doesn’t that just smack of hypnosis or worse some sort of socially engineered programming that will take hold in order to get the people off the backs of the oil companies?
Much of what we know is based on hearsay. We do not know everything there is to know about everything. All public opinion is controlled by what is said and most importantly what is NOT said.
In order for things to change you must be willing to admit that Barack Obama and several Presidents before him have been puppets of a gradual socialism creep and he  along with the others have prepared the way for the “daddy state” that will be initiated through a manufactured crisis. You must not allow yourself to be the puppet of fear or by some voodoo neuro linguistic trance like effect created by social engineers who simply do not have your best interests at heart.
We need to also admit that the United States is never too big to fail.  That many great and wonderful civilizations have made mistakes and that we are not immune to doing things that are considered evil, or horrible. We must also admit that many of our leaders have committed crimes against Humanity and that we must demand that they be put to trial and that they should face punishment like any other criminal.  If the country fails, then it will be a part of our history and complexity theory dictates that things do recover.
We also need to admit that whatever we did in Iraq, we most certainly can’t do it better in Iran or Afghanistan.   Just because Obama is allegedly running the show does not make the war effort more efficient.  It is just bogging us down.  Any attempts to sanitize the war effort, or glorify it, or even elevate it to a better level because of euphemisms like “the Right war” is absurd and should be looked at as doublespeak.
It is time to break the cycle of their control on us by waking from their trance and admitting publicly that your politicians and so called leaders care more about power, and greed and social strata, than the spirit of what keeps us alive and healthy.  It may appear that they care. You may think I am wrong but take a look around at all of the people who feel they have been betrayed or lied to.  It is going to take some time for those billions of people to heal.
We have been given fiscal resources, natural resources, and intellectual resources to help others less fortunate. To feed the hungry. To house the homeless. To heal the sick. To take away pain and suffering. This is what we all thought change was going to be.  Instead, we will spend over $500 billion on a war machine that spews death and destruction around the world, gobbling up our financial resources at over $12,000 per second.  Is this what you really wanted?  Were you told something different?
I am beginning to believe that we were sold all of this and we bought it because we were manipulated with cleverly disguised words and anchors that people still hold on to and literally can’t pull out of.  Words are very powerful and the brain can only take in so much stimulation before it rearranges things and pushes some it into a place called the memory hole.
There is a song by Marilyn Manson called “Antichrist Superstar” that is more of a editorial comment on the way The United States has willingly surrendered to an evil force.  The lyrics make clear that it really doesn’t take too much to convince people to give up their morality.
So long as our elected leaders try to manipulate you in to believing you are exceptional and better than the rest of the world. So long as we believe we can break any rule–not only international laws and conventions but also those basic tenets found in the constitution? So long as we utilize violence to solve conflict. So long as we squander our precious finite resources on a war machine engaged primarily in empire building and economic terrorism. So long as we willfully destroy the environment that sustains us and all living creatures on earth. So long as our country continues down this path We will find ourselves in  a self destruct dynamic distributing behaviors that can be compared to cult followers.
Before you take for granted what other people tell you as truth, you better think twice at least one more time.

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