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Ron Patton | July 25, 2010
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On my face book page an old friend posted a message about the anniversary of the moon landing.  He wryly explained that July 20th, 1969 was the anniversary of the moon landing hoax and that there were thousands of conspirators involved.   I wrote back and thanked him for posting it and said that it is becoming apparent that the moon landing in 1969 didn’t happen.
He responded by saying he was kidding and that he wanted no part of my Moon landing hoax religion.  He stated that the thought of no moon landing would just be another unhappy thought to add to the many more he would have to deal with.  I thought it was quite interesting that he called my “moon hoax” theories a religion.
Especially when I did an entire show on how Science Fiction has replaced religion in some ways and that many people believe or are influenced by philosophies or even Characters in Science fiction.

[youtube chwHEDVg_M4]

Some people even take their spiritual guidance from movies like Twilight, The Matrix, Star Trek, or Star wars. People are beginning to demonstrate that their mental instability is getting the best of them and are taking on personas and ideas that are downright  peculiar.

[youtube MCbjdrRZzw0]

The Moon landing in 1969 is looking more and more like Science Fiction.  It seems that all that is needed is faith that it happened and enough scientists to back up some of the more vague areas surrounding so called facts.  It doesn’t matter if it  really happened or not, people believe in what they saw and the magicians trick was remarkable.
The post about my so called “moon hoax” religion was also very coincidental.  I was in Miami Florida recently working on a project for The Learning Channel where I gave my views about the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle.  After a long day of shooting we all retired to our rooms and then returned for a late dinner.  The crew and producers all sat around the table and discussed the various paranormal mysteries and conspiracy theories.   Since I was at the table and have been known for questioning the validity of the 1969 Apollo mission I was asked about my misgivings about the Moon landing
I really didn’t want to go into it in detail.  When people hear that you question the details of the moon landing they become angry and decide that it is not something you discuss.  There are others who assume that it is a crusade and that you are akin to an atheist trying to destroy faith in something that is as American as Jesus, Big Macs and morbid obesity.
There are also the people whose crusade it is to tell me I am an idiot.  There ‘s Phil Plait and James Oberg who are in the business of flexing their skeptical  pectoral muscles when ever  people see a UFO  and raise their meaty, or in Plait’s case sweaty  fists in rage whenever people question the moon landings or even joke about it. They become self important morons who get agitated because someone has a stupid question about that ball of craters and dust that is really about the size of a Volkswagen and is literally a few miles away hanging by an invisible rope.

[youtube 3D3kFn_3xRY]

They can have their science if they want, they can punch people like Bart Sibrel or kick the corpse of Bill Kaysing if they choose, but philosophically the topic of the real moon landings is really dead.
It appears that today not many care about man’s greatest achievement.  NASA wants you to care. Say what you will about the moon landing and the history, and you’ll get a yawn or two, but say we didn’t go and that often breeds rage!
I said at the table that I am a non believer in the moon landing just to see what would happen.
I was surprised that no one blinked, or got irritated.  They were very interested as to why I didn’t believe.  It was refreshing that people could discuss such topics without having to be insulted or be made fun of by a bunch of science nerds that genuflect to Phil Plait, hang out in their mother’s basement and flame in blogs.
There are many philosophical reasons why I believe we didn’t go and every nerd and science fanatic will pull out every scientific explanation that they have been programmed to say about the Moon landing. What I have said about this subject in the past is all academic and I would be rewriting a lot of my nonsense again and it wouldn’t matter.  But what I will do is find another angle where I can make a lot of curious questions and offer my hands to be slapped once again by buffoons like Jim Oberg.

[youtube R33-0uvSX1c]

I want to make myself clear, when it comes to the moon landings, either side can say that you can’t let the truth get in the way of a tall tale. Both the Hoax believers and the landing believers are of a “belief” and in the middle of that word is a little word called “lie.” The truth is the science vanguard won’t even allow the consideration of a moon landing hoax.  They won’t tolerate any questioning and they have many attack dogs in the media that will help them perpetuate their B.S,

[youtube RWZ_LCnkE7A]

Our space program is infallible, history says so. Science and the government backs it up and many Americans believe whatever their government tells them.  Well let me shine some truth amongst all speculation and theory.
The truth I want to reveal is about a space program that at one time was far superior to that of the United States.  I am sure that there are a few reading this saying “There is no other space program more superior, we had the first man to walk on the moon.”  Yes and believe it or not it is the only “first “that American space program can claim.  Because everything else we did in our space program paled to what The Soviet Union was accomplishing.
In 1957 Russia was working on its space program and had no idea that they were part of some race for space.  They merely studied and prepared their country for the next phase in their evolution.  The United States was being devastated by Russian space breakthroughs. Using that bold American, spirit our government created a hypothetical “Space Race.” It was promoted and encouraged because Russia was the first to launch a satellite into space, an animal into space, and while we couldn’t even get a rocket off the ground or keep it in the sky for 5 minutes they were ready to go to the moon.  The Luna-1 rocket was able to do a fly by over the moon snapping pictures and the Luna two was able to reach the moon and drop off communist chotchkies on the lunar surface.
In the United States we were still at the drawing board trying to figure out how to get a 3 pound satellite off the ground.

[youtube y7zTKliLj_M]

Many of the rockets would just explode on the launch pad. They attempted a satellite launch with project Vanguard and it failed in 1959.  Four months after Russia successfully launched Sputnik 1, The United States successfully launched Explorer 1 into space.  The Russians had already launched the dog Laika into space, but she later died six hours into the flight.
The U.S. sent up monkeys and brought them back alive.  The Russians had successfully sent a man into space and brought him back alive.  The Russians sent rockets to the moon.  The United States claimed they put a man on the moon.

[youtube mouUUWpEec0]

Russia was flummoxed.  How did that happen? How could it have happened? They were stunned.  They were in the process of landing a man on the moon and they couldn’t do it.
This was the so called space race.  It was kind of like a fat kid showing  up at the track, watching a toned athlete run several laps and then saying  to him “I have been watching you run, and I can run too, I know you can run better than me, but I know I can beat you.” The athlete doesn’t take the kid seriously until he does win the race, A race the athlete didn’t want to run, but felt compelled to run just to teach the kid a lesson.
While everyone knows of the success of our moon landing, many do not know or are unaware of what Russia had done to get to the moon and back.  As the race was getting heated, Russia kept many secrets about their space programs.  According to conspiratorial history Russia actually had two space programs.
The program the public saw, and the darker more serious side where horrific things took place and cosmonauts would lose their lives for their country.  The darker side of the space race is seldom spoken of.  There are people who say that there is no proof that there were horrible accidents in space, however there are some stories that circulate in Russia and even in the United States about how it is suspect that we could land a man on the moon and successfully bring him back on our first try when Russia had tried and lost many men and women in the attempt.
Russia was unable to get a manned ship through the Van Allen radiation belts.  The Van Allen Belt is an area of intense radiation 500 miles outside the earth’s atmosphere. Satellite circuits can be damaged unless they are shielded properly.  Human beings passing through the belts would not survive unless heavily protected. Think for a minute about going to the moon.  Think about how we were mere cave men leaving this sphere into a hazardous environment.  The United States did it on the first try with no deaths or mechanical failures. They passed through the Van Allen Belt without incident and landed safely on the moon.
There is a legendary story of a cosmonaut that passed through the Van Allen Belt. Cosmonaut Valentin Bondarenko according to sources left this earth with white skin and returned with black skin.  He was very much alive but with extensive radiation burns all over his body.
The only place where there was skin was at the soles of his feet where they injected him with pain relievers.  While the entire case was kept secret until 1990 there are many indications that the ship also burned him on re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere. No one could even fathom the horrible torture that must have been inside a small capsule hundreds of miles from earth.
He died on the same day in 1961.
By April of 1965 a macabre article appeared in Readers digest. The article had mentioned that mankind had a long way to go before landing on the moon.  It explained that there is compelling evidence indicating that the Soviet Union was sending cosmonauts to their deaths in their quest to land a man on the moon and bring successfully back to earth.
The article literally confirmed for most people the “cold war” rumor that somewhere out in space is the frozen body of a Cosmonaut that failed in his mission to land on the moon.
Today it is a creepy thought that perhaps billions of miles from the sun a capsule frozen in time is drifting across the boundary of our solar system and entering into interstellar space. The Astronaut inside is perfectly preserved at -474 degrees Fahrenheit.  The capsule is hurling through space at 18,000 miles per hour and has been doing so for nearly 50 years.
There were legends that Nikita Khrushchev was the U.N. and angrily stormed out after hearing that Cosmonauts destined for the moon had suffocated in their capsule.  Many of these stories are unfounded and are a matter cold war legend, but wouldn’t it be logical to think that many astronauts and cosmonauts would have died in space as they attempted to go to the moon?
Russian black operations were downright suicidal and in some respects a matter of legend, yet Americans go into space, enter into the hostile environment of the Van Allen belt and land a man on the moon on its first attempt.
Keep in mind that all other missions previously attempted by the United States were conducted with 200-400 miles in space then suddenly Americans made it to the moon 250,000 miles away.
There were all these “firsts” by Russia.  Yet Russia has yet to land a man on the moon has anyone even wondered why this is the case?  Even in a race the loser always finishes what he starts.
Even after Mount Everest was first conquered by Sir Edmund Hillary there have been countless others making the climb. Many have died trying, but they still try. Why did Russia end their quest for the moon?  Why is it that the United States is the only country that has had man land there?
Many Russian Cosmonauts have said that the moon landing is impossible.  The unfortunate thing is that American jingoists can say that this is all sour grapes and that these opinions are based in jealousy and nothing scientific.
However in the later 1990’s there were radio transmissions that were released to the public that were allegedly recorded by two Italian ham radio operators that intercepted radio signals  from Russia indicating that several cosmonauts had died in space while attempting a trip to the moon.
We all know that history records that Yuri Gagarin was the first human  in outer space and the first to orbit the earth but the radio signals allegedly paint a grim audio picture of lost cosmonauts forgotten by history and erased form the records of the Soviet Space program.
The Torre-Bert tracking station recordings produced by two Italian brothers in the 1950’s and 1960’s have been under scrutiny and some say that they are hoaxes.  However it seems that for 40 years there was a cover-up about the Soviet space program and that many pilots had died in their attempt to orbit the earth and go to the moon.
The Pravda Newspaper finally acknowledged that there were holes is Russian space history and that the first man in space was not Gagarin but Vladimir Ilyushin who after failing in his attempt to orbit the earth  crash landed in the Republic of China and was held there for some time. Ilyushin claimed that there was a secret flight before his in February of 1961 where a colleague lost consciousness and had a heart attack in space.  The Torre-Bert listening station allegedly had recordings of the incident.  The two Italian brothers Achille and Gian Battista Judica-Cordiglia claimed that in the recording you could hear the gasping of air and the last strained moans before the Cosmonaut died. Achille was also a cardiologist and claimed that the sounds of the thumping and gasping were those of a dying man.

[youtube Km27_AQscyk]

The brothers also claimed that they had recorded the sound of an SOS to the world. At first they claimed that what they had tracked was a satellite but through the static they were able to pick up an SOS signal that seemed to be moving away from the Earth.
In addition, they claimed to have recorded the voice of a woman named Ludmilla, who was returning to Earth in May 1961; in the recording she is said to have cried that “she was burning”. Ludmila is believed to be the first woman in space but there is no record of her only an alleged recording of a woman in distress falling to Earth.

[youtube 9Sgc1I9sjfc]

If the Torre-Bert recordings are to be believed then there have been several attempts to orbit the earth and go to the moon.  The first attempts were met with disaster. We only hear of Russian failures in space and mysterious recordings because it only makes our program look flawless.  This in my opinion makes our claims about the conquering of space suspect.
If Russia covered up their space accidents are there are deaths and injuries unreported in the beginning of their program can we actually say that the only real accident with fatalities that our program suffered was the Apollo 1 fire?
The fire occurred on earth and not in space. It is also mired in speculative conspiracy theory and for good reason.  At the time NASA was warned that the idea of manned space flight to the moon was not safe and that it seemed that pressures and budgets were putting astronauts in danger. Manned space flights were opposed by many of the leading space scientists at the time, including Dr. James Van Allen and Thomas Gold, The Fire itself should have halted the moon missions. If the accident would have happened in space no one would be talking about a moon landing in fact.
It doesn’t matter if you believe in a moon landing or not, the Apollo 1 disaster claimed the lives of three American astronauts, Virgil “Gus” Grissom, Roger Chaffe and Edward White.
White of course was the first American to walk in space, Grissom  had been involved in the Mercury and Gemini programs prior to Apollo  and Chaffe was a rookie on the flight but was well known for being the U2 pilot that snapped the pictures that triggered the Cuban Missile crisis.
There are many who believe that NASA murdered the Astronauts because they were whistleblowers to the failures.
Grissom had his grudges about the space program and how it seemed to be moving forward without crucial tests or evaluations.
He was worried that the first trip the moon would be the last. He held a press conference weeks before his death. He stated that the moon shot was not two years away, more like 10 years away. Grissom also placed a lemon in the window of the Apollo 1 capsule to make a statement about the mission.  It seems a bit specious to actually say that NASA murdered three men to silence one. It would be more accurate to demonstrate that Intelligence operations conduct secret agendas to further their own power and create a means to facilitate funding and use of the war machine.
The U.S, Government did consider taking advantage of a possible astronaut fatality to make an excuse to attack Cuba.
The same document used by the 9/11 truth movement to frame government complacency by circumstance in the September 11th attacks  can also be used to demonstrate the motive for killing or even sabotaging the American Space program
The Operation Northwood’s document is a well known cudgel used by 9/11 truthers to demonstrate that false flag attacks have been proposed in the past to garner sympathy from American people to justify an invasion of another country.
In the operation Northwood’s document there were proposals calling for innocent people to be shot on American streets; for boats carrying refugees fleeing Cuba to be sunk on the high seas; for a wave of violent terrorism to be launched in Washington, D.C., Miami, and elsewhere. People would be framed for bombings they did not commit; planes would be hijacked. Using phony evidence, all of it would be blamed on Castro, thus creating an excuse, as well as the public and international backing, they needed to launch a war against Cuba.
There s one proposal however that never gets talked bout by the “truthers” and that is Operation Dirty Trick.  In the Northwood’s proposal there was a section that was Number 7 entitled Operation dirty Trick. In the proposal it stated that if the Mercury Friendship 7 mission were to somehow fail and John Glenn were to die, it would be advantageous to fake evidence that would show that Castro ordered the hit on the space capsule.
There wouldn’t even have to be physical evidence as it could be reported that the Cubans created an electrical malfunction using radio jamming technologies.  They even wanted to guarantee a hit on the Mercury capsule by somehow tipping off Cuban intelligence that the Mercury orbits were in reality spying missions.
This means the NASA and the US Government considered killing off one of its Astronauts in order to give a mandate for attacking Cuba. This makes Lieutenant Colonel Roger Chaffee’s affiliation with Cuban Missile crisis all the more interesting.
John Glenn may have been spared but were the crew of Apollo 1? The astronauts were sitting in an oxygen rich environment. It has been speculated that it was anywhere between 5 ponds per square inch to 22 pounds per square inch. This means that any spark would have caused an inferno.  They were actually in a pressure cooker.  NASA said that they had no idea that this would have been dangerous. But it seems to be a given that many things burn in an oxygen rich environment like, aluminum, steel and asbestos.
In 1962 it was reported that there was an oxygen fire that killed three workers and yet NASA denied that there had been any mishaps with Oxygen prior to the Apollo1 disaster. NASA lied to the American people.
The New York Times also cited a study that was done in 1964 by NASA that clearly indicated the dangers of using Oxygen rich environments. Once again NASA lied to get the Moon shot up and running again. This once again gives people a reason to question whatever NASA says or does, including the idea that all of the Moon landing Record is true.  That none of it was forged or hoaxed.
After the Apollo one fire it only took two years and we were on the moon. When The Space Shuttle Challenger blew up, killing 7 Astronauts the shuttles were grounded for three years.
This happened before the Internet was able to spread the word concerning the inconsistencies of NASA and the probability of hoaxing some if not all of the Moon record.  The Apollo program ended in 1973 with an unimpeachable record of safety and no loss of human life.  It wasn’t until the Challenger disaster that NASA had to tell the world that it had lost seven astronauts including a civilian school teacher named Christa McAuliffe.

[youtube u0V-ZRNzMWc]

Many people did not take into account that the shuttle only went 250 miles into space.  The Moon shot was 250,000 miles and our accomplishments during the times of the shuttle missions were the equivalent of taking a Bus into space driving it around and parking it at a descent of hypersonic proportions and braking in the lower atmosphere to about 300 miles and hour.
That is amazing but not as amazing as landing a man on the moon. We lost 14 astronauts in the Shuttle program.  Both times the tragedies happened in the atmosphere.  The Apollo moon program suffered no tragedies.  None of the Astronauts suffered any affects from the Van Allen Belt and many of them are living long and healthy lives.
It was after the Hurricane Katrina Disaster that George W. Bush announced that United States was once again preparing to go to the moon and then explore Mars. It was a One hundred and four billion dollar plan to get men back on the Moon by 2015.
After the proposed date it was then moved to 2020 and some were saying man would be back on the moon by 2025. It was as if all of the know-how and technology we used to go to the moon had been either forgotten or lost.
In 2005 it was reported that NASA did not have the technology to land any man, or woman on the Moon, and return them safely to Earth. NASA had stated on January 24th 2005 the following:
NASA’s Vision for Space Exploration calls for a return to the Moon as preparation for even longer journeys to Mars and beyond. But there’s a potential showstopper: radiation. Space beyond low-Earth orbit is awash with intense radiation from the Sun and from deep galactic sources such as supernovas finding a good shield is important.”
So what happened to the technology that protected our earlier astronauts?
New blueprints were being drawn up for a new space capsule, a lunar vehicle and a space station. It was also reported that the original recordings of the first moon landing were lost.  As the imaginations were reeling and Moon fever tried to reignite after Bush’s announcement, a puzzling report came from NASA.
Not only were they trying to develop shielding to protect astronauts from radiation they also needed to test the effects of Moon dust or Regolith on Astronauts ,the new space vehicles and Landers. Scientists were worried that the moon dust could get in the lungs of the Astronauts and cause pneumoconiosis.  They also expressed concern over regolith getting into machine parts and causing mechanical failures.   It was interesting to note that Scientist’s concerns over regolith’s effects on Astronauts and machinery were a bit weird when you consider that we have already allegedly put machinery on the moon. That regolith would have had considerable effect on the rover and the LEM. The Astronauts that we believe went to the moon were not only exposed to deadly radiation, but they also have inhaled, and in some cases ingested Moon Dust.
They all seem fine.  It was announced in 2006 that there wasn’t enough moon dust collected by the astronauts to study the effects on the machinery or on humans. So NASA decided that they could create simulated Moon dust. They announced that they would make fake moon dust. Not just a few buckets full, but truckloads full of the fake regolith in order to create the same conditions found on the moon.
So to sum it all up, George W. Bush announces that its time to back to the moon. NASA goes back to the drawing board to redesign rockets, capsules, suits, and lunar rovers.  Keep in mind these designs are not modifications on the past technology that was proven safe, but whole new ideas that needed to be constructed. NASA announces that the biggest challenge for them is to create shielding so that the Astronauts will not be exposed to deadly radiation.
However the Apollo Astronauts went through the Van Allen belt with no problem in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Scientists had grave concerns about moon dust and its effects on the health of the astronauts even though all of the Apollo Astronauts were exposed to it and are living healthy lives.  The Moon dust also posed a problem for machinery, and space suits, yet in 1969 that was not even an issue. NASA creates simulated Moon dust that needs to be brought in by dump truck to an area that is a simulated Moonscape.
So if NASA can fake moon dust can they fake moon rocks?
Well in 2009 it was revealed that yes, they can and that they can try to pass them off as real. Shortly after their moon mission the Apollo-11 astronauts went on a good will tour handing out rocks to leaders of countries. It was reported that the Prime Minister of the Netherlands received a Moon rock from Neil Armstrong in 1969.  It was discovered 40 years later that the rock was given to a Museum and that it was in reality Petrified wood and not a moon rock.
It was also discovered 40 years later that the original tapes showing the first moon landings had been erased.   These tapes featured a direct hook up from NASA to Australia and were the most clear video tapes ever produced.  The other footage that is available was actually shot by a TV camera zoomed in on a black and white TV screen.
This was a total loss of man’s greatest achievement. Now ask yourself if this whole moon shot was important do you think that The United States Government would be that careless with a historical document such as the NASA moon landing tapes?
NASA pressing forward ever onward into the final frontier launched its first Moon shot in over 10 years  in 2009 , sending up a pair of un-manned science probes that allegedly were to help determine where astronauts could land and colonize in the years to come. NASA received over $500 Million for this mission,
It was called LCROSS. NASA claimed that its purpose was  to survey and map out areas of the moon, and then the Centaur rocket would  crash at twice the speed of a bullet into the  Moon’s surface and blow out a 6 mile crater. Then before its demise, the Shepherding Spacecraft would determine if there were potential water-ice particulates in the Moon debris plume.
The lift-off occurred just one month and two days shy of the 40th anniversary of the alleged first landing of man on the moon. The LCROSS mission actually showed some inconsistencies and exposed a lot of lies that have been previously told about the Moon shot of 1969.
NASA had made the claims that the LCROSS mission was important because it set out to map out the Moon for landing sites.  The question is why? Russia had all of the data and so did we dating back to the 1960’s
Before the Apollo Missions, there were orbiters sent out to map the Moon.  In 1994, Clementine was launched. Between February 26 and April 22nd 1994, Clementine was able to deliver more than 1.8 million digital images of the Moon back to ground control including the NRL satellite ground-tracking station located in Maryland.
These images were quickly accessible to the general public via the Internet. When scientists reviewed the data from Clementine, they found the possible existence of ice within some of the Moon’s craters. So the science was in, the photos were there. Why the lie?
NASA in 40 years should know enough about the Moon’s surface with all of the manned missions and orbits they have successfully completed. It also seems a bit odd that during the LCROSS Mission
NASA was also vague about how fast the new Rockets would reach orbit around the Moon. The LCROSS Rockets according to a press release would take a week to 10 days to reach the Moon.   If you remember 40 years ago, the Apollo missions  took  three days and each mission had variant times.  Apollo 8 took 20 hours to complete 10 Moon orbits, which equates to an average time of 2 hours per orbit. Transferring the data to other mission results in vastly differing journey times to and from the Moon, which does not make sense.
Apollo 12 got to the Moon in 26.5 hours, and yet Apollo 17 took 76 hours.  It takes the Space Shuttle 66 Hrs to reach the ISS at only 185 miles above Earth. Why did it take so long for the LCROSS to do its thing?  I am not certain but I do believe the payload was smaller and the end result was just a ramming of two rockets into the moon’s surface.  It is certainly and embarrassing feat knowing that we allegedly landed men on the moon and brought them back safely.
NASA had claimed that when the rockets mad impact a plume of dust would have been seen with telescopes on earth.  Nothing was seen, no impact, and no plume.  It was a big fanfare for no real evidence of anything.  They even claimed that the Hubble Space telescope would be able to see the event.
During the Moon Hoax resurgence, meaning after Fox aired their “Did we go to the Moon?” special, an argument was brought up.  “If we went to the Moon, couldn’t we just point the Hubble telescope there and take pictures of the abandoned space vehicles to end all of the “conspiracy theories?”
The Answer from NASA is that the Moon is too bright and too close to Hubble to produce any significant photos that could prove that we went to the Moon.  Yet they claimed that they would be able to record THIS event and snap pictures of it.
In fact, the Hubble can resolve down to 50 meter’s on the Moon’s surface, which is more than enough to view the artifacts supposedly left behind. NASA does in fact have very high resolution pictures of the Moon, but does not inform the media because the first thing people would ask is to see the artifacts left behind from Apollo, and, as to be expected there is nothing there. NASA is not telling the truth about the Manned Moon Missions and they never will.
Another interesting and somewhat suspicious event that has taken place is also connected to the proofs that NASA gives us of Manned Moon landings.  Apollo missions forty years ago allegedly left retro-reflective mirrors on the Moon, to measure its distance relative to Earth. Lasers send out a precisely timed pulse, and can measure the distance to within a fraction of an inch. This has always been held as an argument of proof that the missions took place.  The reflectors are supposed to send messages to a monitoring station here on Earth. The truth is much of what NASA claims they left behind could have been left behind by the Russians years before we even claimed to set foot on the moon.
Just prior to the LCROSS Mission the National Science Foundation cut funding for the McDonald laser ranging station at Ft. Davis, Texas that tracks the alleged reflectors.  Conveniently, the “National Science Foundation” kills this project that consumes a paltry $125,000/year? While NASA pours money into this New project that literally ignored all other alleged science that our fore-bearers have brought us with the Apollo program. Something is very wrong here.  We are beginning to once again see a pile of steaming space poop being thrown at us by NASA to cover up some other agenda.
I guess there just wasn’t enough money to keep fortifying the lie of reflectors on the Moon left behind by the non- existent (existing) astronauts.
The cuts didn’t stop there after all of the trouble to start looking into going back to the Moon President Obama decided that it all was too expensive and has now cut budgets for the new Moon research.  We are no longer going to the moon.  There is no more research being done to place man on the moon in 2020.  Instead Obama would increase NASA’s overall budget in order to focus on climate change.
There is some good news.  The Tapes that NASA allegedly erased over and lost of the original moon landing?  They have miraculously returned.  And get this, they have been enhanced by Lowry Digital Corporation.  According to NASA you no longer see the fuzzy images of the astronauts and the reflection of the moon’s surface in the visor of Neil Armstrong.  I am sure they have enhanced the starscape and digitally removed the scenes of the flag waving in the non existent breeze on the moon.
The improved quality is the result of $230,000 that NASA spent having the images restored.  Is it restoration or is it falsifying the record?  Enhancing?  Didn’t George Lucas do that to his original Star Wars Movies?
I always shake my head and wonder why people don’t see the fraud for what it is. I was once told that we didn’t land on the moon and I said that was just a lie and that we did go.  My heart wants to believe in these romanticized fantasies cooked up in government think tanks.  Now I can see there really is no reason to be rushing to the moon now. We have some cooked up hoax of climate change to contend with.  It is just  another boondoggle to feed money into a costly war machine.
When I complain about the budget cutting for the moon projects people who are big Obama supporters say “Been there done that.”
I know better. We have been nowhere and have done nothing.

Written by Ron Patton

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