In 1976, as the United States was celebrating its bi-centennial year, U.S. Intelligence was monitoring radar and electromagnetic signals from the Soviet Union.  What had their attention was a pulsing signal that was being sent at 3.26 and 17.54 megahertz.  The pulsing signal modulated at a rate of several times a second, resembling the sound of a Woodpecker. It was soon traced to an enormous transmitter array near Kiev in the Ukraine.
Within a year of its discovery people in Canada, Washington State and Oregon were complaining of all kinds of maladies.  Eugene Oregon suffered the most.  People complained of pressure headaches, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, lack of coordination, and numbness, accompanied by a high-pitched ringing in the ears.
No one had really thought of the possibility that strong electromagnetic microwave radiation could have caused these symptoms. However, residents between Eugene and Corvallis Oregon were being subjected to a powerful radio attack with a signal centering at 4.75 Megahertz.
People were claiming to hear tones in their ears and later feeling sick and fatigued.  There were unsubstantiated theories that were taken as fact as to what was causing these health problems. One such theory was that winter damaged power lines were emanating frequencies and tones to the ultra sensitive ear.
It was later realized that something nefarious was happening with the so called Woodpecker signal.  It was being targeted to Oregon by a by a Tesla-magnifying transmitter.
This technology was able to beam a radio signal through the earth to any desired point on its surface.   It could even increase the signal’s power as it emerged from the earth.  It was speculated that a Navy ELF communications system using an 850-mile power line was Jamming a Soviet pulse signal.
Back then the systems were new and their power was obviously capable of harming human nervous systems and brain function.
Today the systems are far more advanced and have the potential to be weapons of mass destruction.
There are many people who are familiar with the HAARP facility located in Gakona, Alaska.  The name has been uttered on late night talk shows and was most recently featured on the Tru-Tv program “Conspiracy Theory” with Jesse Ventura.
Ventura interviewed Author Nick Begich jr. who has appeared on Ground Zero several times to set the record straight on HAARP and how the weaponization of such technologies can not only harm the planet , but can also cause health problems and be abused as a tool for mind control.  It is no secret and quite frankly no conspiracy theory that the US government is blasting billions of watts of high frequency microwave energy at our Ionospheric shell creating an artificial aurora.
Their official reason for the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program is “to see what it does”.  Pictures of the HAARP array are all over the internet but it’s real purpose remains under investigation and those who believe in its darker purpose are often pointing to it as a culprit for all sorts of anomalous seismic activity and weather disasters.
The stated purpose of HARRP IS X-ray the earth to look for enemy submarines and secret underground bases.   However whenever this thing fires we see coincidental shifting weather patterns because when HAARP is powering up, the jet stream is reportedly affected.
Why wouldn’t it be affected?
The HAARP system is known to beam 3.6 Gigawatts of effective radiated power of high frequency radio energy into the ionosphere.   It is also speculated that this powerful array has the potential; of being a weapon of Mass destruction which is capable of having the earth literally attack itself.  This means that events like Tornadoes, Hurricanes and Earthquakes can be controlled and used on an unsuspecting targeted area.  There is documented evidence that several governments have been doing ongoing research, development and applications of weather warfare technologies.  These Governments prefer to call this “environmental modification techniques” and have made it a priority for decades.
With this technology   the military strongholds of the world could gain a tactical advantage by changing the weather.  They could create a torrential down pour, flooding out a battle field or village in order to immobilize enemy troops.   There is also the possibility of using high powered resonant weapons to create what I call a “Jericho Effect” which literally is a process of an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) being targeted over an area to create an artificial earthquake.  The process would have its side effects that would be similar to a “butterfly effect” but with billions of butterflies flapping their wings to create environmental chaos.
After a pulse is detonated and one area is affected with an earthquake, another area thousands of miles away suffers from floods, rain, and severe or strange weather conditions. In the Ground Zero article “Jericho effect” I had pointed out that an earthquake that registered 6.4 on the Richter scale was felt near Eureka California one month to the day a strange spiral was seen over Norway and one month to the day of the test firing of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.
While it is still unclear as to the origins of this strange light that eventually became a huge black hole in the sky, there seems to be a small consensus that is revealing that technologies similar to HAARP were being used in tandem with the Large Hadron Collider project.
EISCAT, short for the European Incoherent Scatter facility, is located at Ramfjord, about 20 Kilometers South of Tromsø  Norway where the “Norway Doomsday Spiral” was seen back in December 2009.   EISCAT has an Ionospheric heater facility similar to HAARP with a Frequency Coverage of 4 to 8 MHz. In contrast, HAARP in Gakona, Alaska has a Frequency Coverage of 2.8 – 10 MHz.
The Scandinavian version of HAARP is said to cause plasma Turbulence and it has even been suggested that the “spiral over Norway was a quantum transfer from CERN to the heater blasting its way into the sky creating a catastrophic puncturing” of our Plant’s thermosphere  which would create an “unimpeded thermal inversion” in the troposphere opening up into the exosphere.
It would seem that perhaps a “puncturing” would cause some very interesting events on earth.
The spiral and eventual “black hole”  in the sky may have created this “Jericho Effect” of severe cold temperatures in the Northern hemisphere that dropped as far south as the Gulf of Mexico in the United States to places like Japan, and South Korea elsewhere.  England and China also were hit with record snowfall.
The 7.0 Earthquake in Haiti soon followed the quake in California followed by Quakes in Venezuela, Argentina and the Cayman Islands.  It was also reported that more than 1000 small earthquakes were felt at Yellow Stone Park in the area of the large Caldera which is more than half the total annual average in the park. That is to say there are earthquakes there all the time, but the volume of quakes there has increased.
The large Caldera at Yellowstone was the star of the disaster movie 2012.  In the film the Volcano erupted and destroyed everything within 600 miles.  Everything east of it was buried in ash creating a virtual Nuclear winter.  This is a doomsday scenario that has always been talked about by seismologists. While the earth is a hostile place with land masses shifting and weather being severe a very strange thing happened again.
In the vicinity of Eureka California where the 6.4 earthquake hit January 9th, 2010, super harsh weather that set in.  It wasn’t your run of the mill winter storm, it was a devastating one two punch.  First a quake and then a behemoth of a storm hit the area.  The barometric pressure over California, Arizona and Utah dipped so low it has been marveled by meteorologists.
The storm triggered floods, landslides and even tornadoes near Los Angeles.  It also triggered snowfall in Northern California closing the borders to Southern Oregon, and snowfall in Arizona. This of course is normal with low pressure.
But here is a creepy fact.  The entire west coast was under super low barometric pressure and Oregon and Washington state experienced balmy temperatures of 60 degrees in January 2010. In fact the old time dial barometers that were in Seattle were stuck on “stormy” and many people were wondering if their dials were broken.
This spate of the earth’s fury all happening simultaneously and the strange low pressure system causing both good and bad weather is something to pay attention to. These anomalies can certainly make a case for environmental controls that may be in use.  If we could prove a forceful pulse is used in one place, then would it be logical to speculate that there has to be an area that will endure strange side effects because of that pulse? It would be similar to throwing a rock into a pond.  However skeptics would say it’s like throwing a basketball into the sea.
At 3.6 Gigawatts of effective radiated power of high frequency radio energy—that basketball would definitely pack a wallop.  Many people will scoff at the idea that there are technologies available that control the weather.  This is most definitely erroneous when there are many recorded instances where weather control has been discussed as a threat to the well being of the planet.
In 1977, the United Nations passed, and the U.S. signed, a resolution that prohibits changing the weather for hostile purposes on the grounds that too many civilians could be harmed. This was in response to cloud seeding that was done during the Vietnam War that flooded the Ho Chi Min Trail.
However this was just a cosmetic effort to silence critics and to put leaders in a position of “plausible deniability” because it has been recorded that environment modification technologies have been tested and used in battle scenarios already.
Such is the case with the way the U.S. has destroyed the land in Serbia with depleted uranium tipped carpet bombing and weather modification that was put into operation in order to clear the skies to see targets.  This caused widespread, long-lasting droughts in the area. Using this technology has also caused whales to beach themselves and dolphin’s ears to bleed.
Think of it, a weapon that can be used by a nation with plausible deniability using something so natural that no one can figure out its intent or motive.
A plasma ball can be pumped full of energy and then it can be discharged over any area with the same force as a one-megaton hydrogen bomb. This can be accomplished with no radioactive fallout. The ground shakes in a devastating earth punch and troops could then move in with no worries about radiation claiming that it is a humanitarian effort.
In the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti the American response to the disaster has been remarkable, sending thousands of troops to secure the country and give humanitarian aid to the dying and injured.  However, while Americans are texting donations and having telethons to save people and provide food, water and medication something is afoot.
General Petraeus in reference to the relief effort in Haiti was quoted as saying that “We’re in a very tricky situation right now in Haiti where on the one hand you obviously want to save lives and move quickly to distribute medical assistance and other aid to survivors but, frankly, you have to be careful not to take something over that then becomes more difficult to give back because you took it over.”
Secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton said to the New York times that, “We (The US GOVERNMNET) are working to back them (THE HAITIAN GOVERNMENT) up but not to supplant them.” Then in the same breath she said that we would urge the Haitian government to pass an emergency decree including things like the right to impose curfews. Clinton said this would give the government of Haiti more authority to delegate policies and decisions to the United States since they have more man power there than the UN or anyone else that has sent troops to the region.
This is giving conservative America a reason to gloat and point out just how we as Americans can put aside our bad economy and financial ruin to help those who have seen their world end. While it is all wonderful that we Americans are there to save the world, you need to read between the lines and smell the rotting propaganda.
The US Military now controls the Haiti airport. That means that Military planes take precedent in order to secure the country.  UN food relief comes second and everything else lands in order of importance.
It has been reported that more planes are landing with American troops and other planes filled with food and medicine are being turned away.  It all goes back to those with the guns and bombs are the ones who distribute provisions.  Since American Planes are landing with more troops and less food people may be dying as result of the importance of securing a desolated country.
Do the math, it is reported that the cost to deploy troops to Afghanistan is approximately 1 million per man per year. There are estimated to be 20,000 troops in Haiti now and maybe more on the way.  That means the cost of deployment will run into the billions of dollars.   We are talking upwards of 8 or 9 Billion dollars to provide security.  The question is why?  Haiti’s own GDP is worth less than that.  The answer might be as simple as mineral resources, oil and anything else we can take over in the name of security.
As for the combined efforts of President Obama, former Presidents Bush and Clinton to head the relief effort, I can only repeat the slimy quote from George W. Bush and let you decide what their motives are. When asked what Americans can do to help, Bush looked into the camera with his familiar smirk and said “Our hearts are broken when we see the scenes of little children struggling without a mom or dad, or the bodies on the ground or the physical damage of the earthquake, however The most effective way for Americans to help the people of Haiti is to contribute money.”
“I know a lot of Americans want to send blankets and water,” Bush said, with a knowing nod, looking at the cameras: “Just send your cash.”
Remember using weapons that alter the environment creates “plausible deniability” and a “takeover”  disguised as a humanitarian effort is motive enough.
The idea of the Haiti quake being a planned event is unproved and for some laughable.  Keep in mind that if the technologies exist they must be considered.  Many won’t because they are still living in the 20h century.  21st century weapons are quiet and deadly and are very much in the control of our military.
In a strange coincidence, The Defense Department just happened to be running a drill with a “Haiti earthquake disaster” scenario the day before the quake occurred. The day before the quake in Haiti, Jean Demay, DISA’s technical manager for the agency’s Transnational Information Sharing Cooperation project, happened to be at the headquarters of the U.S. SOUTHERN COMMAND in Miami preparing for a test of the system in a scenario that involved providing relief to Haiti in the wake of natural disaster. After the earthquake hit the next day , Demay said SOUTHCOM decided to go live with the system.
The day after the quake occurred DISA opened up its All Partners Access Network, supported by the Transnational Information Sharing Cooperation project, to any organization supporting Haiti relief efforts.
What are the odds?
Back in 2002 the military had a secret war game meeting in Nevada called Millennium Challenge. While the scenario for Millennium Challenge was classified. It was eventually revealed that the war game scenario had an added obstacle, an earthquake. It was a scenario that included an earthquake in Country X followed by chaos and a military coup. The object of the Military drill was the takeover of some islands in a mythical part of the world where there are much needed oil resources.

Hugo Chavez of Venezuela was quoted in a Spanish Newspaper as saying the United States Navy launched a weapon at Haiti capable of causing earthquakes.  He said it was only a “drill” and that there is a bigger one in store for Iran.

We do not know the credibility of Chavez or even the credibility of anyone who says that HAARP experiments triggered these disasters, but what we do know is that there were electromagnetic experiments done on the day of the Haiti quake.
They were done in the same area where the doomsday spiral appeared over Norway. Two screen shots taken from the official website of the European Incoherent Scatter facility, located at Ramfjord states that on the day of the Earthquake in Haiti an electromagnetic experiment was done at 2200 hours, about two hours before the quake.

A screen shot of the website also demonstrates that on the same day an experiment was conducted and it details what arrays are used and that another site in Sweden was involved.

Keep in mind that even with all of the coincidences surrounding electromagnetic tests we cannot know for sure if any of what has transpired seismically and or meteorologically can directly be linked to any of the facilities like HARRP or EISCAT.  All we have are circumstantial evidence and hearsay. We can interpret motive for the use of these facilities as weapons of mass destruction as well.  Without reliable facts or even fool proof connections we can only determine that something peculiar is happening.  We can acknowledge that if the potential to use these technologies as weapons are there, then quite possibly it can and will be used as tool to cripple a country in order to invade it.
People argue, why Haiti?
The answer is sealed somewhere in an intelligence briefing.  We can’t possibly think like those in power do. The only thing to understand is that the generals and war planners all look at the world as one big chess board.
There was talk of invading Haiti in 1994 during the Clinton administration as a police action. They have been under the rule of repressive regimes for years.
The movements of our troops to secure the destroyed presidential palace in Haiti and park an aircraft carrier nearby are evident of what is happening.  The military planes circling the country are similar to vultures according those observing.  If you choose to fall for the propaganda then by all means do so.  What has happened is a tragedy, what is transpiring is an anomaly.  The truth is buried somewhere in the rubble and the dead can’t speak.
Desperate people will be left to face famine and disease. Drug companies, contractors, and suppliers of food will be on hand to help but the caveat is that the companies will have ties to Big U.S. and U.N. interests.
The Clinton’s were quoted as saying the damage is “biblical” and so will be the system installed to guarantee food, water, and shelter.  This is the beast system of the New World Order.  We now can welcome Haiti to the family.
It is all under control.
These images are “fish-eye” views of the entire sky taken by the HAARP imager. The imager uses narrow-band interference filters, an image intensifier tube, and a cooled CCD camera to record the spatial distribution of various auroral and atmospheric emissions with very high sensitivity. It can detect optical emissions far below the visual threshold of the human eye. The 6300 angstrom red line results from excitation of atomic oxygen at altitudes of 200-300 kilometers. The 5577 A green line is an emission from atomic oxygen peaking at altitudes of ~110-150 km. Emissions from nitrogen (4278 angstroms) produce blue light at about 100 km altitude. These images show some activity at the HAARP facility the day of the Haiti quake.  However we are unaware of the intenisty due to the  fact that we do not know how to read the light intensity.  As you can see there are emissions of light happening above the sky.
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