As I have said many times on this show – it all seems to be writing itself. I concluded that the zeitgeist had been murmuring about some sort of nuclear threat and now it seems it has come from an unlikely source. The specter of the Cold war has returned and now we find that Russia has decided to invite the spirit back into our realm, by threatening the world with a nuclear strike. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is now working with his armed forces to draw up plans to destroy European Union member states like Poland, Romania Spain and Turkey.

Russia now believes it is being threatened by the U.S./NATO Missile shield.
The missile shield that Russia is angry about is not even operational according to the U.S. and NATO. So the question is why the threats to the information command and control systems of the shield now?
Russia and China are watching the moves of president Barack Obama and what they are seeing is a man that is moving troops around like a brainy kid attending a geek night “Risk “ game marathon.
While our mainstream news is reporting the scandals of the day the very real nightmare of nuclear stand-off is happening and many in the consensus are voicing their concerns online. Russia and China are asking why Obama, the Nobel peace prize winner has decided to order US Military forces into both Nigeria and Australia.
China is especially interested in the words of Obama calling them a threat to the world. Obama has said that there is a threat from China and he is seeking to o combat China’s increase in global military and financial power. So he has now called out between 500 to 1,000 officers in order to form a permanent U.S. military garrison in Australia.
Nigerian military sources are now confirming that Obama will deploy US Military forces in their country. He will be doing this in order to take control of the regions vast oil and mineral resources.
Obama is quietly setting up at least two new East African drone bases, plus one on the Arabian Peninsula to support the expanding U.S. shadow war in Somalia and Yemen. An apparently new facility has been built in Ethiopia utilizing a defunct airfield. A third base is being set up in or near Yemen.
It is obvious now that President Obama is digging a mass grave for America. History has always pointed out that any empire that overextends its military, declaring wars and fighting on every shore fails. We now have more than 900 bases on all seven continents. We are losing billions in annual military aid to countries around the world.
We are now seeing active and aggressive military operations in more countries than we can know, the empire’s ambitions are sealing our fate and a nuclear solution is now on the table. The Nuclear bombs were designed to destroy empires that er out of control and it seems the government’s imperial ambitions are not only bankrupting us, but are capturing the attentions of other superpowers as seeing the United States as a country that needlessly wastes resources and consumes without prudence .
Is this what we want? Is this what we asked for when we heard that a change was in the wind? This is America gone power hungry, this is not the actions of a Nobel peace prize winner, but the actions of a power hungry mad man.
Sensing the rise of a growing American dictatorship headed by Obama, Prime Minister Putin this past week lashed out at the West by describing them as arrogant and power hungry. Putin has stated that he believes that Obama will stop at nothing to reach his goals. Putin has cited what he feels are war crimes against Libya and the impending investigation into war crimes committed by NATO in that region.
Another thing to ponder is the class warfare you are seeing with the advent of the 99 per cent movement. It is always wise to be on the right side of history when noting that in the middle of civil unrest comes the solutions that are not popular with the poor. The general consensus will demand programs that will place the poor in government jobs or military service.
I had the opportunity to speak to the group at Occupy Las Vegas. We discussed the future and they knew what was ahead and they worried about the prospect of the draft and the forced occupation of military service because of the debt crisis and the new jobs provided if and when we hear the words World War 3.
The plans of the elite are always simple and clearly defined, either you join us or you die fighting us. They will no longer listen to protests that demand reformation. Their answer seems to be more warfare and more legislation aimed at curtailing rights in the name of propping up the empire as the supreme power.
The American people cannot see the future because all they have are talking points that are aimed at drumming up support for America’s continued attitude of might makes right. Obama no longer sustains the Bush doctrine, but has employed his own doctrinal interpretation of how war can be used as a way to deplete resources for the people and gain valuable assets for the elite.
I commented during my interview on Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy theory TV show that as FDR once said – “If it is happening, then we planned it that way.” It is easy to figure out that all things we see on a grand scale are planned, executed and delivered for the sole purpose of furthering the elite’s plans for total control of the world. They have the blue print and time table for how and when wars begin. They have funded conflicts and the designed economies. They know how to collapse them and they are fully capable of even drumming up civil unrest and having the controlled media inoculate against the protests in order to secure the “need” from the uneducated a police state of brutal officers and military might.
They are also planning for how they are going to survive a meltdown and how they are going to destroy human life in order to maintain global sustainability. It is no secret that all over the country there is a labyrinth of underground facilities that can only be occupied by the elite. There are facilities in Denver, the deserts of California, and in the Ozarks.
In the freezing arctic there is something called the doomsday vault. The vault has been created as a bank to house seeds of every kind. It is estimated that there are 1 and half billion seeds at the facility located in an isolated area of Norway.
It is becoming more and more obvious that an all out war that is numbered as our third world war is obviously coming. With eyes open we are seeing a nuclear disaster in the making. The focal point on Iran, the American troop movements in Africa and Australia.
Homeland security has also stoked the fires of the terrorist paranoia by foiling alleged plots and expecting multiple attacks during the next few months.
The creepy part is that we hear of no protection or prevention, only prediction. We hear nothing from Obama about the future and what he sees as the president in 2012. He is not in the business of winning a secure future but a future that appears to be chaotic and nightmarish.
In cyclical fashion the economic upheaval is a sure sign that World war 3 is on the horizon.
Look back in history and you can approximate the scenario. You can feel the tension and have experienced the anxiousness.
It won’t be long now.

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