While the nation has been transfixed over what Newt will say next or how Romney will use his “Mitness,” The abuses of power continue in this country and the American people are at a loss to understand how it can regain control of its pursuit of life liberty and the persuit of happiness. We know that at times in History the union is far from perfect and to say that we have nothing to improve upon is dangerous especially when the power elite are as corrupt as they are now.

The preamble to the constitution tells us that in order to form a more perfect union it is our responsibility to constantly try to inform the union, on how to secure the blessings of liberty in the present in order to provide for the common defense and support the general welfare for our posterity.
Now as we see the constitution being ripped apart, we hear many people who believe that the answer is to continue to do business as usual in government and not seek out alternatives to voting one bum out and replace it with another bum who continues the same processes of rights violations and constitutional negation. There have been many of my listeners who believe the only solution is to arm weapons and attack the government. This of course is not at wise because the establishment government has the military and the police that are well equipped to handle what they call enemy combatants and now with the NDAA becoming law we can see that even you constitutional rights do not stand up any more and are not valid. For example the following rights do not apply anymore with the passage of the NDAA:

The First Amendment’s right to petition the Government for a redress of grievances;
The Fourth Amendment’s right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures;
The Fifth Amendment’s right to be free from charge for an infamous or capitol crime until presentment or indictment by a Grand Jury;
The Fifth Amendment’s right to be free from deprivation of life, liberty, or property, without Due Process of law;
The Sixth Amendment’s right in criminal prosecutions to enjoy a speedy trial by an impartial jury in the State and District where the crime shall have been committed;
The Sixth Amendment’s right to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation;
The Sixth Amendment’s right confront witnesses;
The Sixth Amendment’s right to Counsel;
The Eighth Amendment’s right to be free from excessive bail and fines, and cruel and unusual punishment.
The Fourteenth Amendment’s right to be free from deprivation of life, liberty, or property, without Due Process of law;

Bail outs, mandates, regulations, drug wars, information shut downs, internet censorship and the extention of the military industrial complex is an indication of government out of control and most Americans haven’t a clue as to how to stop the madness and thwart the conspiracy of the nudging of an all out Armageddon.
Government is not following the rules and laws are made from expedience, not because they are sound laws. They are made to protect the elite and strip the average citizen of their rights.
Groups like the Occupy movement march in cities triggering police actions and public outcry to eliminate the so called criminal element. George Soros has stated that the occupy movement will become greater and that there will be a class war where here will be blood in the streets of America. The question is, what does it serve, how does it help? Are all of the marches and protests mad in order to show American citizens begging for their leaders to change policy. Do you really believe that just marching and holding signs is the answer? Is anarchist action by the black block and other sending the worng message? Is this why th establishment government sees that it is their moral obligation to rid the nation of those who wish to rebel against their draconian policies?
Do federal judges make to decisions to limit federal power? Is this a solution that will work in order to make the government understand that we mean business and that we will not take it anymore? Do you really believe that a new executive will repeal new found powers handed to them by previous administrations?
You really do not need permission to exercise your rights and you don’t need to be afraid anymore because if you look into the system and how it is structured you will see how there is a weakness and that when it is exploited you may realize that we can win.
It is time to quit saying hat despotism can’t happen here. It is happening here and some states are already awake to the idea that unless they start utilizing their states rights they are going to buried under the bulldozer of a fascist creep that is beginning in theis country. The creep is slowly and gradually convincing citizens that all that is happening is for our own good and our protection. This forces people to react and respond like slaves do to their task masters. The home grown slaves then pass these ideals on to their children who in turn have the same mentality of going along with the mentality of being locked into a destructive dynamic that leaves them poor, unhealthy, and ignorant to the machinations of an open conspiracy.
Six states in the union have now removed Barack Obama from the ballot in the next election. States like Georgia and even Obama’s home state of Illinois are now questioning the policies and eligibility of Obama to be president based on the state’s constitution. The Individual state constitutions are now challenging federal law and the out of control excising of the country’s constitution because of policies and laws like the NDAA.
They are also looking into eligibility based on citizenship and as much as the term Birther is a pejorative, it is a very important statement when Obama is asked to appear in court to answer to charges that he is not a citizen even though a judge ordered it.
The plaintiff in the case against Obama in Illinois is Sharon Meroni, who long has fought inside the system for a way to challenge the candidacies there. In her new case, filed in the
Circuit Court of Cook County, she is petitioning for a judicial review of the state’s election procedures as they exist now.
Targeted are the state Board of Elections, members of the board, several county clerks and others, including candidates Dan Duffy and Amanda Howland.
Meroni, a registered voter in the 27th Legislative District in the state, said her concern is that “only candidates qualified for office under the Illinois and United States Constitutions appear on the ballot.”
Obama has no been mentioned by name in the suit however his eligibility was called into question based on a loophole provided through an amendment to the Illinois Constitution n 1970.
It shows that people are using their states constitution as a last ditch effort to save constitutional rights and it seems to be working.
Five Washington state representatives introduced HB 2759 . The bill condemns the unlawful detention of United States citizens and lawful resident aliens under the National Defense Authorization Act, and forbids any state employee, member of the Washington National Guard or any agent of a corporation doing business with the state to cooperate in the federal detainment or investigation of a U.S. citizen or resident alien. It also prohibits the United States military from conducting within the boundaries of the state of Washington, an investigation or detainment of a United States citizen or lawful resident alien located within the state of Washington, except for a few narrowly prescribed circumstances.
This is a massive blow to the Obama administrations attempts of dictatorship.
The bill meticulously makes its case, asserting that the NDAA leaves the door open for indefinite detention of U.S. citizens without due process, violating the U.S. Constitution. While the language of the bill acknowledges the danger of terrorism, it insists protecting Americans cannot come at the expense of their constitutionally protected rights.
Washington joins Virginia and Tennessee considering legislation to nullify NDAA detention provisions,.
The state of Rhode Island, as well as Colorado’s El Paso County, have drafted resolutions to nullify the NDAA, a step that other states and counties are soon expected to follow. Likewise, the state of Montana has launched an effort to recall their Senators Democrats Max Baucus and Jonathon Tester as well as Republican Congressman Dennyi Rehberg, all of whom voted for the NDAA.
It seems that the solution to our problems now is not to choose between one evil or the other in a fraudulent election, but to use Nullification as a method to take down the empire that is being established by this and any future administration.
It should be every citizen’s responsibility to notify their congress man that we have declared no confidence in the federal; government and that states rights now have to be honored. If governors and congressmen ignore this last ditch effort to save our rights then we must regroup and rethink our efforts to reestablish a constitutional republic.
The detention provisions in the NDAA are vague, overbroad and open to interpretation. Pres. Obama acknowledged detention power exists when he promised not to exercise it in his signing statement. He then asked for indefinite detention of American citizenry and the guarantee that this power grab will not be relinquished with anyone who becomes president including Ron Paul.
We cant risk that any Presidential hopeful no matter how sincere will not be forced into retaining all the power provided by draconian measures in both the Patriot acts, the NDAA, SOPA, PIPA and now ACTA which is now the anti counterfeit trade agreement.
ACTA is an international trade agreement negotiated by the European Union, the United States, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Australia, Mexico, Morocco, Singapur as well as a few other countries, whose aim is to enforce copyright and tackle counterfeited goods It is a Global trade agreement meant to be a foot in the door for more censorship of the internet and draconian copyright restrictions.
It also gives all internet service providers a method of policing you online. It also curtails the purchase of generic drugs bought in bulk from other countries. This also stops the online sale of seeds for growing that are not authorized or patented by big businesses like Monsanto and others.
Those who have been discussing this process are not elected officials in the democratic process. They are making and designing Globalist laws behind our backs. Without public vote or even public discussion. They are just moving forward with what they believe is necessary to benefit them. The effects on free speech in this instance are terrible and free access to lawful drugs and food online will also be curtailed and Obama has decided to sign and support a Globalist law that does not benefit us at all.
How is it with all of the evidence of malfeasance can Americans keep the faith, with regard to political stumping that amounts to absolutely nothing. It is all jabs, nit picking and no solutions.
There are people who say someone has to do something—well now that someone is you. In order to see change there has to be a unanimous decision for Nullification, and liberty preservation to happen on a state by state basis. It is a refusal to participate in unconstitutional behavior. We can’t continue to go along with the destruction of our constitutional rights just because the president has decided to make these executive decisions without the approval of the people.
Each state needs to speak out with a refusal to recognize these laws, and perhaps even remove people from the ballot that do not participate in American policy and ignore constitutional law.
It is time to execute the 10th Amendment of the constitution while we still have the opportunity.
“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”
It means that each state retains its sovereignty, freedom, and independence and has the right o use it in times of what appears to be constitutional crisis.
Now what politicians in your state have the balls to stand up to a Federal Government that has gone out of control? How many citizens would be ready to encourage their congressmen and Governors to officially declare sovereignty and a nullification of anything that can be construed as unconstitutional?
We are seeing it happen little by littke by courageous citizens that do not believe in the slave mentality of “We deserve this treatment” or “This is necessary to combat terrorism.’ We have our own ways of defending ourselves against terrorism with the second amendment.
However we have decided that it is the government’s job to levy all kinds of mandates that are becoming more and more draconian and fascist.
Now you have a way to fight using the constitution are you willing to speak out and ask, better yet demand that your state fight against measures that are destroying the constitution.
Utilize your opportunity to bring up nullification to anyone who continues to pitch the idea of taking away human dignity, human rights and revoking liberty to ourselves and our progeny.

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