One Nation Under Godzilla – Vexed by the Nuclear Egregore

One Nation Under Godzilla

Vexed by the Nuclear Egregore

I think it was last August I was reading a periodical that was investigating the reality of a nuclear conflagration and the possibility of terrorist attacks on nuclear power plants. I vaguely remember some interesting statistical data that angered me about how unsafe and unguarded our nuclear power plants were but what angered me the most was the attitude the majority of Americans have about the use of nuclear weapons on other countries. A poll was conducted about the atomic bomb and its use on the Japanese at the end of World War II.
Americans that were surveyed believed that dropping atomic bombs on Japan during World War II was the right thing to do. 61% of the more than 2,400 American voters questioned believe the U.S. did the right thing. Twenty-two percent called it wrong and 16% were undecided. That means that 1 in 5 Americans believe that it was a mistake.

I am sure that if that poll were taken again after the disaster that has hit Japan there
would hopefully be a change of heart.
I am amazed at how those 61 percent of U.S. citizens were moral monsters and that
the idea of nuclear incineration just doesn’t disturb people enough to declare a big no
when they are asked if it was the right thing to kill that many Japanese in a horrible and
senseless way.
Back when the poll was taken I am sure that many of those 61 percent were
desensitized to the horror of the event. Maybe it had been far too long ago and it was
nothing to them except pictures of mushroom clouds and Japanese with peeling flesh in
glorious black and white in the pages of a worn out encyclopedia.
Now, that same 61 percent may be buying iodine pills and worrying if the nuclear cloud
from Japan is going to give them thyroid cancer.
The Japanese earthquake and tsunami has brought out some very peculiar behavior
in people and I am now beginning to see Americans have allowed themselves to judge
and ridicule a country that they think walked away or giving up on a worldwide nuclear
It appears that the Japanese government is no longer concerned with saving the lives
that are being affected by the radiation released from Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi
nuclear plant. It has been weeks and the leaking Nuclear reactors have not been
covered or sealed. One of them is still venting radiation into the atmosphere putting the
northern hemisphere at risk. Our governments have told us that the risks are minimal;
however the cumulative concentrations of radiation could travel around the world as
fallout from the Japanese Nuclear explosions have been detected as far away as
Americans now have to experience the chilling reality that Europeans had to face when
confronted with the Chernobyl disaster. Millions of Europeans were gradually exposed
to radiation after that disaster and millions died as a result. Europeans were also told
that their exposure was minimal. The jet stream has already carried a toxic radiation
cloud from Japan across the Pacific Ocean to areas of the west coast.
The United States Government has been observing the Japanese failure to react to the
crisis in a quick and safe way and they appear to be overwhelmed with the disaster.
With every disaster there is always a question of why it happened, how are we going to
react and where are the survivors. In the case of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear
disaster there seems to be a lot of whys being asked and a lot of speculation about
intentional crippling and the intentional lack of government action to protect the public
and the entire world from the effects of nuclear radiation.
The preoccupation is understandable and in the same way it is ironic. The irony is that
as Japan is becoming uninhabitable with nuclear radiation The United States is simply
carrying out business as usual with bombs being thrown at Libya and a president whose
concern about such matters is so great that he is vacationing in Brazil. The Obama
supporters are rallying behind what they are calling a “humanitarian” intervention in
Libya when the bigger and most pressing issues remain in Japan.
The supporters are claiming that the war that has been engaged in Libya is different
than the wars George W. Bush declared. The cheerleaders of this activity should
rightfully be called vampires and are so blind that they would put the entire world in
danger for the blood of those in Libya. The Obama administration has said that they
are quite alarmed at the ennui shown by the Japanese to protect itself from the harmful
radiation produced by the failed reactors. It is as if they are intentionally allowing their
people to die. That very same tedium is shown by Obama supporters who say nothing
about the harm our war machine brings to the world.
The argument of “Gaddafi killing his own people” as an excuse to go to war rings hollow
when the same inference is being said of Japan. The “progressive” dupes feel that
we are doing “good things” and that our cowboy diplomacy served up by the Bush
administration is now served with a cool veneer by Obama and evil never felt this good.
It is the war machine that has bankrupt our country and now we have landed ourselves
in three theaters and cheering it on while Japan burns in nuclear oblivion, We can think
to ourselves that it is our responsibility to protect Libya by bombing it or we can stick to
reality and understand that the externalized savior we elected is just as blood thirsty and
inept as the previous guy.
We were force fed the propaganda and neuro-linguistic programming telling us that
during the; last election we got rid of the most evil President ever — George W. Bush.
The progressives assured us that we wouldn’t have to deal with the idea of perpetual
war with Barack Obama. Our Civil Liberties are just fine with him as President. We
no longer need to fear. We no longer needed to think about radiating a country with
depleted uranium, or even another becoming a nuclear wasteland or even a charcoal
broiled America because all of our fears can rest. Obama would never consider doing
anything unconstitutional or evil or war like. He was immune we were told.
Now these kool-aid drinkers praise the renewal of the patriot act, the tapping of phones,
the sick and perverted touching of private areas at airports and the injustices that
still exist because it is being upheld by a slick and competent orator. Progressives
would have us believe that leadership now is judged on the ability of a leader to
form sentences and share snappy comeback lines with Jon Stewart. These same
progressives did nothing to decry the acts of President Bill Clinton and the depleted
uranium used to bomb the Balkans leaving some of the older cities of Europe
Progressives then were demanding that we bomb the Serbs and many of them
were unaware that the uranium tipped bombs have rendered most areas radioactive
wastelands and that weather control was used to actually disrupt the weather patterns
in those areas.
Perhaps they are aware and just don’t care. I lean towards the latter because both the
right and left wing seem to love to flap away giving that bird of prey a reason to spread
death and destruction. People are just not happy unless we are fighting wars and as
Charlie sheen would say, “Winning.”
The Obama followers and Obama himself praise FDR, a president who lied us into war,
looked the other way at Pearl harbor– went after his enemies in the Press by smearing
them, hunted down and trapped homosexuals in the navy and placed hundreds of
thousands of people in detainment camps because of their race. Later Harry Truman
carried out the death ritual of dropping the bomb on the Japanese. Truman would find
that the act opened up a can of worms and that the Japanese would obsess about
the act for future generations. That obsession and thought form is something of a
paranormal phenomenon considering what is happening in that country now.
On August 6, 1945 U.S. B-29 bomber Enola Gay, dropped an atomic bomb on
Hiroshima, Japan. Nagasaki was the target of the world’s second atomic bomb blast
on August 9th 1945. The fiery deaths of the Japanese sent a signal into the ether. The
bloodshed, sealed with fire in a magical ritual was “Diluvium Ignis” the flood of fire and
second baptism spoken of in ancient texts. The power of the sun was detonated in full
view and many were slaughtered in the ritual that transformed the world and mentally
effected millions of Japanese for generations to come.
Today, as we see the reaction of the Japanese to their tragic nuclear disaster,
earthquake and tsunami it is important to indicate that the Japanese have always
been a proud people. It is also significant to point out that when the bombs dropped
witnesses say that there was no crying, no screaming. The only thing that was wanted
was water and help. When help was given to the burned and dying, water was then
given to the Japanese victims. They would sip and then they would bow and some
would walk away to die quietly.
They accepted that they could not win against something as powerful as the nuclear
bomb. The bomb shattered their lives and reshaped their identity. It left them with an
indelible psychological scar. To this day on the anniversary of the bombings a siren
sounds at 8:15 A.M and the whole city comes to a standstill as people bow their heads
in silent prayer for the dead in that nuclear attack of 1945. The nuclear monster has
become a cultural obsession in Japan. The Japanese will not allow themselves to
forget and even the younger generations have found that the cataclysm of the past has
now defined them as a people.
I remember when I first saw the Anime feature Akira. I marveled at the brilliant artwork
and for me it was my first real exposure to Japanese anime. As I watched the story
unfold, the opening sequence in the film is set in the year 2019. It was 30 years in the
future from the time where Japan would experience another nuclear holocaust. The
date of the fictional nuclear disaster was on July 16, 1988 the nuclear explosion kicks
off World War III. I left the theater a little confused and a friend of mine had told me that
the Japanese have been obsessed about another nuclear disaster for many decades
since the first bombs were detonated. She was a huge anime fan and turned me on to
mangas and other anime masterpieces like “Ghost in the Shell,: where a future Tokyo
is rebuilding after a nuclear disaster, Genesis Evangelion, where aliens fight wars using
nuclear bombs and “Grave of the Fireflies,” a feature set in the final days of World War
I was beginning to see a pattern. The Japanese were traumatized by a major
cataclysmic event and were anticipating another all encompassing disaster which
included a nuclear catastrophe signaling a new war on the horizon. Anime to the
Japanese is a very powerful medium and the Japanese take their archetypes very
seriously. All of the nuclear themed movies and artwork always demonstrate that there
will be mass deaths but above all it is not how they die, it is how they survive such mass
carnage and catastrophe.
We have all watched the Japanese Godzilla films and the man in the rubber suit moving
like a drunken toddler through a miniature Tokyo. We see them as entertainment
and in some ways silly and endearing, Godzilla has been around for decades and in
each outing he represents a metaphor for the nuclear age. He is the result of nuclear
radiation and while Americans will laugh at the rudimentary costumes and lip synching
of dialogue the Japanese sympathize with Godzilla as a creature that does not know
what he is doing. He is a power that destroys things but needs to be understood
and respected. He is a way of life and a metaphor that we as Americans have in
our collective unconscious as well. We have rehearsed over and over again disaster
scenarios in television shows and we have pointed out how movies have given us
predictive programming scenarios to comprehend.
Even in movies as mundane as “Bruce Almighty” there is a scene where Jim Carey
realizes he has god like powers and lassos the moon bringing it closer to the earth to
impress his girlfriend. The next day the news reports that the moon was unbelievably
close to earth and that scientists say that it was the cause of a major earthquake and
Tsunami in Kitamoto city Japan.
This is similar to the reports of March 19th, 2011 that were speculating that a Super
moon or celestial bodies and their close proximity to the earth may have influence on
seismic events like the major quake in Japan March10th, and 11th.
The coincidence is uncanny and the nuclear event is also part of a generated self
fulfilling prophecy that we can speculate was created unwittingly by the Japanese
themselves. . .
We have never anticipated nor have we obsessed about a nuclear holocaust as much
as Japan has, however we need to pay attention to how the collective obsession can
lead to Tulpas, thought forms with unwitting intent and the shaping of the powerful
egregore. I have talked about thoughts that carry will and as the will turns into
manifestation things become interesting. For those of us who have read mangas and
comics , watched Godzilla films or even watched anime have rehearsed this scenario
many times which is essentially the second nuclear destruction of Japan.
This event was akin to being ripped from the pages of the apocalyptic prayer book, a
prophecy to be fulfilled by one nation under Godzilla and the shadow of his nuclear
This is Japan’s apocalypse taken from the darkest regions of their own collective
unconscious. We are witnessing what we can only compare to a “2012” scenario, a
biblical blueprint or even a Nostradamus precognition,
In times where the world seems to be ending it is a difficult struggle when being raised
a dispensationalist Christian and having Fortean tendencies. It could be easy to just
determine that we are in the end times and the world is coming to its nadir. However, it
is far more satisfying to try and understand how we have come to this moment in time. I
was thrilled to have Stephen Smith on my show and how he spoke eloquently about an
electric universe and its affect on the planet .
His purpose was to demonstrate to my audience that the Sun has the power to create
the earthquakes we have seen in Japan and elsewhere. The CME’s and sun storms
are churning out charged particles that bend our magnetic field causing tectonic plates
that are vulnerable to buckling and cracking,
We have not seen the end of these catastrophic events and as indicated by history we
will not see the last of these upheavals. The question is why are all of these greater
catastrophes happening now?
Are these events part of an even greater mystery? Is this mystery locked somewhere
in our collective unconscious? Are we going to experience our own apocalypse
because of programmed agendas and approximations that have been seared into our
consciousness with religion, movies, television shows and various mythologies?
When Stephen smith appeared on Ground Zero he hinted at the possibility of a past
event that left us so traumatized that it defined our lives, how we perceive god and how
it socially engineered us to be self destructive. With the prime directive being fear and
death based we could all unwittingly participate and begin the mass movement to create
our own extinction level event.
With 2012 horror stories making the rounds, sensitive individuals can fall under the
spell of reverse causality where the trauma of possible future events can trigger bad
decisions in the present. Every day we are being hit with crisis after crisis all being
attributed to some forthcoming catastrophe. What is our solution to all of this mass
hysteria? We are participating in another illegal war effort and bombing another country
for resources.
The sick irony is that as Japan is literally becoming a nuclear waste land, we seem
to be concerned about more war and we demonstrate our lack of ability to establish
an ethereal bond with other nations. Aldous Huxley once said that If the entire nation
of China were to disappear from the face of the earth tomorrow, it would mean less
to us than if we were to lose the tip of one of our little fingers. This is who we are and
as we cheer on the carnage we forget that all of this is saved up in a place where the
collective unconscious can manifest an even more frightening phantom. World problems
in comparison to America’s problems can’t even muster concern with mainstream
America. As long as people stare at the news without being affected they may show
signs of empathy but beyond empathy most people couldn’t care less.
In American places of employment , where the employee has to work in customer
service there are manuals and training courses in empathy because most Americans
simply don’t have that skill set of values or the necessary empathy required to really
care about people who have a need that needs to be fulfilled.
Of course people will point out that there is humanitarian money raised during any
tragedy and that the financial aid sent to Japan shows how much we care. However it
really is kind of an act of faith handing your money to some stranger that “guarantees”
it will reach those in need. You sent your check, so now you don’t have to think about it
After the Haiti earthquake George W. Bush and Bill Clinton told Americans to just send
cash in lieu of supplies during the Fund drive to help the people of Haiti. Out of the
estimated $1.4 billion dollars raised the United States only 38 percent has been spent to
help Haiti.
Haiti is now a military outpost. That was the intention all along. They may not be able to
get equipment in to clear the rubble there, but they are able to get Military tanks, trucks
and planes in the country, turning doctors and relief organizations away.
Who did you hand your money over too? The answer is simple, the military industrial
complex. As we see this taking place we begin to become cynical about what is really
going on in the world. We see fish kills, bird kills, and earthquakes in diverse places
as a means to capitalize and militarize a country. That is why it is a simple and in some
cases wrong assumption to believe that all of these catastrophes are linked to the
Military industrial complex and their weapons of mass destruction such as the HAARP
array. There is potential for the use of these tools as earthquake machines and the
evidence can be found that links some of these disasters to HAARP but we cannot
allow ourselves to be always creating bogeymen that are not really out there causing
havoc upon the earth,
When have we just decided that the earth on its own can’t create the devastation that
we are seeing now in Japan? Have we become so cynical that we can’t understand
that our planet can be a hostile place without the aid of devices like the HAARP array?
I want to remind you that the earth is a turbulent and unforgiving planet that naturally
is able to exterminate and eliminate human life. We have at least a million and a
half earthquakes every year, It is estimated that the earth creates at least three
earthquakes every minute. Category 5 quakes are said to happen every six hours,
major earthquakes on average happen every 3 weeks. A quake as destructive as the
one in Japan happens every 8 months. Japan was having smaller quakes prior to the
one on March 10th, 2011 and the advanced warning devices had warned the people of
Japan that the quake was going to happen prior to the actual quake happening. There
were a series of quakes that happened prior to Japan in Arkansas and a major quake
in Christ Church New Zealand. These were preceded by two Solar flares that packed
enough power to bend the ionosphere like a rubber band. When the solar winds died
down the pull on the earth’s magnetic core may have set off the weaker tectonic plates
causing earthquakes in areas that are prone for these tremors like Japan.
Contrary to popular “fear mongering” theories this is nothing new, Our planet has a
tendency to go through cataclysmic cycles and it has been theorized that celestial
bodies such as the sun and the moon or any other planet that comes near earth may
cause violent or catastrophic activity on the planets’ surface.
Why do you think that the Ground Zero Show on December 27th 2010 was able to
predict that 2011 would be a turbulent year? Because of the estimated increased solar
activity and the quake swarms that were being seen during this activity. Three months
into the New Year and the show that I did with Tracy R. Twyman seems to be prophetic.
It is only logical that these things would happen.
There are at least 1,500 electrical storms happening on the planet as you are reading
this. Every six hours there is a Tornado warning that is issued on the planet. Tornadoes
touch down all the time. Hurricanes seem to have died down but they have not gone
away and we may see one form every four days during peak season.
Is it all signs that this is the end of the world? Perhaps– but no one really knows. But it
also can be a reminder that the earth is not dying – it is very much alive!
Our ideas of an end can be a self fulfilling prophecy. So instead of thinking it’s the end
of the world why not just accept that this is our world.

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