Sometimes when you set out to report a story the outcome baffles you even more so than the outrageous claims that the story makes in the first place. If you don’t believe what I am about to tell you, then do the research on your own. The connections that I demonstrate will puzzle you as they puzzle all of the researchers involved. I am constantly reading up on all kinds of information for my shows. I want to report it as best I can and give an honest approach when I can.

I stumbled upon a story that showed up on an unknown website called Huliq. I never heard of the site before however, the story was intriguing since it was happening in my back yard. The story was written about UFO activity on the southern beaches of Oregon. UFO sightings had increased at the end of January and it was reported that sky watchers in the area were alarmed at the magnitude. This time however the aliens had allegedly left behind an ominous calling card. It was alleged that Metal boxes were left on Stone field beach and at Bray’s point. The story sounded a bit fishy; however I figured that it was worth a firsthand look.
I did some research into the coast, because of an investigation I was doing regarding the sighting of alien looking creatures on the beaches. I called the story the Sea Side demon even though there was mounting evidence and eyewitness testimony that all along the beaches of the Northwest UFO sightings were numerous, sightings of lizard men and occult activity are often spoken of and an American writer claimed that a colony of aliens lived in Bray’s point Oregon.
Now I had some “confirmation” in a story that was left on the internet by what appeared to be a credible journalist. Dave Masko according to his biography is an Air Force veteran who’s filed stories from Washington, D.C., the Middle East, the Balkans and Europe. These days, he’s a freelance writer based in Florence, Oregon. Masko’s articles have appeared in European Stars and Stripes, The Washington Post, Rolling Stone and other publications. From 1977-1999 he was a reporter for the Defense Department. He’s worked with the likes of Walter Cronkite, Colin Powell and Bob Hope.
His claim is that Star watchers in southern Oregon are now alarmed by the appearance of strange boxes that he claims in his article were left behind by UFO’s. I teamed up with Roger Clooten of Northwest Ghost Recon and we packed up his truck at the alst minute and drove three hours to the coast to get the real story of what was happening.

After a long drive is torrential rains and high winds we stopped at a gas station in Yachats Oregon. Roger asked if the attendant knew anything about the strange stories of boxes in the area. The woman in the 76 station smiled and said that yes the stories we were hearing were true, only that she feared the boxes were taken away. When we asked by who she inferred that they were picked up or maybe washed away in the high tide. She said that they were showing up in towns further south.
She gave us the phone number of a local man named John Henry who obliged us by going to Stone filed beach. The beach was a campground, remote and muddy. It was technically closed so no one was able to get too close in their vehicle. The ocean was rough and waves were breaking at about 8 feet. One almost took me with it as I attempted to walk on the jagged rocks to the sandy area where pictures of these boxes were taken by Masko. Henry told us that he has seen no boxes, and that he even has with him a huge sledge hammer in his vehicle to crack one open when he sees it. He did however say that there is no denying that there has been UFO activity in the area, and that there have been a few people who swear that they have seen the boxes wash up on to the shore and then disappear.

Marci, the attendant at the gas station had said that the boxes had a glow about them that they are about 30 inches high and about five or six feet wide they were welded shut. She related that they made sizzling or whining sound. She said it is nothing like a siren and that before the boxes appear there are large bright blue arching lights that are seen out beyond the breakers.
Roger and I scaled most of the beach and even went to Bray’s point to find that there was a lot of debris that had washed ashore making it difficult to get out to the areas where the boxes were allegedly sighted.

The only thing we found that was out of the ordinary was that there seemed to be areas where a lot of digging had taken place and just about three feet from that area someone had drawn in the sand an “eye”. The eye looked like an all seeing eye similar to the symbol used by CBS television. The only difference was a tail that was located at the bottom of the eye.

The unfortunate thing about the investigation was that the weather was treacherous, high winds, high waves and the danger of being caught up in one. If there were boxes they were gone now and one of the observers that was on the beach claimed that he was alarmed that the other morning he witnessed while walking the dog an alarming amount of military activity namely a Blackhawk or apache Helicopter, he couldn’t tell, a few men on the beach including what he said looked like a classic agent wearing a black overcoat and hat with his face covered with a handkerchief. He said he didn’t want to draw attention to himself because he felt it was some serious business. He said they were loading something and he believed took off to the Newport municipal airfield.

We discussed all of what we knew with John Henry and wondered if the Military was loading these so called boxes on to helicopters and transporting them to a nearby base. We could not really say for sure all we could speculate was that perhaps what people were seeing were bright electrical arcs from someone welding on a boat. That they were welding the strange boxes shut and then throwing them overboard. The boxes would wind up on the shore, later to be picked up by the Military and taken to a base.
The question was why they would go to all of the trouble? Why is Dave Masko insisting that UFO’s are responsible for this anomaly? Unless we are seeing strange craft being piloted by the Military and this is some covert activity that they are involved with. We walked away from the investigating feeling as though the “alien UFO” explanation was a cover so that it would be debunked and people would then ignore the story. Masko on the other hand continues to write. He e-mailed me saying that he has an eye infection from his encounter with the boxes.
All I have now is speculation and eyewitness reports that the Military is doing some covert activity, moving these ‘boxes” off the beach to other facility miles away.
This story is still developing and we may have to revisit it as more details come forward. What we do know is that there has been increased UFO activity; there are witnesses that say that the boxes are real. Many people still have not seen them but know people who have.
What we don’t know is what is in the boxes. Where they come from and why witnesses claim to have seen Military activity in the area.

The farther up north on the coast you go, the less people talk about it.
There was only one old man in a restaurant who stated that, there have been many occasions where human remains have been found in crab pots. He stated that if any boxes were washed ashore, he would speculate that there are dead bodies inside and that the military doesn’t want anyone to know.
The farther you dig the more peculiar this story becomes.

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