If you can think back some five years ago The Bush Administration was culpable of fostering nightmare scenarios in order to facilitate a crisis to maintain two wars. These wars were unnecessary and have placed our economy in the red. They have also placed this country at a higher risk for future attacks. The Obama administration now has not really created any new nightmares; however they have been able to keep up the pitch of unnecessary dread amongst the populace. This most definitely is not progress.
Now it seems that if anyone points out that the Obama administration has not fulfilled their promises, they are called heretics. They are “heretical operatives” that seem to be playing for a right wing extremist conspiracy, although many of the so called protesters seem to be moderate democrats that have lost their faith in Barack Obama’s dogmatic prose.

A few days ago I had posed the question what is wrong with our leaders. I was speaking about the possibility that our leaders could be avatars for alien entities and that they seem out of touch with reality. There were a few people in the chat room that said that my whole argument was ludicrous and that they had better things to do than consider the idea that the Pathocracy is real and that perhaps we are seeing the mental breakdown of our leaders as they demonstrate that they now are losing their grip on reality.
When I pointed out that Sarah Palin had somehow rewrote the story of Paul Revere during a visit to the Old North Church there was a ho hum response. When I played glaring mistakes that had been made by President Barack Obama I was called a racist and a hater by some people in the Chat room.
Furthermore if we are seeing this behavior in many of those we elect we must somehow concur that there is something definitely wrong. If our leaders are a reflection of us, we should take note of this and be concerned and vigilant.
Is it so hard to wonder about our President and his abilities mentally when many have forgotten that he fumbled through his oath of office? That he
had to take it again in a private ceremony? When he signs a register with a date that is wrong by three years and that he uses a machine to sign the extension of certain provisions of the Patriot Act?
Do you realize that this was the first time that any sitting president has used the autopen to sign legislation? You realize that the signature is not real? You realize that the illusion is part of a Placebo effect that is beginning to become a prophetic fulfillment of a Nocebo effect.
We are extending our faith to an externalized savior who is counterfeit, perhaps even a “plant” or “program” that we see and yet are not aware of the uncanny valley we are crossing into by allowing a mechanical being to have control of the free world?
The Nocebo effect or the negative lie is the evil twin of the Placebo effect. Placebo is a word that means “I will Please” and Nocebo is a word meaning “I will harm.”
When lies are told to inflict dread or harm there is also that progression which leads to betrayal. Where promises that are made are easily broken and you are convinced that it is up to you to be an apologist for that betrayal. In a sense you develop Stockholm syndrome and you become a willing slave to your master.
The potentiality is all we are living for, it is a carrot dangling in the form of dangerous prophecy and eschatology that gives us the lack of survival skills because we have faith that it will all work itself out in the end. We think it will end happily, without the concern for the reality of what these prophetic carrots are that they are dangling in front of us.
Hitler’s propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels wrote: The essential English leadership secret does not depend on particular intelligence. Rather, it depends on a remarkably stupid thick-headedness. The English follow the principle that when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it. They keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous.
Goebbels knew that there would be a way to convince the world that Hitler was the promised savior of Germany by using eschatology as a method to manipulate a fearful and poor people. Hitler knew that Oracles would convince his people to follow him into hell Hitler was able to use the writings of Nostradamus to encourage the success and support of his military blood purges. Winston Churchill, England’s Prime Minister, and the United States responded by publishing other predictions o Nostradamus which foretold Hitler’s fall. MGM pictures produced a short film called “Nostradamus says so”, which was shown in movie theatres all over the United States during World War II.
They used prophecy as propaganda, and it seems that today not only does peer pressure, have its manipulative affects, prophecy, and religious zeal has now become a Nocebo effect that may do harm to this country and its future.
William Bramley appeared on Ground zero to speak about his book the God’s of Eden. He said that during his research he had realized that prophecy used for eschatological purposes has always been a method used by so called alien races to program the populations of earth to approximate and control the future. If you think that a mass alien mind control using prophecy and predictive programming is impossible consider this:
In the 1970s, for example, doctors diagnosed a man with end-stage liver cancer, and told him he had just a few months to live. Though the patient died in the predicted time, an autopsy showed the doctors had been mistaken. There was a tiny tumor, but it had not spread. It seemed the doctors’ prognosis had been a death curse.
Though the mechanism remains a mystery, but at least we now know that this kind of phenomenon has a name. Nocebo effects put people in a negative frame of mind that has an adverse effect on their health or well-being.
As Bramley has pointed out in his book, many alien abductees were abused raped and traumatized and still people want to be acquainted with these beings because they are told after the abuse that the earth is going to be destroyed. Hey tell their victims that there will be environmental collapse and that we will succumb to nuclear conflagration.
Is it at all coincidental that when I played the so called Ashtar command broadcast on my show that it had a major affect on people? It had key phrases and words that triggered a response. In the broadcast we are told that we will all die and that our energy will be taken from us if we choose to listen to the false gods of the world. That it is important to reject their words and listen carefully to the control voice of the Galactic command.
It can be a hoax, it can be written off as new age tinkering with the populace but even after 24 years it still has an affect on the minds of many people. Could there be the same Neuroliguistic programming used to push an agenda that could be alien to the core intelligence of this planet?
The idea can be dismissed but the proof is in my past shows. Prophecy, eschatology, programming, all effective tools and all somehow connected to an alien intrusion. As Michael Tellinger said on a previous Ground zero, there needs to be a constant effort to turn up the level of our collective consciousness to eradicate the programmed apocalypse.
The alien programming seems to be evident on a large scale now. We see a critical mass of individuals giving up or becoming hostile because all they hear about is how their future is going to be nothing but doom and gloom. We are beginning to see people who love life begins to lose their zest for life. We see flash mobs that attack innocent people and have the whole ordeal recorded to get attention on You Tube. We see mothers killing their children now which are indicative of an animal instinct that has existed for thousands of years. When a mother sensed danger she would offer a child for sacrifice. We see this in the animal kingdom, and the history of our ancestors demonstrate child sacrifices to a horned God named Molech.
Even children are thinking about suicide or even killing a playmate. How is this not seen as alien and destructive to our planet? How can we not acknowledge an alien behavioral attack and possession of the people of this world. How can we not see that our leaders are condoning it if not instigating it. Who is programming them? Who is pulling the strings?
It is time to consider that an alien threat is being used used in the controlled demolition of religion and Government. Only to be replaced by a leadership that is empowered by the dark forces of an alien force determined to take over the world for its resources which include the use of flesh and blood to power their war machine.

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