In the movie Star Wars Revenge of the Sith, there was a moment where the rebellion was in full force and it appeared that it was going to be successful. The Jedi were able to stand for truth and justice and wanted to restore peace in the galaxy by toppling the threat of Empire.
There were armies that were fighting alongside the Jedi and it seemed that the Emperor was on the side of the rebellion. What was not understood was that the Emperor secretly wanted to crush democracy and by his power was able to use the rebellion to his advantage. He then gave the order, it was order 66. Order 66 was used to convince the rebelling armies to turn on the Jedi.
The result was mass murder and the rise of the Galactic Empire. Order 66 was used to recruit well intentioned rebels into fighting for what they thought was change in the republic. It turned out that the change was a fascist movement. The metaphor is not lost on what is happening today with the “Occupy Wall Street “groups.

Its intentions are populist, however that is not stopping the corrupt government from twisting it into a movement hell bent on the destruction of the Democratic processes that exist in the United States. It is evident that the rebellion will be turned into just another excuse to enforce a police state, and a continued effort to hold Americans hostage and divide their resolve for some state socialist ideal.
I spent my afternoon at the “Occupy Portland” March. When I arrived at the gathering there was a full tidal wave of emotional spirit that felt good and revolution was in the air. I was immediately besieged by fans of the show that wanted to ask my opinion of the event and I told what I felt was the truth about the purpose of the huge gathering. As I was doing so a woman rode by on her bicycle and said “of all people to interview you had to choose the dumbest man in Portland.” I stopped and looked right at her and said “Am I?” It never ceases to amaze me how vicious people can be and how they cut and run when they insult you instead of standing up and facing the consequence of rebuttal.
Luckily there were a few Ground Zero listeners that shouted her down and the refreshing part was the education I got about how many people at the protest were out to inform the crowd of the ‘hijacking” of a movement by the left wing.
This gave me hope for America and made me realize that there were a few at the protest that were not standing around like cows reading dictionaries. They know what the problem is and who is responsible and they were there to at least bring balance to a protest that seems a bit nebulous and hard to follow.
The whole affair seemed too calculated and too clean. The police were able to successfully control the crowd and keep them away from Government buildings. The night before it seemed the Government officials were accommodating stating that it didn’t matter if they had no permit and had no plan, they would respect their right to protest.
I have seen protests; I left the WTO protests in Seattle watching the rampage, the tear gas and the mass arrests and this was a peaceful scene. It actually reminded me of a long walk with thousands of people, albeit thousands who reeked of pot and patchouli oil.
Many people have scolded me about my cynicism because they see it as a watershed moment; the spirit of the whole event says that we are all mad as hell and that we will not take it anymore. Anything like this has the potential to become a movement that makes waves, that makes a difference however it seems that it is all devolving into a partisan psy-op hell bent on developing the continued polarization in the left/right paradigm.
My stance has made me look like a heartless conservative and has raised my anger because I really can’t stomach mind readers and judge mental critics who think they know everything about you based on one opinion. Unfortunately the radio station that gives me the opportunity to have a forum, KXL has the reputation of being Conservative only because we have one of the most accomplished Broadcasters in Portland, Lars Larson, who just happens to be conservative and very popular. On my face book page a listener who claims to be a fan told me that I now have no credibility because I am on a conservative station.
With fans like this, where is the support?
The mainstream media is really doing an injustice to this protest and the Hollywood elite and their opinions are cheapening the message. They have taken over this protest and have given it the sickening feel of a Marxist revolution. The protestors want change and all the left wing demands is more of the same. They want to push a socialist agenda that is contrary to a democratic solution.
Tell people that this is the underlying agenda and they respond with ad hominem. Truth literally sets you free, but it pisses you off when you know that some people involved with the movement want to insert their communist philosophies in the mix and the innocent bystanders get the dirt and spew all over them.
If the protestors only concern is to get Obama re-elected then they have lost their way. If their only solution is to pick and choose who controls the greed and corporatism in this country then the whole event is a lost cause.
If this movement is to work at all it should be stated that it is a populist movement. Not a hijacked movement that has in it the stench of state socialism. In Portland I was able to see that there were all groups represented conservatism, liberalism, libertarianism and these isms are to be vocal and I support the spirit of the protest in those parameters.
However I was actually told by an irate listener to my show that this was liberalisms answer to the tea party and I realized, the answer to an evil is to hijack something peaceful and turn it into an evil answer that can easily turn on itself and burn its supporters.
It is sickening to see the far left anti-capitalist hippie fest smear the message without even taking into account that we are now seeing this protest as a vehicle for the George Soros backed MoveOn.org and Van Jones’ American Dream movement. I attempted to warn my audience about this and I was labeled an alarmist by a few. The facts speak for themselves and Obama himself has now hijacked this movement for his jobs bill.
Barack Obama had an impromptu press conference where in one breath he was able to justify the continued war effort in the Middle East and in another hijack the “occupy wall street” protests as his way of mobilizing America to follow his plan and to push his agenda.
Let me quote our president about how he sees the protests as support for his agendas:
“The American people will run congress out of town, we need to do something bold – something big I can’t do anything against a do nothing congress I’m frustrated all I can do is mobilize the American people, I can’t work with a republican congress, so I’ve got to go out and enlist the American people, maybe congress will listen to them if they won’t listen to me”
The reality check is that Obama isn’t in the streets with the crowds and yet he has the where with all to assure himself and others that the movement is on his side and that they have been recruited by him to mobilize against others who do not give him cart blanche. Can anyone see the hubris?
The original purpose of these gatherings and protests is to draw attention to how corporate money and powerful special interests are hijacking the political process. How many true conservatives and Tea-Partiers agree with that sentiment? Here is a steaming bowl of reality, The Tea Party thinks that more and more government is the problem. The Occupy Wall Street movement is blaming corporations that expand into controlling the government. Not a far reach to find common ground and yet there are idiots who see this as an opportunity to say – This is different, this is our liberal revolution.
That is why it is an ugly move by the political left wing to say that this is their answer to the tea party. The purpose will shift and the process will devolve into an ugly dark spot on any movement. The protestors against corporate special interests are being hijacked by left wing corporate special interests.
American politics are evil. They are manipulative and are based on lies and deceit. There is no left and right and we need to see to it that this is brought up during these protests. However it was obvious to me that there were too many people in the crowd that believe that Obama is their savior and that this is a left wing revolution.
True liberals should hate Obama and the frightening part is that they can’t get themselves to believe that they have been betrayed and that their movement, their occupation is playing into the hands of this fake puppet. To those who occupy Wall Street or any other town remember the Barack Obama is Wall Street. His contributors are a who’s who with Goldman Sachs. He has expanded the war in Afghanistan, he declared war in Libya illegally, he continues the patriot act, and continues to expand the police state apparatus.
He has in essence overturned Posse Comitatus with the recent drone attack against Anwar al-Awlaki, an American citizen. I did not see one protest sign that declares Barack Obama as an usurper of the constitution and murderer of an American Citizen.
That to me is troubling, it is also very telling of what this is devolving into, The facts are ugly and they demonstrate that Obama has used the Military industrial complex as his cudgel. This in turn increases profits for defense corporations which benefits Wall Street.
Obama is evil, plain and simple. He is the same evil that existed before with George W. Bush and an evil that should be exposed at events such as the protests that I attended today. Bush gave conservatives a black eye and now Obama does the same for liberal America and sullies the spirit of the movement to expose the corporate machinations that are ruining our morale.
This is frustrating because no one wants to hear that we have been lied to again, bullied into submission and having our philosophies twisted and hijacked by interests that don’t care about America.

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