I was at a Chinese place picking up some food when I saw a Magazine cover that irritated me. It was TIME Magazine giving us the equivalent of Orwellian Newspeak with the title “Why anxiety is good for you.” It also had fine print that pointed out that it is only good for you if you know how to use it. The cover was a nice powder blue with a very crude cartoon man on it tying knots with yarn. It actually looked like a cover that would attract a child more than the adult demographic it wished to reach. I was puzzled by the cover and wondered if they were intentionally trying to pretend that it was a slow news week.

Then I began to read, and the more I read the angrier I became. The article stated that stress, dissatisfaction, paranoia, and anxiety it is all good for you if you channel it into something satisfying and constructive. I was thinking the whole time war is peace, freedom is slavery, fear is healthy, ignorance is strength, and stupidity is a sign of intelligence.
Then I asked myself, am I framing everything into an Orwellian parallel? It can really make you crazy to be in the middle of some strange dystopia and Americans who can’t see it should wake up to the mental hopscotch.
TIME Magazine literally went out of their way to shield Americans from real news. I ran a Google search on the cover to see if anyone else was seeing how the events in the world were all homogenized by a powder blue cartoon.
I was vindicated when I saw that TIME actually ran the cover only in the United States. Everywhere else in the world, the grim reality of war and revolution was on the front cover and I realized that I was not crazy.

I realized that there seems to be a conspiracy of silence about the world falling apart. There seems to be a tendency to keep the country calm about radiation leaks contaminating the ocean, the return of the cold war, detainment camps, draconian bills that are passed by our elected leaders, and a President that is looking more and more like a dictator.
According to TIME there is an upside to angst. I wonder why this mass psycho analyzing and Newspeak took precedent over the public’s right to know about the dangers they have to prepare for.
The story is a manufactured hodgepodge that obviously wants to paint a rosy picture about a Government gone rogue. We no longer can tolerate reports of more soldiers coming home and committing suicide. More soldiers are dying by their own hand, than dying in combat.
In the January 2011 issue of American Psychologist, the American Psychology Association dedicated 13 articles, detailing and celebrating a 117 million dollar collaboration with the US Army, called Comprehensive Soldier Fitness.
It’s marketed as a resilience training to reduce if not prevent adverse psychological consequences to soldiers who endure combat. Because of the CSF emphasis on “positive psychology”, advocates call it a holistic approach to warrior training. However the CSF program measures soldiers’ “resilience” in five core areas: emotional, physical, family, social, and spiritual.
The spiritual component of the assessment contains questions written predominately for soldiers who believe in god or another deity. If you have lost faith in God, agnostic or atheist you score poorly. The answer to their woes is to be force fed religious imagery, and religious views to counter the effects of a low spirituality level.
Once again the psychological force feeding of the metaphoric unicorns and rainbows is supposed to deter soldiers from realizing that fighting the good fight will not stop the terror from arriving within our borders.
I suppose it’s good to have a healthy and happy outlook about home grown terror fear for the holidays. The gift of terror that keeps on giving did not die with Osama Bin laden, it is continuous and the government does not help in keeping the paranoid anxiety at bay. However the media certainly has found the way to cover it up or sanitize it so that people don’t panic.
I realize that homegrown terror is such a subjective idea. However I am told that it will happen here and laws will be passed and rights will be taken away. If you object and not feel that it’s for our own good and safety, you may wind up in a special camp that now is ready to go.
Or is it going to be called a happy camp where those who are detained will be rehabilitated with interrogation methods that are “enhanced.”
Homegrown terror has been vague from the very beginning. The meme has been pushed over and over again by the Department of Homeland Security and the feeling of cold hands on your body at the airport reminds you that you never can tell who might be a terrorist. Whether it is an 89 year old grandma, to a 4 year old child the TSA wants to remind you that while you travel you can’t be too sure about your safety.
It is your patriotic duty to be happy and shut up about how intrusive it is.
The truth is stranger than fiction and to speak up about the grim reality of draconian laws and detainment camps smacks of paranoid delusion and over-reaction.
I know that many people tell me that this country is immune from such despotism and that the American people will rebel, but even in the wake of the full admission of a militarized future for America, there still is a relative hush in the mainstream.
Any talk of fear, or anxiety is anathema to the season and would hurt the sales of Christmas gifts before the utter failure of the banks and the economy.
Senator Lindsay Graham, a supporter of s.1867, the National Defense Authorization Act, specifically outlined the bill’s draconian hold over American citizens and even admitted it makes the U.S. a “combat zone” under the international laws of war.
If you speak your mind about how drastic these measures are, you are told that you are overreacting, or lying about the bill. I have been angrily told by supposed well read listeners to my show that Americans will not be targeted.
So, if that is case then why is the bill even being considered? The laws of war already on the books should suffice. We have been told that the endless war on terror was declared to ward off domestic threat from foreign evil doers and now with all of the bogeymen assuming room temperature, wouldn’t the threat die down?
While they tell us that we have been victorious in our war In Iraq and Afghanistan doesn’t a proposal to suspect all Americans smack of failure? Giving the military free reign to police Americans, with spy drones, wiretaps and forfeiting the constitutional processes is sickening and self incriminating.
Due process will be eliminated and replaced with intangible decisions conjured out of thin air and propped up for an example of despotic malfeasance. The American reverence for their government will occlude the danger of their actions and the consensus population will immediately conclude that if their government says that they have captured enemies of the state, they must be true enemies of the state.
We saw an indication of the occluded American attitude when there was an outcry against the occupy movements and the way the government guaranteed an inoculation against further rebellion by creating an “other” for the American people to demonize at home.
We don’t realize that there are methods in which our government coerces us to give away or freedoms, and to demonize those who choose to point out the lawlessness of those who are there to protect the law.
As these draconian laws are being pushed through the Senate, why is it that there are still many Americans that believe that the government now deserves our full faith?
Is it because of blatant Newspeak as demonstrated by TIME magazine and their blatant whitewashing of our fears and concerns?
After the attacks of September 11th, 2001 we demanded justice, and defense, what we are getting now is offense and control.
The White House has now issued, a new strategy aimed at battling the perceived threat of homegrown terrorism in the U.S. The program according to the Whitehouse aims to empower communities by teaching local officials to recognize violent extremism and see the threat as a public safety issue, like the battle against gangs and drugs.
The White house now says that the plan comes as the terrorism threat against the U.S. continues to evolve. The Whitehouse says “All eyes used to be trained on al-Qaida in Pakistan” Furthermore according to the Whitehouse the attacks have come from violent extremists here in the U.S. who picked up radical ideas from the Internet. The question is what attacks have been inspired by extremists on the internet?
President Obama released an implementation plan for efforts to counter “homegrown” violent extremism within the United States. The 20-page document, known as the Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP), is a follow up to the National Strategy on Empowering Local Partners to Prevent Violent Extremism in the United States, which was released by the White House in August 2011.
The SIP is the blueprint for how our nation will implement the Domestic Strategy on Countering Violent Extremism (CVE), the first U.S. Government strategy to address violent extremism in the Homeland.
Is the wording in this document an announcement of a predetermined threat? Is this another attempt by the Obama Whitehouse to create a reverse causality? The wording of the press release is suspect and makes serious accusations about attacks on US soil inspired by internet extremism.
I have not really heard of many attacks on US soil from internet extremists. However now I am beginning to believe that this memo has already let the cat out of the bag.
We have every reason to have anxiety about the future of this country. There is no reason to sugar coat the anomaly of rogue government at home. We must accept the truth that the government now is here to take lives, rights and freedoms for the safety of the few. There is no mandate that is revealing any morality or care for the citizens of this country.
The world is on fire and the chaos is spreading like a cancer. It is not being hidden overseas or covered up by irrelevant reports of celebrity, or political scandal. Real people, real fear, real anger and real revolt are being seen all over the planet. It is a result of an ever encroaching New World order.
I am not afraid, or paranoid. I am just angry at the conspiracy of silence.

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