May Day has always been the day that has been set aside for protest and marches. The overall hope is to peacefully demonstrate against a repressive government in hopes that someone will pay attention. The gestures seem to be more about solidarity and a social gathering, rather than a tool for the changing of policy or laws. Most gatherings now have been reduced to permitted events, and those without permits are considered illegal. The government has literally reduced the effectiveness of protests and it should be noted that what may have worked in the 20th century, has a very difficult time causing even the least bit of sympathy with the general consensus of the United States in the New Century.

Protests are quite literally fossils from the industrial age, where workers could directly force negotiations with authorities by refusing to work, or shutting down operations. If the operators of machines refused to operate, the machines ceased to function and that was effective. Now gatherings do not stop anything but traffic and create a need for a police state. Effectiveness would be evident if something was at stand still because of a protest or a protest forced an official to address the grievance. These things do not happen in the protests of today.
Protests have become a release valve of sorts for people, and have led to violent acts of destroying store fronts and vandalism. Like it or not the image of the aftermath of protest is the equivalent of a war zone and it is this behavior that gives authority the justification for pushing for and surveillance of the United States.
Do protesters really feel that a protest will gather sympathy, in the media or by the public at large when the clean- up costs total into the millions and cities and neighborhoods become war zones because a gathering wants to destroy property and not give a reason why?
Protests are neither clever nor are they novel and now with the dangerous surveillance state are actually a reason to enforce the militarized police state. There seems to be no way of gauging the success of gathering or protest, however we do know what happens to people if they challenge the actions of government with meaningful dissent. Every time I see a protest with Police interaction or hear about riots in Seattle or in Oakland I have to ask if Americans truly believe that we have this robust “freedom” and thriving justice system that truly sees a peaceful protest as a reason to just give up and give in.
My idea is that the best and effective ways of descent is outside of the watchful eyes of the surveillance state. Governments work in secret, they have their secret meetings, their group gatherings and the people decide that numbers gathered in a park will mean something. What has been shown is that these open responses have led to intimidation and have hardened the resolve of the authorities to crack down, and spy on all Americans as potential time bombs.
Under President Obama the Surveillance state in the United States has become the ultra surveillance state. It has expanded with highly sophisticated spying equipment, including armed drones and secret space planes and satellites. Obama’s unprecedented war on the American right to privacy and unlawful search and seizure has in large part been designed to shield from the American public any knowledge of just how invasive this Surveillance State has become.
Barack Obama who has no shame using his expertise in alleged assassination techniques as a political football needs to be challenged on his inabilities to keep to his 2008 campaign promises. His faked Osama Bin laded raid is his only ammunition for votes in the new election and the American people need to remember that he voted for the FISA Amendments act of 2008 that not only forgave constitutional lawbreaking telephone companies but also gave his blessing to lawbreaking NSA domestic spying programs that George W, Bush had ordered in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on New York in 2001.
Obama vowed that as president he would use his new power to remedy the surveillance abuses, however instead he made into law the NDAA renewed the Patriot act and ignored all of the reforms he promised under coercion from his constituents who believed that anyone who opposed the surveillance state are aiding and abetting terrorists.
The Obama myth makers have been responsible for screaming that the NDAA did not apply to American citizens, however the truth is that Obama has the power and will wield the power to create a secret panel that have the power and authority to put certain Americans who they see as enemies of the state on “kill lists.” This includes journalists, reporters, artists and intellectuals who use their talents of communication to expose corruption in government. To have the surveillance state expand under the direction of President Obama says a lot about this administration and its ability to remain corrupt without question.
For example there were many people who questioned the untimely death of Andrew Breitbart, a journalist who conducted a complete anti-Obama campaign with his news groups. He died mysteriously of heart failure. The statement of heart failure or natural causes was prematurely given as a cause of death and eventually the official coroner’s report confirmed what the media had reported about the controversial journalist. After the official Coroner’s report was released one of the members of the L.A. Coroner’s office dropped dead from arsenic poisoning. Coroner’s employee Michael Cormier was 61 and died at his home. Now the media is spinning a story saying that Cormier had nothing to do with Breitbart autopsy and that when he was brought in no one expected foul play. Even though Breitbart had threatened to expose the president with video that showed him at rally’s that were anti-white and pro communist.
Much of the controversy blew over and many people had nothing but disdain for Breitbart.
The liberal bias in the political arena pretends that this is not happening and allows for the hatred of one opponent to justify any injustice, just as long as their democrat hero remains as prince, king and God using an expansive surveillance state and draconian laws to weed out and kill whistle blowers and opponents.
Today in the May Day protests I am not seeing the protests against these measures. All I see is Occupy protesters, Anonymous mask wearing marchers and anarchists that are quite literally remaining within their permitted protest boundaries and destroying whatever they run into in their little caged in areas provided by the permission of the state. It is the delusion of freedom of speech under the all seeing eye of a government that loves to play peek a boo with cameras, drones and other such tools that are no match for those who can secretly come up with plans to work within the system away from the cameras wire taps and covert operators that are in the business of destroying true freedom and true dissent.

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