The Russians have always had trouble with their experiments to explore Mars. The United States has had problems as well and there have been many people who have stated for the record that someone or something wants us stay away from Mars or is keeping us from exploring some its mysteries. I am not staying that we have never been to Mars, or that we have never had a successful mission.
I am just saying that the trek to Mars has always been difficult and many of the launches to the Red Planet have been vexed with some sort of extra terrestrial sabotage.
One of the more mysterious cases in recent memory happened in 1989 when the first attempt to deliver landers to the surface of Phobos—one of Mars Moons was halted by a collision with what appeared to be a UFO . Moments before the collision, Phobos 2 sent to Earth pictures of a huge object in the shape of a long bus and it was moving quite fast. Below are some of the Images associated with the mysterious failure.

A very strange twist has happened with regard to a Russian Space probe that failed to capture the attention of the mainstream news. The Phobos- Grunt probe that was destined for Mars was first reported to be captured by some strange force that caused it to remain idle in space. The probe has now been hovering above the earth and will come down. Russians had estimated that the entry would happen on January 9th, 2012 however as the doomed satellite remains in space and awaits re-entry experts are now considering that something sabotaged the probe while it was in space.
If you recall Ground Zero reported briefly that the Probe had stalled in space around the same time there was a claim that something anomalous was seen above Mercury. A Canadian op-ed piece had suggested that the object was most certainly a cube that was estimated to be 1500 miles on each side. The writer had intimated that the cube—wa related to Elenin and also the anomaly of Nibiru or nemesis. While NASA was pointing our eyes to some planet millions of miles away , we kept our eyes in the region near the sun where all kinds of energies are being release and images of anomalous objects are plentiful.
Meanwhile the Russian probe remained dead in the heavens. The European Space Agency attempted to restart the probe and get it to operate in a way they could steer it back to safe re-entry. This had failed. There was urgency to the restart because the probe because of the dangerous chemicals it has on board. The known danger posed to our It is estimated that the probe carries roughly 7.5 metric tons of highly toxic hydrazine and nitrogen tetroxide chemical fuels . Furthermore it is also a concern, according to intelligence sources, that the Probe now has the capability to spark an electromagnetic downburst that would be the equivalent of a small yield EMP.
In February of 2008 the United States Shot down satellite USA-193 because it had the same potential to cause harm. This probe has 20 times more fuel and hazardous chemicals than USA-193.
Vladimir Popovkin of the Russian Federal Space Agency has come forward and has now confirmed that an unknown force charged the probe with electromagnetic energy literally making it a lethal electromagnetic death vehicle. Believe it or not, the intelligence operatives at Space agency now say that there are electromagnetic weapons from earth may be responsible, otherwise there are no logical answers save the idea of extraterrestrial intervention.
Director Popovkin stated that the failure of Phobos-Grunt appears to be an act of sabotage where an “override command” caused an internal systems failure that he claims was by accomplished by “unknown forces;.” Lieutenant General Nikolay Rodionov, a retired ballistic missile commander blamed the failure on the United States High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program or HAARP array .
Several space organizations, in particular, ESOC-ESA, DSN-JPL-NASA, NORAD-STRATCOM, numerous amateur observers have failed to track the probe satisfactorily and are now worried as to where it might land.
Director Popovkin ominously warns in his report that this craft now has all the capabilities of becoming a non-nuclear electromagnetically charged weapon. Many websites have also reported the rumor that perhaps the probe is in control of some force unknown or a government to be used as the first kill shot from space.
There is a sensitive matter that one of the scientific instruments the Messbauer spectrometer contains radioactive material Cobalt 57. Obviously you can see why the media does not want to make a big deal over the re-entry of the vehicle.
Once again the possible re-entry and crash of the vehicle is set between 54.1 degrees north latitude and 54.1 degrees south. The probe was supposed to enter and burn up over the earth on January 9th, 2012 and now we may see the probe re-enter and burn somewhere near January 15th, 2012.

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