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Ron Patton | November 21, 2010

For the first time in the 15 years that I have been writing reports, blogs, and essays I write this one with a bit of trepidation.  The reason isn’t because it is a scary article, or an article that I have no faith in.  I am reticent because of the subject matter.  There are many cynical people who listen to shows like mine and read columns that are similar to mine that believe that everything that goes on in Hollywood is a distraction.
Now I am not saying that there are definite distractions that come out of Hollywood that have people transfixed, like the results of dancing with the stars or American Idol. Many times in frustration I have pointed out that TMZ scuttlebutt is just that. It is scuttlebutt and truly can get annoying. There are a lot of people who tell me, that they don’t watch TV or that they don’t watch the mainstream news.  There are people that even tell me that all that is in the Mainstream media is tainted.
That frightens me. Because it is imperative that you are aware of the pop culture, that you are aware of the narrative even though you may not agree with it or support it.  I love my television shows.  I watch them selectively online. It is okay to watch sports or even American idol.  The unhealthy part is allowing such things to consume your life.
I don’t really care to see camera’s following Ellen asking her about Chaz Bono’s sexual transcendence, or seeing Susan Boyle’s facial hair.  However, for a while there has been a story that has been haunting me for a while and I have to talk about it because of what I bore witness to while living in Argentina.
You see, in Argentina as the police state raged on and people were fearful of being shot after stepping out after curfew, there were stories in the media about singers, songwriters, poets, news men, movie makers, actresses and actors being murdered, committing suicide or disappearing.
Singers like Mercedes Sosa who died in 2009 were often hunted down by death squads and were forced into exile.  I once worked briefly with Argentine singer and performer Nacha Guevara and she had talked many times of theater bombings and threats from the Triple A death squad.  These squads were hired by the government to weed out any “radical” thoughts. Many used extortion as a method to threaten and bully the stars, in fact in 1984 the Rock Group KISS was threatened with their lives if they stepped foot in La Boca Argentina where a stadium concert was set.
Why am I telling you this story?
Because the corrupt government had created death squads and agents to go in and seize property, harass, and kill, actors, publicists, writers, news reporters anyone whom they felt was spreading communism or participated in anything that could be construed as anti-government. Now you may think that Argentine history doesn’t apply to you and like Huxley once stated if a country that we really don’t care about were to disappear overnight it would mean less to us than if we were to lose the tip of one of our little fingers, but what happened there is something to consider.
The reason is because what happened there was orchestrated as part of Operation Condor a major coup to topple Latin American Governments.  Condor began in Chile on September 11th, 1973 and moved like a cancer through other South American countries.  It used the threat of terrorism as a tool for surrender of people’s rights.
This terrorism and the killing of innocents can be traced to American intelligence and operatives including Henry Kissinger.  Kissinger was one of the key groomers of Barack Obama. Kissinger is still a war criminal and in some countries would be arrested if he stepped foot there. Men like Kissinger and Dick Cheney have been involved in organizing the Coup d’état that put South Americans in peril.  Death squads have always been used to silently take out those whom they feel are threat to their “objectives”
The key element in any coup is to squash dissent.  The way it is done is by character assassination, harassment, imprisonment or death. Those who now have the conscience of America are the media and they are under the gun.
Many reporters must be in fear for their lives if they were to directly unveil the cover-ups and corruption. Some do it indirectly and others tell blatant lies and report what they are told. Some news anchors are highly paid and are now there to placate the empire instead of challenging it.
There have been many instances where a reporter may have gotten too close to the truth. We have many examples of reporters who have had untimely deaths because of their bulldog attitudes in the news. NBC news anchor Jessica Savitch was murdered trying to expose the Vatican bank scandal. The New York Post reported that Savitch was in danger after she began looking into the life and death of Italian banker Roberto Calvi, Who many believe was murdered by the Illuminati because his bank collapsed in Milan which cost the Vatican $250 million dollars.
Calvi was hanged from the Black friar’s bridge in London. He had stones in his coat and his feet were also waited down. What he knew and what he wanted to reveal would have shaken the world. Much of what he knew was also connected to the Argentine dirty war and payments made by the Vatican to officials who allowed the tortures and rapes during Operation Condor.  His son believes that Roberto was “suicided” by the secret society known as the P2. The group was also known as the “frater Neri” or the “Black friars.”

I often point out that after the September 11th, 2001 attacks the News Establishment were coerced into reporting what they were told.  The main anchors who gave us the accounts planted the seeds for controlled demolition and bombs. Then there was a cover up.
The stories were cleaned up and watered down and changed to put the blame on the straw man terrorist du’ jour. Where are all of the anchormen who spoke about the September 11th, attacks?
Tom Brokaw of NBC was sent Anthrax he later retired. Dan Rather of CBS retired one year later.  Rather was a reporter who was the first to report the death of JFK who we all know was assassinated by a death squad. Jesse Ventura of the Tru TV Conspiracy theory show recently reported that four US presidents may have been involved or had knowledge of a death squad known as “Operation 40.” Which were all connected to The Watergate break in, the Bay of Pigs, and other known “false flag” operations headed by Richard Nixon. The Death Squad, according to a death bed confession of E. Howard Hunt was responsible for the death of John F. Kennedy.

[youtube TX48y4n5EY]

The only reporter left that was an anchor during the September 11th Attacks was Peter Jennings. Jennings died of cancer after the September 11th. Jennings suggested that explosives were used to bring down the towers. He also had Mayor Rudi Giuliani say in an interview that he was told that the towers were going to come down.

[youtube 6vCg8Fp8aw8]

Many people wonder if the Cancer was some sort of way of silencing him.  Jennings was a smoker and quit. He started again after doing 9/11 reports. Jennings also did a report on the John F. Kennedy assassination that surprised many people. The whole mess had people wondering if he had been threatened as well. Jennings was merely mimicking the reports of Vincent Bugliosi who has written many books decrying the Conspiracy to kill John F. Kennedy. He has written page after page trying to de-bunk the conspiracy theorists. Both Jennings and Bugliosi painted Oswald as the Lone nut assailant in the case.
Bugliosi seemed to have penchant for Lone nut attackers.
He the famed writer of the Helter Skelter Murders and was the lawyer who prosecuted Charles Manson and his followers. Bugliosi was able to give his version of the Tate- La Bianca murders in his book Helter Skelter.  Helter Skelter of course was the name of a Beatles song that Bugliosi claimed inspired the murders. In fact it was the entire White album that inspired Manson to spark a race war by killing actors, actresses, and what he called “establishment pigs” and leave behind some sign that it was done by blacks.
When the police arrived at La Bianca Murder scene the words “rise” and “death to pigs” were written in blood on the walls. The Word “war” was carved in Leno La Bianca’s stomach.  At Gary Hinman and Sharon Tate’s houses political pig and pig were written n blood.
Bugliosi said that the pig references were from the song “Piggies” that was also on the Beatles album.  Manson had determined that “high society” establishment piggies in the Hollywood star machine had to be “whacked” as the song suggests.
In their sties, with all their backing,
They don’t care what goes on around.
In their eyes, there’s something lacking;
What they need’s a damn good whacking!

Many conspiracy theories have linked Manson and his death squad to the CIA and their attempt to destroy the hippie movement. Operation CHAOS, launched in 1968, was the Central Intelligence Agency’s response to civil unrest and cultural upheaval. The targets of CHAOS — as was also the case with FBI’s COINTELPRO — were the political dissidents such as the Black Panthers, politically active hippies and public figures such as rock musicians, and the subversive college crowds.
The use of informants and provocateurs was part of a massive sub rosa campaign to subvert the forces of dissent in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Joining in the CIA and the FBI in this effort was an alphabet soup of federal agencies: the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (BNDD), the National Security Agency (NSA), the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA), the Department of Health, Education and Welfare (HWW), the intelligence divisions of all the military services, and numerous local police forces.
Over a quarter of a million Americans were under “active surveillance” during this period, and dossiers were kept on the lawful political activities and personal lives of millions more. Those affiliated with black militant, antiwar, and New Left groups were prime targets of dirty tricks and other underhanded tactics designed to stir up factionalism and “neutralize” political activists.
The CIA had studied the effects of LSD since the 1950’s as means of mind control and “unconventional warfare”. It was the medical tests conducted by the Agency that first launched LSD into the youth counterculture, through such enthusiastic advocates as Timothy Leary and Ken Kesey. And consequently, what could be better “human guinea pig farm” for the CIA than Haight-Ashbury, the epicenter of 60s psychedelic counterculture?
It is suggested that Manson had contacts with the Haight-Ashbury Free Clinic’s personnel who conducted government-backed tests on human behavior, one of them Roger Smith, Manson’s parole officer when he was released in prison March 1967. Also Dr. David Smith of the Clinic, according to Vincent Bugliosi in Helter Skelter, “got to know the Manson group through his work in the Haight-Ashbury Free Clinic”. LSD was instrumental in Manson’s power trip and “guru” trip, for his followers to slavishly follow Manson’s murderous instructions.
Mid-summer of 1969, one month before the Family massacres, Operation CHAOS went into the most tight security mode. This is highly coincidental. Could there have been a conspiracy to murder the Hollywood elite in the 1960’s?
People remembered the Deaths of Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield linking the deaths to CIA, the Mob and even the Church of Satan.
The targeting of establishment elite in the Hollywood hills had many actors and actresses frightened.  Mia Farrow thought that she would be next in the murder spree because of her connections to Sharon Tate and her Husband Roman Polanski.  Mia Farrow starred in Rosemary’s Baby directed by Polanski. The movie of course was about the birth of the devil’s child with links once again to the Church of Satan.  The Movie Rosemary’s baby seemed like some sort of ritual where Rosemary was attacked by a satanic death cult that wanted her baby. In similar way Palanski’s wife Sharon Tate was pregnant at the time she was attacked by a wicked and evil cult under the direction of a madman.  The movie served as an admonition of how the devil lives and kills in Hollywood and those who are somehow connected can find themselves dead.
This same theme was evident in the Movie “The Exorcist,” a demonic force had entered into the body of a girl who happened to be the daughter of an Actress. While the story was set in Georgetown, you can argue that there is an underlying metaphor is that the Hollywood establishment has satanic underpinnings.
Was it all predictive programming or has there always been a secret plot to kill off the actors, writers, and reporters and swindle them out of their millions?  Are there stars that make deals with the devil?  When the devils of Hollywood come to collect , do begin to see them killed off in their prime?
One of the peculiar stories out of Hollywood is the recent story involving well known character actor Randy Quaid and his wife Evi.  Both are claiming that they are being targeted by a Hollywood conspiracy. Quaid has gone on the record as saying that for the last 20 years he and Evi have been the victims of criminal activities by people trying to embezzle from him, kill his career and even murder him to gain control of his royalties. Quaid and his wife fled to Canada for protection. In a press conference he began to choke up as he claimed that other actors that he has known have been murdered. He claimed that Chris Penn, David Carradine and Heath Ledger had all been murdered by what he called Hollywood Star whackers.  He also claimed that others were being targeted in this conspiracy like Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, and Mel Gibson among others.
The Press had alluded to the idea that he and Evi were crazy and that they had brought all of these problems on to themselves, by skipping out on hotel bills and vandalizing and squatting in a property that was once theirs. They told CNN that the “Star whackers” are powerful business men with ties to the mafia. CNN of course reported this with a cynicism that was blatant and painted them as crazy.  However it seems ironic that while the Quaids have been calling out the so called Hollywood Death Squads and have been ridiculed, there seem to be stories that are on the record that seem to favor the claims made by the Quaids.
In June of 2010, there was a story that didn’t quite capture the attention of the media. While the media was reporting the woes of Lindsay Lohan and her drinking and drug problems they neglected to report that she and stars like Orlando Bloom and Megan Fox were victims of an organized crime group known as the “Bling Ring.”
Roughly two weeks before a judge would sentence her to jail, Lindsay Lohan sat in a Los Angeles courtroom and recounted to a grand jury how a burglar’s black fingerprints on her wall left her so unnerved that she had to move. Moments later, Orlando Bloom told the same panel how a break-in at his home had left him distrustful of those around him, especially after he realized his carefully hidden collection of watches had been stolen.
Rachel Bilson, Audrina Patridge and Paris Hilton also recounted for grand jurors how they walked into their supposedly secure Hollywood Hills homes to find them ransacked and looted. Regardless of your opinions about Paris Hilton it is also important to note that she also was a victim of a menacing phantom stalker who entered her home and waited for her with knives ready to stab her to death.
Were the Quaids lying when they made claims that Lindsay Lohan’s woes are part of the Star Whacker Conspiracy? Is it a conspiracy that humiliates and jeopardizes the reputation of Hollywood Stars and embezzles from them?  Empirical evidence shows that they may be on to something.
It amazes me that the claims made by the Quaids are being dismissed when so many stories ad facts can swirl together to demonstrate that selling one’s soul will eventually lead to someone coming to collect.
Randy said in a press conference that Heath Ledger was a Victim of the Star whacking syndicate.  The creepiness in that statement can be felt when we recall that Ledger’s death happened when his own “death clown” visage was seen in The Dark Knight’s Joker personae. People were shocked that such a young and talented actor could be taken so soon. They were inspired by his portrayal of a devil so frighteningly bizarre that he was known to disappear behind his grotesque corpse paint.
However, only a handful of people are aware that his portrayal of the Joker was not his last.  He appeared in a film called the Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. It was a film where the main plot deals with a man selling his soul to the devil and being given immortality. The film was a hint at a hidden occult cryptocracy that we can assume lurks in the shadows of the world we live in.
The dazzling Faustian theme is complimented with all kinds of esoteric symbolism. There are pictures that show the devil surrounded by religious figures and even a mural of Jesus Christ surrounded by secret societal symbolism.
There is also a running theme of ritualized and sacrificial death. Heath Ledger’s Character Tony Liar is hanged in the film.  He is hanged on the Black Friar’s bridge.  His body is weighted down with stones.

If this sounds familiar to you it is no accident. It was inspired by the hanging of Roberto Calvi, the Vatican banker who was allegedly murdered by the P2 death squad. On Ledger’s forehead were esoteric symbols many consider them to be ritual symbols of the Illuminati.  The question is why was Roberto Calvi’s murder by the Illuminati the inspiration for a scene in the film?
As eerie as the tales unfold Ledger is found dead during the filming of the strange tale. The official word is that it was an accidental drug overdose. However there are many conflicting reports to this day about the real cause of death.
It is all too convenient and synchronistic that in the Parnassus film, there is a scene where the character Tony originally played by Ledger is replaced with Johnny Depp. Tony leads a rich woman of the “establishment” to a river, The river is symbolic of the River Styx.  Three boats appear bearing the pictures of Rudolph Valentino, James Dean and Princess Diana, three public figures who died prematurely.
Tony’s job is to convince the woman to give her soul to the Devil and die. He urges the rich woman to follow in the young dead celebrities’ path and climb aboard a gondola bearing the head of Anubis, the Egyptian god of the Dead. The woman sees the pictures and comments
“But these people, they’re all dead.”
Tony tells the woman that it is all for the better.  He admits to her that yes they are dead, but they are immortal. They won’t get old or fat. They won’t get sick or feeble. They are beyond fear because they are forever young. They’re gods and you can join them.
What a creepy coincidence as we will remember Heath as a young and immortal star. Was all of this a coincidence? Was this some sick revelation of the method made to look like a sinister occult killing?  The Quaids have said that he was murdered.
What of the allegations that David Carradine was killed in Thailand?  He was found hanged in a closet wearing a mesh body stocking with pornography surrounding him. Was it all made to look as though he was involved in a sexual act of auto erotic asphyxiation?
His family later had mentioned that Carradine was investigating secret societies. One included a martial arts death squad. In an Interview with Larry King, film director Damian Chapa, believed foul play was involved in Carradine’s death, and that David was very interested in investigating and disclosing secret societies.
While the media is criticizing the Quaids, have they actually forgotten the stories from the past of other actors who claimed that Hollywood can eat your soul and that there are a modicum of henchman out there that can Wiretap phones, harass and even kill an actor?
In 2008 Comedian Gary Shandling had appeared in court to testify in the wiretapping and bribery trial of private eye to the stars, Anthony Pellicano. Shandling claimed that there was a conspiracy to assassinate his character and to spin lies that would have destroyed him.
How about the story of Dave Chappelle who left his show abruptly to go to Africa? Everyone said he was crazy as well however it seemed by his own admission an escape from selling his soul and winding up dead or worse.
He had related the story of Martin Lawrence and how he almost died from a stroke because he was working so hard.  Many people forget that  after the success of his TV show Martin Lawrence was having violent outbursts and performing strangely. He was then seen brandishing a gun and screaming, “They are trying to kill me” to tourists on Ventura Boulevard.
He also talked about Mariah Carrey and how she had her psychotic break.  Carrie had outbursts as well and appeared on MTV handing out popsicles in T-shirt unannounced. She began to strip and said that this was her therapy session.

[youtube 2KFRdWch9gw]

As for allegations about Britney Spears being targeted and Mel Gibson.  We can only remember their various moments of breakdown.  Mel has been drunk, abusive and spouting all kinds of anti-Semitic nonsense. However, Brittany Spears can be seen as more complex as many people have indicated that Britney has all of the attributes of a programmed sex slave that wanted to break away from her deal with the devil. An appearance with ABC’s Dianne Sawyer Showed Britney showing a definite disconnect from her easily programmed state. Was it proof that she was a drugged and programmed slave?

[youtube ddV1ooTUb2E]

Pictures of her shaving her head balled and attacking a car with an Umbrella in front of the paparazzi demonstrated a star whose light had been dimmed. She had been held at a psychiatric unit of UCLA where she wrote on her shaved head the numbers 666 and claimed to be the antichrist. She also screamed that she was a fake. It was reported that Britney attempted to hang herself twice. Drawing an occult symbol on her head and wanting to hang herself. Very peculiar and coincidental.
Finally the Quaids claims continue to gain merit when you look into the strange case of Michael Jackson.  He too was the dancing clown. The Peter Pan who led us in the sacrament of pop communion and had warned that all of the allegations of pedophilia and money troubles were all part of a larger conspiracy to eventually kill him.
He told an audience that Tony Matolla, the president of SONY was the Devil.  That Matolla was evil incarnate. Coincidentally at the Time of the mental breakdown of Mariah Carrie on TRL she was married to Matolla.

[youtube fr6CRcrQxDw]

Jackson had claimed that he would be killed.  His death is now academic.
SONY will be releasing his posthumous album.  With unfinished songs, that have been reworked and remixed.  Some people believe that Michael would be outraged if he was alive and his family questions if it is really Michael singing on all of the songs. SONY comes off in a ghoulish way kicking the corpse of Michael Jackson for an loose change that his mourning fans are willing to pay.
Is there a conspiracy of Star whackers in Hollywood? Do the Quaids sound so crazy now?
Not long after their press conference well known Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen was shot 5 times in the chest after returning from the premiere of the movie Burlesque starring Cher and Christina Aguilera.  The police do suspect foul play.  Just before the shooting there was a report out of Hollywood that seven anonymous casting directors were threatened with death.
It seems that there is a demon loose in Hollywood, one that has scared the Quaids and has somehow given the Hollywood Stars a reason to worry. It seems that from the refrain of a song, to a programmed madman telling his death squad to seal their murders with blood.
The piggies are getting a damn good whacking. Charles Manson once said that back in the 1960’s it was fashionable to be crazy, now everyone is crazy.

Written by Ron Patton

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