There is a frightening emotional investment that we put into things here in this country. I say that it is frightening because Nationalism never is a substitute for common sense and what we are seeing around us with the increased Military desensitization is what victimization does to logic and what mental torture does to the intellect. How it seems that we are so hopeful that things will change that we ignore that they really haven’t. I am often confounded by people who believe that all of the secret meetings of the elite, all of the security, and all of the danger we put ourselves in is well worth it.

It is time our nation, as a collective WHOLE, toughen our emotional skins and stop pretending whatever is happening with the NATO summits, Bilderberg meetings and the Global sustainability summit is to be for our betterment. The government already has its hooks in you. The question is if you will allow yourself to be reeled in.
Our mainstream thinking is that our home, our government, our system is too great to fail. We need to bring into perspective the reality those who place themselves above us, will soon see their end too. The whole machine is showing signs of corruption. This spans the entire political spectrum, from republican to democrat. Ambition ,while admirable, can also be detrimental if it has its foundation in lawlessness and uses the pain of others for unknown ends. This nation will eventually become undeveloped and we will no longer have the luxuries we once cherished.
I wish that this type of thing still meant something to Americans. It seems that there is no luck in the American dream, and I am sure there are majority of Americans that believe perhaps it is time to throw our hands in the air and surrender to a new way of life.
Naïve (liberal and conservative) people in America, comfortable in their manicured lawn suburban sprawl, complacent with American Idol, and Sports will discount the possibility of civil unrest, war, bio threat and dictatorship in this country. Could fascist sociopaths take advantage of another crisis and destroy our illusion of the American Dream? Some people say that it is inconceivable. Anyone who would bring up this possibility would be branded a lunatic or worse.
I stand as a lunatic and person who is troubled by the pictures I see and the e-mails I receive about how they are being advised that their city may be a potential target for terrorist activity because of a NATO meeting or some Bilderberg back yard barbecue.
Commissioned by Habitat Heroes and conducted by Opinion Research, A telephone survey which polled a national sample of 500 American preteens—250 males and 250 females found that One out of three children aged 6 to 11 fears that Earth won’t exist when they grow up, while more than half—56 percent—worry that the planet will be destroyed in a massive war.
The reason they fell this way is simple, they are being subjected to television and movies where the Military and police are always called in for a major disaster or tragedy. Whether they have to fight the Transformers or assist the Avengers, they are being witnesses to the Military industrial machine. Every new movie is a recruitment film. Want to fight aliens? Be a marine. Want to encounter large alien space craft in the ocean, join the navy. It never ends. There is also tons of literature and talk about extinction level events, global warming and climate change, and those who have the solutions which include culling people using vaccines and implements of war.
On a sliding scale of anxieties, minority kids have it worse; 75 percent of black children and 65 percent of Hispanic children believe that the planet will be irrevocably damaged by the time they reach adulthood. Obviously fear and paranoia is not limited by race or age.
We must understand that there is no other success or material wealth that can compensate for failure with our children or failure to love each other in times of strife. No green house carbon tax, or philosophical cause is going to save the souls on a planet that has already allowed for an apocalyptical breakdown to crush the consensus spirit. We need to find ways to connect with each other as our toxic environment takes its toll on otherwise stable individuals. People you would never expect to “crack.” However we have pointed out on various occasions that this is happening.
How are we supposed to react as a people when we see Black helicopters fly over our cities with armed soldiers? How are we supposed to interpret the use of unmarked vehicles that have cages attached to them? What are we to think when our neighborhoods are blocked off with armored vehicles or drones flying above us that are armed and programmed to fire at the mere whim of a program that could fail.
Eventually we will react the way caged animals react. Homeland security has already pegged the U.S. Citizen as the new terrorist.” The focus according to the new intelligence stated that right wing extremists and libertarians are likely to be your next terrorists. The others are disgruntled veterans and people who obsess over the details of the 9/11 attacks.
Believe it or not there are also statistics on who would be the most likely to start civil unrest In the United States. Since the year 2000 it was already in the plan that those most likely to start a civil upheaval would be minorities. The statistics as unpopular as they may seem actually are not surprising. The country of course has planning for a minority clash of civilizations. The civil unrest is most likely to erupt among Hispanics and African Americans. The unemployment rate of Hispanics is 11.4% versus 5.0% in November 2007. It is doubtless far worse, as many Hispanics worked “under the table” in the housing industry. The unemployment rate of African Americans is 13.3%, the highest since 1993, and up from an all-time low of 7.0% in 2000.
The case of George Zimmerman and Trayvon martin continues to anger people and there are reports of various hate crimes now where blacks are now attacking whites in the memory of the Injustice of Trayvon Martin. People are believing that these stories are there to stir the pot. Perhaps, but something is aggravating America, they are poor, some are racists, and others are polarized by political fallacies and made up lies.
Other scenarios indicate the likelihood of border clashes as Mexico becomes a failed state and immigrants rush over the U.S. Borders angering American Whites. This will require a Military garrison. Tier 1 exercises or drills are also preparing for border or terror events outside the U.S. that eventually moves into the country at the borders.
All of these approximations guarantee the Militarized police state to be implemented. All of the training, black helicopter sightings, and strange armored vehicles and busses are putting us into a state of acceptance. There is no crime in this country worthy of an infantry, or a walking army. Even during 9-11 our firefighters and police were enough. Now something bigger is waiting that gives the military the permission to psychologically toy with us and allows black helicopters, tanks and other machines in our neighborhoods.
We all seem to see that all of the firepower is for potential attack. More firepower and armor that was seen in cold war and we were told then that the threat of Nuclear Missiles needed to be considered. All of these projections of outright warfare are they justified? Remember these are projections and drills being eyed by Homeland security and FEMA . Projections that they are counting on happening . Projections that would warrant budgets for Homeland security detention centers, homegrown terrorism laws, food safety laws and recent statements from homeland security warning of extremists within our borders. These events will allegedly happen on a national level.
Once again we need to ask ourselves what is our government preparing for? What could be so bad that we have to call in the military, have internment camps, need a civil police force, wire tapping, homegrown terrorism laws and new definitions of dissidents, subversives, and terrorists and torture? These questions need to be pondered. It just can’t be to “protect” us from terror attacks. This is much more profound and widespread.
Ever wonder why Russian, Canadian and American troops are working together for an exercise in Colorado? It isn’t all because we are friends and we want to have a photo op.
The reason is that Under a plan proposed and made into policy by President Bill Clinton the President, on a case-by-case basis, may authorize the placement of U.S. troops under the operational control of a “competent” UN commander for specific UN operations authorized by the Security Council. This includes placing foreign troops on U.S. soil to patrol and enforce policies of the United nations Security council .
A joint plan proposed by the alphabet agencies to create a international Police force has been the plan all along. As far back as 1997 there were plans to re employ the idea of the REX 84 Program first proposed during the Reagan Administration.
Rex 84, short for Readiness Exercise 1984, was a plan by the United States federal government to test their ability to detain large numbers of American citizens in case of massive civil unrest or national emergency. Exercises similar to Rex 84 happen periodically. Plans for roundups of persons in the United States in times of crisis are constructed during periods of increased political tensions. At the moment REX 84 Civil Inmate Labor camps are all prepared in case of a civil uprising during the 2008 elections.
The federal government is already prepared for any uprising due to a banking crisis, revolt, or any other event where citizens will organize against their government. This also includes any rioting of protest after an election. This also including any incident with NATO on US soil, or the Bilderbergs or the announcement that a deal has been made that the world government will take effect in 2013 the date set aside as the the13th, year of the new age meant as the final capstone in the working of the new World order.
According to an overview called “Thinking About China Capitalism, socialism and class struggle By Paul Burkett and Martin Hart-Landsberg” The agenda is all but explained plainly —
“China’s economic transformation has stunned the world. The country has become one of the world’s main exporters of manufactured goods and sites for transnational corporate investment, while purportedly lifting hundreds of millions out of poverty. As a result, analysts across a wide band of the political spectrum have embraced China’s market reform strategy, promoting it as a model for other countries. Disagreements over policy do exist, but they are largely about the appropriate sequencing and pacing of the reform process. Conservatives advocate a faster dismantling of barriers to the free operation of internal and external market forces; progressives argue for caution in order to avoid a repetition of the “shock therapy” disaster in the USSR. Significantly, despite their differences over the desired pace of reform, many on both right and left now share the view, based largely on the Chinese experience, that market reforms and insertion into the global capitalist economy can, when properly managed, offer tremendous opportunities for achieving growth, development and poverty reduction.
Politically, the most crucial features of this consensus on China are its top-down vision of socio-economic change and idealized view of markets and the reform process. Both left and right agree that China’s development successes reflect the wisdom of her government leaders. This helps explain the repeated paeans to the “smartness” of the Chinese leadership. Both groups recognize that China’s rapid growth has generated economic and social problems: macroeconomic instability, rising inequality, breakdowns in the health care and educational systems (especially in rural areas), worsening environmental pollution and so on. But they tend to view these malfunctions and maladies largely as symptoms of institutional lags in the marketization process, not as organic outgrowths of marketization itself.”
The NATO and Bilderberg meetings will of course be prelude to the global sustainability summits that will be happening in June.
The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a think tank run by Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski (Both advisors to Barack Obama) have produced a list of seven trends that will challenge world leaders and cause change until 2025. Called the “Seven Revolutions” it lists, as priorities one and two, population control and resource management.
“Each of these revolutions,” writes the CSIS, “embodies both promise and peril and it is up to every one of us to determine the trajectory that these revolutionary forces will follow.“ It appears that that determination has begun. Global sustainability can only occur when the population does not over power resource. The solution is to find ways to weed out the populace. It can be accomplished with plausible deniability, silently, and it can be made to appear like a natural event.
This is how the world ends, not with a whimper or a bang but by a silent weapon. A weapon that will lull you into a coma, or worse your death.

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