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POST MORTEM: Your Emails Concerning the Edison Enigma.

Ron Patton | November 8, 2010
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It comes as no surprise that in the aftermath of our experiment with contacting the dead through the use of ITC, and a commercial radio transmitter that emails have been pouring in from listeners who have had strange experiences.  The ghostly experiments of October 31st, and November 7th 2010 have been phenomenal.  We have collected all kinds of EVP, strange voices and even had a plastic soda bottle move on its own in the studio. Now here are the letters and e-mails we have received. Thanks for making the Edison Enigma and Operation Friendly ghost a huge success.
If you have any comments or would like to share your experiences you can e-mail me or post them below:

Hi’ya Clyde,
I feel the need to share my experience regarding the last two shows.
I work the graveyard shift as a Security Guard two blocks from your radio station. On Halloween night I made my way to the roof, 30 floors up, so I could get the best possible reception as well as keep my eyes on the PacWest building in case something interesting happened. I followed along with the meditation, I thought about my Grandmother who’s passed, and in general prepared myself for whatever might happen. I was disappointed at first.
I listened for a bit, but couldn’t make out anything. I started asking questions about my grandmother, then about ghosts in general, and finally about my future and career options which is when I heard, “your needs are okay.” I was annoyed because it really didn’t answer any of the questions I had, so I dismissed it at that point and continued just listening. I could hear lots of voices, but they seemed jumbled and incoherent.
Then I noticed there seemed to be different levels. I’m still trying to figure out how to describe this, it was like static behind the changing sounds, a constant static behind the noise, the screen on which a movie is projected. When I began to focus on that background static I believe there was a large number of voices speaking on that level but I couldn’t make it out, it seemed quiet or far away, and then it was over. I was excited for the experience but didn’t think I had really heard anything. The psychic Lori that called said she heard the “your needs are okay” as part of a bigger message and I was excited.  I understand that probably didn’t have anything to do with myself directly but I was happy to bear witness to part of this great event.
As for the broadcast on the 7th, I couldn’t make it up to the roof, so I was stuck in the lobby staring at 5th ave. First I was listening with headphones and then I took them out hoping for a better experience through the speaker on my phone. When I switched to the speaker and took my headphones off, I got chills. Real, someone left the door open, chills.  It was pretty epic, but didn’t last long. I was left feeling disappointed when that ended, but only until I started patrolling around my building. I didn’t see anything directly but I saw a lot out of the corner of my eyes, a lot of odd reflections, shadows moving and so forth. It was interesting and a bit unnerving. I can’t say I enjoyed this second round as much as the Halloween show, but the combined experiences seem to be moving me closer to being a believer. And that’s a scary thought.
Even though my experience seems trivial compared to others, I felt compelled to share this.
Mike Jackson, Portland Oregon

Greetings Clyde,
My name is Robert Anthony, and I am writing you with a story about what happened on Halloween night. I tried emailing but I think I got it wrong because I got a delivery failure, so I’m using Facebook.
I’m sure you get a million of these things, and I wanted to actually call in during the show, but what I was experiencing was so intense it took me awhile to recover enough to even compose an email. Let me give a brief expose before I share my story.
I’ve listened to your show for a couple of months now on KUFO and have always been extremely interested in every topic you have brought up. I have always wanted to contact you in the past, but have been unable to get past the feeling that I would just come across as one of the masses of fandom I’m sure you encounter all the time. I have always wanted something real to present to you, and I believe this is it.
During your show, you have always encouraged people to get involved if they feel they can. I am extremely interested in all things paranormal, controversial, or topics otherwise disruptive to “normal” day to day thinking. I’m by no means an extremist; I simply enjoy challenging the boundaries of accepted normal reality. I have several talents, both real world technical and paranormal sensitivities that I feel could be extremely helpful in the right places to the right people, the problem I have is I don’t know any of them or where to find them, though I am extremely personable.
Anyways, Halloween night as I was listening to the show, I was very interested to hear what would come through and who would come across from the other side to reach out to who. I didn’t think I personally would have any sort of experience (I have had them before in other circumstances, but was not expecting one tonight) and so I was listening to see where things went.
However, I suddenly began having what most people would term “visions.” Right around the time when the guy called in regarding seeing a man vanish before a car, my eyes began to lose focus of the room I was in, and I found myself no longer seeing my room. I could still hear the show, hear the hum of my computer on (I was listening online), I could still feel the fabric of my seat beneath my skin; all of my other senses were still in the “now,” but it was like my eyes were glued to a TV turned on silent.
I saw a blue 2 door coupe going down a residential street at very fast speed, far faster than what the speed limit should be, heading right for a man standing dressed in a dark shirt with a white decoration on it. From my perspective, I couldn’t make out the decor, but the man himself was tall with dark hair.
Right before the car hit the man, my vision defocused again, but instead of going back to my room, it shifted to another scene, and I realized the conversation on the show had shifted towards a man named Gary, and before anything came out on the show, the scene before me played out to the body of man splayed on the floor next to a large tank with a hose coiled around his left arm. His eyes were fixed, it was obvious he was gone.

I could almost hear the hiss of the propane leaking from the tank, and as soon as the caller on the air mentioned burned potatoes I could all but smell it.

Several visions played past my eyes. Some of shadowy figures attempting to touch living people, some of weeping family over gravestones, various scenes such as that, but none were as long or pronounced as those particular two were because they were the most prominent on the show.
However, it wasn’t until after the show had stopped around 1:30am and I expected things to be concluded, but the visions continued that I knew what was going on. I believe I was somehow in tune enough to be connected to the spirit veil itself that I was catching the spirits’ desires to come forth, and getting visions from them, NOT from the callers and not from the show. I wasn’t in direct contact or channeling or anything, more like a bystander witnesses a scene playing out nearby. But I was seeing things as the spirits were bringing them forth to contact tonight.
As I said, I’ve had other experiences similar to this in the past, but none as powerful. It wasn’t until almost two hours later I could bring myself to compose this email. I’ve always wanted to contact you, always wanted to be involved, but now I know I can be. I’m feeling a drive towards it like I never have before. I have an extremely analytical mind, and I would absolutely love the chance to discuss this more or possibly get involved in some fashion.
Feel free to shoot me an email at [email protected],XXX or just send a Facebook message back if you find yourself interested. I appreciate your time.

-Robert Anthony

I can’t get through on the phone. I didn’t hear, feel, or see anything in my room while listening, or at least I don’t THINK I did. However, when I looked up at my ceiling fan, the chain that controls the speed of the fan was not hanging down like it normally does; it was hung up on one of the screws that holds the glass dome (that houses the light bulb) onto the ceiling fan.
At first, I just wrote it off thinking that I accidentally moved it while going past it. However, I tried to recreate it… but I couldn’t. The only way I could get it to do that was by LIFTING the chain up and placing it on the screw. I know this comes nowhere close to the other experiences, but still, this is arguably the second time I’ve ever experienced something like this, and this is far more unexplainable.

-Scott Douglas, Portland Oregon

I tried calling you because I experienced very cold feeling in my apartment; I had to turn up the heat.
-Dennis Lucia, Vermont

I am listening all the way from Mexicali B.C. Mexico! Great Job!
Sergio Saucedo
Baja California, Mexico

Hi Clyde.

My name is Melissa, I’m 17, and I have to tell you about my experience with the EVP signal. But first, a little history; my grandmother died for terminal cervical cancer in late August, and we didn’t even know she was sick until dad got a call from his sister…..10 days after she died. The last time any of us talked to her was in March on my little brother’s birthday, a month before she was allegedly diagnosed.

Our family is what a lot of people would call a paranormal magnet; every female on my mother’s side has a long history of having ‘gifts’ of some sort, ranging from pyrokeniesis to spirit mediums. My mother is a medium, and I am a precog. Our house is haunted with disgruntled spirits of former slaves that were lynched from the staircase outside my bedroom, and there are supposed to be shallow graves where their bodies lay under our basement floor.

We live in Dallas, and our house used to belong to the grand wizard of the K.K.K. back in the day. We only found this out after we bought it 5 years ago, when we came from California.

Now, on to the main point. When you played the signal, I was in my room, with the door closed, a dim light on, and facing my wall mirror. When I was listening in my headphones, I heard very clearly my grandmother’s voice, saying my name, my brother’s name, and something unintelligible, sounding something like ‘I’m gone now’ or something similar. It was really hard to tell. My dim light went on and off my itself, my bass guitar amp started to squeal (it wasn’t even plugged in), my closet door swung open and shut, and I kept getting poked and pulled at, and when I finally turned my light back on, I saw 8 figures staring at me from my mirror, one of them being my grandmother.

I touched the glass, and it rippled, like when you touch water, then they disappeared. My brother then ran into my room (he was listening too) and said he heard grandma say our names, too, but nothing strange happened to him like in my room (he isn’t very sensitive to entities, as most males are….), and all the while this was going on, my parents were fast asleep in their room downstairs.
I just thought I’d share that with you, since I couldn’t get through on the phones.

Thank you for the experience.

-Melissa, Dallas Texas

It sounds like the phone lines were pretty busy, so I didn’t bother call.
Congrats! It sounds like it was quite the experience for all involved. Yay!

In any event, for the record, here is my experience.
It was very quiet near Hawthorne so I was on my front porch listening. I was reflecting on a friend and coworker who was murdered a few months back. A lovely and fun person I was quite fond of. I was very relaxed and just ready to enter a meditative state with my eyes closed, but I kept hearing “love” in the random noise. It was distracting.
There was a pulse, a very easy 1234 at about 80 BPM. When I heard Reed say “You may see some lights…” and I caught some lights from outside my eyelids. Opening my eyes to ensure it was a car, I was non-surprised to actually see a car. What did surprise me was the figure of a woman in white on my front porch. See seemed to say “just be love” for an instant, when my mind wrapped around the fact that there was a woman on my front porch, she disappeared. A few moments later the silence ensued and was followed by a commercial break.

As a practicing
Chaote, I am quite used to apparitions when I call for them. This was new to me, as I did not call for anything in particular, and warrants further exploration. Though I was thinking of my departed friend, it was not her that I saw. I saw a benevolent mother figure, telling me to practice “love” in one way or another.

If this is of any use to you or your research crew, feel free to use it. See you at the next event and take the spirit of “love” with you.

Portland Oregon

I too lost my mother on Halloween in 1993, she committed suicide in her car. I  have had psychic connections with her 2 times(with Medium John Edwards) and even tonight.  She always  told me that I  was her rock…and the bumper song that played right before Edison sound kept repeating “All I got was this rock”   That was her I’m sure. Thank you,

When I was listening to the sound I heard the “I’m ok” and did hear the sound earlier, which sounded almost odd.  To be honest I only had one sort of paranormal experience when I was either four or five years old standing in the hall of my house I saw what might have been a ghost.  I lost my paternal grandfather in February of ’97 and never actually saw him on the day he died, so I understand the loss you talked about.
Andrew, U.S.A

There are still many more e-mails and Facebook messages coming in. If you had an experience good or bad I would love to hear from you.  You can follow me on twitter, friend me on Facebook or e-mail me [email protected].  We are still sifting through all of our messages and even examining your photos!  Keep them coming!  Also spread the word to your friends about this show—It will make believers out of them.
Hope you had a great Halloween.
Beast Witches
Clyde Lewis

Written by Ron Patton

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