PROJECT BLACKJACK: A Push from an Invisible Hand

I like to think that I was trained in the old school of Journalism.  I attended TV journalism classes, worked in radio newsrooms, did western state correspondence for CNN, worked for prestigious news network based in Arizona and recently did a short stint at Portland’s news station KXL.  I am one of those guys who saw the movie All the President’s Men and believed that a journalist had a responsibility to keep our government honest and not spin things to take the stink out of their policies and political faux pas.
Times have changed and looking back at the movie again it plays out like the X-files , full of dark shady characters and two conspiracy theorists  Woodward and Bernstein  who tell their editor that the public has a right to know about this government conspiracy that goes all the way to the President.
Oh the good old days of doing what was necessary to get the truth and laying it all out there against the odds and creating history rather than sandwiching in between the results of American idol and the latest sports star who in order to save sports endorsements has to say I’m Sorry after getting tail from the latest Playboy centerfold.
All stories dealing with government now are filtered through the public relations machine and it then winds its way through the conservative and liberal filters. Soon people start mimicking what they see on the tube bringing to mind the screams of another Movie character Howard Beale from the Movie network.  He tells his TV audience that the only truth people legitimize is what comes from the “tube.” It is the most awesome god damned force in the entire Godless world.  I can take it a step further by saying that the information most people legitimize is information that other people buy into.  If it looks like it is selling, if it looks like people are buying it, many people will also buy it and accept it as fact.
The warning that we tend to ignore all of the time is what if the power of the illusions provided by the information complex falls into the hands of the wrong people?  What if respected newspapers, television stations, radio stations, abuse the public trust or even use their power to socially engineer the people or hijack their thoughts for some nefarious purpose.
What if TV programming is just that, programming?
What if the trick of journalism today is to hint at what is to come, by manufacturing some side story, in order to magnify and back up and even bigger story that they want you to see?  It is what magicians do; it is called forcing the hand, or forcing the card. You think you are making the choice but you are really being pulled towards an outcome that the magician wants you to put into operation.
For example back in March I was reading a step by step predictive programming piece in the New York times about how we would have to warm up to the idea of  the cost of gas being $7.00 a gallon.  The entire article stated that this in fact could be the norm at the beginning of 2011 to meet the Obama administration’s targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions.
A month later we find ourselves witnessing the biggest Oil spill disaster in history, a tragedy that will absolutely guarantee the increase of gas prices. Gas in New York now is nearly $4.00 a gallon, was the newspaper acclimating people to accept the $7.00 a gallon price increase? The idea of raising the cost of gas for greenhouse emissions would be a harder sell to the American people.  Doing so for the cleanup of an oil spill just may be the ray of sunshine that the global sustainability cult was hoping for.  No one would dispute the need for a clean-up and I asked several people in a poll and they would gladly pay a little more at the pump to kill two birds with one howitzer. It is more economic pain for a negligible outcome.
Easily spun and easily sold through predictive programming and a tragedy that could have been avoided and some say was permitted.
The social engineers are learning that they can manufacture an extreme crisis, look for consensus opinion on how to better the situation and act so that the people appear to have a say in how the crisis can be eliminated. It then becomes a poetic train wreck as people start demanding that they willing to do anything to change the course of the crisis and then complain when they realize that they were fooled.
Every knee jerk reaction to every problem has been manipulated by social engineering. Many people find themselves making decisions based on fear.  Social pressures creates mass acceptance of bad ideas. It is trauma based programming that makes us do things we wouldn’t normally do. Make laws we wouldn’t normally make, demanding higher prices at the pumps in order to save a fish or water fowl. I can see the commercials now, a bird is buried in sludge, beaches empty, fish floating in a oily and bubbly slough and George W. Bush and Bill Clinton saying “Send us Your Cash” and Barack Obama saying pay more at the pump.
Maybe that is overkill.
No more so than the fact that the mainstream narrative is being designed to prepare us for some interesting times ahead.  Media companies are exploiting your deepest fears and are using viral marketing to get you to pay attention.  Some believe that it is guerilla fear mongering to coerce us into demanding more control from our leaders.
These stories no matter how much you avoid them affect you in some way.  They either frighten you or anger you. They prompt a swift response, the blame game, protests from activists and plain old fashioned bitching from the armchair activist.
Blogs are made, candles are lit and prayers are offered.  Sadly while people bow their heads, the passive approach allows for the world to continually deteriorate.  Unfortunately people feel it is all they can do.  Saying nothing, keeping silent, hiding, falling to your knees in fear, not organizing and using your money to support corrupt politics and their spokesman legitimize their resolve.
The men and women in power have realized that there are industries that the economy does not affect.
Those industries are the ones that deal in death, loss and suffering.  It is becoming more and more apparent that your tragedy becomes their opportunity.  There seems to be a disconnect with people when it comes to death and suffering.  It used to be that friends, families and neighbors would organize to help someone in need.  Now it seems that it is no longer an option.  The first thing people want when they are in trouble is help from the government.
When help doesn’t arrive or when the help doesn’t come fast enough, hostilities surface and blame is thrown around like dirty underwear. Self reliance and community growth suffers and we are back again to falling on our knees and waiting for a sufficient miracle to come down from a God that seems to be asleep at the wheel.
I was always taught that faith without action does not work.  Just believing it will change without trying to make it change won’t create any solution or miracle. Praying and scheming is comforting but regaining your power is what needs to be the objective.
I see now that most of the people in the United States are sitting ducks in some strange apocalyptic maelstrom. They are waiting for their favorite talking head to tell them their next move because they are afraid that they don’t know the answers themselves.  That is when we pray, for guidance and self reflection. When you are of clear mind the epiphany precedes the miracle.
No alien, messiah, or angel is going to come down and heal you.  It is up to you to listen, pay attention, organize and act on your own behalf.   Remember what they tell you every time you travel on a plane when cabin pressure falls below normal?  They say that when the oxygen masks drop put your mask on first and then help others who are having trouble put their masks on. There is always that risk that if the pressure falls, the plane will crash and the journey ends.  Hopefully those who are piloting the plane know what to do to keep it from crashing.
The planet we live on is one big airplane. Hurling through the universe and being steered by men who are not comfortable with God being in control. They are the architects of this house of cards.
Life is a gamble, and it looks as if we are about to be dealt a bad hand.
Last year I prepared an investigative report into what I felt was a seriously unfunny series that was being published in the London telegraph.  The series was called “Operation Black Jack.”
Black jack was a power point slide show online that demonstrated a bleak scenario of fanatical religious terrorists setting off suitcase nukes in England and North America.  The first threat is announced on June 21st while the year date is not specified if you decide to add the date with the 2010 year you get the number 21 or Black Jack.
6+2+1+2+10= 21
The same affect was had last year when the slide show was first published.  The bombs in the presentation go off June 22nd if you added that date with 2009 you get 21 as well.
This was considered a graphic fiction series and was posted in the art section as fictitious, however the fiction was too close to a possible reality and no one claimed credit for the slide show and it was not a viral marketing campaign for a video game, or movie. Operation Black jack has all of the makings of a Psy-op produced and directed by intelligence operatives to “seed” the internet with a possible terrorist attack scenario  that will change the world and bring governments to chaos.  It is fictitious, however no one seems to see is it as art. Many are seeing it as a “false flag.”
I really don’t know its purpose or intent – but I would like to share with you some of the slides from the Telegraph presentation and also some of my observations. Let’s begin with the first four slides in the series.

The unknown creators of this presentation have done their homework.  This series was launched during times of civil unrest in The United Kingdom.  The fears of clashes with Muslim extremists have always been the concern of the people there.  European Union protestors and Euro -skeptic philosophies have created bitter and angry feelings all over Europe.  It is interesting to see how this particular piece of predictive programming is becoming more of a reality.  Once again keep in mind that this series is fiction and it was made a year ago.
The prediction noted is that extremist religious fanatics have acquired the means to carry out such an attack.  Last year after “Operation Black Jack was published statistics issued from homeland security created a cloud of paranoia across the United States  I prepared a Ground Zero Lounge where we discussed a new type of terrorism. The focus according to the new intelligence stated that right wing religious extremists and libertarians are likely to be the next terrorists.  The others were disgruntled veterans and people who obsess over the details of the 9/11 attacks. It also is interesting to point out that the situation at the borders was already being planned out as statistics predicted that a clash of race and ethnicity would be virtually be guaranteed by 2010 and martial law would in fact be an option in order to control the situation.
The civil unrest according to information compiled or planned by Homeland security is most likely to erupt among Hispanics and African Americans. The unemployment rate of Hispanics is 11.4% versus 5.0% in November 2007. It is doubtless far worse, as many Hispanics worked “under the table” in the housing industry. The unemployment rate of African Americans is 13.3%, the highest since 1993, and up from an all-time low of 7.0% in 2000.
The other scenarios proposed last year included the likelihood of border clashes as Mexico becomes a failed state and immigrants rushing over the U.S. Borders angering American Whites. It was preplanned that in order to restore order a Military garrison would have to be dispatched.

[youtube n-Td2WK9yRc]

This was all being planned and predicted by the Department of Homeland security in 2009. It was also an issue in the 2008 elections. John McCain was speaking about troops and martial law at the borders and his policies were seen as fascist.
There are many blanket crises that can be targeted. We now are in the middle of a civil crisis with a bad economy.  What more can go wrong?
Well according to the allegedly fictitious “Operation Black Jack” a whole lot more.

Keep in mind this presentation was published a year ago.  The scene at the gas pumps most certainly will be a reality soon.  If the Oil spill in the Gulf creates a butterfly effect we will see some high gas prices and perhaps shortages in some areas.  This may not be felt immediately and it may not affect a great number of consumers. It may stall some of the transportation needed to bring food to stores and seafood will also be affected by the spill as well.
This of course does not end with the scarcities of resources. Terrorists of course have created what appears to be an ammonium nitrate or dirty nuke bomb with a logo that is a blazing sun representing New Dawn Presentations.   Also a snapshot of a suspicious van is taken in Victoria U.K. with the same logo.

Some speculate that this has been taken from a Barack Obama quote where he states the New world’s destiny is shared, and a “NEW DAWN” of American leadership is at hand.  There were even speculations that “Black Jack” was a code word for Obama. It was proposed that Obama was the “Black Jack Kennedy.”
The concluding images of part one of “Blackjack” is a slide cutaway to what appears to be a look from an airliner showing the city of London. There is a huge nuclear explosion. The U.K. has been the target of a terrorist attack.  The attack destroys historic landmarks and kills thousands of people.

The Telegraph’s story about a nuclear terrorist strike on London is extremely simplistic. The perpetrators of the fictional attack are right out of the new terrorism play book.  The terrorists are homegrown extremists, could be Islamists or Christian doomsday cultists– it is just too vague. There are no whistles or bells, no characters, no real story arc – just the warning, the explosion and the resulting devastation.
There seems to be no clear reason for this slide show. People have also attempted to contact the Telegraph to find out why this was published many feel that the fictitious story demonstrates intent.  So far no one has claimed responsibility for this slide show or its content. In fact after Part one showed the devastation of London part two of the slide show painted an even more frightening picture.
Despite calls and complaints to the UK Telegraph as to the purpose and origins of a bizarre, offensive and crudely put together photo gallery depicting a nuclear attack on London– Blackjack Part II was later released and this time the story moves from London to North America where  at 8:03am on June 22nd six cities are attacked  by nuclear bombs.

Just like in Part one of “Black Jack” White Van’s are dispatched with bombs to cities in North America. This time with the suns symbol is replaced with a “viper” symbol and the Initials NAU printed on the side.  This is to indicate that an Organization that wants to create a North American Union plants bombs in North America.

There was a blackjack information site hidden in the pictures, much like what is done in a viral marketing campaign.  There symbols and clues that were posted on the site.  The site was originally located at  The site has since been taken down. I saved the symbol of the viper and some of the numbers and clues that the site had that were suspicious.

When I saw the NAU Viper symbol on the Black jack information site, I noticed a group of numbers. These numbers appeared to be longitude and latitude. 45313568N122402344W. I looked up the numbers and a chill went up me because the numbers were a location in Portland just up the street from where I held my Ground Zero Lounge meetings.
It was in the general area Between SW 3rd and Burnside and NW Gleason and 3rd in Portland Oregon.  Portland Oregon according to “Project Black Jack” was a target for terrorists and their dirty nukes.
I was able to use Google maps to zero into the exact location.
The exact longitude and latitude can be figured to be straight up 3rd Avenue to a parking lot on NE Gleason.

A direct Zoom on Google Earth showed that according to the fictitious account the nuclear bomb goes off in a white van parked in a parking lot on NW Gleason and 3rd. The parking lot is fenced off and is the area where white vans from NW Natural gas are parked. The lot is located just behind the Northwest Natural Gas Building.

So here is a fictitious story, supposedly written in England that shows a white van carrying a dirty nuke.  The van can be hidden among the other white vans, in an area where longitude and latitude have been clearly marked.
The Black Jack event while fictitious seems to be accurate as far as exact geographic positions. In the Portland graphics the position of the mushroom cloud is exactly where it would be seen from the east considering the coordinates.  The position of the tall building “Big Pink” is aligned perfectly. The vans in the motor pool are exact and a great cover for hiding a dirty nuke.  The coincidences don’t stop there.
Portland Oregon was the spot picked by Homeland Security for Operation “Top off” in 2007.  It was a military drill where a nuclear Dirty Bomb was supposed to detonate near the Steel Bridge.  Less than a minute away from general vicinity of 45º31’35.68″N 122º40’23.44“W

When Black Jack was first published it was actually being seen as a warning and people who were aware of the presentation thought that June of 2009 was going to be the month where these terror activities would take place.
In August of 2009, Portland was startled when Black helicopter drills were being conducted.

[youtube CE8i1a6amvA]

Armed Military were being flown to various locations in case of a terrorist attack. Landing areas included local hospitals, various buildings downtown and the area near the Steel Bridge and the parking lot at NE 3rd and Gleason, once again the area that was featured in the Operation Black Jack Series.
In the presentation, Terror Cell # 1 is located in Portland, Code named “Teardrop.” Coincidentally the location that is across the street from the Parking lot with all of the white vans is the Old Northwest Natural gas Building.
The building also housed the Metro-Traffic look out site as it can see all the major highways throughout Portland. It is a news and traffic coordinating center.
The building itself is rounded at the top and narrow at the foundation.  It has received the nickname, the raindrop building or the teardrop building.

The picture above shows a file used in the slideshow and pictures showing white Vans In a parking lot also used in the “Black Jack” presentation. I am standing in front of the vans with the Teardrop building in the background.
For a fictitious slide show it is unnerving how uncannily accurate it is.  I was also able to decipher some other Longitude and latitude code under a picture of Saturn on the site.

The Saturn Symbol was labeled NOW for “New World Order” and the numeric signature of 40423651N7404894W.

40º42’36.51″N 74º0’48.94″W is just west of GROUND ZERO in New York City. It was also the target site for a dirty nuke in the presentation.
After part two there were 3 more parts that were released talking about what happens after the bombs are detonated throughout North America. The new government is established that is a unified North American alliance with a new flag and its headquarters in Denver Colorado.

It was reported in 2009 that Denver also had Black Helicopter Drills being carried out above the city. It also alarmed its citizenry with urban warfare in the streets and soldiers in Black Military clothing wearing Helmets that had a strange insignia on them.
It was announced in May of 2005 that most of the alphabet agencies, The CIA and others were moving most of their operations to Denver Colorado.  In His book “The Biggest Secret “ David Icke wrote that Denver is scheduled to be the Western headquarters of the US New World Order during martial law take over.  The creepy thing about Denver is that its airport has all kinds of strange iconography throughout its corridors. From strange murals showing the end of the world, to a fiery eyed  horse called “Blucifer” that represents the apocalypse. Recently the airport has erected another statue next to the horse.

[youtube lnLADVWNjJM]

It is Anubis the Egyptian God of Death. While it is a promotional gimmick for the treasures of King Tut exhibit many people are already saying that it seems all too appropriate for “Operation Black Jack” to say that the New Government will be in Denver when a “Black Jackal” is standing guard over the city. In the Operation Black Jack series, this new government allegedly creates new currency and immediately calls for martial law.
The new Government then accuses China, Iran and Syria as the culprits in the terrorist attacks. There is an all out war, and civil wars throughout North America. The whole series ends with Chaos and the entire world struggling with controlling the world that has gone mad.  The question is why was this presentation even created?
I was about rid of my fears of “Operation Black Jack” being predictive programming until I was told that the slide depicting Prime Minister Gordon Brown addressing the issue was changed to show the new Minister John Cameron in its place.

It was then I realized that someone is playing a sick joke or is tempting fate.
The policies of the London telegraph actually prohibit this type of presentation, yet it has been issued in 5 parts and has ignored complaints that have been filed against the continuation of the slideshows. People have complained that the presentation is creating unnecessary panic.
Since 1934, any number of copy written films or novels have used some version of this disclaimer: “The events and characters depicted in this  presentation are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.”
However coincidence is what happens after the fact now with most fictitious predictive tales of treachery.

[youtube hmgeA3dr2uY]

With all sorts of Predictive programming being evident in the media, “Operation Black Jack” should give us some pause to be vigilant. Keep in mind that six months before the attacks of September 11th, the fictitious television show the Lone Gunman had as its inaugural plot the idea of a remote controlled passenger Jet being slammed into the World Trade Center in order to create a reason to start a war with the middle east.

[youtube rIZ205ccX8M]

Keep in mind that Military and police exercises were occurring at the same time as the 9/11 US attacks in 2001 and the 7/7 U.K. bombings in 2005. It is also important to grab form the memory hole the fact that a year before Hurricane Katrina happened the military staged a drill for a fictitious Hurricane called “Pam.”  Pam, the storm that was made up and used for a staged drill had sustaining winds of 120 miles per hour and hit southern Louisiana destroying the levees. It was a drill that was supposed to happen again in 2005.  However the real thing happened instead.
It seems that now, everything that was once safe and familiar, everything that has been escapist fiction is now strange and dangerous.  It somehow shapes and molds realities in ways that can only be seen as some sort of magical coincidence.
I am hoping that all of what I have written about here is all a frightening coincidence. I hope that the place where I live will not be a target for terrorists.
The moral of all of this is that we are the story tellers and we are the ones that choose to fulfill our own myths.  They all are blueprints now for some apocalyptic big dance that I wish wasn’t part of our collective belief system.  From Biblical prophecies to stories from the ancient times we all have been programmed with myths that try to explain the world, to give answers for what is happening, or what might happen.
It just seems that now, prophecy is dime store and the hodgepodge of facts can get whipped up  in the grandiose interpretations of images and words that trigger reactions that direct us towards that which we should avoid. The programmed future will affect your present. 2012, the prophecies of St. John and Daniel and the Muslim hope of the Mahdi have placed us in a position to accept our unknown ends. We are waiting for that push into the apocalypse by an unseen hand.
The most frustrating thing is most people think that they will be the ones that will not get hurt.

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