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I am currently working in a newsroom for a predominantly conservative radio station. The newsroom, believe it or not runs a very honest and objective shop. We are not told to lean conservative with our news, we are quite unbiased and this is a relief when you consider the way a lot of media outlets have agendas.
Since I believe in objective reporting, I am left to offer stories from the crime beat or special interests. They are quite often more interesting than the political ones.
I have a lot of freedom to cover stories of all kinds. I was recently covering the story of the Architects and Engineers for 911 truth press conference. A group of protesters wanted to present our state representative with a petition to re-investigate the 9-11 attacks. I found it quite ironic to be covering a story about planes crashing into buildings after the Austin Texas IRS building was hit by a light aircraft piloted by Joseph Stack.
I realized as I was watching the protesters organize, that we are really in a strange wonderland of Para-political activity in the United States. It doesn’t take that much to get the people to be transfixed in front of their TV screen. It takes very little to anger a politician who happens to see a satirical joke played out in a cartoon. It was a joke that cleverly trapped her in her own bubble headedness and must I say her retarded ability to keep a clear focus and a clear head.
After I did the story at the congressman’s office, I knew my day would be filled with more news stories about protests and I would have to sift through more information that confirms my suspicion that America is now in a police state.
The great thing about our newsroom is that I can somewhat isolate from the political bias that Fox News continues to churn out and from the various talk show hosts that ride the party baloney pony, praise and long for the rein of a conservative president.
These political juggernauts have long forgotten the eight years of nightmare that we lived through with the Bush administration and fail to see the extension of these policies that trample civil rights in the Obama administration.
It is remarkable to see that with all of the Bush administration’s abuses of the constitution, there is a creepy zeal that comes out of these people. A zeal of wanting to form a coup de tat. There have been billboards erected that say that it is time to Impeach the president and others with George Bush smirking and saying “miss me yet?”
For people who have awakened to the fact that no politician will save us this begins to insult and irritate because some are realizing that all of the rhetoric is not feeding families, providing jobs, or keeping anyone safe in this country.
Those who still play the blame card, tend to exploit a scapegoat and soon the entire country stalls. Nothing gets done and ambition is lost, hope is lost and tempers begin to reach their breaking point.
What we are seeing now is the indications of what can only be termed a Social war. A social war is always the cold and silent war between, races, religions and political groups before a civil war breaks out. It is a bad sign when the people of a country stop identifying themselves with the country and start identifying with a group, a racial group, a religion, a language or political affiliation.
Many people will argue that they do not see any indication of a social war or a war that puts normal people at odds. Many expect some great social uprising. But what we see in the beginning is an increase of racial, religious, and politically motivated extremist lying and then acts of violence. This leads to organized terrorism by extremists. We begin to see the riots of course, but it is the little incidents of extremist rumors and gossip that lead to the violence that picks away at the culture, creates the chaos and hardens the resolve of the highly controlled police state.
Robert A. Heinlein wrote: “Sick cultures show a complex of symptoms, but a dying culture invariably exhibits personal rudeness. Bad manners, lack of consideration for others in minor matters. A loss of politeness, of gentle manners, which is more significant than an all out riot.”
It is unfortunate the liberal media and the conservative response plays on the minds of people and all of the talk leads to individuals thinking that their only hope is insurrection.
The police state eventually curtails the activities of those who encourage insurrection and soon the people’s press becomes the target. The first targets of social war are the media, artists and performers, talk show hosts and newspaper columnists. Then in some cases the next targets are bank officials and business owners.
Civil wars often break out when the people lose faith in the Military and the police to protect them from the Executive branch of government that appears to be running amuck. If this sounds like some blueprint for some destructive social engineering dynamic you are right.
The country of Argentina fell victim to a social war that eventually became a civil war. The “Dirty War” was a political term given to cover up the Military philosophy that Argentina had lost its civility and that the Junta had to step in to annihilate subversion and maintain the social order.
The militarized police used force, torture and rape in order to eradicate political extremism. The military employed death squads which were responsible for the illegal arrest, torture, killing or forced disappearance of thousands of people, primarily trade-unionists, students and activists. This mass arrest and torture program was called “The national Reorganization Process.”
Many Argentines were told of an internal extremist homegrown enemy that would commit acts of terror. This left Argentines paranoid and fearful of their neighbors. Many feared the military and police would take them to detention centers .
The Military death squads and other groups would create false flag bombings and blame it on terror groups that didn’t exist. They would prop up several left wing subversives and claim that they were members of these groups. These events created a crisis where the people demanded protection. It gave the juntas more power to move in and take away civil rights.
The economy plummeted and many bank presidents and managers were murdered. However the government of Argentina was wise to Mobilize economic resources to benefit the elite. It kept the war machine expanding and it eventually gave Military leaders the funds to finance a war in the Falkland Islands, a war that they knew could not be won. It was organized as a distraction and to garner patriotism in a country broken by social and civil war.
The people were under the watchful eye of the state. Store owners, religious clerics, and other citizens were “deputized” as informants and if they heard or saw something suspicious they would call the militarized police to come in and kill citizens without due process. Sometimes it would come as an unlawful break in by police, or a shootout with jackbooted and vested police forces.
Up to 30,000 people “disappeared” during this civil war. Argentine security forces and death squads worked hand in hand with other South American dictatorships in the frame of Operation Condor. Operation Condor was the organized Coup in Chile that happened on September 11th, 1973. Henry Kissinger, who was Richard Nixon’s national security advisor and then secretary of state, was the principal US architect of the Chilean coup. Many of those who were part of the process were CIA based operatives trained at the School of the Americas. Their techniques of government overthrow included social war, clash of civilization, civil war, death squad training, military take over and resettlement for dissidents and detainees. George H.W. Bush was head of the CIA during this time.
Former Vice President Dick Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld—are likewise implicated in this Shadow Government. Cheney was the White House chief of staff during the Condor Operation, while Rumsfeld was defense secretary, supervising US ties to the Latin American military. They knew how negative social engineering could cause a destructive dynamic that created mistrust throughout a country.
This week was the meeting of the conservative minds at CPAC, The conservative Political action conference. The thing most disconcerting was that the surprise guest was none other than Dick Cheney.

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Cheney of course was met with loud cheers and hypnotic genuflecting from conservatives who have somehow overlooked the fact that Cheney’s war criminal background makes him a hypocrite when he tells the audience that he believes that it is time to step up and adhere to the principles that are essential in our history as a nation.
This comes from a man who is the inside agent of what is known as the shadow government, that does not answer to the constitution. It is a government not run for the people by the people. It is a rogue operation that has rejected the rule of law, increased the military industrial complex, and has encouraged a police state mentality, which has not changed even with the new administration.

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Dick Cheney has been very vocal since the Obama administration has taken power. Much of what he has been saying has been negative, cynical and borders on encouraging insurrection. This of course gives the illusion of difference in policy, when the police state policy of “Roman Rule “remains intact.
The purpose of this dissent is to create a clash of ideologies and a division of the people. It was a clash of political ideologies that brought about the Argentine dirty war and the creators of this blueprint know all too well what creates a “clash of civilizations.”
The term Clash of Civilizations” is being used as a propaganda device, in coordination with phrases like “World War IV” and “Global War on Terror,” to provide a pretext to create a rift between American Christians, Israel and Islam. The result is an extremist climate in an already volatile environment encouraged by apocalyptic delusions. There is a chill in the air that is not linked to any sort of winter storm. It is not linked to climate change, but a change of heart. The heart is growing cold and people of the United States, those who are not motivated by political affiliation are beginning to wake up and know that when all civil, legal and righteous methods to get rid of a dishonest government fail, action needs to be taken.
The situation tends to degenerate and soon the angry mobs must face another angry mob. That mob is the Police state. The United States is supposed to have a foundation of the constitution. We as a nation are supposed to have civil liberties. One the most important civil liberties is Habeas Corpus. This is included in law to prevent people from being arbitrarily seized and taken to prison. It also provides for due process where you are innocent until proven guilty.
However we are beginning to see a form of “Roman Law” similar to Coprus Juris, where there are so many convenient changes to law making it difficult to challenge the empire and the militarized state.
The definition of a police state is a state where citizens lose legal protection against an empire that is operating outside the law or above the law. One of the biggest indicators that police state is in place is that the empire or government decides that they are fully empowered to murder its own citizenry for the security of the state. They will use this threat as a cudgel to maintain mob law and this creates despotism.
Once a national security state has created a culture of fear and suppressed dissent, it may safely consolidate power, with minimal questioning by the media or challenges from dissident voices.
When a government consolidates its power it is able to change without much rebellion. Policies, laws, and even constitutions are rewritten and soon the very thing you feared about your government becomes evident. The Nocebo thought forms become self fulfilling prophecy. You become trapped by the extremist thought and they eventually erode all argument. Extremists will be taken and you may or may not be taken with them.
It is evident that the policies and measures of the police state are already getting to the conscience of the American people. Take for example the recent case of Joseph Stack. Stack is a software engineer who crashed his small plane into an IRS office building in Austin Texas. He has been called anything from a domestic terrorist to an American hero because his suicide sent a message to Big brother and the police state mentality that triggered his anger. The Anger is what made him write a 7 page manifesto stating why he was undertook this drastic display of rebellion against the state. Here is an audio version of the manifesto. It is also a good read.

Joseph Stack Manifesto PDF


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After glancing at few key points in his manifesto you can clearly see that stack was articulate and was quite clear about why he did what he did. He hated the IRS, he railed against big businesses and the government bailouts. He indicated that it was obvious that we are now living in a country that is enabling the police state because of the lies that we have been told about the September 11th, attacks.
His thoughts have been shared by many others in this country. These thoughts have also been dismissed by people who are unaware of the laws and policies that have been set aside to allow for the harassment and even death of those who wish to question the motives of government.
The war on terror has been a myth propped up by the global elite to keep the police state intact and to trample on our civil liberties. Many alphabet agency in the United States are manufacturing bogeymen for the purpose of keeping control and an excuse to fund an ever growing Military expansion.
Joseph Stack’s manifesto had detailed exactly what his intentions were. He stated that no change would come unless there is a body count. He later said “But I also know that by not adding my body to the count, I insure nothing will change. I choose to not keep looking over my shoulder at ‘big brother’ while he strips my carcass, I choose not to ignore what is going on all around me, I choose not to pretend that business as usual won’t continue; I have just had enough.”
The impact of Stack’s manifesto and his crashing of a plane into a government building seems to echo a similar attitude and resulting consequence that was created by Dick Cheney, the very same engineer of “body counts” that was speaking at the conservative Political action conference.
Wasn’t it Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle and others that similarly — in method, if not entirely in substance – wrote a manifesto that became a strict blueprint for the expansion of the Military industrial complex and the advanced police state in the United States?
The Manifesto was called the Project for the New American Century, “Strengthening America’s Defenses and it was a blueprint for the police state. It called for the necessity of Military spending, the Militarization of space. It called for the toppling of regimes, the offensive stance of our military against Central Asia and the Middle East and the willingness to use nuclear weapons to control the worlds resources.
The problem that faced the authors of this radical plan is that the American people would not stand for this. There is no way Americans would stand for this radical change. Americans knew of the warnings of president Eisenhower and his exhortation to not allow the growth of the Military industrial complex.
All that Dick Cheney and the planners needed was a body count.
All that was missing was what one of the PNAC planners called a “Pearl Harbor-type event” to galvanize public support for unlimited military action. Later the planners got what they had written about as planes were hijacked by terrorists. Two met their targets in New York at the World Trade center, the other hit the Pentagon.
Both Joseph Stack and Dick Cheney both thought that no matter what happens, change will only come with a body count. According to the mainstream narrative , Stack’s intentions were carried out by his own hand. Dick Cheney and his cast of plotters all got their wish because terrorists just coincidentally decided to hate America enough to attack and allow for the expansion of the Military and the rejection of the constitution in favor of a police state in America.
Joseph Stack’s public validation and adulation for his actions in Texas are a bit bizarre because everything that he hated about America in his manifesto was basically the same as what Mohammed Atta had allegedly thought. It was basically the same as what Dick Cheney and others wrote when they wanted to see an event take place that would force the American people into demanding a police state for protection.
Stack’s actions actually bring equilibrium to a state out of control. He is also being treated as an isolated case because it is not state policy to create a “hero” or a “martyr.” The media can only handle it with kid gloves and liberals and conservatives do not want to claim him because of the difficult position it puts them in. His actions are completely normal for a person who is fed up and wanting to do his part to upset the apple cart for change.
The dirty work of social war with the expansion of civil war is in the blueprint for the new American century. With extremism towards Barack Obama and racism as its catalyst we will learn the hard way how government and empire expansion is successfully carried out.
Through the use of manipulation, intimidation, scapegoating, surveillance, social war, civil war, and murder we eventually realize that our government is no better than a criminal family or mob.
In the mob mentality murder works to create change. Murder is the way to advance your agenda. Murder is what “serious” players on the world stage do. There is no law but the law of power; there is no way but the way of violence.
In the mob mentality there is no morality, there is no liberty, and no common humanity. In their control, we all will be made to hate each other. The Mob believes using brute force is a sign of strength. They believe murder brings peace. When death is at your door and there is blood on the hands of government for no cause that consensus can agree upon, the people will revolt in great numbers.
This is a home turf war and the frightening part is that with any war change can only come when there are body bags to be counted. Civil war is not at all pretty and when it is a clash of civilization, where race, and religion are being exploited, blood may run in the gutters if we are not capable of keeping cool heads and be mindful of constructive and meaningful protest.

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In the Movie V for Vendetta a finger man, the equivalent of a drone enforcing the clutching hand of the police state empire shoots an unarmed girl in the back. The officer of the “law” feels that he is immune to any retribution because he wears the badge of the enforcer of the state. However he realizes that the hordes of people no longer see the officer as a protector but an enemy of their freedom. They take matters into their hands and carry out justice. From there they don their masks and head out to storm the government buildings to make their anger and mistrust known.
In Portland Oregon, there is a cloud of civil unrest that has plagued the city because a Police officer shot an unarmed black man in the back during a Welfare check. The case involves distraught man who after the death of his brother said to his family that he wanted to commit suicide. A call went into police from a concerned family member who mentioned that he had a gun in the apartment where he was holed up .
Police and SERT teams arrived on the scene. Aaron Campbell surrendered to police. With his hands behind his head, and in total compliance he surrendered. Police then fired bean bags at him and he ran back to his apartment. A police officer fired his AR-15 at Campbell and shot him in the back. The officer was found by a grand jury not guilty of any wrongdoing.
The Reverend Jesse Jackson came to Portland On Tuesday February 16th, to speak to the black community and has now turned the whole issue from one of a police matter into a racial one. Since his arrival Portland has now seen angry people organizing and protesting. Many of the protests have been peaceful, however there was an angry mob of people that stormed city hall and demanded that the mayor take action and fire the police officer who shot the young unarmed Campbell as he complied with the police.

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Life now is imitating art. The United States is in denial of its own fate. They are in denial about the despotism that exists and how the acts of terror and machinations of a mob government have turned us from a democracy to a policed surveillance society that now monitors everything you do and can hunt you down if need be, and neutralize you if they think you are a threat to them.
All of this has been downplayed by the mainstream media because they can’t find a way to market non partisan rebellion. If they can’t attribute a protest to any special interest group it must be carried out by fringe lunatics, conspiracy theorists or cranks.
Social and Civil unrest in an America has to be flashy and marketable like the “tea party” or the “the gun contingency” or “the birthers.” It has to be either Conservative based or liberal biased in order to generate an “us against them retort” by Bill Oreilly or Keith Olbermann.
Now we have another breed of people with discontent and those are people that feel betrayed. People who have had their American dream hijacked and replaced with an Orwellian nightmare that has a nervous smile pained over it.
Since my last show about the Police State and how we are now in the middle of it here in the United States, there have been some major news stories that have made the headlines that confirm my convictions. One of them has happened in my own back yard and for the first time in my own country I witnessed a group of citizen’s storm city hall looking for the mayor of my City demanding that the Police are investigated for criminal activity.
This is exciting as well as troubling.
America is fed up. They are now seeing the reality of where they are in the world and what they mean to the state.

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