There is a label I have been given as of late, that I seem to be uncomfortable with and
that is religious nut case. There seems to be a small group of people who are new to
my shows who are thinking that I am a religious fanatic who has been turned loose on a
conservative radio station. I believe that the label loosely can fit but only because I can
use religious eschatology as a way to explain the anomalous activities that have been
taking place in the first four months of this year.

However giving me this label in my opinion is a bit premature especially when most of
what I talk about is completely centered on occult and Fortean activity. You can see
through a religious or scientific window some continuity with synchronicity and perhaps
prophecy at this time in our lives. A good reporter wants to cover what he feels his
audience will understand especially when dealing with things that can’t be completely
understood. Science, religion, occult, and magic can be used to explain much of what
is happening, however I only say this because there may things happening around us
that are indistinguishable from magic.
I am no scientist or theologian, I have dabbled in the occult and studied all of the
strangeness and peculiarities of this world and with my Fortean goggles I see the world
as a playground of fascinating coincidences.
I want to make this fact clear, a fact that cannot be escaped even if you are an atheist
or agnostic or otherwise. There is a shared meme held by billions of people on this
planet and that is the world is destined to end in some chaos. Now you can hold on
to beliefs that say that it will be millions of years away and you can die a normal and
boring death, or you can think that it will happen in 10 years, or 5 years. You can think
it will end next year and there are small groups who await a rapture in the middle of
May, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the sympathetic response to this preoccupation
from the universe. That is if you believe in quantum entanglements which somehow
spin coincidences and synchronicities that make you wonder if you are only part of the
dimensional equation.
I hear all the time that the earth is headed for destruction and that someone or some
alien god will come down ad save it. Then we will be at peace. This is programming
and it has been part of our collective unconscious for thousands of years because our
ancestors have written in bibles, Vedic histories, Muslim writings and elsewhere about
shared cataclysms and major changes that we seem to not want to accept as reality,
even though it is beginning to show itself in a blatant fashion in our lifetime. How are
you able to speak on a how dealing with the occult and the paranormal without trying to
address the fact that
4.5 billion Believe in an end times scenario that is blue printed and accepted by
Abraham religions that claim that a Christ, externalized Messiah or Imam, will return
to fight a huge satanic dragon. Similar stories are found in Norse Mythology about
Thor returning to fight a large dragon and save the world. Mayan traditions say that
we are living in a final cycle of creation where animals. Birds and fish will die because
there will be magnetic shifts and what they call “serpent ropes” spinning down from the
sun. These serpent ropes, are vortices that appear from out of nowhere and decimate
that which is living. They are magnetic wormholes and are describes as powerful
electromagnetic pulses that would appear in the final cycles of the earth’s creation.
One billion followers of Hinduism believe in cosmic cycles that spin like a vortex. They
believe in the avatar Yuga coming back in a cyclical pattern and the epochs keep
repeating infinitely. We spin around revolution by revolution experiencing synchronicity
that progressively gets more apparent and it starts to appear before or yes as Déjà
vu or meaningful coincidence giving us messages to prepare for the culmination of all
times and epochs in one central point in time.
Out of all of the belief systems that I have read about and have studied there seems to
be a constant; it is what science has attempted to call quantum relationships. It is simply
the law of attraction and manifestation through thought or power.
If you visualize events or outcomes that you believe will happen they will most likely
happen in ways you couldn’t imagine!
In 1973 Sakyo Komatsu wrote an epic earthquake disaster novel called “Japan Sinks.”
It was a political and predictive book about Japan being unstable on a destructive plate
boundary on three different subduction zones. In the book, Japan is hit with volcanic
eruptions and earthquakes. Firestorms burn beautiful Japanese cities to the ground.
A weather survey group discovers that the Japanese Archipelago is moving towards
the Japanese Trench, which if left to continue on its collision course, would bring the
whole island of Japan under the sea. The recent stories coming out of Japan is the
continuing shaking of the area and the apparent liquefaction of the land mass indicating
that perhaps the scenario Komatsu has written about is occurring now!

In geology, liquefaction refers to the process by which saturated, unconsolidated
sediments are transformed into a substance that acts like a liquid. Earthquakes can
cause soil liquefaction where loosely packed, water-logged sediments come loose from
the intense shaking of the earthquake.
I guess it would be easy to report that Komatsu had prior knowledge to the events that
happened in 2011 dating back to 1973. Would it be right? Chances are this hypothesis
would not be believable in the most paranoid of conspiracy circles and yet there is the
future in print, written in 1973, made into several movies and updated in 2006. How
odd is this? How peculiar and creepy does this book make the entire disaster that is still
unfolding in Japan?
In 1995 there was a Role playing game created called Illuminati that have eerily
predicted many strange events from the attacks on the World Trade center to the
Pentagon. There are many people in conspiracy circles that have pointed out that the
creators may have had prior knowledge of these events and have been trying to get the
message out through their art and card games. There is a card that has been presented
on various websites called “Combined Disasters.” The card shows a group people
running in fear from and earthquake and it has been indicated that the artist chose to
draw people who are Asian on the card.

Another significant piece of art on the card is a destroyed clock tower. The clock has
been determined to be the Wako Clock that is located in Tokyo Japan. The hands on
the clock are positioned in another coincidental anomaly. The Big hand is on the 3 and
the little hand is on the 11. March 11th, (3/11) was the date of the 9.0 earthquake

Now it has been proposed that this indicates prior knowledge and that HAARP was
used in Japan. But does it really indicate this or is there something far more frightening
about this meaningful coincidence?
Einstein had a word for all of this, he called it spooky actions at a distance. Science
is calling it quantum entanglement. This term was used most often with early theories
of gravity and electromagnetism to describe how an object could “know” the mass or
charge of another distant object. Is it a sympathetic and intuitive response to what might
happen or has it happened in another dimension? This is the deep and philosophical
question and seems to be more and more apparent and appearing on the radar of most
meaningful events in our lives.
So using entanglement theory we can stretch the idea into considering that human
unconscious, pre-consciousness and consciousness are quantum bits can know
the same actions in a dimensional or dream state. These thoughts that are thrust
in the ether become strong and meaningful precognitions that unwittingly show up
in what we call self fulfilling prophecy. So we can suppose that consciousness can
read the unconscious and vice-versa. Group consciousness can receive a message
from the collective unconsciousness and this is how we see these meaningful
coincidences that have connection to major events. This is why some people are able
to drum up prophecy and have it come true. Perhaps they are more in tune with the
collective unconscious or the zeitgeist. Perhaps it is accidental which makes it even
more meaningful and peculiar. The collective consciousness and unconsciousness
become quantum entangled and we begin to see it as magical or write it off as just a
In March of 1951, the Dennis the Menace comic strip appeared in over a dozen
newspapers in the United States. Meanwhile in the same month and year in England a
comic strip appeared in a comic book called “The Beano.” The main character’s name
was Dennis the Menace.

They were both boys wearing red and black striped shirts. The creators of both comics
claimed it was a coincidence. Was this character floating around in the ether and
appeared in the thoughts of two artists distant from one another?
I had my own quantum entanglement this week. Actually it happened to me twice and I
am thinking that if my eyes aren’t deceived I have to believe.
On April 21st, I did a show called “The Deadly Gyre: The Electric Vortex Anomaly”
I did the show because one my producers Olav Phillips had sent me a number of
pictures that were snapped by Miguel Almeda. . The pictures appeared to show
Vortices appearing in the skies above Tucson Arizona. I had been reading stories of
electromagnetic vortices roaring through places like Christchurch New Zealand, Russia
and a magnetic storm moving dust through Germany.
Now, I call them electromagnetic vortices because many people describe them
as coming from nowhere accompanied with strange lightning and causing small
earthquakes. There was video online of a family in Florida terrified by a small
earthquake and rumbling noise that dissipated after a bright flash in the clouds.
I connected the possible vortices to experiments that are going on at the large Hadron
Collider at CERN. I had expressed my concern that perhaps in the quest to find the
dimensional doorway to go to and from worlds the scientists at CERN have opened up
electromagnetic vortices in areas and creating anomalies that can’t be explained.
I also did shows about the Royal family, the Royal wedding, the Antichrist coming from
the Royal family. I also talked about the idea presented by the Merovingians that Jesus
Christ did not die during the crucifixion which for the churches of the world would mean
blasphemy and heretical view that would destroy Easter.
On Friday as I was speaking about the Royal family and the counterfeit Christ with Dr.
Joye Jefferies Pugh. A Tornado ripped through St. Louis destroying the airport. There
was also a story about the Tornado destroying a church. The funnel or vortex ripped
through the area of Elizabeth and Royal Street. It ripped the roof off of a church. The
people inside the church were watching the movie “The passion of the Christ” a movie
about the crucifixion.
The coincidence of the names and events were uncanny, my birth name is Louis, and
that week I talked about the electric Vortex, the Royals, and the crucifixion being faked
in order to put a person with the so called divine blood in the place of power. It was a
simple and quite meaningful coincidence to me and one of my listeners also sent me an
e-mail pointing out the bizarre synchronicity.
The real quantum entanglement that floored me was when I decided to watch my
favorite TV show, FRINGE on Fox television. The show deals with many fringeworld
subjects because a Scientist named Walter Bishop was able to bend space time to go
into an alternate dimension to rescue a doppelganger of his son who was dying of an
incurable disease. He bent space time to save his life since then the alternate universe
has been falling apart.
On Liberty Island in the alternate universe, a scientist is briefed by his assembled team
of other scientists and technicians on one of the final steps they will need to accomplish
in preparing a Wave sink device that is similar to the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.
It quite literally is a doomsday device that the alternate Universe wants to open a
wormhole to destroy our universe.
Meanwhile in our universe and in our world a ranch hand approaches a large flock of
sheep he is monitoring in the chilly early morning air. The livestock are alarmed and
bleating loudly as something unusual begins to happen in the nearby woods. Ritchie
is concerned about the livestock and calls his supervisor, Joe, who is parked down
the road having his morning meal. Ritchie convinces Joe the situation with the flock is
serious, so Joe begins the trip up to the grazing pasture.
As he drives closer, the music on the trucks’ radio turns to static, and thousands of
locust swarm down the road toward him. Joe nearly wrecks the truck amid all of the
bug strikes, but arrives safely at the grazing field and finds Ritchie. The animals are
extremely alarmed and Joe summons the rest of his hands to the North Field with a call
on the handheld radio. Seconds later, both men are engulfed by a blinding blue light.
The FBI investigative team shows up at the grazing pasture and is astounded by the
devastating scar across the side of the hill that runs a few hundred yards back into the
tree line. The ranch foreman and an assistant are confirmed missing along with a flock
of more than five hundred sheep.
No known weather anomalies were detected meaning there were no Tornadoes and
the nearby military base has already been ruled out as far as weapons testing. The
incident happened just after six o’clock in the morning, A.M. according to the owner of
the neighboring property. He was outside when it happened. One of the scientists on
the scene finds a boulder of Granite.
It contains quartz crystals. The electrometer the science team brought with them detects
a large electrical charge in the rock – something that would only occur if the granite were
exposed to the extreme physical pressure caused by a major gravitational event. The
scientist named Walter is certain that an electro-magnetic vortex appeared above the
field and consumed everything in its path: confirming his fear that their world is breaking
down all around them. It is later revealed that another Wave Sink device in our universe
was operational at the same time and may have been responsible for the Vortex
The same theory that I was presenting on my show the night before the Television show
aired on FOX. My Wave Sink device was the CERN collider and I was making the
connections myself wondering of Stringlets were being released creating an electro-
magnetic Vortex. It wasn’t that it was just a coincidence that all of this transpired;
characters in the TV show were saying the same lines as I was on my show including
the famous quote from J. Robert Oppenheimer, “I have become death the destroyer of
In the television show it meant that the destruction of the world would be the world that
exists in a dimensional format, destroying one dimension so that the other will survive.
There seems to be urgency for mankind to somehow explore his world and the
possibility of other worlds, and other dimensions that may exist. In 2009 we became
aware of the huge super collider at CERN and how scientists were trying to find
the “god particle” open a doorway to other worlds that are theorized to be functioning
simultaneously with our own.
CERN is located in Geneva. Geneva and “Saint Geniis” are similar to the
word “Genesis.” The purpose of CERN is to find the Origins of Man and the Universe.
It is interesting to note that in 2009 there was a short lived Television series on ABC
called Flash Forward where a facility similar to the CERN super collider has a temporal
experiment that goes horribly bad causing living beings on the entire earth to black out.
During the blackout humans have a glimpse into their own futures, there is a significant
date they see and it is April 29th. It is an interesting juxtaposition that April 29th is also
the date Hitler Married Eva Braun and coincidentally Prince William will marry Catherine
These cautionary tales of predictive programming remind us that the magnetic fields of
the earth, when altered or when changing can create an imbalance. Sometimes there are things all around us that indicate that the world is on a collision
course with destiny. The tempting of fate seems to be a great sport with those who
control us. They are able to make laws, take away rights and dictate to us what is
sacred and what is profane. In the end however what wins is nature. Nature is neither
good nor evil but it carries out justice.
When we begin to see quantum entanglement we may want to stand back and call it
exactly what Einstein called it “spooky actions from a distance.” If we are experiencing
these strange synchronicities, can we determine that time is being toyed with? Are we
seeing these anomalies happen at a higher frequency? I think that these events are no
coincidence and that they are the result of temporal tampering. Be watching for more
strange anomalies and don’t be afraid to point them out during this time of the lifting of
the electromagnetic veil.

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