One of the toughest sells in the paranormal is the idea that we perceive all things and hear all things in forward and reverse. When I was younger I remember that I was always told that language is a set of recognizable sounds that can either be tones, chirps, barks, or even all three that can be used to name objects and command actions. Sounds, frequencies and tones it is theorized, created the earth and all of the objects that we see.

Frequencies and tones were neither forward or reversed however it was when we learned to use what are known as Phonemes we were able to communicate. In the beginning we used different levels of our brain, and as we evolved the brain was quite capable of processing more information. In ancient times mankind was believed to be bi cameral where we were consciously aware of what our brain was telling us both backwards and forwards. Even our eye sight would reach the brain inverted and the brain would take the image we see and flip it in order for it to be right side up.
To this day the process of seeing an image remains the same. The image is seen through the lens of an eye and is projected in reverse in the brain. The brain corrects the image so that we can see things the correct side up.
In one psychological study, participants were asked to wear contact lenses that would make images appear upside down- At first, everything appeared upside-down to the participants. But, after a few days, people began to report that everything appeared right-side-up. As a second part of the study, the people were asked to take the lenses out. Because their brains became accustomed to changing the inverted image, their normal vision appeared upside-down. Within a day, though, their vision returned to normal.
So let us suppose that the same experiment would be conducted where instead of speech being heard in the forward it was in the reverse. If participants listened to long periods of reverse gibberish wouldn’t it be logical to understand that the brain would eventually try and find speech phonemes in reverse that sound like normal forward speech?
Now what if that experiment included interpretation of reversed speech as another way we receive communication? Could the brain be able to conduct all kinds of communication spoken, unspoken, phonetically sound and phonetically reversed? As I said, this seems to be a hard sell when you speak in terms of paranormal speech, however it stands to reason that our minds are quite capable of hearing complimentary speech both forward and reverse and reverse phonemes that appear to sound like common everyday language because our brains are capable of taking both sound and image and putting it together from chaos. The gibberish from reversed sound is not perfect, so this is where the brain steps in and arranges the chaos into perceivable and quite understandable words and phrases.
If the visual image is reversible and the brain compensates, could we say the same thing for sound as well?
When I took an art class I was told by my art teacher that you can draw a wall with bricks and not have to put all of the lines in the wall to simulate a pattern of block. All you need to do
is strategically place lines on the image and the brain fills in the rest. In sound, our brains sometimes are capable of skipping some words and filling in the blanks with other words.
This is selective hearing, and sometime is a product of a deficit in attention pan. However, when listening to gibberish in reverse the brain tends to be more attentive because it hears chaos that needs to be arranged in order to be understood.
This is where we run into that imaginary brick wall, because skeptics will conclude that what is heard in the gibberish is something known as Pareidolia. Carl Sagan hypothesized that as a survival technique, human beings are “hard-wired” from birth to recognize patterns and try and make sense of them. The most important is with sound and image, forming faces and familiar words. However if we see the face and hear the words they still are there…However it is discouraged that we put any meaning into them.
David John Oates has been demonstrating Reverse Speech for 27 years. I became acquainted with him in 1995 after I presented a rock and roll show where I would reverse music in order to find what Christians called “satanic back masking.” For all of these years David has said that Reverse Speech is a scientific breakthrough to discover what is hidden in the unconscious mind.
This has brought him criticism from skeptics that have dismissed what he is doing as the power of suggestion while demonstrating Pareidolia. Skeptics say that the brain tends to find patterns in the gibberish and therefore makes it suspect as science.
The term Reverse speech is also a misnomer because most skeptical investigators of the phenomena stop short of saying that it is impossible to speak in reverse therefore it is a worthless endeavor to try and make a science of it. It is not the exercise of speaking in reverse it is the process of analyzing gibberish and see if the brain can detect a pattern that is recognizable and pertinent to the speech that is being spoken forward. Oates has demonstrated that it is pertinent and it is also perhaps a key into what we are thinking deep in the unconscious mind, the area of the mind where dreams and core thoughts reside. Reverse speech or the hearing of gibberish on the surface is impractical and has little or no value, that is of course if you don’t dig deeper and learn how the patterns of gibberish can produce understandable words and phrases every 15 seconds. The question needs to also be asked is when we listen to the reversals Ithat the person making those meaningful reversals every 15 seconds, or does the brain do this upon hearing the gibberish and then do we lock in a meaning to all of it in order to interpret it?
The idea of reverse speech being invalid is a bit premature when a lot of skeptics do not take the time to experiment with it or if the go in with prejudice or preconvieved notions of what to expect. When they are so concerned with prompting the listener, they should be concerned with their own fears and their own prejudice because it is certain that Reverse speech from here on out will always be the subject that prompts speculation and anxiety.

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