A week ago I made a big mistake, an err in judgment. My fiancé was planning a trip to England and I said to her, “You may be getting out of the United States just in time, the due date for the U.S. financial collapse will be August 2nd 2011, and I get the feeling we may see some really bad things happen here after we fail and our credit rating drops. I was so wrong. She left for the United Kingdom and has assured me she is safe.
But that doesn’t stop me from following Twitter reports about how riots have now moved throughout London. There are conflicting stories as to why this happened anything from the shooting of a man by police, to the beating of a girl by police, to the economic downturn throughout the world.

On August 8th, 2011 after the S&P dropped our credit rating to AA+ from AAA, The president spoke in an effort to pep talk all of us and blaming government for not coming to a compromise sooner over our debt woes. The S&P dropped 6.66 % echoing the feelings of Representative Emanuel Cleaver that what we are seeing is a Satan Sandwich. It seems that the Universe likes a great joke and the trickster tries to warn us that no one has any control over his whimsical sense of humor.
It seems that the devil, if you believe in him always seems to demonstrate what he is about to do and for some reason we really don’t think that he will carry out some caustic action. When he does we are awestruck. We are deer in the headlights and some people wind up being in denial that most or all of our lives are controlled by puppet masters whether they are natural or unnatural, normal or paranormal.
I recall in 1981 there was movie that had Hume Cronin, Kris Kristofferson and Jane Fonda in it about the panic that is caused when the Arabs decide to pull the money from our banks. The movie was called Rollover and there was a scene in the film that looks as if it were pulled from today’s news.
The panic from a worthless currency throws the entire world into fear and anger. Riots spring up everywhere and pandemonium ensues from Greece to the UK to the United States. Citizens gather at the banks demanding money, and others commit suicide thinking that world is crumbling around them.
I have always been in the business of prediction and seeing trends based on my experiences and from what I know of history. I am learning that predictive programming or the approximation of possible futures can be based in preplanning or pretext where we see a prologue, treat is as a signpost and then understand how probability works. You can either roll over or play dead or you can wake up and plan for things to crumble and then hopefully there is ambition left to rebuild and to learn from what has happened.
It seems however that many people have not heeded the warnings of history and now have decided to repeat it out of ignorance and lack of forethought. . It does not take a prophet or even a prophecy to know the processes of human nature and how there are many factors that contribute to political unrest, civil; disobedience, and social wars.
I was sent an e-mail that said I needed to read certain websites to be cutting edge. I wrote back, hoping my sarcasm was held in check saying that I have been around longer than the so called cutting edge sites he recommended and thought maybe I am not doing my job. Maybe I have a lot to learn and maybe I am not making myself clear enough.
I am certain that if one was to look through my past shows and articles you will see that all of my ideas and predictions are in some way timeless because the human condition seems to be in a loop. The names change, the leaders change, but the new boss is the same as the old boss and everything that happens in the world send s a wave of emotional energy much like Solar flare hits the earth and causes geomagnetic disturbances .
People feel what is happening. People with conscience can sense the overall instability and stratification of society. They must understand that it is all growing pains of the New World order. Those who are awake are sensing the events before they become mainstream events.
Using a bit of complexity theory we can say that we are the butterfly that flaps its wings and we make an impact from where we sit to the headlines days later. We talk about the collective consciousness and reveal the worries and concerns of the public before the mainstream media filters and sanitizes them.
There is information that the political world wants you to believe. The media then takes that world and through hyper reality reinforces the opinions of the political world. There used to be a time where the media questioned and challenged the political view. Made people aware of what was really happening. Now they make Gods of politicians.
Political action in the form of new social movements protesting international meetings, socialized health care and over-taxation has gained media attention. Research suggests that the media marginalizes and delegitimizes protest activity. The Media will take the side of the powerful and will malign the protest with reports of violence. The violence usually is created by agents provocateur or sleeper agents that are paid sums of money by government agencies to create an air of criminality in order to give probable cause for mass arrest and harassment of the public.
The internet is also being used as a tool to marginalize those who try to get out information that is not being covered by the mainstream. There are many so called “conspiracy theorists” or “fringe narrators” who are followed religiously by those who think that their information is sound. However it needs to be pointed out that there are agents who are part of COINTELPRO and they enter into the independent media and tend to steer it into areas that can create lawlessness and bigotry.
I wonder if I need to hate more to be cutting edge.. all of the suggested websites I need to look at in order to be “cutting edge” all seem to hate Jews, or illegal’s from Mexico They are anti Zionist, or wonder why neo-Nazis wind up in jail or other such nonsense and I say if there is to be a cutting edge, why do Americans love to be so hot headed from an armchair.. Instead of opening their windows like Howard Beale urged in the movie Network to say “I am a god dam human being, I am as mad as hell and I am not going to take this anymore.”
When have we become so tired? When can we agree that this is not what we want? When can we stop blaming political parties, races, sexual preferences, and agree that we all bleed when the hammer comes down?
Current events have so many interpretations and it is wise to understand that the events that unfold now and the events we downplayed in the past are what will determine future trends. Unless of course by some miracle we see a Deus Ex Machina appear from out of nowhere forcing us to change yet again and push us into a place that we didn’t expect to be.
Barack Obama seems to be waiting for an event to take place where he will regain his popularity and take position as the “father” of the New World Order. What is waiting in the wings is Obama’s moment where he can become a world leader and guardian angel. In the mess of a crisis, he will be made to look like a God planning wars and executing the next world war to reduce the population and stabilize the economy.
Imagine a time of social war—not civil– but social—war –That is the war that is being cooked up for the future. We are in a social cold war now with partisan divided and racial tensions. A social war becomes evident when you begin to see family members turn on family members, churches war with churches and political parties war with each other. Soon we could see the Military fighting against each other for control of government. It happens in other countries that have devalued themselves for war. Rogue elements begin to infiltrate and become organized warlords.
Can it get that bad?
With our social networks, our tweets and our new telephony it is easy to organize a flash mob and agree on a strike point. These examples have been shown to work during organized riots in Greece, Israel, Spain, Portugal, and the list goes on. Most of the riots and uprising center around poverty, property, over taxation, austerity programs, higher pay and political divisions. The world is in disarray the United States can only cheer from the sidelines without getting involved, because their solutions have become political based on one extreme and holding up in your home with ammo and food on the other extreme.
I always hear that nothing can happen in America because we are not like the “human excrement” that gets involved with criminal rioting and looting like in other countries.
The people who make those statements always take for granted that they will never be in the cross hairs of a rogue element within a government. Here in a America the majority never suspects that there are cattle trucks are lying in wait for human carrion and the camps that have been built are only for criminals. Americans have never faced the refugee experience on a grand scale.
We have seen resettlement with the Katrina disaster and other disasters elsewhere. However, can you even picture a devalued America, where companies have in-house rebellions, total strikes, transportation halts, and mass terrorist attacks from Americans that are worried about the future? Can you imagine food riots, gas wars, and mass arrests because of new laws that obfuscate the American people?
Think of it – we have many known allies that at any moment can turn on us.. like Russia—or perhaps Israel.. you never know—then you really have to decide whose side your on—because the team players – they will not be easily defined.. you see we have all looked at war as kind of a bigger version of football.. Where our big guys with helmets go in and kick some ass in a foreign country.
When you wind up in a social war we see that the big guys with the helmets go in and keep order in the homeland. They will have no problem firing on the American people because a lot of them won’t be American. They will be NATO or United Nation’s Troops. There will be a few Americans involved that will be into following orders… Or ordering followers.
People argue that the military drills, the transporting of Military ordinance and the increased police presence is for our safety and we have been told that these men are our heroes and we should give them honor. Clearly safety and honor have left the state. The government seems to be emboldened by their recent failures in both Iraq and Afghanistan. The two wars we have been involved in have left us in a quagmire—a quagmire that has hemorrhaged our budgets with black ops projects and propaganda crusades telling us that we are right with our might and that we will be victorious.
Government is obviously composed of corrupt and greedy people, and therefore they are a legitimate object of criticism and constant exposure. If your own political party is in power, then it is easier for you to say that all things are moving smoothly. Yet it has been demonstrated time infinitum that the State has become infiltrated by individuals with secret societal philosophies that if implemented can dramatically change the way we live. Their party affiliation has no bearing on their hidden agendas. Those that hide in the shadows make policy in order to secure the state power hold and continuity of corrupt government.
Barack Obama has been briefed and convinced that continued war or in his words “The Right War” will bring to the United States a better and more sound economy.—that right war is now in the planning and when economies crash it seems that there is always a war or terrorist attack that becomes an equalizer. History has shown this to be the end result. The end game solution and I wonder if anyone can see this?
Obama and the world are ready to launch the “right” war.
The idea of moving towards this beefed up war is extremist and confusing for some people. However it is not out of the question. As we see in Great Britain, all that is needed is a flash point and riots will move through the cities like firestorms through dry tinder.
We then can observe them and declare them unlawful, or hideous. We can safely judge them from our computer terminals to be evil, or mislead—forgetting that it evidence of Pathocracy. Evil has been adjusted to fit the needs of the powerful. I can shout this from the rooftops but I can’t change anyone’s opinion.
The only way opinion is swayed in this country is when someone with enough power can demonstrate that they are losing– that disaster is eminent. I contend that disaster is sure. It will come to us like a thief in the night. We will be forced to act, or die. You will either be with them – or part of their extremist dragnet.
This is how it always has been in a revolution without direction or agreed upon purpose. We don’t even know who our enemies are anymore. We are not fighting Germans or Japanese or Communists or even Muslims. We are supposed to be fighting against those criminal elements that have the power to socially engineer an ignorant populace to compliance with the most deplorable of activities.
After the LA riots in 1992 Charles Bukowski wrote a poem that illustrates the frustrations of the poor and disenfranchised and I think it is appropriate to share – maybe it will inspire and touch someone who wonders what is going on—
I’ve watched this city burn twice in my lifetime
and the most notable thing
was the arrival of the
politicians in the
aftermath proclaiming the wrongs of
the system and demanding new
policies toward and for the
poor .Nothing was corrected last
time. Nothing will be corrected this
time. The poor will remain poor.
The unemployed will remain
so. The homeless will remain
homeless and the politicians,
fat upon the land, will live
very well.
Can we make it our goal to step outside of our own hubris and see how we are? We have a propaganda machine that continues to wag the dog, which gives the majority a reason to roll over and play dead.
Someday there will be a few that will do it for real—and when they all are there silent we will realize that in death all men are equal.

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