Someone had suggested to me that Reverse Speech is actually ghostly speech.  That there are factors involved where spiritual communication from the living or dead can warn of the future or see into the psyche for past trauma and this is why we hear it.  It was suggested that since we as humans are transmitters and since we resonate on a frequency — Reverse speech is merely a twisting of the frequency to create a message.  Then we see that the reverse gibberish is like white noise used for things like EVP or ITC.  Now white noise can be used for both hearing ghostly voices and forseeing ghostly images.  If aural white noise can produce sounds from the future or the past – then there must be a similar way to find visual images that are out of place from the future or past to demonstrate right?
I set out to find evidence of visual “reverse” or “retro” causality where something from the future appeared in the present and maybe altered a Time line.  Now keep in mind that the present is relative.   I am writing this is in my “present” and you are reading what I wrote hours ago, maybe days ago.. Years who knows?
So you are reading my past thoughts in your present.  Understand? So the images that I will show you happened in the past but at the time were present tense anomalies where the Future came back and appeared there.
Take a look at this photo. Do you see anything out of place?

This image has been reported to show an alleged Time Traveler. Now before you say this has been photo shopped, I want you to know that it is a photo that was placed in a Virtual Pioneer Museum in Canada.  The image was snapped during the Reopening of the South Fork Bridge, after a flood in Nov. 1940.

The man in the photo wearing what appears to be modern glasses, a T-shirt and holding a portable camera has been talked about on various websites and many people  have said that all of what the man is wearing is arguably available the 1940’s. Some have pointed out that he is not wearing a hat which is also out of place.  That he is wearing a modern stamped T-shirt with a coat taken right off the rack at Old Navy.

I do not know or do I claim that it is a Time traveler but you have to admit that his image seems out of place.. And the idea that a Time traveler went back in time for something like bridge reopening seems a bit mundane.  We know that nothing big happened there right?  Unless something in another timeline happened there or maybe the event had the interest of the observer… fascinating.
Even more interesting is an image that I found of Michael Jackson’s ghost seen at the Muhammad Ali George Foreman fight of 1974. In the Video below you can see the Video of the “Rumble in the Jungle.” At about 5:45 seconds into the video you can clearly see the Ghost of Michael Jackson in the crowd.

[youtube EpQdVKOfZ58]

If you don’t want to see the video here is the Image looped.

This has been called Pareidolia the same term given to explain Reverse Speech.  If we see a pattern then is it really there? Is it a ghost or an echo from the future?  As my mind wanders in the idea of Reverse Causality I leave it up to you to decide if the Future can affect the past.  Synchronicity, Déjà vu and determinism all put into question by anomalies like Reverse speech and now images that tell us that the world is a very strange and wonderful place.

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