For the past few months we have been reporting anomalous activity in the sky. There have been numerous reports of strange sounds, anomalous lights, cell phone interceptions and extraterrestrial signals at SETI. There have also been reports of what appear to be large geometric shaped objects appearing near the sun. Companion objects have also been spotted near the sun and now there has been a report of what appears to be a Large UFO shooting across the sky in Texas.

While the reporters took the FAA’s speculation about it being a meteor and reported it as fact , the weatherman Rob Marciano said that in his opinion it looked nothing like a meteor, this from a meteorologist.
Wouldn’t it be the next phase in all of the weirdness that various places including Oregon start to see strange lights in the sky after all of these sky quakes and other anomalous activity.
Why can’t the establishment media come to the conclusion that there is something bigger happening than what can be reported by lazy reporters that are more than happy to give their political views , but least likely to talk about the weird events that are going on in their city.
The other day I was coming into town I saw a man who fit the real description of a man in black. He wore a black fedora without a ribbon, was about 6ft two inches tall no eyebrows and bald. When I went to snap a picture of this man he didn’t show up on my cell phone camera. I wanted to follow him but he ducked behind a local bar and I lost him.
It was a bit peculiar to say the least and then during a meeting I saw three other men wearing black overcoats and fedoras at a downtown Starbucks.
I even pointed it out to the person I was with saying, today seems to be a peculiar day and there are too many people who look like agents sniffing around Portland. Sometimes you say to yourself that there are logical explanations to every story and sometimes there is something more it is then that you realize that the world is a bizarre place and that many weird things have happened before, now we turn the weird meter to 11 and try and figure out if we can live comfortably in these strange times.
When we make our conclusions as to what we are seeing and hearing, do we draw from our mythologies. Religions, and pop culture models? Or are we open to what is happening and realize that there is something in our world that doesn’t fit. That it seems out of place, a stranger in a strange land, or a strange artifiact in a peculiar place.
Are we all dreaming intense dreams? Are we sharing the same images of either apocalyptic crescendo, life changing events or even unfamiliar places and people?
Do we all have these experiences in the paranormal and then shy away from discussing our experiences because we really don’t want to look foolish if we find out that maybe what we saw or experienced wasn’t exactly what we thought it would be.
Well I think it takes a huge responsibility to admit to an experience that is unique to you. From butterfly people to life after death or ghost encounters these experiences are very real, and those who claim that they are faked, are easily duped into thinking that there is nothing left in this world that can be explained away with logic. Sometimes skeptics try to look for the hidden compartments and the strings suspending the pie plates a little too much. They become lazy and already assume that there are no miracles. They assume that those prone to seeing strange objects in the sky are well aware that there may be things out there, technologies and such that are indistinguishable from magic.
What a joyless existence that is.
The idea of curiosity and keeping channels open gives us an open door for discovery, realizing that there are ways of seeing anomalies in a light of optimism.
I have reached a point in my career where I see both the benefit of what I do and the liability that always seems to creep in when I see that the truth does not pay and in some cases does not earn respect.
When your report differs from that of the mainstream, you are immediately faced with insults. Eventually you become just one more silly idea in the deluge of disinformation, misinformation, insanity and satire.
It never ceases to amaze me how, out of all the alternate theories and challenging questions that abound, skeptics choose the craziest ideas of all to exploit.
They dig up the theorists with the flimsiest arguments to use as examples of “conspiracy theorists”, holding them up as targets of ridicule. Skeptics are continuing proof that many people still have not let go of the playground taunting that exists when someone new or different decides to bring his marbles to the game.
The skeptics want the world to think like them. But they are just as rigid and gullible as the straw men they attack, and they never admit to being wrong.
Worst, they then paint everyone with the same brush, so they can laugh at those who warn us that our way of life is decaying, that our republic is crumbling, that if you haven’t felt the pinch of depleted resources yet, you will eventually and then maybe you’ll care.
It just might be too late by then.
The aliens, the invisible enemy, the predatory soul eaters, the tricksters, whatever you call them are already here. There is an evil that exists on a much larger scale than most of us realize, and perhaps it is time to question just where it comes from and why we humans continue to suffer without fighting for something as simple as joy.
When we strip away the fat on any conspiracy, we realize that it is either the work of aliens, or of demonic forces.
Both skeptics and true believers fight over minutiae while the domino effect continues. More ideas and conspiracy theories begin to stretch the story to the point of banality.
The true conspiracy is the engineered group effort to bring down and otherwise belittle the conspiracy theorist, as well as those who want to sift through the opinions of the conspiracy analysts.
If you discuss the evil acts committed by the CIA, or the criminal activities that go on in governments and religion, you are considered a conspiracy theorist or a paranoid, even when you can show cause for believing that something wicked this way comes.
Could it be that in that nebulous Genesis we read about there were many mysterious superior beings with attributes and motives that were both chaotic and orderly? While the UFO phenomena and the alien phenomena fascinate us, it should be noted that in times of great signs in the sky there is an upheaval that looms in the future.
Something that can alter the way we perceive and conduct ourselves.
We have seen and heard so many things lately that are peculiar. To write it all off as a meteor, a weather balloon, because of some skeptical speculation is an example of laziness. To ignore a possible “alien Intervention” or the signs indicating that the sky is speaking to us can be dangerous and foolhardy.
Carl Jung wrote about the alien intervention and how it is a part of our consciousness. It is quite fascinating because it seems that the so–called alien invasion happens because we summon these chaotic beings. They come to torment us because we send the signal to them without even knowing it.
In Jung’s analysis, the concept of alien intervention and the UFO phenomena represented a form of alienation, with one’s “self” projected into the sky. According to Jung, “the aliens” act as harbingers indicating that something is terribly wrong with the world.
Culture and society have been made confused; our words and actions are riddled with all kinds of contradictions. We believe in extra terrestrial angels and gods and yet ridicule those who identify them as aliens and watchers.
They seem to perform the same tasks. They show up in times to warn us of war, to warn us of pestilence, of financial hardship drought and famine.
It has been written about many times down through the ages. Civilizations emerge and then they disappear. It is quite unnerving that in a flash a civilization can be rendered to coals, and later blown away like dust in the wind.
I often wonder if these civilizations failed to recognize the signs in the sky, the sounds of the earth, and the signals from human behavior. I wonder if their economies collapsed and their sciences betrayed them.
I wonder if they listened to their dreams, recognized their harbingers and relished their spiritual warnings.
Today we are seeing acquiescence to alien ideologies given to us by religious leaders, government officials, law enforcement, teachers and parental figures. The pop culture is also grooming us with alien and destructive messages through sound bites and news shows that tend to marginalize groups and individuals, making it fashionable to be cruel and otherwise prejudiced to the value of their lives. The non–critical thinker accepts these attitudes without taking time to think or investigate what they truly mean.
On the surface they can only appear as bait for those who are unable to see that these ideas may conceal terrible traps that lead the individual into becoming an alien monster, a monster that can only think of hoarding and consuming both the material and the spiritual resources that are provided for life, liberty and balance. They find themselves taking from others, occupying places where they do not need to be, and using half–truths and lies to get others to join them.
It is easy to get a collective to accept their wishes because the ideas they present have a surface–level agreement with the things in which the collective believes. The alien dictum has always been a simple ultimatum.
Change or perish.
But do not forget that the choice of change is ours.

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