Looking around, it may be uncomfortable to realize that our concepts of where
humanity is headed are changing. The present seems to have the appearance of
the dark future that we have read about in the bible or heard from some deranged
soothsayer. In the past, we wrote about our visions of the future. That future is now our
present. And in this present we crave those visions of the future that were written about
in the past.
Prophets, seers and science fiction writers have warned us about irrational decisions
and how they can erode away some of the foundation of common sense. As we twist
the words of the seers to fit our prejudice we begin to walk down a path or what we
perceive as truth and label it as undeniable. We always make opinions based on
what we think we know, and what we think we are. We create mythologies, sciences,
religious affiliations and social movements based on limited interpretations of what is or
what may be in our environment.

To quote the great cult poet Brother Theodore Gottlieb “We measure things by what
we are. To the maggots in the cheese, the cheese is the universe. To the worms in the
corpse, the corpse is the cosmos. How then can we be so cock-sure about our world?
Just because of our telescopes, our microscopes, and the splitting of the atom? No,
Creatures of twilight and delusion, we drift toward our unknown ends. And that is why I
feel the best thing is not to be born”
But we are born into this world and every year we grow. As we pass around the sun in
every cycle our bodies age and wear down. We base our holidays and weekdays on
the sun. Christians say that they worship the son of God on a Sunday Even Easter, a
holiday deeply rooted in sun worship is moved like the Passover or the “crossing “of the
Sun God because of the Vernal equinox.
When people ask me what date Easter will fall on and I say that it is easy to know if you
can figure out when the first full moon happens after the spring equinox. It is the Sunday
after that cosmic event. Passover happens around the same time and signifies that the
destroying angel, perhaps a comet or sun storm crossed the skies and killed the first
Easter is the celebration of the return of the sun. It always has been and every religion
has attached meaning to the Sun returning as a sign of a God returning. Many would
believe the return of the sun brings wrath. Anciently it seemed that anytime man would
look up and see a strange celestial body in the sky he would plan for catastrophe in his
The signs and wonders spoken of by biblical prophets and Nostradamus are interpreted
by many to be signs of the tribulation. When you read the morning paper and watch
the evening news you hear of earthquakes, strange weather, tsunamis and other
major disasters that seem to have a number of degrees of separation. There is enough
similarity and frequency that it is easy to create a theory based on potentiality and
circumstantial evidence pointing to the possibility of an unnatural occurrence taking
place. I am beginning to believe that dismissing the natural tendency for the earth to
react to celestial events with catastrophe is being in denial.
When comet Hale-Bopp passed over the earth on March 23rd, 1997 people were not
aware that as the anomaly was above us, it appeared its brightest on Palm Sunday
remaining in the sky as an eerie portent till Easter Sunday followed by a partial eclipse
of the moon on the 25th.
I remember that date because it was at that time I had made an off handed remark on
my show that it would be a great night for some cult to commit suicide. I had said this
because of a news story I had read where many Christians had believed that this comet
passing to the sun was a sign of the second coming of Christ. The night I had made the
remark we were just reeling from a UFO appearance over Arizona and coincidentally
the Heaven’s gate cult, committed suicide in Rancho Santa Fe California.
The comment was investigated by the FBI because of the deaths of the cult members
one of them an avid listener to my show.
It was only natural to assume that with a major UFO sighting over Phoenix, a partial
Lunar eclipse and a comet at perihelion something would have to snap. History
has always demonstrated that the earth responds in a negative way to celestial
perturbations with earthquakes, floods and electromagnetic activity. The effects of
electromagnetic activity on ancient civilizations have been evident in their various
writings and epistles.
They called it the great power of God given to man from the sun. The ancient Greeks
called it ELEKTRON which eventually became electricity. It was the magnetic field that
when harnessed would be used for magic. The shaman claimed that power from the
sun could be used to make dust particles magnetize to animal fur. It came down to
create fire and great temples and towers were built to try and capture that power.
Nimrod was the great grandson of Noah and it is recorded that after the great flood
Nimrod wanted to construct a tower for the purpose of harnessing electromagnetic
power. Many people remember this story from their bibles, but there is more than
one account speaking of a great king commissioning the building of a tower that would
radiate great electricity in order to communicate with others who may have been
scattered by the floods recorded in ancient history.
The word Babel has been interpreted to mean “Gate of heaven” “Gate to God”
and “Gate of the Sun.”
It can be interpreted through various accounts that the tower gave off black smoke and
a blue flame. It made a loud roar and came crashing down. Everyone in the vicinity of
the tower disaster spoke gibberish. They literally spoke “babble.’ The Old Testament
says that God was angered and confounded the languages. However there could be a
very interesting scientific explanation that would indicate that Nimrod wanted to harness
the powers of the sun in order to not only communicate, but to have as an electronic
weapon of mass destruction. The destruction of the tower would have been similar to
the destruction of a Nuclear power plant or even an atomic bomb blast that could have
sent out a electromagnetic pulse capable of damaging the Broca’s area of the brain
responsible for speech.
Roger Highfield, the London Telegraph’s Science Editor, participated in an experiment
in which the speech area of his brain was temporarily ‘hacked” by a process
of “transcranial electromagnetic stimulation” Using electromagnetic stimulation
essentially caused Highfield to stammer and speak gibberish. So using the findings of
this experiment it is possible to theorize that a large scale electro-magnetic blast from
the tower of Babel could have affected the speech centers in the brains of anyone near
the tower.
Some 595 years before Christ, electric current was called the “Glory of the lord.” It
was called the fire within and it piloted great chariots of fire witnessed by prophets like
Ezekiel and Zechariah.
It was the same electromagnetic energy that powered up the Ark of the Covenant. This
was believed to be a powerful transmitter with the ability to communicate with voices
from the ether. The Glory of the Lord or the divine power of the sun was beneficial for
those worthy of tapping into it. It was also fatal for those who greedily used it for selfish
Quite clearly the Ark carried a powerful electrical charge. The scriptures in the 6th
Chapter of 2 Samuel demonstrate the powerful effects of electric current on the human
“And when they came to Nachon’s threshing floor, Uzzah put forth his hand to the ark of
God, and took hold of it; for the oxen shook it. And the anger of the LORD was kindled
against Uzzah; and God smote him there for [his] error; and there he died by the ark of
God.” –The Old Testament
It is also interesting to note that historically, the keepers of the Ark of the Covenant,
both Moses and in time his brother Aaron had speech impediments. So here is a
compelling question based on empirical evidence could the electromagnetic energy
emitted from the Ark cause the same effect that was seen in the experiment with Roger
Could electromagnetic pulses affect brain activity to confuse speech patterns? Could
it induce seizures or any other brain malady? A hypothesis based on preponderance
of evidence suggests that the answer is yes. With the recent magnetic changes due
to a series of Solar flares people with epilepsy have spoken out on an internet forum
and have said that recently they have been having more seizures even while on
medication to control them. One expert theorized that the compression of the earth’s
magnetosphere pushes the electrical fields in the neural network from their neurons.
This shuts down the brain. The body reacts by sending signals back to the medulla
oblongata. This low level neural network is more robust. With every autonomic
contraction the body is trying to send low level input data back to the brain. This slow
recovery is necessary.
It has also been noted that cases of migraine and vertigo often happen during periods
of electromagnetic changes and geomagnetic events. This type of neurological
anomaly has been called the Charlotte King effect named after Charlotte King who gets
headaches, slurred speech and vertigo during seismic and geomagnetic occurrences.
Ground Zero reported that just before the devastating earthquake in Japan that On
February 14th, through the 17th of 2011 there were at least 3 CME bursts that were
bombarding the earth’s magnetic field.
During the same week Arkansas had been hit with a swarm
of earthquakes. A magnitude 3.8 earthquake occurred near the town of Greenbrier in
central Arkansas on Thursday morning February 17, 2011 at about 4:50 AM. In total
there were at least 11 earthquakes reported and two of them registered 4.7 on the
Richter scale.
On February 17th 2011, the Los Angeles times reported that the Solar Flare intensity
could trigger massive earthquakes all over the planet. This story was buried
underneath another story that had Americans glued to You Tube and CBS News.
A beautiful blonde reporter named Serene Branson stood outside the Grammy awards
ready to do her live shot. As soon as the Anchor in the studio introduced the reporter
she stumbled through her first sentence looking distressed and tossing word salad that
was incomprehensible. For the most of the United States it was a first, watching a news
reporter break out in babble during a live shot. Many theorized she had a stroke.
Doctors determined it was a migraine with and aura and dizziness.
On March 21st a Canadian reporter Mark McAlister had the same problem on the air.
He was doing a report on Libya when he started stammering and eventually his delivery
fell apart into babbling incoherent speaking.
That same day the sun spewed out an even bigger electromagnetic storm that fired off
the back side of the sun and not towards the earth. There were huge flares that fired
after that all headed to the earth’s magnetic field..Three days later there was a major
earthquake in Thailand. There really wasn’t much fanfare about the quake. However the
Myanmar-Thailand quake registered 7.1 on the Richter scale. This quake actually shook
Bangkok and split various areas in two with huge cracks.
It was ironic to observe that this quake happened and not one person jumped on their
soapbox to declare that it was a result of HAARP or any other possible man made
weapon. It was completely ignored and the data of electromagnetic direct hits from
the sun continued to demonstrate that this phenomenon from space was affecting the
planet and apparently those who are sensitive to earth changes. March 27th there was
another explosion from the sun.
On March 29th 2011 a CME was detected at SOHO. This one was a whopper sending
a huge plume of electromagnetic energy to the earth. There were two peculiar stories in
the news after this large electromagnetic surge hit.

Judge Judy Sheindlin, a well known celebrity judge began speaking in gibberish during
a taping of her popular Judge Judy program. She was rushed to the hospital feeling
nauseous and weak.
This of course was news worthy enough for HAARP theorists to claim that this was
the work of the U.S. Military and that scalar weaponry was being used on reporters
and celebrities. There were also people who were claiming that the incidents were
somehow demonstrating that the reptilian aliens are being revealed to the world, like
some sort of plot taken from the John Carpenter film “They Live.”
A strong 6.2 earthquake struck the southern Greek island of Crete rattling buildings as
far away as Egypt and Turkey.
Meanwhile over the United States an American Airlines plane had to be diverted to
Dayton Ohio after four passengers fainted and two flight attendants complained of
feeling extremely dizzy.
Airline Authorities believe that the problem was with the plane’s air conditioning system.
It was reported that passengers may have suffered “aero toxic” syndrome’ caused by
breathing in contaminated air.
Passengers began to pass out when the plane reached 28,000 ft. While solar radiation
from flying is minimal there could have been a surge of electromagnetic energy that
might have created a solar sensitivity while in the air. While there are no reports to
substantiate the theory it is merely part of a mysterious pattern that I have observed
during the Sun’s increased solar activity and it should be noted.
In the Science fiction film “Knowing” starring Nicholas Cage mysterious disasters
involving planes, trains , oil wells, and even various earthquakes and tidal waves are
part of a puzzle that is eventually solved with the grim reality that the earth is about to
experience a major sun flare that will wipe out the entire planet . The film ends with the
earth being consumed in an electromagnetic flood of fire.
The smaller flares from the sun affect people and electronics in different ways.
Larger flares could actually wipe out our entire electronics grid. The electromagnetic
disturbance could get into the wires creating an electromagnetic tsunami that could wipe
out major generators that power our grid system. It can also affect the computer chips
that run our cars and other transportation. However there was one particular dangerous
scenario that was overlooked in the movie and probably did not cross the mind of
producers of the film.
In March of 1989 four years before HAARP existed, a massive electromagnetic tsunami
affected the Hydro-Quebec electrical system in Canada. The electromagnetic
pulse from our sun tripped transmission lines, burned out high-voltage transformers
in New Jersey and causing the failure of 12 others within months. The same thing
happened again in October 2003 over South Africa, frying 15 high-voltage transformers.
When the Japan quake of March 10-11th occurred, a power failure at the generators
was the reason for the shutdown of the pumps at the Fukushima Nuclear
plant. Backup generators were allegedly destroyed by the Tsunami. However
weeks before the Japanese quake Legislation was introduced in Congress to
investigate Nuclear power plants that could shut down because of grid failure. The
worry is that contemporary U.S. society is not structured, nor does it have the means, to
provide for the needs of nearly 300 million Americans without electricity.
The concern was solar activity and its effects on the power grid. If the grid was to
fail generators providing coolant for the rods at Nuclear power plants would also shut
down creating the similar nuclear catastrophe that is plaguing Japan. Keep in mind
that prior to the disaster in Japan there were discussions in Washington about a
nightmarish scenario which included a long term nationwide blackout that would shut
down generators at nuclear power plants leading to dangerous radioactive leaks.
This means that U.S. regulators knew that a power failure lasting for days at an
American nuclear plant, whatever the cause, could lead to a radioactive disaster. There
are 104 active nuclear power plants in the United States that could be affected. It is
evident that there is a concern for a solar storm packing enough power to wipe out the
power grid triggering nuclear disasters all over the United States.
Think about it If the spent fuel rod pools at the country’s 104 nuclear power plants lose
their connection to the power grid, and there is no backup plan they could easily t boil
over, exposing the hot, zirconium-clad rods and sparking fires that would release deadly
So, you can speculate all you wish about HAARP when it is convenient for your
agendas, but the reality is that there is a major concern about the Sun and the
electromagnetic surge that could not only cause earthquakes but also cause meltdowns
at various nuclear power plants across the country.
In a solar wipe out, huge transformers would be damaged and power grids were to shut
down many parts of the United States would become uninhabitable and many people
would eventually perish. This calamity could happen at any time. These scenarios were
already predicted and scientists had warned that 2011 would be a bumpy ride because
in 2009 it was reported that the Sun was coming out of its 11 year quiet period. They
had warned us that all there needed to be is one weak link in the grid and there would
be a remote possibility of mass shut down and inevitably a mass meltdown.
It is unthinkable and at the moment hypothetical, however reality is still sending out a
radiation cloud from Japan. People are speaking in gibberish on television , and having
seizures and passing out on aircraft. Radiation is being detected in Milk, rainwater
and plants everywhere. Fish and other wildlife will also carry the radiation and it will be
hundreds of years or more before the areas near Sendai Japan can ever be habitable
I ask again, what is the motive of using something like HAARP on Japan when the
alleged target is now worth absolutely nothing? There will be no military outpost
there, no garrison. No money to be made in crisis management, just a wasteland of
radioactive death with piles of radioactive bodies rotting in the sun and resources that
can’t be used for anything in the foreseeable future.
Armchair observations and speculation can’t erase the fact that through ancient history
and in modern times the Sun has shown its awesome power and has humbled mankind
for thousands of years.
Scientists say that life on earth has more time behind it than ahead of it. The religious
are saying that life on earth is about to end. As we reach the time where we celebrate
the rebirth of Deus Sol we should understand the meaning of death and rebirth.
The Truth is that as life is expelled in one area of the globe, new life will always find a
way to spring up again, as long as we have the sun.

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