As I was traveling on the train sipping my coffee going over the notes of Ghost week I was relieved that it was over. I also mulled over the impact of what happened and realized that there were a small group of people courageous enough to venture into the unknown and do an experiment that included coming in contact with artifacts that belonged to one of the most notorious killers in history.
The moment now is matter of history and I am sure there are people who can tell their story to their friends and family that on Halloween of 2011 they were involved in an investigation that included a paranormal experience surrounding a known killer.
It is just one more chapter in my strange and exciting life that I will tell someday and no one will believe it. It all happened – it all is happening and those who have decided to opt out can only look back and say that perhaps they should have or could have . It is all a matter of history now—it is all academic and I can’t fathom that impact that it has made on the universe at large.
I have no delusions of grandeur but I most certainly know that being that close to history to me far outweighs whatever ghosts have come forward in this paranormal exercise.

Doing a paranormal experiment in a bar is a hard thing to do for the first time I found myself hosting what felt like a circus. How appropriate for a paranormal event that included displaying the suits of the notorious killer clown John Wayne Gacy.
The Paranormal gathering at the Jack London bar in downtown Portland was a success however it was a paranormal investigation that was so subtle it had eerie overtones to it.
It was a simple experiment that included setting up an area with all kinds of electronic gear. Dr. Jonathan Burgess managed to set up a number of interesting contraptions that included a Vandagraph generator, a large stainless steel ball, a television showing static, a display of string magnets formed into a tetrahedron and a bunch of other goodies that made the entire area look like the basement room of a teenage Dr. Frankenstein.
It was quite impressive and as soon as we set up the equipment we wanted to immediately start charging up the area to see ghosts. Dr. Burgess had said that the magnetic tetrahedron was there because he wanted the ghosts to spin the magnetic display hanging there. I thought it was a great idea.
A few people were trickling into the bar and were ordering food and beer. In the meantime Roger Clooten from Northwest Ghost Recon was snapping pictures. We were all doing our control shots and trying to get the right angles for the cameras. Roger and Deana were speaking with Chris who was also a fellow paranormal investigator.
The doors opened around 7:00 PM and a few people were coming in and watched us do our set up and we were doing a trial run, experimenting with what we called our Ghost buster beam.
I went over to speak with an old friend of the show, Matt who used to record my shows at Dante’s. He was taking pictures. Matt is very down to earth guy. He was telling me about someone he knew that was bossed with Conspiracy theories and he asked me for some advice on how to get him to be more skeptical and discerning. Matt was worried about the situation and I gave him some advice.
He later went off to take pictures of the event.
What I didn’t know is what he would capture on film. He e-mailed me and explained what he had.
“Here’s a copy of the picture I captured tonight. The blur seems to be near where the psychic lady left her purse (sorry, I’m terrible with names). It was really interesting for me because I’ve never captured something like that before. All prior experiences I’ve had as a photographer I’ve been able to explain as particles in the air, stuff on the lens, or the camera shooting in the wrong mode. I’d be more inclined to think the blur was just another person walking by during the second-long exposure time had there not been a line/ectoplasm emanating from the conduit on the pillar.” – Matt

I looked at the picture and I was stunned. The event wasn’t even underway—we were just trying everything out and discussing the agenda for the night and with the generator running we started seeing activity happening in the room.
I definitely saw the ectoplasm forming near the pillar—and I also noticed a curious entity hovering near Roger and Deena. The entity looked white faced with black eyes. I first wondered if the entity was a person sitting there because I knew that there was a couple who was sitting there prior to the start. But timing of it would not work. The picture was taken prior to the couple sitting there and all I can see is one figure that is there.
The crowd started coming in around 8:30.
At around 8:45, I started speaking and told the crowd what we were about to do. I explained that people have brought to the bar haunted artifacts and they wanted to see if any residual ghosts or haunts were present.
We had everything from a letter from the evil doctor, serial killer Michael Swango provided by his brother, to an artificial leg, and artifacts from the encampment of the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh—the letter from Swango really didn’t have any ghosts attached to it – however the leg seemed to have peculiar power with it – and the artifacts from bended spoons to a radio from the Rajneesh compound seemed to overpower the generator and it along with the television onstage turned off.
After starting the experiment and asking three audience members to let us extract ghosts from their belongings we no longer had a show. The generator was dead—the TV turned off – and I had nothing more to demonstrate.
Dr. Burgess rushed it off the stage and I asked that the Band start playing otherwise the show would die a horrible death. The band started playing and we still had not used the suits of killer clown John Wayne Gacy in our experiment. I felt like I let everyone down. I looked at the empty area where are experiment once was—where the generator was working and I noticed something out of place. It was a magnetic tetrahedron. It had fallen from the ceiling and the magnets all separated, it looked as if it had been thrown to the ground and destroyed. There were many strong magnets that seemed to be demagnetized and separated on the floor.
I picked it up and tried to put it back together. I failed at doing it. Roger reassembled it for me. The band had done a set of songs and I then asked that the suits of John Wayne Gacy be put on display.

The band gladly brought them out. We looked at them and brought the crowd in close. We showed the group that inside the pockets were old pieces of Brachs butter scotch candies and three matchbooks.
One of the matchbooks was from the movie “Alien” where it said “In Space no one can hear you scream.” There was another that was for a place called Taggart’s and another was a Matchbook with an ad selling burial plots for $3000.00
The leader of the murder rock band called the Wayne Gacy Trio asked if anyone wanted to try on the suits. He was only half joking, because he didn’t have the nerve to wear it himself. However there were a great many volunteers who wished to wear the suits. The first person to wear the suit was man named Chris. When he put it on I asked that pictures be taken. After we viewed the picture we noticed another ectoplasmic anomaly surrounding the suit and the person wearing it. The anomaly formed near the belly and rested on the shoulders.

Several others tried on the suits. Eventually Vince Taggart, a man that I knew who was a manager of a wrestling group and a well known Bar tender and owner stepped up to wear the suit. We indicated the coincidence of having a man with the last name Taggart weaning it considering the matchbooks in the pockets.
We snapped pictures of Vince and noticed that in the picture an orb was forming near his neck and an ectoplasmic image of what appeared to be a death face or skull in his shirt – I asked that we over exposed a copy of the picture to indicate the formation and it became more clear that there was something surrounding him.

There were more people who tried on the suits including a woman who was dressed like Pogo the clown. Then we asked that Psychic Deena Denise Rush come up and touch the suit to see if she could o some pyschometry on the suit. Pyschometry is a way that psychics can extract residual energy from a material object.

Deena knew nothing of the details of the case and named off a few names and also said that there were more bodies and deaths that Gacy was responsible for including a female death.
She named a few names and then mentioned the name Tommy. After careful analyzing of an audio recording of the night – we realized that the quietest moment of the night was during the pyschometry session.—no one spoke, not a word except Deena. Just before Deena said the word Tommy, there was an EVP of a voice saying “Help!”


Deena kept telling me the whole night that someone named Tommy was trying ti speak with her with tears in her eyes she told me that she felt the call for help was from Tommy. I did some research and realized that perhaps the Tommy she was speaking of was Tommy Boling. Tommy was murdered by Gacy November 18, 1977.
After the circus of the crowd wearing the suits we brought the electric generator back into the room. Dr. Burgess said that he repaired it and said that it was time to put the suits in the electromagnetic cloud. I grabbed the magnetic tetrahedron and explained that the magnets somehow became demagnetized and fell to the floor. I showed that they were magnetized again and decided to put it back up on the suspension magnet. It wouldn’t magnetize. I kept trying to put it up and there was no power to the top magnet and it wasn’t an issue of polarity – it just wouldn’t work.

Burgess fired up the machine and all of the sudden the magnet stuck and the tetrahedron began spinning which Dr. Burgess hoped would happen if there were ghosts in the room.
The suits were hanging near the electromagnetic ball and some people were saying that they could see it opening. That the flap was somehow moving by the electricity – others thought they saw a hand move it.
Roger Clooten of Northwest Ghost Recon started to take pictures of the static on the TV screen. After we examined them we started to notice a clown face forming in the static image. The clown had pointed eyes and a large smiling mouth. We felt that the image represented or at least looked similar to the image of Gacy as Pogo the Clown.

If it was pareidolia it was certainly coincidental and gave us a moment to pause and wonder if the face of the killer clown was present during our ghostly experiment.
The day after the show I woke up in a daze obsessing about the experiment I did the night before. It was an experiment to demonstrate that using a electrical field may bring an increase of paranormal activity. I rationalized that the experiment is similar to using an electrical transformer to find worms in wet mud. Some people were telling me it was more like using dynamite to catch fish.
I am thinking that I will use whatever I can that is safe to try and find the answers to whether or not there are spirits that exist just beside us. I say that there is nothing wrong with using scientific objects to contact these beings.
The only problem that I face is the criticism of people that are more than happy to demean or otherwise shoot down the idea—and yet when pressed to witness or be involved they run and hide behind their religious dogmas and so called pseudo scientific screeds.
In our modern religions and philosophies there seems to be no passage of scripture set aside or verse annotated that addresses the various other worlds within our world .
Cynical science will tell us that there are no other worlds outside this one yet from our vantage point we see worlds or kingdoms that exist in infinite numbers, from animals, to insects, bacteria and single celled organisms.
With this thought in your head understand that worlds without number exist in various forms on this planet and with that fact blaring at you, it can’t be too far of a stretch to consider the world beyond this one.
However it is becoming increasingly difficult to get information about that world, or to prove that the world even exists. Until then, it will always remain as the world that the poets, dreamers and philosophers have written about.
When we come close to proving that this world exists, there are those who wish to silence it, discredit it, devalue it, use it as a weapon, and debunk it.
I am supposed to be used to it by now. However I am fully aware that people are terrified of having a perfect knowledge of such things. Once you have your first experience and there is no denial of it – you either keep it to yourself, or you want to find out if you can duplicate it and document it.
This is why I continue, even though there are people who worry that I am opening myself up for an attack from some evil entity.
As humans we are often guided by our own prejudice. What we see is what we know. Our brains fill in the blanks with the philosophies that we have been indoctrinated with.
Have you ever wondered why no one can agree on what is paranormal and what isn’t? Why it is that one person may laugh at you because of what you think you see or experience? Maybe it’s because of terminology. Maybe it’s because your explanation makes them uncomfortable. They laugh at the thought of extraterrestrial visitations and yet pray to a God that lives in the sky and fear a devil that makes his home below the earth.
Have you ever wondered why there seems to be a conflict over who is telling the truth and who isn’t? Why you believe in what you believe? A lot of it has to do with the messenger. Does he or she have the charisma necessary to convince you that what he or she is saying is true?
Do they have money to buy that information? Do they have the resources to create a fraudulent situation? Do they willingly submit disinformation to fool you?
I know that what I do may not get the headlines but I have constantly provided tangible evidence that these things exist. I have no reason to fake anything because it all pays the same which is not that much.
I worry that many of us have taken for granted that certain sources of information, and certain messengers of that information are credible and trustworthy. I have heard that getting a story out on a major network gives it credibility—and the perception is that if it appears on a certain show it is credible—well I have been in the business too long to tell you that it is necessarily so.
All of the so called leaders, experts and preachers are human and that they do make mistakes. I find it strange that normal people tend to believe that people in power do not willingly taint a story in any way.
I guess whatever sells is the agreed upon history.
I want to talk about making history. I want to tell you about how interesting things can get. I want to tell you that if you dig deep enough you may find some remarkable things that get you closer to finding out the truth. You may find the key in a place you never thought you would.
You may even find it here at Ground Zero.

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