I have worked in the media for more than 20 years and in that time I have seen the media evolve from a tool for information to a medium that has to compete with crime shows, comedies and dramas. As I have grown in the media I have seen that much of the criticisms flung at the media are well deserved. The unfortunate thing is that there are still many souls in this business that are savvy, objective and try to get the story out there without editorializing.
It is now evident that reporters in major news organizations are paid to make opinions for you. They will do so with repetition, and perhaps a 5 part series on the matter so that there will be no question that every little piece or trigger phrase that you pick up with give you an enormously informed opinion on any matter , even the matter of life and death. Specifically those who live and die through the court system provided in the United States.

We can observe that one of the biggest problems with our fast paced and overly repetitive media is that they shape political view points, guide you to what you should be concerned about, create a starting point for the formation of opinions, create prejudice and bias, poison of the potential jury pool, and can and will guarantee that a fair and impartial jury will go to trial. The biggest poisoning of all takes place with the American opinion as simple court cases become dramatic soap operas to be watched and followed to the point of fanaticism that guarantees the success of a Pathocracy.
During the OJ Simpson trial interest was so high and the drama was so intense that there were actual radio stations that popped up that played all OJ all the time. It was like broadcasting a football game and there were high ratings for the spectacle. Even the Lawyers and the Judges became celebrities. They were the butt of late light jokes and they were actors on queue definitely affecting the verdict.
There was the manifesto that was printed in the papers by the Unabomber, Son of sam Killer David Berkowitz, wrote to New York Journalist Jimmy Breslin and does anybody remember how the Belt Way Snipers were using a white van during their murderous rampage? It was all reported by the media and it was enough to create “white van” hysteria.
The beltway snipers used a car and the sniper shots were taken from the trunk of the car through a small hole.
A lot of these details that are fed into the public by the media can create all sorts of conspiracy theories as well – and many people wonder why the nation is now speculating about how t they do not get the truth.
From the Lindberg baby to 9/11 this has been a problem with our justice system and the case of Casey Anthony and the death of her daughter are no exception.
While my opinion on the case and the outcome is not important, what is important is how the American people have responded to the verdict in this case and have added that since she was found not guilty of Murder, then “justice was not served.”
Before we go off on “Justice wasn’t served today” I would like to remind people of Richard Ricci, he had a history of Burglary, theft, felonies and in the minds of a lot of people kidnapped and Murdered Elizabeth Smart. The cops were certain that this man did it.
He was jailed until his trial, however police were convinced they had their man and the public also felt like the man should rot in hell for Elizabeth’s disappearance and murder at the hands of Ricci. The media also made the man look guilty and his wife pleaded with authorities saying that he is not the man.
Ricci, a handyman hired by the Elizabeth Smart’s father was on parole for a 1983 attempted murder of police officer Mike Hill. He was charged with felony burglaries of homes in the area similar in circumstances to the break-in at the Smarts. Ricci later died in jail from a brain hemorrhage a few weeks after he refused to provide a confession to Utah corrections officers
Brian Mitchell kidnapped Elizabeth Smart, we know this now but the public didn’t when they made their verdict.
There is an even more powerful media that now will hold court without the lawyers, judges and juries and that is ‘social media.”
With this complicated Casey Anthony case, we only know bits and pieces of who her dead daughter Caylee is, no one knows who Caylee’s father is, whether or not Casey was molested by her father, how Caylee died and why it took so long for Casey to come forward about her daughter’s death — and there is a strong possibility we will never know. However you can bet that the social media will find a way to prolong that drama through twitter and Face book and it is the social media that actually made me decide to abandon what I original wanted to talk about on my show after the verdict.
All I could see is that “justice was not served” and that there is a special place in hell for Casey and that the jurors will face the consequences form god.
But here is something really peculiar about the case, and it shows how things have changed in the 21st century. While we worry about the trail by media the social media can make you a trouble maker even before you make trouble.
Casey Anthony’s mother Cindy Anthony first publicly mentioned the problems she had with Casey on MySpace alleging that Casey had stolen “lots of money” from her and that she wasn’t allowed to see her granddaughter. Over three years since the trial has started, social media users are still issuing tweets about how Casey was unstable, a liar and being a problem in what can only be judged as a dysfunctional family.
However she still had a not guilty verdict. How can that be? Public sentiment on the case had been molded and shaped for her years on the internet. Social media made her a pariah. She had all the earmarks of a killer, just read Face book and twitter.
This is how deeply and sick this whole reality TV, social media addicted country has become.
I don’t want to Judge Casey Anthony; I don’t know who is capable of condemning someone to death if they have reasonable doubt that the defendant is guilty.
But there seems to be a need of fast gratification, anything that can backup or confirm a prejudice or a rumor, or anything malignant needs to be presented, there can’t be moment of evaluation— we need to know now .
Casey Anthony was declared innocent by a jury of her peers in a court that is provided as a constitutional guarantee. But as innocent as she stands in a courtroom, her credibility has been taken away, her life now is a hateful message sent by twitter and an angry post on Facebook.
Keep in mind that even in death her little girl is exploited, Nancy Grace beats Bill O’reilly in the ratings and despite the fact that we all celebrated the 4th of July which is about our freedom and the right to justice. The definition of that justice can be replaced with vengeance when public can become “informed jurors” with social media that seems to be better at convicting criminals than judges and lawyers are.

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