A few days ago I was sharing with my audience some very strange reports of birds that would not fly in Japan, seals in Alaska that would not swim, and a report in India where the prevailing rumor in a village that anyone who would sleep there would experience paralysis – literally turning to stone.

I had calculated that the day where this had happened was Wednesday January 4th, 2011. Immediately I received calls from concerned listeners who were also experiencing some strange symptoms that did not seem to be the flu. Many of the calls were complains of headaches, weakness and some were claiming seizures. I was immediately thinking that perhaps we were experiencing some sort of electromagnetic changes and people were feeling the effects of all sorts of possible changes in their environment.
Just after the show I was contacted by a listener that told me to check for news stories of children having heart attacks. As I did my research, I learned of at least two children in the northwest both having heart attacks,
14-year-old Cody Sherrell passed out on the floor at La Center Middle School January 3rd. Doctors say Sherrell had a sudden heart attack right after basketball practice and school staff attempted successfully to revive the child. Doctors don’t know for sure what caused the heart attack, but they suspect it was cardiac arrhythmia. Days later the boy died.
A day after the show where I reported the event of the lethargic birds and animals, another boy had a heart attack 72 miles away in Salem. This time the boy was 12 years old and also playing basketball. Isaac Arzate collapsed while resting on the sidelines at Adam Scott Elementary School. He has since recovered.
When this had happened I was busily trying to find information that I had read about Children in Japan that had heart arrhythmias after the Fukushima Nuclear power plant disaster and the effects of cesium on the cardiovascular systems of people.
I was reading medical journal excerpts and wasn’t satisfied with any connection. I spoke with my fiancé who had a family member that died from a heart problem and she explained that it had something to do with the electrical charges to the heart. If there is anything that can throw off the synchronous beating of the heart such as a change in electrical stimulation – the heart can stop and kill a person. In the meantime whatever environmental effects contributing to the heart failing must all be evaluated as well. She linked me to a passage where I was well on my way to discovering an environmental factor that could cause heart problems.
“There is emerging evidence of excess risk of cardiovascular disease in various occupationally exposed groups, exposed to fractionated radiation doses with small doses/fraction.”
This was information that was produced by Professor Christopher Busby about the effects of radiation on the Children of Fukushima and Chernobyl. Busby says that his colleague Yuri Bandazhevsky during the Chernobyl disaster discovered that very little exposure to radiation can cause cardiac arrhythmias. It is proposed that very little exposure to cesium 137 can cause burst of electron tracks over the cell structure of the heart creating a breakdown of its strength,
Cesium 137 adheres or to muscle, iodine goes to the Thyroid, Strontium goes to the bones and DNA. The exposure to the harsh environment causes a conduction problem throwing the heart out of synch electromagnetically.
These same exposures are also known to cause all kinds of neurodegenerative disorders. As they manifest some people begin to feel the effects of being overly tired, gaining weight, have emotional outbursts, involuntary muscle twitching, aching, paralysis, speech slurring, and insomnia and may other disorders associated with the nervous system.
When these symptoms occur you may want to pay close attention to what the doctor will tell you. Most of the time your diagnosis will be a simple, idiopathic I don’t know to other dismissive diagnosis like – “It’s a pinched nerve” – “It’s the side effect of a virus” – “It’s all in your head” – “It’s a temporary side effect of a migraine” – “It’s Conversion Disorder”. “It’s nothing to worry about”
A recent story about a strange neurological disorder reported in New York has doctors baffled and frightened parents have been given no answers as to why children are having involuntary muscle spasms and twitches.
For the families of students in Leroy New York High school it is a tragic and chilling mystery. No one knows what happened to 12 girls that suddenly developed a nervous tick that some say is similar to Tourette’s syndrome. Doctors in the area called a meeting of the parents to discuss what might be happening to the girls. While many parents came to the gathering for answers health officials called the meeting to tell everyone in attendance that while they had an idea as to what caused the nervous muscle contractions, federal law will not allow them to do divulge why.
The girls all go to the same neurologist, and there’s still no answer. Experts have been called in to evaluate the cause and they have conclusively ruled out any form of infection and or communicable disease and there’s no evidence of any environmental factor.
Last year we were all witness to reporters who for some reason broke into gibberish on TV. It happened once in Canada, once in the Czech Republic and twice in the United States including a report of it happening to television personality Judge Judy. There were all sorts of explanations from ischemic attacks to migraine and dehydration.
What we may be seeing is a possible change in the way we adjust to environmental changes and how our bodies respond to electromagnetic frequencies.
Dr. Jerry Tennant has appeared all over the country to demonstrate that the body itself generates magnetic fields and responds to voltage in order to heal. We have read many times that the magnetic fields have been known to affect body tissues, immunes systems and the nervous systems.
He believes and has demonstrated with great success that correcting frequencies in the body is important for healing and surviving. The universe is all about energy. No matter whether you call the energy chi, prana, electrons, or some other name, the universe is about the interactions of energy. If there are things in the environment that throw off the frequency of the human body we will begin to see all sorts of maladies happening in greater number across the country.
Thus it also matters what we eat, what we drink, how we treat our bodies to keep it functioning at a perfect frequency. The challenge of the New Year will be to nurture the body as the nature of the environment changes.

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