It is been said that he who controls the past, controls the future. He who controls the future controls the present. All cause and effect has been neutralized in a time where we are no longer able to control the time that we have – and the changes that are to come will leave us wondering where all of the time went.

It may be a bit cliché to begin with quoting Orwell, but there is no other way to say that I am beginning to believe that the elite are now finding a way to manipulate time and so some temporal tweaking for their own selfish hijacking of history. What Orwell actually said, of course, was, “Who controls the past, controls the future; who controls the present, controls the past.”
I have mentioned in many of my lectures about the coming due date of December 21st, 2012 that we are not going to see a doomsday, however we will see the fullness of time and the changing of how we measure and see time. Historical timelines ill vanish and all synchronizing of time will culminate on the Winter solstice. What we think is precise measuring of time will be dismantled, reshaped and history will be forgotten and rewritten to fit a version that will be part of the new nobility, the reworked religious pantheon and mythology of the New World order.
Before you laugh at me and think that what I am saying is not at all possible, I want to demonstrate that this movement is already happening and that by the end of 2012 we will be seeing the proposal for a new epoch as we move towards a unified government, history and timeline.
When I first mentioned this in 2009, I was told that it would be impossible to create a new time line or a new history. I had stated that the time line would be in conjunction with the advent of the discovery of the “New Jerusalem” and a time measurement that would be more desirable for business, worship and new discoveries in dimensional and quantum discoveries. In 2010 I mentioned it again when I presented my AD 2012 Forestructuring of the Aeon. I announced on the air my official stand on the 2012 controversy. I suggested that wolrd would not ened, but that the timeline we are used to will be changed and that time will end and that new time will begin for purposes not yet known.
Not soon after I mentioned this on the air there was a story that was reported in the European press regarding Mecca. A large clock was constructed by the Saudi Binladen Group that cost 800 million dollars. The monolithic clock overlooking Mecca was a message sent to the world that Mecca was ready to challenge the supremacy of Greenwich Mean Time. The clock’s four faces are 151ft in diameter and are illuminated by 2million LED lights along with huge Arabic script reading: “In the name of Allah”. The clock runs on Arabia Standard Time which is three hours ahead of GMT.
I felt the war in time had been declared and it literally fueled my obsessive predictions of a fulfillment of the synchronization of the time of no time. This was only the beginning of my theories coming into fruition.
It was later discovered that the Einstein Rosen Bridge or dimensional vortex was a reality and hovered above the earth. It was with this discovery that I realized that causal engineering would be an everyday part of our life. Then came the announcement of the restoration of the 13th house of the Zodiac Ophiuchus. Many people were not affected by the announcement while others were frantic because they had to deal with a change in their star sign. But of course things had to change in the Zodiac with the removal of Pluto as a planet and the idea that the earth has experienced a slight axial precession the move was logical and would pave the way for the new time controls and synchronization of a new universal time scale.
There have been new calendars proposed including the idea that we should go back to the Lunar Calendar of 13 months where each month has 28 days and we no longer have a leap year. Four day work weeks have been experimented with and Russia reduced its time zones from 11 to 9.
It was announced on December 27th, 2011 that the International Bureau of weights and measures are going to convene in Geneva to consider removing leap seconds from international time scales.
If you think this is not a major announcement think again. This means that something very important is happening. Time is now being tinkered with and it is because precision is losing its grip on our time and we can no longer keep it. It is important to constantly update time because of how our technology operates.
GPS works by calculating the distance the receiver is from to 3 or more satellites in geocentric orbit around the earth. By knowing where over the earth the transmitti¬ng satellites are, and how far away they are from the receiver, the GPS computer can calculate with great precision where exactly it is on the surface of the earth. But how does it determine how far from the satellites it is? Distance = Rate * Time. The rate is known and it is the speed of light. To know how long it takes light to go from orbit to your Global positioning receiver takes extremely accurate time keeping. The satellites beam a time code to your GPS , the GPS compares the received time code to the actual time and uses the difference to determine how much time it took the signal to get to the receiver. Any slight inaccuracy in the satellite’s or the receiver’s clock and there would be chaos.
Now beyond GPS accuracy and time manipulation another interesting event will take place at the end of the year. In the island of American Samoah they will be skipping Friday on December 30th, 2011. The international date line will be altered and so when Samoans go to bed on Thursday December 29th they will wake up on Saturday December 31st, 2010.
Now, not only are there physical time measurements being drawn, but our mental remembrance of time and history are being manipulated as well. The news stories of alleged deaths and other strange occurrences make one stop and wonder if our mental clocks are being tampered with and in an Orwellian fashion being changed to fit the needs of the elite.
The other day I was in the news room and as I was perusing the internet I noticed that Prince Phillip had died. He was listed as dead in Wikipedia and later after a quick search; SKY news reported that he had died of a heart attack. It wasn’t until an hour later that it was reported that he needed surgery to repair an artery near his heart.
It was a week earlier that there was a report that Rock star John Bon Jovi was reported dead. The headline was a hoax created by a musician named Jeffery Goho. There were a lot of people however who believed the story as it sped virally through the blogosphere and twitter.
A week before that WBTV in Charlotte North Carolina reported that Billy Graham had died at the Mission Hospital in Ashville. An hour later the station corrected the mistake. Billy Graham was alive. I was curious about all of the “death” reports and looked through the notable deaths of 2011. None of the reported dead were there.
It was a very surreal experience to hear about notable deaths that never happened. Then it was reported that Kim Jong Il died of a heart attack. That was reported in the news December 19th, 2011 however it was said that Kim Jong Il had been dead days before may be even weeks before the world was aware of his passing.
If you take a look at 2011 it seems that there were many incidents of death reports in the news. Many of the death reports were either hoaxes or some of them were reports of death after the world had already heard or assumed that a death had already happened. The biggest example of this was when Osama Bin laden was reported killed. This will most definitely be the top story of the year 2011 and even as a story it can only be speculated that the official death date for Bin laden will be May 2nd, 2011 even though it was reported that he was killed May 1st 2011. This will be recorded in history even though it was reported in various news bureaus that Osama Bin laden had been dead since 2001.
In December of 2001 it was reported that Osama bin laden and was buried in the Mountains Southeast of Afghanistan by Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf. The New York Times reported that Osama bin laden was dead in July of 2002. The report was filed by Amir Taheri. CNN reported October 7th, 2002 that Afghan President Hamid Karzai admitted to the press that Osama Bin laden had died and that Mullah Omar was leading the war on terror.
The BBC reported in July of 2002 that Bin laden was dead citing the report of a thorough investigation by The US Federal Bureau investigation counter terrorism task force. Dale Watson bureau chief stated that it appeared that Osama Bin laden had died. Even Israeli intelligence reported that Bin laden died in December of 2001. Just before Benazir Bhutto was assassinated she told David Frost in a broadcast interview in 2007 that Bin laden was assassinated by Omar Sheik. Furthermore it is interesting to see how the leaders of the United States started to change the way we saw bin laden in the time line after his alleged death in 2001 for example.
Fox news first discussed the death of Bin laden December 26th 2001. It was soon after that we see the timeline begin to demonstrate some very significant changes.
On December 28, 2001 when asked about the whereabouts of Bin laden President Bush says, “Our objective is more than bin-Laden”
In 2002 when asked about Bin Laden Vice President Dick Cheney says that Osama bin-Laden “isn’t that big of a threat. Bin Laden’s connections to this worldwide organization of terror are a threat.” Soon after White House Chief of Staff Andy Card tells CNN, “”I do not know for a fact that he’s alive. I happen to believe he’s probably alive… Our overall objective is to defeat terrorism, wherever it is around the world. And so, our objective is not to get Osama bin Laden.”
It was after these revelations that President Bush delivered his state of the Union address, his first since the attacks of September 11th, 2001. In the speech he calls out to the axis of evil. He names Iraq, Iran, and North Korea in that group but he left out a significant name and that is the name of Osama Bin laden.
In March of 2001 once again reporters demand that Bush talk about Bin laden and he tells the press “Deep in my heart I know the man is on the run, if he’s alive at all… He’s a person who’s now been marginalized.… I just don’t spend that much time on him. I truly am not that concerned about him.”
Then by April of 2002 Bin laden was no longer the objective Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Richard Myers said to the press that , “The goal has never been to get bin-Laden.”
Finally on October 16th, 2002 the Middle East News line reported that Israeli Intelligence officials confirmed that Israel and the United States believe Osama bin-Laden was killed in mid-December 2001 during the Tora Bora bombing campaign.
All of that reported timeline now has never happened because the story of the year is the death Bin laden in May 2011.
So here we are at the close of 2011 and the top story is the death of Osama Bin laden not in December of 2001, not on May 1st, 2011 but now May 2nd, 2011. The top news story of the year is a timeline manipulation. There will be more to come in the year of 2012 as cycles will begin to converge towards one date.

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