As time begins to warp into some strange territory and our dreams seem to be
nightmares, there has to be a way to part the clouds and look into the future of what is
to come. There are many claims of time travel and many people appear on radio shows
to convince you of their prophetic powers. I know that in some peculiar way the Ground
zero show has been predicting events with guests and listeners. I believe that as a
group we are tuning into the zeitgeist and together we can make a future that will not
betray us. Time has a tendency to devour or dreams and our aspirations.

Let me say that what I see coming is going to require some evaluation and verification.
We can’t trust that our leaders are giving us the truth.
The truth is, the United States is preparing for a homegrown security breach. If you
notice the movements and the new technology the Government is looking into seizing
the opportunity to control vast amounts of people in very little time. You will begin to
see more and more indicators that the militarized police state is now in operation.
Remember several of the terrorist attacks or events we have witnessed were large
scale drills. While the simulated attack was supposed to go on schedule it was replaced
by a real attack and most officials were asked to stand down. It is obvious that the war
effort will continue creating a harmful environment here in the United States.
The application of weapons, the destruction of structures and oil fields, fires, military
transport movements and chemical spraying are all examples of the destroying impact
war may have on the environment. Air, water and soil are polluted, man and animal are
killed, and numerous health affects occur among those still living.
Pay attention to what is happening on a global scale politicians in Europe and America
have been adopting the most costly and damaging measures politicians have ever
proposed. They build upon the war machine and are attempting to open dimensions in
order to weaponized time and deliver entities that are not of this planet.
It sounds wild, it sound improbable but the hidden news is reporting a different story.
In an Apocalypse we can interpret rapture as a means to where people are leaving
this world as fast as they arrive. It is destined to be this way. The stars say so; planet
alignments and celestial arrivals are portents. Numerology is also demonstrating that
nothing is stable in this epoch and that chaos will develop as the spiritual make up of
our country continues to deteriorate.
Look at the blatant lies and rituals. Look at the celebration of death and the consensus
falling prey to dark magic.
Perhaps the devastation we hear about and read about at home may create a need to
shape a world free from the Armageddon prone leaders we have elected. However it
appears we are stuck with them now.
I personally believe that even with the entire world crumbling around us, there may be
reason to rejoice and find a need to live more productive and happy lives. With death at
your door you may start to understand what it means to live as if you were about to die.
When you are faced with your own mortality you actually want to do more and not wait
for someone else to make things happen.
I have been reading about various claims of time travel and people who make
predictions of the future. Some of the predictions and the details are fascinating while
others tend to leave me wanting more and asking how they continue to hold on to a
following when it is obvious they are creating a hoax that can be merchandised to the
The question that can be asked is with all of the prophets making their predictions
do they create a causal reversal. Could it be that even the fake predictions somehow
shape the future? You never can tell, and as we explore the new claims of science
there needs to be through investigations into claims of the miraculous journeys through
I have had a time travel experience. I have experiences and anomalies in my life that
that can’t be explained and the experience is so real to me that it haunts me to this day.
There have been real predictions that we are all on the verge of world war three. We are
all bracing for an atomic conflagration somewhere in the world and a major disaster that
will require the use of thousands of plastic coffins set aside somewhere in the south.
We have all heard the rumors, felt the tremors and have heard the seers through time.
Now, the only thing we can do is wait. Wait for the crime of the century and the crime
against time where all things will have to be rewound to its primal state.
We have all heard that there is a sleeping giant that will awaken and will attack. That
sleeping giant is the United States, We are the sleeping giant and all we need is that
dimensional shake up to get is to realign our destiny with the right timeline. We will
becom the soldiers and we will organize on our own soil to try and right the wrongs
in the historical time line. We will have to not only fight a physical war but a psychic
metaphysical one as well.
The soldiers that will succeed in the psychic war will be the ones who possess the
knowledge necessary to move from time line to time line and keep their faculty together.
It will be tough and as Bradbury wrote in the story “A Sound of Thunder” stay on the
straight and narrow path and be careful not to step on the butterflies.

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