TH3 B-9 L13

TH3 B-9 L13

I have been answering a lot of e-mails over some of my thoughts on what really happened with the Osama Bin Laden raid. I observed a few things about the so called home movie of an old man watching TV and using a remote control in order to obsessively look for reports about Bin laden on Al-Jazeera. I made a few comments about surroundings in the so called “opulent” house of the man in the video.
I noticed things about power strips that did not match the voltage direct current in Pakistan and I mistakenly thought that the news ticker on the TV was going the wrong way. The commentary was not supposed to anger people and yet there were many who called into the show and refused to go on the air to either correct me or kindly tell me that I have lost it.

Without contact or communication I assumed that many of the callers were afraid of calling and correcting me. Which I don’t mind, but what really got to me was the e-mails questioning my patriotism and stating the absurd idea that I am a gullible conspiracy theorist.
It is hard to defend ad hominem and sometimes it goes with the territory, however it sometimes can be daunting to have someone curse you in writing about what you report when the person doing all of the mudslinging is emotionally caught up in all of the jingoism and pride.
As I was being bombarded in the studio of the images of what appeared to be a bearded Muslim watching TV I realized that this video does not prove that it was Osama nor does it prove that he was shot and killed on the date that the U.S. Government declares as accurate.
The Obama administration has dominated the public opinion un-challenged about the attack on an alleged Osama which I feel is paranormal and a bit creepy. When you have the same story being rerun in the 24 hour news cycle unchallenged it is hard for one voice to counter the barrage of propaganda being filtered and later accepted by a media that fails at challenging specious accounts of what really happened.
In the beginning we were told that navy Seals swooped down on a luxurious home in a blazing and intense firefight. We were told that Bin laden returned fire and then used his own wife as a human shield.
Then piece by piece the story started to change. We no longer were told that with was a luxurious home, Bin laden was unarmed and his wife was shot in the leg. The simple reason this has been done is to create a conflict so that the discussion can continue and spiral into benign pap that people already have told me is over extending its welcome. Once the story creates this type of disdain the mainstream narrative is then accepted and there no longer needs to be any discussion that challenges the original content.
The stories that contradict the official story become conspiracy theories and a skotoma is then created in the consensus. This is deliberate because group think and pressures say that it doesn’t matter if the man died in 2001 or 2011, the truth is that he died and even if the government is lying who does it hurt?
The Osama bin Laden story will be the story that will have to be abandoned and will become the benign lie that history will embrace. While I will hold in my soul that no lie from government is benign, I am seeing now that we can change stories, cover up histories and obfuscate entire scenarios when all of the evidence points to an opportunistic lie.
In the infamous interview with David Frost, President Richard Nixon claimed that the president is above prosecution if he commits a crime. Nixon had stated that a president can commit crimes because he is the president. Nixon supported the idea that presidents may have to take extraordinary, even illegal, actions to hold the nation together and preserve its security.
Nixon also believed that it was necessary to lie to the American people or fabricate stories to keep the nation together.
The lies that Nixon told were about Vietnam.
Approximately 2,700,000 American men and women served in Vietnam. It was the first war in which the US failed to meet its objectives. It was also the first time America failed to welcome its veterans back as heroes. Many veterans were attacked personally by their fellow countrymen, who opposed the war. This situation magnified the stress associated with their combat experiences. Many men were killed after exposure to pesticides and Agent Orange. While many people demanded investigations into these war crimes – the cases were dismissed.
With Nixon, history has illustrated the abuse of power and how those who abuse it justify their various actions. Powerful men can tell powerful lies and those lies do harm. Those who are not immediately affected do nothing to challenge those lies.
During the George W. Bush administration we witnessed the violation of our power structure and government system of which the Nixon administration was guilty of as well. We were told that our wars were being declared because of bogeymen and weapons of Mass destruction.
There were bogeymen that are both dead now and still no weapons of mass destruction. Was that lie justified? Do we still defend the system of lying? Who suffers?
Dare we say that wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are like Vietnam and the soldiers and civilians are being remembered as collateral damage? Many remain sick as some of the living envy the dead.
Changing the narrative creates a schism and the argument creates division and the whole argument becomes useless fodder and winds up in the memory hole. It becomes a historical skotoma.
Governments know that that they can act on your emotional fears so that any criminal activity that is carried out by their colleagues can be ignored or justified based on emotional response. Perfect example is that prior to the so called killing of Osama Bin laden there were questions being presented about Obama’s citizenship. His approval ratings were lowering and there seemed top be a shift in attitude towards a more conservative government. Obama’s approval rating was at 40 % and after the so called raid that killed Bin laden his approval spiked 61%.
What does this say about the American people? Does this indicate that we are easily manipulated and that we forget that history shows that governments move people like pawns on a chess board?
They use the media to water down the facts so that people do not demand accountability. The American people decide that is not worth the time to have a private investigation into the assertions of the executive branch of the government. So the criminal activity and the lies become acceptable and quite literally benign activities.
Government leaders who commit criminal activity have gone to great lengths to keep themselves from facing any kind of trial or conviction. They first appeal to the nation claiming that they acted in the best interests of the people. Political pundits often cry out that there is with a right wing or a left wing conspiracy. People in either party unfortunately nod their heads in agreement rather than realizing that when a crime is committed it is not a partisan issue.
Government officials get away with criminal activity because we have established a system that intrinsically knits corruption into the government construct, where the law itself grants immunity in a way that makes successful prosecution the exception.
Successful prosecution and investigations into criminal activities in government also costs money. If you were to take a look at history’s most nefarious cases you would see that while some cases have deep pockets for investigation. Other cases, where criminal wrongdoing can be traced to public leaders seem to be limited in budget.
For example the overall cost for investigating the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster totaled $100 million dollars and the Columbia disaster investigation came in at a whopping $175 Million Dollars. When it comes to alleged criminal activity or wrong doing with a political figure or alphabet agency, investigation budgets are much lower.
The Watergate investigation against Nixon cost us $20 Million to investigate while the Monica Lewinski scandal investigation cost $30 million.
The Iran contra scandal cost $35 million and the September 11t, attacks, the largest crime of the century was only given $3 million dollars in the initial investigation.
Public Law 107-306 provided for the allowance of $3 million for the 9/11 Commission. Congress subsequently appropriated, and the President signed into law, an additional $11 million appropriation for the Commission. Recent legislation authorized an additional $1 million, bringing the Commission’s total budget to $15 million. Still the offering originally set at 3 million was an embarrassment. After haggling and begging $15 million is still less than Watergate. How is it that the biggest crime of the century was left with a small amount of money for investigating an alleged terrorist attack that plunged us into two wars?
Where is the justice? How can any real investigation be had with such little investment?
15 million wasn’t enough to even start getting to the bottom of what happened. $15 million didn’t pay for much other than some press releases and the costs of printing reports. It certainly wasn’t enough to pay for real investigation or legal struggles to discover information which the government was stonewalling.
The lack of funding and the lack of cooperation from the government compromised the investigation. 9/11 Commissioner Max Cleland resigned from the Commission, stating: “It is a national scandal; This investigation is now compromised and One of these days we will have to get the full story because the 9-11 issue is so important to America. But this White House wants to cover it up”
We need to remember that the attacks of September 11th, 2001 were carried out by a criminal element within the Government of the United States that negotiated with foreign governments and banks to provide funding for this attack. It is premature to cast all of the blame on George W. Bush for the attacks when it is painfully obvious that we can implicate key democrats as well as republicans in the ‘co-conspirators’ list, both before, and after the fact of the crime. It equally can be said that the co-conspirators were also responsible for the wars that ensued and the lies of weapons of mass destruction, Iraq’s connection to Al Qaeda , and the authorization of torture. Furthermore, knowing that there was an illegal war declared wouldn’t it be equally suspect that a president ordered the assassination of a person who was not given a trial? Why were we not given the satisfaction of seeing our public enemy placed under a microscope, tried and then executed if found guilty? Does this not jar the minds of anyone? Is this something we can just overlook and claim that it doesn’t matter and that it is benign?
Justice and rule of law have been abandoned here and there is no challenge, or any discussion on the matter of war crimes, failure to abide by laws of war and the public’s right to know. It applies to both political parties and now we have found common ground with President Obama. We all believe that what has been done is for the betterment of the world. He is now being praised, his approval rating is above 50% and his presidential re-election status is almost flawless. It is now bad to discuss this anymore, people are becoming sickened and weary of it and it will soon be forgotten and whatever history they include it will be accepted as fact because we no longer have the ability to discuss anything that upsets the continuity of the government psychological stranglehold.
Anyone who brings up the discussion is accused of being divisive. I wonder about the mental health of a country where intellectual honesty is divisive.
Here is something that is divisive and that we seem to be overlooking continuation of policies that are prolonging the sins of the past administration and calling them necessary evils. It took eight years for the country to decide the George W. Bush was evil to the core. The country experienced several breaking points where they demanded impeachment. With Obama we are continuing the same wars, the same Orwellian policies, We are witnessing the same Washington corruption and yet progressives still call it an inherited mess. This is an excuse.
There are many corrupt officials within this inherited mess that are democrats. This two faced form of government is being allowed and it seems to be innocuous. On one hand there seems to be an interest in correcting what is wrong and on the other there is the feigning of ignorance. It is a twisted psychological cluster that keeps those who question safely put in the loony bin.
If you manage to be heard and a group of people demand investigations and accountability there is always preventative detention that has been authorized by president Obama. This of course is unconstitutional.
It essentially allows indefinite imprisonment of those deemed generally “dangerous” by the Government for a myriad of nebulous reasons. This means YOU could be detained indefinitely not for past violations of the law or convictions—but for crimes that THEY ( Pre crime enforcement officials) think you are capable or possibly could commit based on THEIR criteria. This is a dangerous thought crime proposal. If your feelings or ideas are deemed dangerous you could face jail time.
There will be no trial, for no crime that exists to be charged. There is only the nebulous threat of “future acts” to justify depriving people of their liberty potentially, indefinitely. How will they be able to figure out that you are a potential terrorist without any record of criminal acts? This is occult justice it is literally an unconstitutional witch hunt. Proposed by the man who is the messiah of hope. Obama is the man who cannot produce proof that he was the King who told the knights to slay the dragon. Surely must know in this day and age that dragons are imaginary. However you cannot point this out because it is not part of the programming. Go against your programming and you face ridicule or are plucked off the street merely because the government alleges that you are “dangerous,” Your crime is in your inability to support a dictatorship run amok.
Obama expressed that his thoughts about Preventive detention were not aimed at terrorism suspects now held at Guantánamo Bay, but rather for those captured in the future, in settings other than a legitimate battlefield like Afghanistan. The other setting implied is in the “homeland” the new battlefield. Habeas Corpus is fully eliminated. He really didn’t need to produce a body in the case of Bin laden and yet it was believed as fact. It is becoming a nightmare. We no longer need evidence to create a fantastic story, only intelligence operators that mold and shape public thinking.
These are dystopic visions that have been written about in Orwell’s 1984 and Philip K. Dick’s “Minority Report.” However there is even a darker angle that probably will be missed by progressive thinkers in the 21st century. And that is something left behind in the 15th century.
As Bush invoked the crusades during his presidency it seems that Obama wants to invoke the Hammer against the witches. A policy written in the 15th century to spread the fear that witches and vampires exist and are in our midst. The invocation Malleus Maleficarum was written primarily against women who were accused of collusion with Satan.
The main purpose of the Malleus was systematically to refute arguments claiming that witchcraft does not exist, refute those who expressed skepticism about its reality, to prove that witches were more often women than men, and to educate magistrates on the procedures that could find them out and convict them. Now replace the word Witchcraft with terrorism and substitute terrorist for witch. Here you have the new policy proposed by Obama.
How many so called witches received fair trials? How many were murdered without due process. You see how lies can create chaos. We must not ignore them because they are uncomfortable to talk about in public.
Obama is selling lies and manipulation and holding the common people to a standard that he does not and will not abide by.
What Obama is pitching here is that he not be the only one making the decision to rip habeas corpus and other civil liberties to shreds. He wants collusion from other people who can all jointly agree to gut habeas corpus and civil liberties. He calls that an agreed upon legal and legitimate framework as a cover. BUT IT IS NOT LEGAL and far from legitimate. The so called inherited mess is becoming more of a cataclysmic disaster. Where are the checks and balances? Where is the Supreme Court? Where is congress?
Settling for the path of least resistance is dangerous. Because it lands us in very dangerous territory, a war zone that will never end.
Obama has been installing a far greater Orwellian night mare where he has killed Emanuel Goldstein and has prolonged his legend to fortify his hypnotic power on a lost nation.
He is designing a more obvious Orwellian version of the perpetual war or the “long war” if you prefer for the public. The Long war is sustained under the umbrella of hatred and disdain keeping Americans angry and helpless so that they demand extermination of their invisible enemies.
Obama once stated that his administration would strive to take the “moral high ground”, he said in reference to George W. Bush that no president is “above the law” and that it would be his objective to restore “due process.”
But now we have been tainted with so called benign lies, and hollow promises. The totalitarian attitude starts with those lies and half truths. Apologists now say that no matter what happened Obama took major steps to keep America safe.
When Obama took the oath of office he did not say that he would “keep Americans safe” he solemnly swore that he would “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”
However now the images of 9/11 return and we have now raised the specter of a phantom that will haunt us forever. It is a conditioning process and the majority seems to react much like Pavlov’s dogs, our mouth waters when we hear of war and death and we turn a blind eye to horrific abuse practices, illegal detentions, and other crimes committed in our names. Now it seems no one questions these practices under Obama for fear of reprisal.
What is all the more frustrating is that the arguments and intellectual discussions on the matter does nothing to alter the core predicament. The United States government continues to commit crimes, and with no substantive change having occurred with the change of administrations and party in charge, these crimes are becoming blood cemented as permanent policy and practice. When will America wake up and set aside their adoration for a superstar President and face facts?
We are seeing the wearing a way of our cognitive liberty. We seem to no longer have the freedom to question or investigate.
Cognitive dissonance is becoming the norm for the consensus reality. No matter how unpopular my words are in this report, you will see that the cycle of mental breakdown of the people will be denial, then bargaining, anger, depression, and then cynical acceptance.
Or as Orwell Put it when the clock struck 13, War is Peace freedom is slavery Ignorance is strength.
Go ahead and say it, and believe it, get everyone else to believe it too, what can it hurt?

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