This week I have the opportunity to have my show begin at 10 p.m. on October 10, 2010.  There are many 10’s in that entire date and time. I often have fun with numeric sequences and I try to find some meaning in dates through what I call “my dime store numerology.”  Today 10/10/10 gives me reason to follow through on my habit.  Three ten’s when heard quickly can be heard as another word.
That word is threatens.  The idea of what threatens us seems to be the subject that I want to discuss.  You may think I am being an alarmist but most of what I speak about is there to make you think.  I fear numbers because they speak to me. Not in some psychotic break, but it is obvious to me that God speaks to us in numbers. Combinations of certain numbers increase their power.
Meanings of numbers can also create a powerful meme. If the meme becomes viral, then perhaps I have done my job. In the date of the three tens what threatens us is ignorance. What our ignorance will lead to is our decimation.
Decimation is a word that is taken from the Greek word deca, deci or tenth.  The original name for the 10 commandments is the Decalogue. A decameter is 10 meters, a decade is 10 years. Decimation is a frightening word because it means to reduce something or remove something by a tenth.
Now Decimation can mean 10 reduced to 9 or 10 reduced to 1but it is more commonly used to define a reduction or removal of a considerable amount.
I contend that on this three ten day what threatens or “three tens” us is decimation. Decimation was a punishment imposed on Roman military units for failure, cowardice, or mutiny in which one in ten or 10% of the soldiers were selected by their leaders to be slaughtered by their fellow soldiers and countrymen. The murdering soldiers who carried out their orders were told it was done for the greater good of Rome. They would throw dice to see who would be killed.  Nine soldiers would kill the one. Many times this was used for efficiency and keeping the men in line. There are others who have written that the practice was done to allow for more provisions, mostly wheat and barley to be divided among the men to survive.
In early Christianity a tenth was given as a token of sacrifice. It was handed down from Mosaic Law. Farmers had to offer a tenth of their harvest, while craftsmen had to offer a tenth of their production. They were required to offer one tenth of their increase. Decimation and increase or decrease by ten was a common way of life in the times of Rome and The Christians.
Last Sunday I stayed behind an hour in the studio to try and calm a number of frightened Christians that felt I was preaching a false religion on my show.  The chat room was buzzing with a couple of listeners who felt that I was trying to convince them that being saved is an alien concept.  I tried to convey that the Gnostic writings found in 1947 at Nag Hammadi revealed that externalizing some “saving grace” from Archons or chaotic beings outside yourself results in destruction.  Many were offended that I was inferring that looking to Jesus for “saving” is a concept that should be avoided.
I never said that people should reject their beliefs, I was pointing out that according to the ET/Archon theory, externalizing your salvation to anyone or anything that has not proven itself to be beneficial can lead to your destruction. The television show V is demonstrating this by showing that while the aliens claim to come in peace they are secretly plotting the decimation of the human race.
The idea I tried to convey is, don’t accept spiritual salvation from strangers it can lead to your decimation. Don’t give up your individualism.
The Gnostics were quite aware of the alien concepts that were set out to thwart individualism.  If you decide to join some cause that uses a “destructive end model” as its foundation, then you will learn that in order to overcome that destructive end you will need to be saved, or do actions to provide the way for your salvation.  However most of what a ‘cult” does is give you a penalty, unless you make a pact or a covenant with an external savior.
Politics and religion use these models of fear to further their power.
Many Wars have been declared over political destruction models and dynamics that demonize a group of people for the benefit of a conquering attitude.  Therefore it appears that the majority mass murder as long as it is done for the benefit of the few.  To question is anathema, to fight is betrayal and to conform is the easy way to survive in a death cult.
Political consensus is what creates war.  The political figures declare that there should be a mandate for murder and so as acting Mob bosses in charge they order a hit on the objects of their ire. In religious groups there is also an agreed upon dogma and it should be followed ex-cathedra.  People surrender their better judgment for the judgment of someone else who doesn’t care for them.  They are fighting a war as well.  This is the fight between that which is determined to be good by consensus and what is deemed evil by consensus.   The consensus runs on faith and belief not facts.  Religions are not supposed to be run on facts.  Good religions are fortified with beliefs and are maintained by faith.
It is Science that claims to have facts.  Any science that wants your belief has not done its job in producing the facts.  A scientific conclusion is not something you believe in, it is something you can demonstrate.
That is why proposed destructive models cannot be proven because they have not happened yet.  You can believe that an alien invasion can happen, you can believe in a second coming, you can believe in worldwide catastrophe from Global warming, however  that does not mean that it is a scientific fact.
It seems we are in the midst of some sort of apotheosis when it comes to the environmental catastrophic model.  Many people are calling the environmental movement a “secular religion” and while the idea of saving a dying planet is a noble one, we must also point out that those who have lost their souls to the “Global warming” movement have become cynical and have kept a sinister rage hidden underneath the so called “spiritual” veneer of activism and conservationism.  I had pointed this out on a previous Ground Zero show when I had played the quotes from Charles Manson and his final solution for environmentalism, the Unabomber’s luddite manifesto, the Blut und Boten aspirations of Hitler with the sifting of the human populace, and the wannabe bomber who forced himself into the offices of the Discovery Channel and demanded that more earth Friendly TV shows be aired.
I have noticed a trend in the “Global Warming” camp where many members that have powerful axes to grind are embracing an apocalyptic model and are using it to create converts to their cause.  There is an overall cloud of death fetishism that is being allowed in, to shock so called non-believers into being card carrying members of their world wide cult.  The doomsayers in this worldwide death cult have not really presented solutions to the problems we allegedly face.
We hear that blame can be placed on everyone who lives on the planet, that there are “proven” ways to combat an unproven future but no real solutions except for the reduction of the human carbon contribution or global sustainability.  The new environmental cult has a mission to create followers who will throw themselves into a “self sacrifice mode for the greater glory of the “cult.”  They have also convinced politicians to frame government around their destructive models, use them as policy, and implement them without consent or vote.
They assume that everyone believes in their so called science.  Those who refute their claims are then placed in the same category as those who deny the Jewish holocaust.  This is also indicative of a sick and depraved agenda.
It is frightening to think that there have been proposals to put on trial and jail anyone who denies the “Future Holocaust” that will be brought about by Global warming.”  Another point to be made is that if Global warming was a true science and if facts needed to be reviewed, it is possible for scientists to convene, analyze and do more tests. Science allows that nothing is beyond the realm of scrutiny, that no conclusion is immune to further experimentation.  Even Eisenstein’s models have been met with scientific debate and some even think that Newton’s gravity can be scrutinized.
And yet we have heard that the case about Global warming has been closed.  That everyone agrees that there is a future holocaust awaiting us if we do not take action.  There is something frightening about a “scientific discovery” that when presented with counter proposals become a reason for drastic measures to eliminate those who question.
This alone should send a chilling message to everyone.
That thought crime for futures that have not yet happened can be used against you. There is no proof that climate changes will kill 6 million people or more in the near future.  But sadly there are people who still hang on and feel that abandoning the movement means abandoning the desire to heal the planet and remain vigilant. It needs to be said that what is happening is dangerous.   I would hope that what I am writing gets through, and that you can see that a destructive group dynamic that nurtures the idea of thought change, or even behavioral change by coercion is a threat to your cognitive liberty.
Greenpeace released a video of an angry kid that looks like he belongs in the movie Children of the Damned.  The kid is wearing a hood and takes the time to inform grown-ups about how kids like him will retaliate against them if they don’t change their wasteful ways, and cut back on Co2 gasses and Methane.  The effect of the ad creeps out viewers rather than gives them a reason to sympathize.

[youtube vgvnqv1-_D4]

In the video the kid draws the line and claims that it is time to choose sides. He says with a scowl “You are either for my future or against it. You’re a friend or you’re an enemy”
I remember not too long ago a time where people had this attitude and that was after the attacks on New York and Washington D.C.   George W. Bush made the statement you are either with us, or with the terrorists.  There was no debate, no counter proposal, no questioning.   It was enforcement of new laws, constitutional obstruction, and behavioral changes that were forced on people who had no choice but to understand and determine that an illegal war was the only option on the table.  We were told who the enemy was, and yet we did not investigate or even take time to figure out just what happened on that day.  The spectacle was enough to convince the majority.  Before the dust even cleared we had a suspect, a motive for war, and a new patriotic zeal. None of this however proves a reality or a fact.  It only demonstrates an urgent need for an answer or solution that has not been fully developed.  People will rationalize that whatever the oligarchy says is fact must be fact and does not question.  That is why we are being pushed to the precipice of solidifying the governments hold on power indefinitely.
People are willing to surrender their individualism for a quick fix. If they don’t indulge their penchant for death in the observation of “feel good” murder in the Middle East, they will fulfill their death fetish needs by declaring that a holocaust awaits us. “Feel good” environmentalism gives them a dark and cynical guilty pleasure of seeing people die for the greater good of global sustainability. Death fetishism I feel has long been the underlying agenda of people who find a fascination with a cataclysmic model and hold with great euphoria the idea of an apocalyptic end.
The Armageddon that awaits is welcomed by religious cultists who see it as a way to get nearer to their God.  In a similar way those who are part of the “Climate Change “cult are also in the same mind set.  They tend to loathe humanity, and elevate animals and the earth to an apotheotic position.  Then to prove their point they marvel at the deaths or perceived death of both.
For example, in the academy award winning movie and “Inconvenient Truth” Al Gore speaks about how Polar bears are dying.  Rather than just explain the issue of the deaths of Polar bears, he had producers create an animation of struggling Polar Bear to illustrate the crisis.  According to the National Center for Policy Analysis Project, a non partisan analysis group Polar bears were not dying off, in fact their numbers were increasing. According to Dr. David Legates a so called human induced arctic meltdown was not supported by the evidence.
That did not stop an environmental group to kill them on TV to prove their point. In the United Kingdom an elaborate and graphic advertisement produced by a group called “Plane Stupid” showed large polar bears being dropped form an airplane. The bears are graphically shown raining from the sky slamming into buildings, hitting with a splat on the pavement below and one smashing into a gray Lincoln Continental.  I had commented on the ad after I was treated to a viewing in Washington State.  The commentary can be found in one of my videos about global warming.

[youtube 234C4WgAJyE]

After the hideous display of death on the screen it was explained that the whole purpose of the ad campaign was to illustrate that 880 pounds is the average weight of a healthy Polar Bear and that every plane flight emits about 880 pounds of carbon-dioxide when it  flies over.
I guess the metaphor was lost on many people because they were offended by the carnage depicted on the screen. Sometimes imagery can overwhelm the message.  That is why it is important to note that the advertisements depicting death does nothing to further the movement or even the so called science.  It is nothing more than a cynical and hateful smack in the face by death fetishists that marvel at the death and carnage.  They love to paint a dark side with no solution.
Many of the advertisements that are to illustrate the global climate dilemma are aimed at killing or placing humans in harm’s way. In Finland a television ad that was praised for its effectiveness shows a mother placing a baby in a bathtub.  She turns on the water and the baby splashes happily not realizing that the mother will not return.  The camera zooms out to imply that baby is going to drown as the water continues to fill the basin.  While the message is in a different language the dark images of a baby drowning speak to everyone.

[youtube kOSsIIxQ_dE]

In the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry 2008, vol 42(4); pg. 350, Drs. Robert Salo and Joshua Wolf from the Royal Children’s Hospital in Victoria Australia have reported the first ever case of delusional behavior and thoughts based on global warming and climate change.
The patient refused to drink water because he felt it would have a negative impact on the planet. He believed that his very existence was a negative impact on the planet.
John Stossel filed a report for the news program 20/20 where he interviewed children that were preoccupied with global warming.  The children were all in agreement that they were all doomed and that they would have to struggle to survive. It is this message that is damaging children and it is coercing people into compliance.

[youtube kHCJ-UhZFT4]

The U.S. ad council was also responsible for an public service advertisement pushing the Global Warming agenda. The ad once again puts a death fetish spin on the issue.
A speeding train heads down the tracks. A man stands there saying that he won’t have to worry about the effects of Climate change because they probably won’t happen for 30 years.
The man steps away. Behind him is an innocent girl about to be hit by the oncoming train.

[youtube s-_LBXWMCAM]

It can be surmised that the death spin on all things global warming can be reflection of the movement.  Their underlying desires are showing in their wanting to eliminate non believing parties.
The environmental movement has chosen 10/10/10 as a day to start work and getting their message out to a wider group. They have declared the date a day of action, and more than 7,000 community organizations have partnered to dedicate 10/10/10 to environmental work across the globe. However their efforts have been marred by an ad campaign that lasted only one day because of its twisted nature. Several video ads were created by 10:10 global, Sony and a global movement called
The videos once again make a clear statement that many people within the environmental movement are sadistic and resort to death fetishism to make their point. The series of videos supports a coercive “group think” mentality by saying “there is no pressure” to support the pseudo science of Global warming however if you choose not to follow the group you will be decimated.
The first in a series shows a teacher talking to her students about the 10:10 movement. She encourages her students to do things like recycle, reduce car usage, insulate houses, use energy efficient light bulbs, and take the train instead of planes.  The students seem enthusiastic enough, but two students seem to be skeptical. When class is about to be dismissed she pulls away some papers to reveal a black box with a red button. She presses the button and the two students who were not as excited about the environmental wash explode.
Blood and chunks of body parts hit the other students. The other spots are basically the same with a boss telling his employees to work on energy saving practices.  Those who refuse get the button and are obliterated. A football player is decimated and even Gillian Andersen gets blown up in a studio because she believes that just doing an ad is enough to help global warming efforts. It is quite disturbing to see blood oozing down a studio window and if your stomach can take it eyeballs are seen crawling down the glass.

[youtube s36CuzljITs]

The short film or campaign was short lived. It was described as horrific, cynical, sadistic, and crude.  It prompted Sony and to pull their support from the 10:10 global campaign.
The makers of the campaign issued a haphazard apology for the ad campaign and pulled the videos of their website.
Today we put up a mini-movie about 10:10 and climate change called ‘No Pressure’.
With climate change becoming increasingly threatening, and decreasingly talked about in the media, we wanted to find a way to bring this critical issue back into the headlines whilst making people laugh. We were therefore delighted when Britain’s leading comedy writer, Richard Curtis – writer of Blackadder, Four Weddings, Notting Hill and many others – agreed to write a short film for the 10:10 campaign. Many people found the resulting film extremely funny, but unfortunately some didn’t and we sincerely apologize to anybody we have offended.
As a result of these concerns we’ve taken it off our website.
We’d like to thank the 50+ film professionals and 40+ actors and extras and who gave their time and equipment to the film for free. We greatly value your contributions and the tremendous enthusiasm and professionalism you brought to the project.
At 10:10 we’re all about trying new and creative ways of getting people to take action on climate change. Unfortunately in this instance we missed the mark. Oh well, we live and learn.
Onwards and upwards,
Eugenie, Franny, Lizzie and the whole 10:10 team
The apology looked more like a reworded acceptance speech for an Emmy award and not a real apology.  Even if they did apologize for the snuff campaign it’s not like we haven’t heard the message from others in the movement of climate change that the hidden agenda is death and population controls.
President Obama’s “science czar,” John Holdren, has endorsed the idea of forced abortions, “compulsory sterilization,” and the creation of a “Planetary Regime” that would oversee human population levels and control all natural resources as a means of protecting the planet.
Bill Gates spoke at a TED conference and stated that population reduction was needed to curb greenhouse gasses.  He stated The world today has 6.8 billion people… that’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.”
Gates literally stated that reducing or decimating the planet using vaccines will help the cause of curbing Co2 emissions. The mindset of these elite wannabe killers is astounding.
The members of 10:10 acted as if what they did was something that they were unaware would get such negative attention.  They pretended that we didn’t get their sick joke and so C’est le vie.
This type of behavior is exactly why Patrick Moore the co-founder of Greenpeace resigned. In 2005, Moore criticized what he saw as scare tactics and disinformation employed by some within the environmental movement, saying that the environmental movement “abandoned science and logic in favor of emotion and sensationalism.” Moore calls global warming the “most difficult issue facing the scientific community today in terms of being able to actually predict with any kind of accuracy what’s going to happen.
He maintains that there is no scientific proof that man made global warming is a reality. He goes on to say that many of the environmental issues have been dealt with, however there are people within the movement that want to invent doom and gloom scenarios to win over the non believers.
The Environmental movement romanticizes the idea of the cataclysmic model, and wants to see a world where people become peasants and pay for their abuses on planet earth.  For many that includes death. The simple message that is being sent out is you don’t have a right to be here.  It most definitely is becoming anti-human.
We hear from their supporters the ideas of Eugenics directives and the ideas of forced sterilization. We see in their dark and twisted ad campaigns how they secretly want to execute the non believers.
Even after the dark and twisted videos were pulled and apologies rang hollow on websites, a group called ACT-Responsible were running twisted art and what they call responsible communication.  According to its website, ACT’s goal “is to federate, promote and inspire responsible communication on sustainability, equitable development and social responsibility.
I was taken aback by a piece of art that showed a dead girl whose skull had been broken like pottery.

While the art was stunning I knew nothing of its motive. It certainly was stark and twisted.  But the one that was most outrageous showed a young girl with a noose around her neck standing on a glacier.  As the glacier melts the noose tightens.

This was voted in Cannes as one of the most effective social/environmental ads.  It once again demonstrates a progressive schizophrenia that paints a so called peaceful movement as a radically twisted cult under the surface.
The global climate change movement is a fraud. It is shaping up to be a worldwide death cult where humanity is despised.
They continually threaten and bully those who don’t believe in their tactics. They call those who question deniers and feel comfortable with comparing them to Holocaust deniers and yet want to try and convict anyone who wishes to protests their future holocaust predictions.
They scare people by accusing them of not caring enough about kids, and yet their ad campaigns put children in danger. They want us all to see their “reason” but they want us to abandon true and “reasonable” debate. They tell us that they don’t want violence and yet they advocate it in their ad campaigns.  They hold death as a cudgel to change attitude and thought and they use the darkest potentiality as a form of proof.
These tactics were used to get people to buy into an illegal war on terror.
Some call it the One Percent Doctrine and it was proposed by Vice President Dick Cheney.  He forcefully stated that the war on terror empowered the Bush administration to act without the need for evidence or extensive analysis. We acted on the possibility that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.  When it was found that there was no evidence Cheney basically noted that even if there’s just a 1 percent chance of them having those weapons we must act as if it is a certainty. It’s not about ‘our analysis, it’s about response.
It seems that warlords teach apt pupils and thus we see where the Global warming movement is heading.
There are people including Al Gore who argue that even if there is no evidence of Global warming, even if the science is flawed, we must act as if it will happen. We must respond now, for something that we don’t even know will happen in the future.
How can we continue to allow this type of thinking to continue?  Reverse causality is becoming a reality.  The future or possible future is taking its toll on the present.
Imagine if you went to the doctor complaining of pain and you asked for pain pills and he said, “No I suggest Chemo therapy.”   So you assume that you have Cancer and you ask the doctor where it is, He says “Well there isn’t any cancer yet, but there is that one percent chance that you might have it so I think it is necessary. Would you accept that diagnosis?
With Global warming we have a so called scientific reality that has not happened yet. Many scientists say that it is happening now. Other scientists say that there is no evidence to back the hysteria. So all we have is a Past Vice president who had a power point presentation that presented a theory.
His theory was perhaps 1 or even 10 percent correct and people decide to jump on the bandwagon because they see a number of natural disasters that just happened to be exploited by people with crackpot theories and greedy aspirations.
When faced with their hypothesis science must have a 95 percent accuracy of proof in order for it to be fact.  Global warming doesn’t.  It is theory based on potential outcome.  All outcomes are based on catastrophic models and nowhere do we see a recovery model using complex theory that has proven that life always finds a way on this planet.
This is what is the most frustrating.  We do have a chance of living normal lives, but everything surrounding the global environmental movement is about death and decimation. The intensity of the argument is being tuned up to a fever pitch. The war on Global warming has brought with it images of terrorism.
With those images they want you to reduce your carbon footprint by 10 percent. With those images they secretly wish it could all be done with a button.  That if they pressed the red candy like button you would see mothers smother their babies for global sustainability. Kids that refuse to drink water because they fear they are harming the planet. With a pressing of a red button, those who deny Global warming would hang from the gallows.
With the pressing of a button mentally retarded people would be sterilized. Pressing a button would put cancer in bodies of the non believers. Pushing the button would trigger bombers who send packages aimed at killing those who contribute to the future holocaust.  Pushing the button sends killers into TV stations demanding they air earth friendly TV shows.
At the end of it all there would be someone who says “it was all a joke don’t you get it? It’s plausible deniability.”
And some people will be amused.
Amused to death.

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