As I prepare for my first show that will lead to a 5 day a week run I am feeling as though
what I am saying and reporting seems to be going full circle and that we are getting
closer to a disclosure of some kind that we may not want to hear because of what it
means about our future on this planet.
I am always being asked what I think is really going on and I have to speak the truth
and tell them that perhaps there is no real truth. There is only perceived truth and a
history and future that is being permitted and approximated by powerful dark forces
that Woodrow Wilson once claimed are at the very door of our well kept society. At the
time no one knew what he meant, however you can speculate that during his tenure as
president there was a lot of occult activity that had been going on and attempts to usher
in a new age were only beginning.

In the year 2011 we are seeing events that are piercing through the consciousness
of the planet as a whole. Events are happening in the skies above us and the sun
has reawakened sending solar tsunamis our way pulling on the tectonic plates of
earthquake prone areas. I have observed many people grasping at empirical evidence
in order to find answers and they have created straw-man arguments to justify their
various theories and while many are fascinating much of what we are seeing and
reading is being produced in order to sell a book or even a podcast. Each person is
trying to be weirder than the other, throwing out all kinds of deceptive propaganda that
is being taken seriously by those who think that it is truth.
People have invested in conjecture and have been pushing it with the attitude that they
are weighing both sides of an issue. Well I see that during the weigh in there tends
to be more weight placed on nonsense and not on gradual monitoring and study of a
phenomenon and its history.
People are literally lost in the mystery and are forgetting that there can be simple
solutions to everyday mysteries. When there is an open discussion about these topics
with a keen interest in finding some concrete truths, things start to become more and
more fascinating and we do learn that there is more in heaven and earth that can re
dreamt of in any philosophy.
It needs to be said that not only should we respect and consider the mystery but
we should employ a little history to demonstrate that what has happened before will
influence us in the times ahead. We are witnessing a time in our history where more
people have died and less are among the living and that there is more time behind us
than there is ahead of us. That means that if the time line can be compared to a rubber
band its expansion will somehow spring back and all of the times, past present and
future could greet us simultaneously causing the transformation that will reveal to us all
of the secrets of this world.
We know that in every historical epoch, in every text there is evidence of a civilization
that has arrived here from the skies. There are many histories of beings that had
descended to earth to incarnate into human flesh and mingle in with the inhabitants of
the planet
Each time that these beings arrived there came catastrophes, mass carnage, war and
plagues. After these tumultuous events the beings from above would then demonstrate
to the inhabitants that they were the incarnation of god upon the earth. They were
givers of life, observers of the planet and destroyers of cities and civilizations. They
were essentially givers, observers and destroyers. Aliens or extraterrestrials are quite
simply the archetypal concept of a militant and angry god. The gods would dispense
intelligence, mold and model civilization and appoint scribes to create the narratives of
their presence on earth. These narratives exist outside of biblical texts even though
biblical texts do indicate the interaction between the givers, observers and destroyers
on a regular basis throughout the texts.
There were reports of flying shields, orbs, streaks of light and strange wheels that
were recorded by scribes. The accounts were later interpreted to be visits from angels
or other gods. With the advent of the science fiction era all anomalous activity in the
heavens has been attributed to mythological little green men from the planet Mars.
Those mythological beings became clearer during the times of the abduction cases in
the 1960’s through 1990’s when witnesses claiming that they were taken described the
beings as sylph like grayish bluish creatures with small heads and large dark eyes.
Twenty years ago Russia sent two probes to Mars to investigate the Martian moon
Phobos. The first probe was lost on its way to explore the Martian moon. NASA had
said that the probe was destroyed by a Meteorite. However the other Probe recorded
something far more frightening. Something that was large enough to cast a shadow on
the Martian surface. The shadow that was cast was cigar shaped and there were many
people who speculated that perhaps the probes were attacked by an extraterrestrial
force. NASA had also reported that there were other shots taken by the probe
reportedly showing some “sensitive information.” To this day there is no explanation as
to what destroyed these probes. It is a mystery to this day, a part of Ufology that is over
looked by many investigators.
Even when NASA Discovered that Methane was being produced on Mars Scientists
around the world concluded that methane could only be produced from life forms
under the planet’s soil. The first discovery of this was in 1976. Gilbert Levin was the
scientist who found that the Viking Missions produced evidence of life On Mars. NASA
immediately dismissed it. In 1996, a researcher that was actually supported by NASA
said he had found fossil bacteria in a meteorite that had been blasted off the surface
of Mars. The report, which was published in the journal Science, was featured on the
cover of Time magazine and was trumpeted by the White House.
Eventually, most scientists were saying “Nothing to see here” claiming that formations in
the rock merely looked like alien fossils and weren’t the real deal. Dr. Richard B.
Hoover, an astrobiologist at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center claimed that he had
found conclusive evidence of alien life. There were diagrammed pictures distributed
that purported to show fossils of bacteria found in an extremely rare class of meteorite
called CI1 carbonaceous chondrites. The pictures looked like some form of alien pasta
embedded in the rock of the rare meteorites.
Hoover discovered the fossils by breaking apart the CI1 meteorite, and analyzing
the exposed rock with a scanning-electron microscope and a field emission electron-
scanning microscope, which allowed him to detect any fossil remains. What he found
were fossils of micro-organisms, many of which he says are strikingly similar to those
found on our own planet.
The “fossil found in the meteorite story” has often been announced by NASA scientists
only to be shot down by other scientists who want to silence any and all talk about life
out in space. After Hoover’s report in the Journal of Cosmology, NASA didn’t surprise
anyone by issuing a statement saying that it will distance itself from Hoover and his
work. Paul Hertz, chief scientist of NASA’s science mission directorate, issued a
statement saying, among other things, that “NASA cannot stand behind or support
a scientific claim unless it has been peer-reviewed or thoroughly examined by other
qualified experts. According to Hertz, NASA was unaware of the recent claims and
the submission of the paper to the Journal of Cosmology or of the paper’s subsequent
Now granted there are many people who look at this information and say that there are
no such things as aliens or even evidence of an alien presence anywhere. However
secretly It appears that NASA has an agenda to suppress the very idea of aliens in
the universe because they truly believe that it is “core intelligence” that if revealed
would spell doomsday for our way of life. NASA and other black ops organizations
have sensitive information that they have kept from the American people regarding
strange anomalous activities in space. It is getting to the point where NASA is no longer
capable of keeping everything “top secret.” Some things cannot easily be explained by
There has been a number of presentations and documentaries all stating that the truth
is out there and out of touch reporters will joke about the sightings of anomalous activity
in the skies above the earth. However the joke will be on them soon and the reality of
all that has been kept secret will be revealed in a well timed out apocalyptic fashion.
At this time in history we will be seeing revelations of age old documents that will be
declassified regarding the extraterrestrial presence on earth.
The Vatican has now opened their minds to astrobiology by holding conferences on
how they would accept and or integrate an alien reality into doctrine. There are many
skeptics who believe that most of what is happening is a contrivance, or a grand
distraction from the real issues that are plaguing our political system. However there
seems to be an exopolitical culture that mingles the affairs of aliens and anomalous
activity with the affairs of our elected officials. They hold out the hope that a presidential
administration with enough transparency would satisfy their yearning for a revelatory
event. One where the government admits that our earth’s affairs are truly being
governed observed and directed by a galactic brotherhood.
If there is a new reality to be revealed then there must be new standards and protocols
to observe. It is however difficult to assume that our violent world is even ready to
accept any kind of extraterrestrial reality. Our rapid escalation into wars and the world
problems are setting us up for a contrivance. If the aliens were revealed to be a reality
in our world it would certainly seem to be a ploy to somehow corral everyone into a
world government. It has already been decided and it is logical to assume that if aliens
have the same personality as the gods or even colonizers they would wage war with
humans. There would be no other recourse than to come together as a human race
and in the words of Ronald Reagan have our differences vanish. In the meantime there
are those who eagerly await the arrival and others who fear it.
The extraterrestrial narrative is everywhere in your television shows and movies and
people pay more to see this kind of film because it can be speculated that people pay
for what they already know to be true about the alien question.
This is creating an environment for a group of people to determine that all of the
predictive programming that we are seeing evidence of a false flag alien invasion on the
way. The hostile alien invasion narrative has been a constant influence on our culture
and it may just be the very self fulfilling prophecy that we will have to deal with in the not
too distant future. The alien invasion scenario or the alien presence would eventually
mingle with our religious beliefs and there would be a schism in the protestant faiths
about the origins of these beings. Many fundamentalist religions consider these beings
as false gods doing satanic handiwork.
However there are scientists and officials who have hinted that the arrival of
extraterrestrials will be a reality and that it won’t matter if they are devils or angels, they
can potentially be a threat to our way of life.
Werner Von Braun the famous rocket scientist stated “We must prevent the
weaponization of space from happening because otherwise the truth would never be
officially acknowledged about who we were, who we are, as a human species in the
universe. There is a lie being told to everyone that the weaponization of space is firstly
based on the Evil Empire, then there would be terrorists, then there would be asteroids.
And the Last Card would be the extraterrestrial threat.”
We have seen the evil empire fall, we have heard the terrorism flap that will keep
fueling the perpetual war and now we are hearing about asteroids, comets and possibly
a second sun or planet heading our way to create upheaval on the earth. These
predicted celestial encounters are supposed to do some damage to our electromagnetic
field. This field is the “veil” that gives us the illusion of linear time. If the veil is damaged,
moved or even lifted we will begin to see the world in a different way. This may be part
of the preparation to meet the extraterrestrials. This could be what s being called the
second coming, the arrival, or the return of the Mahdi.
If this magnetic field is being manipulated we will see some very interesting things
happen. Many people will lose their ability to function and many will die as a result.
Weather changes and geomagnetic disturbances will wipe out fish and wildlife and
there will be more anomalies on the skies during the change. Many will claim that it
is not natural; however it will appear to be unnatural because no one has experienced
that planet change before. We have been comfortable thinking that we are safe on this
planet but we forget that we are traveling through space, which is a turbulent ocean, our
skies are wide open for any attack, or perhaps any bombardment of electromagnetic
energy, gamma bursts , or even celestial near earth objects.
These anomalies have an effect on the planet and the earth’s core. These anomalies
have been great catalysts for religious movements. Ancients would see great volcanoes
with pillars of fire, oceans dividing because of massive earthquakes. They have seen
angels come down from the sky to warn of great calamity. Are we seeing the same
activity today?
Mankind has been seeded with the idea that his culture and his religious philosophies
come from enlightened beings from heaven. The fusing together of science and religion
will give mankind a new way to look at the world. Man is set to begin the next step in
his evolution and this may be linked to a better understanding of what lies outside the
confines of his own planet. There is however a great number of people who will attempt
to begin the Eschaton or the end times by using whatever means necessary to mold
the world to their liking.
The new themes in Science fiction create a viral philosophy that it is useless to resist
central, establishment control. Whether it be at the hands of government or gun toting
alien monsters.
It tends to posit a counter-cultural alternative to such control which is actually a
counterfeit, covertly emanating from the establishment itself. Quite literally, we
have heroes creating villains to glorify themselves. Plots also plant thoughts that
environmental catastrophe is as unavoidable as entropy and that extinction will be our
evolution and that it is inevitable. Then after all is said and done the “old gods” will
return to inhabit the planet because it is our stellar scientific destiny. We will have no
choice, they will have annihilated our way of life.
As we contemplate a UFO apocalypse or Alien Revelation or the Arrival, we need to
understand that if the aliens arrive peacefully or warlike, co-existence is not going to
be easy. Humans are not at all predisposed to trust alien beings. Humans have a
hard enough time trusting each other and we need to stop and ponder the true impact
such disclosure would have on the world. We are inching closer to the revelation of the
alien presence on earth. Maybe they were here to save us at one time. But mankind
stepped in and mixed the substance. The hybridization of the alien with the human mind
has become an awful mistake. Most of these “hybrids” are in places of power. They
have declared war on the humans of earth. Religion and science will have no choice
but to embrace the idea of their existence.
In short, in early US policy and in future human-alien relations, a distinction must be
made between issues involving aliens that we only think we know from Science fiction
stories and alignment and policy regarding the real alien that is not anthropomorphic or
that is hostile to human kind. I tend to wonder if those cheering on disclosure think that
all aliens are “Nordic” blonde supermen and women who have a on leash either an alien
grey or a yeti with energy sources that will eliminate greenhouse gasses? Even in Star
Trek some of the most human looking aliens certainly have their agendas and we most
certainly have ours. We may even find ourselves in place to worship them.
Karl Jung pointed out many years ago that we had lost the ability to believe in salvation
through a deity. It would not be too far of a stretch to compare the UFO/Alien/Abduction
phenomenon as a modern religious experience. Even if you don’t believe that reports
of UFO abduction are true, religious studies are now evolving and within a generation
you will probably see the acceptance of an Exotheological Christ and an even more
expanding Exotheological religious movement that uses Environmental concerns as the
Chief cornerstone of faith.
Faith in the planet, faith in the universal whole and faith in an Exotheological dogma
which includes Alien beings, this seems to be our future. Are you truly ready to meet your gods?
After all they have been the givers, the observers, and will eventually become our
destroyers if history continues to rule over the mystery in these matters.

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