Back in 1997 I had the opportunity to interview a survivor from the Jonestown
massacre. She wrote a book on the subject and defended Jim Jones as a leader. I
was surprised. It seemed that even after all of the manipulation and loss of life, the
woman was still passionate about Jim Jones and his mission. While she had been
deprogrammed enough to function in society there were still signs of some strange
type of Stockholm syndrome that stuck with her. During the time that I prepared for
the interview I had to immerse myself in the story of Jonestown, revisit it and watch
the actions of one of the most notorious cult leaders in history. I was especially chilled
when I was listening to Jones talk about the communist revolution. He was speaking to
a woman named Millie. He said “Okay, what was the basic premise of Mao? Mao Tse
Tung said there’s only one way a revolution can come, do you know Millie? How did
Mao Tse Tung say the only way you can bring a revolution and keep it?”

Millie sheepishly replied “Well the, only way I think you can keep it’s by being at peace
and bein’ honorable.”
Jones seemed a little irritated and said “Oh, shit, I ain’t…no…bein’ at peace? Mao Tse
Tung said that? Millie Tried to correct herself and Jones kept on speaking “No, no
no no no no! He’s the head of China! He’s the head of the revolution! Of China! He
marched 6,000 people on the long march!”
Millie tried to be apologetic and says to Jones that she had her mind elsewhere. Okay-
Jones came back with a statement leading her along, “What’d he say there’s only one
way you can bring about a revolution for the people?”
Millie then replied in a very sweet and calm way, “Only way you can-only way you can
bring it on…is by…is by killin.’”
It wasn’t really the quote he was looking for and in a voice of frustration he said “Well,
what’d he-that’s okay, I’m goanna let ya pass, but-what’d he had a nice little phrase that
everybody should know. Change only comes – Change comes thru the barrel of a gun…
That’s right senior. That’s good! ‘Cause you by rights would have every reason to forget
some things…Change must come through the barrel of a gun, said Mao Tse Tung. This
place would be a paradise tomorrow if every department had a supervisor with a sub-
machine gun.”
While Jones’ quote was chilling knowing what become of his followers it is far more
frightening to witness how Millie was so willing to make nice with Jones and go from
speaking about being at peace and being honorable to talking about change coming
from killing people.
Jones was well known for using cult dynamic programming, with trigger phrases and
yells that would mesmerize and control people. He also was known for drugging the
people of Jonestown. Jonestown consisted of handpicked followers who were poor and
out of work. He promised them a utopia and led them to the jungles of Guyana where
the final solution was carried out. The followers were programmed for a revolution but
later ended up ending their lives.
Congressman Leo Ryan and four others flew into Guyana to investigate whether or not
US citizens were being abused or held against their will at Jonestown, and they were
shot dead by Peoples Temple security forces before their plane could leave. Before
Congressman Ryan left the compound, he was attacked by a guy wielding a knife. A
death squad was then waiting for him back at the airstrip. Witnesses described the
killers as walking mechanically and emotionless, “like zombies” and “looking through
you, not at you”
Jones of course had ties to the CIA and several other religious organizations that
were fronts for the CIA mind control apparatus. It is theorized that many techniques
were used to guarantee compliance by the people of Jonestown. There were a series
of repetitive techniques used to create a hive or collective mentality. This collective
also were led through a series of drills and trigger conditioning so that the collective
would not question the “agenda” of the leader. This is an age old tactic that is used in
churches and in small cult groups to organize and place people into a “One mind “state.
The people of Jonestown were literally programmed in layers using call and return
techniques where the leader would call out to the target and expect the target to return
or repeat the message so that it would layered in the subconscious mind. There were
also known triggers that would be spoken that would create a reaction from the person
This same technique was employed by the Symbionese Liberation Army on Patty
Hearst. The granddaughter of publishing magnate William Randolph Hearst and great-
granddaughter of millionaire George Hearst, she gained notoriety in 1974 when,
following her kidnapping by the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA), she ultimately
joined her captors in furthering their cause.
Apprehended after having taken part in a bank robbery with other SLA members, Hearst
was imprisoned for almost two years before her sentence was commuted by President
Jimmy Carter. She was later granted a presidential pardon by President Bill Clinton in
his last official act before leaving office.
After Hearst’s kidnapping she sided with her captors and became a criminal. She called
herself Tania. Many people had commented that Hearst had suffered from Stockholm
syndrome where the victim of a kidnapping begins to side with her captors. However
Hearst’s defense attorneys claimed that her actions were the result of a concerted
brainwashing program. The program allegedly was the classic Maoist form of mind
control which included mass mobilization, collective brainwashing conducted ideological
monitors and propaganda teams that would call and repeat propaganda in order to
create an ideological Zombie.
These techniques are simple yet compelling and have been shown to be powerful
tools to create a collective mind that is of one purpose and one ideology. In the early
centuries of the Common Era it was the tolling of the loud bells in any Village that
programmed the people to come to the church. The bells made the loudest sounds
and people were mesmerized by the tones. Today we have collective call and return
mechanism every time we hear the tones that air with the Emergency alert system. We
know to stop and listen whenever those tones blare on our radios and television in a
Pavlovian collective way. Even if you don’t respond to it immediately you eventually will.
Hitler also devised a call and return mechanism when he marched through the streets
of Germany gaining support for his government. People would hypnotically answered
Heil (hail) to the call of Sieg (“victory”). Hands would either rise to the square or arms
outstretched to rally collective support of nationalism.
Barack Obama was also able to create a call and return mechanism in order to get
people to chant “yes we can” at all political rallies. He would repeat it often until the
people would respond.
Stevie Wonder appeared at UCLA during a rally for Obama when he was a candidate
for President. He sang a scale up and down using the phrase BA Ha Rack Ob ha ma
and the audience collectively responded to his call out as Oprah Winfrey would ask is
he “The One?”
The technique is very effective in gaining control of a crowd. One of the best places to
see this in action is at rock concerts. One of the masters of the “call out” is Paul Stanley
of KISS.
He gets the crowd to join the band in many of their classic songs and also tends to give
a speech or “scripted” story that ends in a question call out and then a crowd response.
It is very effective in creating a party feel or a religious revival atmosphere.
I have noticed that now the technique is being used at the Occupation rallies and
whether you see it as good or bad it needs to be said that something this powerful can
easily sway the movement in a direction that ideologically changes the game. The
control voice is to be respected and an agenda can be hijacked using this powerful way
of collective persuasion.
The technique used at the rallies is being called the people’s microphone. The official
reason for using this technique is to work around restrictive city ordinances which do
not allow for the use of a public address system. However it is apparent that the uses of
public address systems including bullhorns are also being implemented in conjunction
with the technique. The reason for using this technique is pure and simple. It is a
known Neuroliguistic Programming technique that is being used to unify the crowds.
Crowds now are heard slowly repeating the phrases given to them by a speaker who
presents and agenda. There are also procedural hand signals that are being used so
that the crowd does not use applause or agitated boos if they agree or disagree with a
The process is a slow one and so usually there seems to be certain issues that are
tabled in lieu of issues that are supportive of the leader making an agenda. The slow
and deliberate repetition can be hypnotic and mesmerizes the crowd leaving them open
for suggestion.
With the technique we see a development of group think that can be detrimental to the
movement if it is hijacked by cointelpro or an agent provocateur. There seems to be
no checks and balances and as we see several videos on You tube demonstrating the
method it is evident that it is being abused.
The danger of a mob mentality can and will happen with use of this technique. It is also
dangerous to have a mob that is literally hypnotized by Neuroliguistic programming
acting like zombies moving through a city creating havoc. It is an easily assumed
outcome that with this technique the metaphoric shepherd can lead their flock in the
direction may not be beneficial. It can be done in a way where it can be assumed that
this is what the entire group wants.
There is also the danger of projecting one’s own interpretation into the call and return
mechanism. There may be an inference of reward for an action, or a benefit that never
transpires but is always promised like a carrot that is being dangled in front of the horse
to get it to gallop.
Here is an example of how this can be done. Adam Kokesh a well known libertarian
and champion of the freedom movement was recording a meeting at the Occupy DC
gathering. One young occupant brought up that he was uncomfortable with being
filmed. A number of the others shouted out that they didn’t mind the filming saying that
Kokesh did not count. A woman then championed the idea of the event not being filmed
and asked how many would feel uncomfortable.
Hands were raised and she asked Adam to stop filming. Adam refused. People then
said he has a right to film. The woman leading the agenda didn’t agree. It was obvious
she didn’t want to be filmed and asked a couple of people to block the camera. There
were others who walked away angered by the hijacking and disrespect to Adam.
Another example of the abuse of this technique was seen at the Atlanta Rally.
Congressman John Lewis was asked to address the rally. There were many people
who were very happy to see the civil rights activist at the rally. However during the rally
a man with a bullhorn, told people not to applaud. Another person in the crowd said
that no singular human being is more valuable than any other human being and didn’t
want Lewis to speak. While many people chanted let him speak, the leader of the group
shut down the idea of John Lewis speaking. Watch how these embarrassing examples
unfolded at occupy Atlanta.
A video also shows a girl addressing a group in Tampa pushing the Agenda of Social
Outreach. She urges the crowd the help them pass out flyers and join their cause. She
is also wearing a T-shirt that shows George W. Bush with a Hitler mustache. On their
Facebook page they claim that there isn’t a partisan bias. Only the girl addressing the
Tampa crowd asks for a membership and that flyers are passed around wearing a T-
shirt that appears to be politically biased.
There is also a video from occupy Portland that was very sad and that is a group
performed the song “Fuck the USA” by The Exploited.
Luckily no one really paid attention which is my opinion shows that the occupy Portland
groups seem to not be as conformist as groups in New York , Washington DC and
Chicago where the Communist party was welcomed and applauded by the protesters.
If you notice there are no objections to the Communists hijacking the crowd and pushing
their agenda.
It is appearing that there seems to be agent’s provocateur that are using all of the tricks
to infiltrate and muddy the message of the 99% movement and using tactics provided
by the CIA front known as CANVAS. CANVAS stands for Center for Applied Nonviolent
Action and Strategies which has been known to push wild agendas and hire people to
come in and disrupt peaceful gatherings. CANVAS is allegedly responsible for training
agitators for the so called Arab Spring.
There also seems to be another problem at the gatherings and that is the overall use of
drugs and Alcohol. There are some people at the rallies that are treating this like it is a
meet up for partying. The use of drugs and alcohol at the gatherings will be its undoing.
While marijuana is a drug that relaxes tension, many times while at the gatherings I
have been harassed by drunken participants looking for a beer or a shot of whiskey.
This could be a potential problem without police enforcement.
While we watch televised shows and movies about fictional zombies, we may want to
stop and understand how we all can be manipulated into thinking that we are all right
because we are all in line with a revolutionary consensus. I support the spirit of the 99
percent movement and fear that its fate will end at the hands of Zombified pawns that
will become coerced into following agendas that have no benefit and believing that any
party, being republican democrat or communist is going to be a solution for anything.
We are now like any other country in the world; we have become angry, confused
and hungry. We now say it is time to eat the rich, but we are not aware that out there
waiting is a sinister agenda out to eat our very souls.

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