THE COLDER WAR Thoughts on Alien sustainability

THE COLDER WAR – Thoughts on Alien sustainability

Today I was reading the UN proposals and frame work for the Rio +20 summit. The proposal was called “The Future We Want.” It needs to be reworded as “The future we dread.”
The international non-governmental organizations meeting in RIO now advocate making national environmental policies subject to “international legal frameworks and regulations,” and “strengthening international environmental governance … within the institutional framework of sustainable development.

This means world Government, world regulations, world regulatory actions and laws, sustainability enforcement, weeding out the populous through the usage of eugenics directives and health restrictions, which include restrictions on usage of organic foods and the use of vaccines as Iatrogenic artifacts capable of triggering cytokine reactions which lead to impairment and death.
If there was ever a time to believe that there is an alien threat it is now. The proposals I am reading are chilling.
The Policies of death proposed will curtail the very technologies that allow us to provide for people’s needs in the most efficient, least intrusive manner. Few policies are more counterproductive than forcing people to grow low yield crops that are susceptible to insects and drought, or to rely on inefficient energy technologies
The plan also seeks to impose staggering financial burdens on people in developed nations. It would give the UN 0.7% of a nation’s gross domestic product – some $1,325 per year for an American family of four. A Canadian family would pay $1,211, while their counterparts would be taxed $1,206 in Germany and $1,171 in Japan. Norwegian families would take dubious first place honors, paying a whopping $2,445 every year.
We are now the victims of a cold war between the haves and have nots. The Aliens have now shown themselves, it is evident that they are vampires, and will not be satisfied until the earth is under the control of these entities that want the earth all to themselves.
In the fast paced society such as ours propaganda is being taken in and absorbed as news. Some may think advertising is the only propaganda out there, however one needs to be aware that it takes money and psychological know how to get you to feel a certain way and to create us and them borders.
It also can be used to thwart the truth from getting out.
Bad public relations sabotage is being used every day to circumvent the processes available to get you the true story because of lazy reporters who use public relations press releases as hot tips for news and information.
The use of smear campaigning is the oldest trick in the book to get you to disregard an opinion or a revelation that may or may not be a popular one.
This type of PR smearing has become a common tactic in the UFO/paranormal investigative process. People in the field are beginning to take things personally when they see that their battle for your mind is losing its hold.
The mind is meant to explore many things and to entertain many ideas. It is also meant to file away all kinds of information from different sources, even ones that have been deemed unpopular by secret PR firms and companies who feel that they have a monopoly on what you should know or who you should receive your facts from regarding certain areas of study.
Once you see this public relations sabotage for what it is, it becomes less effective. However the unfortunate thing is that many people have allowed themselves to be fooled by those who are meant to be public trustees but are truly diabolical in getting you to hate or discredit someone.
I sometimes come to a block in my mind as to what needs to be talked about because people have a tendency to remain silent and not open up about some of the core belief topics especially those that are based in the possibility of being alone or not alone in the universe.
I always feel that it is not explained enough by the media and others that the term “flying saucer” was coined after a 1947 sighting near Mr. Rainier. Kenneth Arnold was a pilot who saw what appeared to be flying chevron shaped craft. He said that they skipped across the sky like a saucer on water.
A week or so later the Roswell story made headlines, and once again it was reported that a flying disc was found by the Army air force. This was followed by 60 years of denial, the separation of the Army and the air force and the creation of the CIA and several other alphabet agencies to follow.
The modern saucer hysteria that followed coincided with the dawn of the Cold War. Hollywood’s depictions of extra-terrestrials landing were more or less predictive programming for a possible war between something known as “the other” and human beings.
There has really never been a time where we haven’t been taught some lesson or have been given an allegory where Aliens play a part in some cosmic peek-a-boo with the people of earth.
We all want to believe that we are not alone. However there is a psychological war that is being waged against the consensus and that is the idea that we are better off being programmed into thinking we are alone. The human race has to count n on the fact that we are alone. It is the stable base for the majority of people to remain in because it is in this unknown space that core beliefs are not compromised.
I have always worried that there seems to be a cold war between those who want to take the leap in consciousness and those who are satisfied with limited religious thought, or unlimited cosmic thought where there lies the bitter sweet blasphemy of an amoral group of engineers who are watching over us and as of yet refuse to meet us face to face.
Many armchair skeptics and believers in UFOs and the Paranormal have taken for granted that certain sources of information and certain messengers of that information are credible and trustworthy.
The ignorant forget that their leaders and preachers are human and that they do make mistakes. Many take for granted that people in power would not willingly taint a story in any way. But yet they do.
Some erroneously believe that their leader’s opinions are not veiled with hidden agendas, whether it be for their own gain, or the gains of others in higher realms of deceit. Some have avoided listening to the independent researcher, and have chosen the enticements of a “well oiled” UFO boys club that has somehow lifted themselves to a place of hierarchical stewardship the likes of which reeks of megalomania.
We have been shown the Disneyworld view of these beings, the Spielberg personage, and the Geiger nightmare. We would not even be able acknowledge an alien’s presence if it were as simple as a bacterial infection, or a microbial virus that has hitched a ride on a meteor and landed in a dense forest waiting to be unleashed on an unsuspecting earth.
The virus would attach itself to human beings and eventually they would change over time. The change would be slow however there would be countless people saying that they notice that people are changing and no matter what they do to warn people, they are looked down upon and told that there is a logical explanation for all of it, when the frustrating part is that there is no logical explanation for why people feel fatigued, depressed and suicidal. There is no logical explanation for the rash of human cannibalism, vampirism and ritual killing.
There would also be the perplexing crisis of leadership and why so many people are willing to just throw away the things that were once sacred cows. It can be a compelling argument that the alien agenda is evident when you see the changes that have happened with government and American attitudes about constitutional law and the complicit attitude towards the real threat of world war, police state, and mega death scenarios where great numbers of the population will be eradicated for the purpose of global sustainability disguised as “green” or “earth sensible policy.”
The alien threat or even the alien insurgency is evident in every facet of our society. The alien demonic dynamic has entered through the gates of the temples, mosques and synagogues.
They very well could be hidden under the human skin. I really don’t know if anyone has even considered this possibility. Can there be another reason why we seem to be adjusting our tolerance of evil practices in this world?
Take a look at the Vatican. Recently there have been scandals and leaks regarding demonic and chaotic sabotage happening. It hasn’t been in the mainstream news, but the pedophilic scandals, and criminal activity in the church is giving reason for a declaration of war against demonic activity that can bring down the very foundations of the church.
Religious clerics used to fight demons, and now e see them have embracing them because they empower their lust for greed and dominion over the weak-minded.
Politics are not immune from this plague of demonic tampering. Playing on the political chess board becomes an overwhelming exercise in hypocrisy, wearing our nerves to the point of being threadbare.
It weakens the morale of many people. Many seem so gullible and so willing to follow leaders who act as if they are possessed by some dark and chaotic force. In the political spectrum we are seeing men and women who seem to be corded to some dark force, their unity consummated through acts of bloodshed and sex magic. They demand that certain morality be practiced by the people, yet the elite adhere to a different morality, a peculiar one that shares the same characteristics as the vampire.
The warnings of this behavior are laughed at, they are downplayed and ridiculed.
We are beginning to see our human spirit gradually being taken from us. A cunning, chaotic and invisible force has seized the souls of men. I believe that this hijacking of the consciousness is the beginning of the alien threat that has been talked about by the so-called the fringe groups for decades.
Stories of soul-stealing entities are not new and the struggle to ward off such entities has been going on for millennia. The stories have been spun into mythologies about vampires and stories of reptilian overlords such as those spoken of by David Icke.
The alien and the vampire are archetypes that have been muddled with all sorts of clichés. But their origins are ancient, and they have symbolized disease, death and decay for millennia.
The eaters of the flesh, the drinkers of the blood and those who seize or possess the spirit were very much a part of the mythologies and histories of ancient civilizations.
The “alien” tendency to eat the flesh and blood of humans was spoken of throughout the oral and written histories.
We realize subconsciously that the elite exploit and control us, but our culture does not encourage an open or conscious acknowledgement of this fact. We don’t see it exposed in the media, nor do we see religious figures openly denouncing the control mechanisms. In fact, they encourage slavery and obedience to the treachery of alien rage and conflict.
Our culture tends to marginalize those who express any ideas that indicate a mass brainwashing or manipulation is taking place. A secret stronghold that pays no mind to the peaceful teachings that are found in religion and spirituality has molded culture over the centuries.
Cultures all over the planet are encouraging their people to accept domination and manipulation. The question is for what purpose and for what outcome? Is there actually a force or perhaps a group of entities that are controlling us from some nebulous fortress?
It seems that there will be no politician or religious figure that will sacrifice his prestige or his income by stating that the alien invasion has begun and that it has turned into an infestation to render the population of the planet into a weakened state.
The metaphor of the alien when hoisted above Hollywood cliche is often used to warn us of war and devastation. The vampire is used in literature as a harbinger of plague, disease and contamination.
The so-called metaphor of the reptilian shape-shifter may not be metaphor at all. It may be the reality that both the vampire and the alien are based on. It may be as simple as admitting that they are in places of power. They are here and they live off of your blood. The way that they will get it from you is to convince you that it is time to lay down your defenses and let them lead you to your death.
Their method of harvesting fresh blood is to cathartically engage our collective fears of an apocalypse.
There will be no end to the world, only an end to your life. That is of course you look like a perfect target for the alien sustainability agenda.

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