There are many people who have heard of the Bohemian grove and there are still many others who are unaware of the barb wired, walled in city that becomes refuge for our leaders and the global elite in the month of July. It is located in the woods of Northern California, 80 miles north of San Francisco it is loaded with trees and cliffs an could be very dangerous for anyone who decides to break in on the gathering.
You can only enter in the paved road Bohemian Avenue.
A friend of mine told me that h attended the Bohemian grove gathering and said that he thought it was relaxing. He did however avoid the “cremation of care” ritual because he felt it was a grotesque magic ritual with what looked like robed figures wearing black “klansman” robes and one that looked like a pontiff wearing death paint. There was a wagon carrying a wrapped figure.
While it is supposed to be the effigy of a child it appeared to be a heap of blankets that smelled of fuel used for the back yard barbecue.

They carried torches to a large Stone owl known as the “: Owl of Bohemia/”
They owl is lit by flood lights and other men gather in robes, that are red or green.
Then an invocation to the spirits of the dead and the spirits of the wood are then given by an officiating priest in a robe. He praises the great owl of Babylon and offers a child called ‘dull care to the horned God. In the ancient writings the horned God was called Molech and he was depicted as a Bull and not an owl.
A character dressed like the Grim reaper rolls a small boat in the water in front of the owl. He is a representation of the ferryman and the river Styx bringing with him a child for sacrifice to the horned god.
The heavily bound bundle is held and caressed by the officiating members of the groups and it is placed at the foot of the owl and then set on fire. There is a recording of screams and the effigy looks like it is struggling.
The officiator declares that within the remains of the effigy of dull care he can see the signs in the ashes.
Then metal crosses ignite throughout the area as the final words are spoken and the cremation of care ritual ends.
This is supposed to be a ritual that releases any guilt or fear from our leaders, world bankers and power elite.
According to Wikipedia , The Bohemian Club motto is “Weaving Spiders Come Not Here”, which implies that outside concerns and business deals are to be left outside. When gathered in groups, Bohemians usually adhere to the injunction, though discussion of business often occurs between pairs of members. Important political and business deals have been developed at the Grove, The Grove is particularly famous for a Manhattan Project planning meeting that took place there in September 1942, which subsequently led to the atomic bomb.
The bomb was dropped on Japan, even though the Japanese had signed a writ of unconditional surrender.
This would be regarded as a form of cremation of dull care as many human lives were sacrificed by fire.
The Bohemian club now does the cremation of care ritual the first night of encampment in order to exorcize any demons and release any anxiety that any member of the grove may have. They are encouraged to scream at the officiators to burn and kill the child and to scream death to its creators—and the members of th encampment oblige in this necromantic ritual that plays out like he plot of a satanic movie.
Right after the Casey Anthony case received its not guilty verdict; there was a release of thought into the world. The thoughts were anger, frustration and anxiety that is still reverberating throughout the media. It just can’t let the case go and thought form a child killed for some agenda is still creating anxiety and hopelessness for a country that doesn’t know how dark the story is, how this type of sacrifice has been part of the human experience for thousands of years .
The country is actually participating in a national cremation care, screaming and clamoring for death and destruction of the parents and family of a child that was killed and its remains were searched for clues.
In ancient times anxieties were released by sacrificing a child to the horned god
Molech. It was a sacrament to the gods for a guarantee of prosperity, health and safety.
These sacrifices of children have not stopped nor have the rituals to Molech. They
continue in the present and they are done with the absence of compassion and care.
There is no guilt form the leaders and they continue to break bones, and draw blood as
they pave the New World Order over the bodies that were unfortunate enough to be in
the way.
Those who remain alive are being sold into slavery, just like our ancestors were at
the hands of the power elite. We have been told that human sacrifice brings us the
blessings of freedom and well being. Our sons and daughters go to war and make the
ultimate sacrifice and yet we see that the quality of life has not improved and those
blinded by their own political dogmas will be apologists for the party that they are a part
David Spangler, Director of the Planetary Initiative, of the United Nations and self
described mystic stated that “No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she
will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will
take a Luciferian Initiation. Lucifer comes to give to us the final gift of wholeness. If we
accept it then he is free and we are free. This is the Luciferic initiation. It is one that
many people now, and in the days ahead, will be facing, for it is an initiation in the New
When Hitler decided to become the Luciferian initiate of his day he was involved with
the darker secret societies. He commissioned the holocaust of the Jews. Germans were
being told that this was for the betterment of the world and that God was purifying the
human race. They were not seeing it as the controlled demolition of the human spirit,
the annihilation of mankind. Was the Holocaust a dress rehearsal for some future
offering to the angry gods who still have us send our children into the sacrificial arms of
the war?
We are already giving the elite the power hold on our faith, hoping that they will lead us
and guide us to relief from what is plaguing us. They are ritualizing sacrifice at Bohemian Grove, and they are there to divorce themselves of all guilt associated with sending you to the slaughter.

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