The Devil May Care

In the opening scenes of the movie the Exorcist we witness an archeological dig near the area of Nineveh. Nineveh you may recall from the bible was a place of pure evil. The people of Nineveh were allegedly possessed by demons.  Nineveh of course is located in Iraq.
We are still at war with this country and the attitudes about the evils that reside there still to this day have not left us.  Prolonged war has an impact on people beyond the scope of death. Those who see it, experience a loss or even hear of the deaths of the millions are affected.  We cannot quantify the psychological toll it takes on people but we can count the body bags and witness the dissociative behaviors that appear on the radar. People are becoming less empathetic and more sociopathic in their attitudes about people, especially people who we have demonized as an enemy to our way of life.
Terms for these types of behaviors range from “Moral insanity” to “Social Malignancy” and demonic possession.  The moniker of demonic possession seems to be the behavioral “buzz word” coming from Hollywood these days.
Hollywood and the music industry are using the possession imagery as a tool to reject what is old time religion and accept a new form of totalitarian cultism. This is not cultism based on an irreverent spirituality. It is cultism rooted in police state spirituality. It is mostly brutal and corporate.  Mixing fetishism with ritual, satanic imagery, word coding and numerology
Rich in symbolism and demonic imagery the music industry has thrived.  While harmless cartoonish demonic characters exist in KISS concerts and Rob Zombie shows singers like Lady Gaga are seen using satanic imagery as an artistic statement.  While you know what you are getting with Marilyn Manson, Lady Gaga uses her pop status and art couture to ritualize satanic masterpieces. While it is quite breathtaking to watch, it may be too over the top for the impressionable that see it as harmless but have subconscious trauma from it.
I always feel that exposing one’s self to satanic imagery is a choice and Lady Gaga makes it compelling.  I am finding myself watching her next move because satanic imagery and fetishism is enticing.  Even if you see yourself as a religious person, your carnal nature finds much of the occult and sexual imagery stimulating. Hitler knew that when he had the Nazi uniforms designed.  That is why the imagery of world war two still has people eerily drawn to it.
Gaga’s video Alejandro uses sacred imagery, death fetish imagery, and satanic imagery that exposes the audience to a mentally charged floor show of rape, sacrilege, and blasphemy.  It doesn’t end there, Gaga has been known to use apocalyptic imagery and angels that burn and bleed in her shows.  This triggers emotions that go deeper into core developed beliefs.
It is an artistic form of possession.
I remember a discussion I had with Satanic Magister Rex Diabolos Church about the movie “Paranormal Activity” and “Fourth Kind.”  He expressed to me that he was seeing a trend in a few horror films where the protagonists are being harassed by demonic powers.  Even in the movie “Fourth Kind” the victims are alien abductees but their experiences are seen as demonic possessions.  There are no intruders and no aliens seen. We see on hidden cameras bodies that are going through contortions and levitation similar to that which is spoken of in demonic possessions.
His observations are correct.
I saw both films and I was actually feeling that “Paranormal Activity” while being a film about a haunting, turned out to be a film about possession.  “Fourth Kind’ also was also disturbingly portraying possessions that led to murder suicides and mental instability.  The film was also said to be based on actual experiences of alien abductees.  None of them were real and none of them were typical alien abductions.
Two new films that are in the works are “The last Exorcism” and “Devil.” The Last Exorcism literally creates a fraudulent bias against religion for the sake of learning that possessions exist, people lose faith, and in the end no matter what you do the Devil always has a way to surprise everyone.
The movie Devil creates the paranoia of realizing that a person you share the elevator with could be a devil in disguise. The devil is no longer in hell.
The devil is among you.  He is your neighbor. She is your baby sitter and the souls that fill hell are now ready to walk the earth and possess human avatars for the final battle of good and evil.
While it is easy to see the wonderful occult imagery being pumped out of Hollywood we must give due respect to what places the seed of demoniac possession in the heads of people, the Bible.
We read in the New Testament that “Satan’s house is the body of the one who is possessed by a demon.”  According to the book of Mathew there are times where the demons of hell are restless and wish to find bodies to possess.
Throughout the gospels and in many denominations we see that there are warnings that in times of turmoil there are counterfeit gods, Christs and demons that use humans as avatars for the purpose of carrying out agendas of evil. Looking at the various histories we can see that demon scares, possessions, and appearances of shadowy figures all come in times of famine, pestilence, and brutal wars.
If you need proof that demon possessions appear during harsh times, you can look no further than Mozambique. Southeastern Africa has been ravaged with draught and famine.  Russia the main supplier of wheat to the area has raised prices because of fires that destroyed the harvest.  Now Mozambique is experiencing a civil war over food. This is creating an intense psychological effect on the people.  There is an  increase of people who are looking for a magical relief.  Many have turned to Muslim Imams for help.  Many write down verses from the Koran, put them in water and drink them down.
Others are looking for Exorcisms.
The people of Mozambique believe that ghosts of soldiers can enter into human bodies and possess them. They are known as Gamba spirits.
The person possessed by a Gamba spirit publicly re-enacts the events of war, sometimes violently, and through the possessed person, the spirit demands public acknowledgement of the injustices they suffered. Spirits who are not appeased continue to torment the possessed person to the point of serious illness.
Psychological studies show that when the victim of this possession is interrogated, there are events, names, and moments that are recorded that the victim of the possession can’t possibly know.  After the entire episode the person develops amnesia. Psychiatrists in the region have determined that these possessions are related to trauma.  The area has been traumatized by hunger, famine, disease and war.  A mass possession or hysteria is what is happening.
If conditions were similar in the United States, wouldn’t be a logical leap to determine that many people would find themselves believing they are possessed and committing violent acts or even conducting bizarre rituals?  Powerful suggestions are now being played out as a form of predictive programming.  We are living in times of trauma and apocalyptic paranoia.  The irony of the whole mess we are in is that there are many people who still believe that God is on our side. Soon however we will see that God is no respecter of persons.  He favors no one, especially in times of war.  If you believe God is looking out for America, our troops, and our well being during an illegal war and massacre, I think you are pushing your luck.  God doesn’t care about the body count. But the devil may care.
Many American Charismatic religions fail to understand that God and Satan have certain rules that they play by.  It isn’t all possession and banishment for the sake of quota.  It is important to realize that even Satan has to play by the rules.  In ritual books and even in the infamous Catholic Witch hunters guide, The Malleus Maleficarum it is the human that possesses the demon, not the demon possessing the human.
Human beings have the advantage over demons because they have bodies of flesh and blood.  According to books written by the biblical scholars all possessions are voluntary.  If you are possessed it is you that is responsible for allowing the demon to enter into you.
In psychiatric cases of Dissociative identity disorder it is reported that when a patient’s alter identity is asked to be indentified it will most likely say that it is a demon of some kind.
Does this mean that there are demons out there possessing people in times of trauma and stress?
There is a saying about the devil that I became acquainted with when I watched the movie “The usual Suspects” it is that the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.  For some reason that saying has stuck with me however I have learned some things about the devil that most people would not approve of let alone agree with.  You may believe in the Devil, but do you know who he really is? I would wager a guess that many people have an idea what he is supposed to allegedly look like and behave like.
He is often depicted as a horned monster that for some reason did something to really make God angry. Satan still has this medieval personality that has not really been shaken at all by the faithful.  For every Christian in the world that prays to God in Jesus’ name there is equally a preacher who mentions Satan more so than Christ.  We see terrorist activities being carried out for God and people dying for God.  The Master asks for blood and sacrifice and never asks to live for the sake of making men free.  The Lord now seems to want slavery, passive aggressive behaviors and entropy.
While Satan’s role and God’s role seem to be the good cop bad cop in the good book, there seems to be a blur where evil can be adjusted to fit the needs of the powerful in the 21st century.  It is also evident that half truths and doublespeak can mesmerize and sparkle and apologists for satanic activity will always step forward and claim that it is for the betterment of humanity and permitted for the fulfillment of some sordid agenda.
Christians always say that GOD is in control however all you see is pseudo satanic and occult ritualism in places of power, ritualism that belongs in the 13th century and not the 21st.  We have technologies that can mimic miracles and create utter destruction. These technological marvels and chotchkies are products of mankind.  We have the ability to annihilate, open wormholes to other dimensions, kill millions and clean it all up so no one is the wiser. I have heard that God will not permit certain things to happen. So if God is in control of this entire chaotic system then why as he not intervened?  I am not saying that there is no God what I am saying is that a lot of the leaders those who claim to be in God’s corner are actually empowering something else.
This is evident.  In fact throughout history faith has always met challenges during war time.  During wars and even in their after math we begin to see social dissociative disorders rise among people.  While you may go about your day thinking that you are not affected by the reports of death on a grand scale, you may surprised to understand that your sense of security and wellbeing are actually diminishing without you being aware of it.
In the meantime you have people in places of power leading through negative enforcement. Their philosophy is not that you can improve, it is that you have to improve or face horrible consequence for your short comings.  The world according to them is in constant crisis. However the religious groups are all convinced that the Lord will provide and that God will not permit certain things to take place.
This is a deplorable example of denial and the idea of accidental salvation is being proven to be a delusion.
Back in the 1960’s there were many religions that stated that God would not permit man do genetic research, clone, or even allow the birth control pill to work and yet it all happened.
The big fearful warning from religions has always been that God will not allow man to play God. Well it looks like man is already at the point of apotheosis and God has not stopped the idea, in fact he seems to encourage it all.  Only human beings are the ones who decide what is and what isn’t in the realms of playing God. Human beings put limitations on themselves—they are squeamish and make up their various straw man demons and bogeymen to try and unite their flocks for a common cause.
There are so many secrets that can be unlocked with genetic sciences.  We can develop ways to cure a lot of horrible things if we were to allow ourselves to think like the God that created us. But we stop and we debate, attack and kill for the purpose of protecting ourselves from ourselves.
And for what?
All life giving science when used with an unborn fetus or zygote always winds up being of the devil. Any cloning is frowned upon and looked at as Frankenstein science. While many will admire the policing of science gone wild, there are others who believe that we are slowing down the evolutionary process.
We end up remaining in the world of medieval idolatry giving the devil his due and making him the scapegoat for all things new, unexplainable and peculiar. The Devil is supposed to be the reason for all of the horrible disasters in the world, for murder, incest, and greed. To be fair we must also take into consideration that God has his personality disorder as well.
Watch the news. Read a paper.  Read the Bible. The Koran . The Talmud. Look at all the things God did , and does. Smiting the disobedient, wiping out whole cities and peoples, flooding the World, and torturing innocents just to see if they love him enough. Killing babies. Roasting people in Hell for all eternity. Sending tsunamis, floods and earthquakes that wipe out thousands of innocent people.
As it’s often been pointed out, these are not the actions of a sane human being, let alone a loving, well-adjusted deity. Yet we hear God is in control.  Could it be that we are being lied to?  That some other “god” has been conjured to be in control?
Perhaps it is time to consider that the Devil is making a comeback and that he is in vogue again.  Sure the greatest Trick the devil ever pulled was convincing us he didn’t exist, but an even better trick is waiting to be revealed, the greatest conspiracy of all time.  The greater trick that the devil has pulled is convincing the world he is God,
The Apostle John’s prophecy in the biblical Revelation warned that man’s beastly nature would rule him if he joined the Imperial Cult of Idolatry. This Imperial cult was defined as a unified effort to mingle philosophical and political dogma in order to bring about a new spiritual enlightenment.
In essence men would place themselves in positions of political and religious power, acting on behalf of God eventually declaring that their lawlessness is ordained of God. The Imperial Cult will also use scapegoats and straw men to draw the blame away from their lawlessness, identifying evildoers as the contemporary persons or institutions of the times.
It looks like the messianic expectations of all the major world religions are unwittingly paving the way for the rise of the Antichrist. The reality is that all of the major world religions on earth are awaiting a “Messianic figure” or “Avatar” who will bring dramatic changes to the earth. Could those with satanic aspirations use these Antichrist expectations to establish a fear doctrine or Luciferian blue print in order to establish a powerful   government that has the appearance of being a Theocracy or Imperial cult?
The Imperial Cult forges on, quietly pushing its agenda of world dominion by establishing the one world system of control. Attempts have been made to establish a collective of governments and religions for the alleged cause of “peace.“ The imperial cult idea never dies in history it just changes its names.   The names may change but the power remains the same.  Is it God that provides that Power? Or is it a darker force?
As mankind  becomes more and more used to a “global consciousness” and the “dream” of world unity, as well as the ecumenical movement breaching doctrinal barriers for the sake of religious unity, it becomes entirely likely the coming Avatar, Beast, Anti-Christ or False Prophet will assume power in this way. The world is already being primed for it.
It also follows that in the event of a major worldwide crisis, such a person could rise with calm assurance and strong charismatic leadership to lead the world into the  new age. We are being programmed with numeric time tables and dates such as 2012 also have people worried about a darker future.  The world no longer trusts God– because for a lot of people today, God is proving his absence.
Even though there is mounting evidence to show that prominent religious organizations and government institutions are being used to create the “beast’ system, it seems to be reflexively painful for the majority to admit that perhaps the prophecy of apostasy has conveniently been swept under the rug.
U.S Christian Churches have lost more than 78,000 members, according to Nashville-based 21st Century Christian, publisher of Churches of Christ in the United States.
The number of Americans who call themselves Christian has dropped more than 11 percent in a generation. The latest American Religious Identification Survey, or ARIS, produced by Trinity College, also identifies 15 percent of the U.S. population as “Nones” or people who claim no religion of any kind.
Christian studies found that less than one-half of 1 percent of adults ages 18 to 23 have a biblical worldview, compared to one out of every nine older adults. This means that the basic Christian concepts of God as all-knowing, Satan is real and things like salvation and damnation are being rejected.
Now keep in mind that these polls and studies were being carried out by Christian groups not anti –Christian groups.  So when we see militant Christian activity we are witnessing activities that have turned off most well adjusted Christians. The militants are acting like beasts and not like lambs.  This is creating a disinterest in religion by young people.
Yet the propaganda marches on and we are being shown by the media that America is a pro Christian cult.  The Americult seems to be thriving with people who have apocalyptic minds that have no problem in teaming up with underhanded entities to give that push towards the apocalypse.
While most religions conveniently talk the good talk when it is prudent – they do nothing to promote peace and hope.  They preach war and conflict and invoke the adversary more than they do God. It would be logical to think that with all of the corruption that is being seen in major religions and all of the apocalyptic programming that the possibility of a “possession” or, mental psychosis could take hold of many followers. We could see damaging fanatical behaviors and mass suicides.
The Jihadists, Zionist, and Militant Christians are now becoming the developers of the violence pyramid or the unholy Trinity of death and destruction.  All of the fighting religions see themselves coming to the vanishing point. In other words only one faith shall be victorious in any dogma and in the end, there has to be a general consensus of agreement with no exceptions.  The world must adhere to the teachings of one prophet, one god and whomever else they have sanctified.  It is the polemic that has endured for thousands of years and no one has stopped to even wonder how this entire religious domination has benefitted the planet or the people.
This is why we are lost in the 21st century.
Once considered the lunatic fringe, the conservative militant Christian movements that hide amongst loyal and faithful Christians along with Zionist Jews and fanatical Islam have now exercised their political influence all over the world. Militant fundamentalist groups within these religious organizations are the most supportive of globalist wars in the Middle East because they see them as a part of the divine blueprint in the Book of Revelation, the book of Daniel and in the Koran.
No matter what – war is evil and, murder is murder.  Each and every faith has some very evil ideas about what they can do to those who not think like they do.  Do these ideas come from God?
It seems that the purveyors of war and the supporters of hatred need an exorcism of their own.
James Hale leader of The Church of the IV Majesties believes that there needs to be a mass exorcism. However he believes the problem isn’t Satan. He believes the problem with the world is God. The Church of the IV Majesties is a satanic church that exists in the Bible belt.  Hale says that his ritual will be blasphemous and will attempt to exorcise the God of the right hand path that he believes has been the cause of the world’s problems for generations. His ritual will be aimed at destroying the God of Christianity and Islam.  I spoke with Hale over the phone about his beliefs and he sounded very proud of the church’s Oklahoma state listing as a tax exempt religious organization, a designation they were awarded in the early spring. His mission is to bring Satanism out of secrecy.
Perhaps what Hale is about to do is fire a loud shot against God and the idea of come trumped up spiritual warfare?  After all, there are many Christian denominations that believe that what has to be done is the opposite of what Hale is attempting.  Haven’t we heard that there is some sort of struggle to bring the Christian God back into the affairs of our government?
Now imagine the same words and attitudes about God and our government said by a Muslim or a Jew.  That would feel uncomfortable.
With hate and debate mulling over a Mosque being built near a murder site that is being called hallowed ground, the attempted pantheistic global sustainability religious cult that inspires eugenicist gunmen to take Hostages at a cable network, and a movement that sees our president as a Muslim Antichrist, I think we are pretty much on our way for a huge demonic event, one that won’t need an exorcism, only extermination.
That’s how God handles things.

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