The world is an interesting place and human behavior is just as fascinating. The way
human beings deal with their possible futures are just as fascinating. If you take the
time to take a look at context and immerse yourself in zeitgeist it is not too difficult to
see where the future is taking us.
Like a weatherman predicts Tornadoes and like doctors determine health problems
with symptoms, you can see for yourself that the future is becoming designed by those
who are in power. It is now difficult to determine coincidence, determinism, cognitive
association and synchronicity. Many have said that Irony is dead. However I have
determined that the power elite have taken a lesson from Hermetic Arcanum. Always
keep them guessing with symbols and names connecting events and if something weird
happens you can always call it a huge coincidence.

There are events in our lives that can be an effect from some cause. When cause
between meaningful events happen we call it Synchronicity, a part of time where we
see the evidence of determination or random accident. It is hard to tell which because
synchronicity or meaningful coincidence is such a complex mental construction, subject
to conscious and subconscious influence, not every correlation in the grouping of events
by meaning needs to have an explanation in terms of cause and effect.
I recently spoke of these synchronicities when I was doing shows with topics ranging
from Vortices, weather changes, The Crucifixion, royal family, Queen Elizabeth
quantum entanglements and CERN. The week after, tornado alley became active with
F4 and F5 Tornadoes sweeping through towns and erasing them off the planet. The
Tornado that hit Missouri destroyed a Christian church located on Royal and Elizabeth
Avenue. The people inside the church were watching a movie about the crucifixion
called “The passion of The Christ.
I was made aware of the coincidence form a listener and had a chuckle because these
things make me a little nervous. I also was surprised to see that one of my favorite
TV shows, FRINGE was also taking on the topics of Magnetic vortices and quantum
Towards the end of one of my shows, a listener called to inform me that he wanted me
to picture a plane sliding off the runway because of landing gear failure. He asked my
audience to picture it as well. He predicted that there would plane crash within 24 to 48
hours and no one would be hurt.
It happened the next day in Chicago at the midway airport. A Southwest airlines jet
slid off the Runway. I fielded many calls to me cell phone and was warned by many
people on my face book that I was playing with Black magic and that I should use
better judgment. I can guarantee that I was not dabbling in any magic. What I can only
explain is that that my unconscious mind may have been feeling the changes and that
my caller who predicted the plane crash may have been projecting out into the ether a
thought form that he knew was going to happen.
The case of the plane crash in Chicago and the relationship between the event and
the caller to my show can be written off by skeptics as a case of cognitive bias leaning
towards the idea that we are trying to force a relationship with the events. Some will
claim it is karma and others will say that sometimes the trickster times things in such a
way to mock the meaning we give to putting things in order. The way we tend to take
chaos and find order in it. The ways we make time work as a way to entertain instead
of bind us. Time in continuum is the great unknown. Synchronicity raises questions
about who or what controls it or if it is just another construct that keeps us bound to the
Times are changing and so are our attitudes about how we think, what we experience
and how we dream. Many people are believers in predetermined outcomes. That
we move through time and God rolls the dice. We move along the path of life never
knowing what awaits us.
If God Rolls the dice and we move to his whims the question is always raised about
synchronicity. Many times synchronistic coincidences seem to exist for no other reason
than to shatter our preconceived and ossified concepts of the universe. Is there order or
chaos? Are meaningful synchronicities placed in our time line or our dreams something
we imagine or are they part of some great cosmic joke from the Trickster?
Hermes is the god of sympathetic magic. He delivered messages through a series
of riddles and comedies of error and tragedy. The messages were buried in images
and symbolism, what we call metaphor. Metaphor is a language unto itself and is the
language of dreams and the dreamscape.
Hermes was linked to the night and to dreaming. In Homer’s odyssey we read that
dreams while very complex can be very telling of what is in store for the future. Some
say that dreams are e beyond our unraveling because most can’t interpret the language
of metaphor. Homer goes on to say that the dreams that pass through sawn ivory gates
are deceitful, bearing a message that will not be fulfilled; those that come out through
polished horn gates have truth behind them, to be accomplished for men who see them.
The subconscious is more impressed with images and emotions than with words and
language. Dreams are the expressions of the subconscious. It is an active plain for all
impossibilities to become possible. The question that I have pondered in the past few
days is whether or not dreams can step out of the ether and manifest as realities and
is there a possibility that dreams are being either invaded, hijacked or transmitted to
another source creating an entanglement which alters the direction of space and time.
After the Ground Zero show about Cults, I received an e-mail form a very credible
historian that knew something about the Bhagwan Shree Rashneesh cult that he
wanted to share with me.
He was relating to me that a well known Talk show host stayed at the Rashneeshpuram
in Antelope Oregon. This host had related that while he was there sleeping he believed
that his dreams were invaded by Rashneesh mind controllers who tried to plant ideas
while he slept to stay at the facility and join the cult. He said that they had the power to
enter his dreams. They planted ideas in his head that pulled him into the cult to the point
that it was hard to leave. They continued to work on him even after he left. It took time
to disconnect from the nightmares he would continue to have.
Now this adds a darker layer to the synchronicities I have been experiencing and the
documented evidence that shows the overt awareness of my audience and what is
coming for the future of all of us.
There are many dreams I don’t remember and I have often felt a little paranoid about
the blackout sleep that doesn’t give me a dream to escape into. I always wondered
why I don’t seem to dream as much. Then in a moment of clarity I have a dream that
is meaningful, or even precognitive. I awaken and write about the dream and try to use
my dreams and the hermetic language I receive to absorb or approximate the future.
Science assures me that I dream every night. Science assures me that dreams mean
nothing. However I know better. Dreams are where most of my work is done, and
much of it seems unfinished. In other dreams I get the feeling that something else or
someone else is there to demonstrate to me pictures and metaphors that I have to try
and interpret. It can be daunting, but I have always seen it as normal.
However, is the idea of some force invading dreams a possibility? Could there be
a collective dream that everyone is having that no one talks about. Is it something
that has been planted in our collective unconscious without us knowing? Is there a
technology that can change the course of the unconscious and in the same procedure
change the course of the present and the future?
We have been told that scientists have been experimenting with the brain and are
able to rack brain activity and place ideas and images in the sub conscious to change
There was a case I had documented in 2009 of a water boarding incident at
Guantanamo where a suspected terrorist had reacted in a peculiar way to his torture.
The water boarding of an Al Qaeda captive yielded no real information. However it may
have revealed a lot more than meets the eye. The water boarding incident only lasted
35 seconds and the suspect Abu Zubaida did not give any information that was useful.
This angered authorities at the prison. The next day he had a change of heart. Zubaida
walked in and told his interrogator that Allah came to him in a dream and spoke to him
directly, telling him to cooperate with officials. Was it really Allah? How is it that Allah
appeared to a suspected terrorist in dream telling him to cooperate? Was there some
type of mind control involved? A dream Invasion? Evidence is overwhelming that this
may be happening.
Now ask yourself this question “Do I support torture, wars, trillion dollar heists, criminal
activity in government, wire taps, unlawful search, and the police state.” Id the answer
is no, then ask yourself “is there a reason why I am passive about these issues and find
myself concerned with issues that have no real bearing on my survival and the liberty of
me and my family?”
Now think of all of the dreams you have had and wanted to fulfill. Have they been
fulfilled? Is your dream of safe and secure future been hijacked?
In another coincidence, I remember one of my other favorite TV shows was
called “Flash Forward.” The show is cancelled now but It was a TV show that actually
asked the question about dreams and the future. A collider experiment goes wrong and
causes the world to black out in a deep sleep for 2:30 seconds everyone has a dream
experience where they see their possible futures. Everyone in the dream state focused
on one date, April 29th. On that date many of the futures would all come together at
one point and in the series the date was actually a moment in time where the world
would once again experience a black out and have a simultaneous dream of the future
What if this happened? What if we all had simultaneous dream where we all see what
our future holds? What if it is happening now, or perhaps it ahs happened already?
I believe that this phenomenon is more widespread than we care to admit. There
has been an invasion in the dreamscape and something is tweaking the collective
unconscious for destruction. What do you think is causing these phenomena? Is it the
culture living out a suicidal quest? Or has a group of controllers invaded our dreams and
have changed our future?
Only time will tell.

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