In the after math of the Casey Anthony trial I couldn’t help but wonder how our electronics, namely cell phones, internet, and video games are bringing out the worst parts of our personalities. This thought has been building in me for some time because there have been a lot of stories in the news that demonize behavior on the internet, the use of cell phones, texting, sexting, bullying and whole lot of other activities that are demonstrating the cruel side of humanity, with an even bigger audience to watch and ridicule.
I have seen many science fiction shows where we were warned that too much technological gadgetry could one day come back and bite us and somehow it seems that the internet in some ways is the collective consciousness looking through a glass darkly showing all of the terrible things that humanity can come up with. It is like the internet reflects a darker image or perhaps even a drunk side to our personality that may be destroying us from within.

The cell phone for example is a great invention that now is becoming more of a nuisance as people are texting while driving, distracted while talking in their vehicles and then there are others that feel compelled to include us in their private conversations on busses or trains. There are actions on cell phones that have ruined careers. It was weeks ago that we were bombarded with the sexting scandal of Congressman Andrew Weiner. He was sending lewd pictures over the cell phone to women and now has to go to rehab in order to pay for is electronic sin
What is it about electronics that change the way we think and act? Are we losing our humanity with electronic conveniences? Do we text without thinking about how it may look to the person receiving it.? Do we cruise Craig’s list or e-bay and impulsively buy because it is convenient? Is online gambling appealing and do video games consume a lot of our free time that could be used in communicating with friends and family. How do we treat people we don’t even come face to face with? How many friends on Facebook do we really know? Could there be “secret friends” that are not even real monitoring what you post on Facebook? If so, why are they spying on you?
When people attack others on a social site do you participate in the electronic brawl? It looks as if this happened when the Casey Anthony Verdict was handed down.
Within the hour of the Casey Anthony verdict announcement, nine of the ten Twitter trending topics were referring to the case and about 54,000 tweets were sent with the words “Casey Anthony” or “not guilty” in them. It was after this that we all witnessed a tsunami of venom and an electronic release of hate that would have to have caused some sort of tremor in the collective unconscious.
It was like a great disturbance in the force where a group of people suddenly cried out in anger and continued the hate fest after the initial decision was made. No one during their text attacks probably couldn’t or wouldn’t even comprehend the quantum affect the release may have had on the world.
While many people will rationalize that what is being exchanged in social media is not reality and that we shouldn’t take it as such, I am thinking that I am not so sure as this type of venom and release came from somewhere. It came from human beings who would otherwise be afraid to spew so much venom and hatred in a public forum.
For someone to take the time to tweet a hateful message or even post a thought of death, murder and anger sends a very frightening message about our culture. Do we secretly have a personality that is our electric or electronic personality that gives us carte blanche to behave in rude or malicious ways?
Do we have another personality that is an e-personality? One that is cold and without empathy? Does this e-personality, think of the consequences of its actions?
Can we identify the e-personality and describe it as uninhibited child-like, impulsive, darker and narcissistic?
When the Casey Anthony verdict came down, we all were caught up in a frenzy that was equivalent to a lynch mob. The opinions were frightening and homicidal. It was if every pathological part of the darker consciousness was unleashed, all because everyone needed to express their penchant for blood and revenge for a poor adorable child that they didn’t even know or even cared about until the drama unfolded in a reality TV fashion. If you were one of those who texted hateful messages, doesn’t it even frighten you to admit that you didn’t even know the child, the mother or the family, but you were compelled to post a message of death on your Facebook or Twitter?
How does this happen? Have you evaluated where you head is? How you somehow become unaccountable for your thoughts and feelings?
This darker and irresponsible personality comes forth during cell calls, texting sessions, emails, tweets and even with your Facebook friends. Do we see ourselves routinely lying when online? Posing as Anonymous so you can write a nasty epithet to someone without caring that they are a real human being?
Have you ever trolled a chartroom just a start a fight and disrupt the conversation?
Bullying each other in chartrooms and on Twitter, seems to be a game and people really don’t think that that there is any real retaliation for such aggressive behavior until someone is killed or hurt, or commits suicide.
Psychologists are worried now because we are often anonymous and always invisible, so we state things we would not say to people’s face. We lash out with no thought for the hurt we might cause. The speed of the internet means we act before taking time to engage our brains and consider the consequences. It’s too easy to fire off a rash email. When we are online, we bypass the part of the brain that would normally make us count to ten before reacting.
This type of quick knee jerk reaction is also beginning to show up in people even outside the realms of the internet, especially when it comes to relationships.
There is online infidelity, where people assume that sexual or lascivious e-mails are harmless. There are people quick to break a relationship because they believe that all they need to do is hook up with an online dating service that will provide them with suitable mate that is proposed to be evaluated as your perfect match. No need to work on a relationship and with a flesh and blood human being. Your mate is somewhere out there with a photo shopped picture and cool dialogue that hardly explains mannerisms, body language or intellect.
Things like online buying, gambling and sex talk play into impulses that as adults we can curb, but online we seem to lose control because we feel that it is harmless game.
The false notion is that with this electronic tool and with our false electric personalities we can accomplish anything. We seem to have a more confident opinion of ourselves, and that is why we are becoming more and more frustrated when things don’t happen the way we think they should. That is why we saw the mass hate campaign against Casey Anthony. That is why great leaders end up falling when they get an electronic God complex that includes texting pictures of genitalia and other body parts.
The electronic things we cherish may not be helping us. They may be enabling us to be needier and feel more entitled. It may be generating a sense of narcissism because many of us think while online that everyone cares about our opinions and what are doing in our spare time.
Acting the way we do online is actually making the jump into our lives offline. People are now using the internet to organize mobs that attack and record the attacks on You Tube.
People bait others with suicide threats and then carry them out on live streams.
It is new part of our consciousness. It contributes to the Pathocracy that I talk about and it may be cause to evaluate who you really are inside and whether or not those dark feelings should be deleted from your soul and put in the trash bin.

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