The Electric Quake Phenomenon – Guest Stephen Smith

The Electric Quake Phenomenon – Guest Stephen Smith

Some scientists have become aware of a correlation between sunspots and
Earthquakes and want to use the sunspot data to help predict earthquakes. The theory
is that an intensification of the magnetic field can cause changes in the geo-sphere.
There are other scientists that do not embrace this theory and yet the evidence is
overwhelming that electromagnetic surges can trigger these massive earthquakes.

The missing link between the sunspots and earthquakes is the fact that the electric
discharges on the Sun that cause sunspots also affect the Earth’s ionosphere. The
ionosphere forms one “plate” of a capacitor, while the Earth forms the other. Changes
of voltage on one plate will induce movement of charge on the other. But unlike a
capacitor, the Earth has charge distributed beneath the surface. And if the subsurface
rock has become semi-conducting because of stress, there is an opportunity for sudden
electrical breakdown to occur through that rock.

After the large Solar flares that ht the earth on February 9th and March 10th there was
a swarm of quakes in Arkansas, a large earthquake in Christchurch New Zealand and
the mega quake in Japan. There was also sun flare activity prior to the Chilean quake
in February of 2010. New advanced quake warning systems were used to warn people
of these quakes, however we cannot possibly know of the massive upheaval these new
super quakes can produce.

One of the most devastating quakes in 2004 was in Jakarta Indonesia. Prior to the
quake there was a massive bombardment of meteors and after the quake was a huge
gamma ray burst that game from the area of the solar system known as Ophiuchus. It
was a massive electromagnetic message that bent the magnetosphere. How are we
affected by the electric universe?

Stephen Smith has been studying the concepts embodied by the Electric Universe
theory for over thirty years. He is the managing editor for the Thunderbolts Picture
of the Day at, writes most of the articles, and provides editorial
assistance for those who contribute their own papers. We are proud to have Stephen
as a guest and await his insights to what may be a breakthrough in predicting massive

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