THE EVENT and the Path of Least Resistance

Thursday morning wasn’t like any other morning.  I was finally hanging out at my old digs at the Ross Island Grocery having coffee.  My friend Dave Baker came by and wondered if I needed a lift into town.  I appreciated the offer and asked him to stay awhile and sip some coffee.  I was looking around the internet for news stories and things for my show and I found a video online that was a CNN news cast. It originated from CNN, the American Morning broadcast.  After I clicked on it people at the market gathered around my computer because of what was being discussed.
The video had news personalities discussing the real reports of UFO’s shutting down nuclear missile silos.  UFO expert Robert Hastings was being grilled on what was happening.  Former  and retired air force personnel have been holding press conferences  about the real encounters that have been happening and for the first time it seemed there wasn’t a smirk or cutesy euphemism offered by  the news casters.

[youtube GV62RIGzHec]

I stopped listening to the report to observe the faces of those gathered around my laptop.  I saw faces of concern from all of them, some shaking their heads in disbelief.  I then realized what was happening.  I was living in a moment that I have only experienced in Twilight Zone episodes and in old 1950’s B-movies.
Back then, b-movies would show the men gathered around the radios in barber shops and lodge meetings hearing about the possible alien invasion. They smoked their pipes and listened intently to their radios.
Now in 2010 we gather around a little laptop and watch a video from a reputable news source and wonder what to make of the story that is being reported.  There have been a bundle of stories actually and many of them were reported when I presented a multimedia show called Plan 10:  The UFO Apocalypse.  I am sure that as I was reporting these stories there were some people who thought they all sounded a bit crazy.  Lately I have seen some detractors that have gone to some great lengths to declare that I am trying to lead a gullible audience to believe my own conclusions, which is absolutely untrue and unfair.
I am inclined to believe that my audience is very smart and can distinguish the truth from the entertaining aspects of what I do.
What I am is a reporter who does my best to entertain.  I am not trying to pull a fast one.  Everything I talk about and present is important for consideration, if not in the present, in the not too distant future.   It is constant that some evidence may be presented that might de-bunk or leave credibility to be questioned, but that is what makes it all fun and interesting.
Many alien stories have been debunked or otherwise ridiculed and hysteria can create monsters that aren’t really there sometimes.  This is not an excuse to stop investigating.  I guess it is needful to remind people who read what I write that I have this uncanny addiction to connecting fuzzy dots and I do realize that beliefs are subjective.
My conclusions are not the only ones, but I feel that I hover around being close nearly 60 or 70 percent of the time – the rest is part of the complexity of the cosmos.  Not everything can be accurately predicted or reported, only observed and considered.
I have been curious about UFO stories around nuclear facilities and it seems that something is truly going on.  I have been watching the stories unfold surrounding the idea of an Extra-terrestrial intrusion and you can see that there are things that are completely unexplained.
For example there was a report that slipped past the critical eyes of the mainstream regarding a wild fire that was burning out of control near an Idaho nuclear facility.

[youtube sofAj6VMMGA]

Footage of that fire clearly shows a UFO flying in the smoke.  It is a cigar shaped object and no one speaks of it.  This footage aired prior to the revelation of nuclear facilities being shut down by aliens. This is curious, and the timing is also suspicious.

[youtube ng8haVAx6JY]

Just decades ago the thought of flying saucers and Extra terrestrials were considered a part of fantasy in the mainstream narrative.  Religion separated itself from any and all connections to extra-terrestrial intelligence even though the Old Testament and many other ancient writings gave us reason to contemplate the possibilities of strange beings, giants, and even human flesh eating hybrids hiding in the outlands of Canaan, Nineveh, and the regions of the Gerasenes near the Sea of Galilee
Now we see that the disclosure of strange beings coming from space or elsewhere is once again under the control of religion and science.
This is what proponents of alien disclosure wanted, and it seems that they are getting it and it is as slipshod and nebulous as it always has been, except now it seems to have more of a serious tone to it.  The truth is no longer out there.
The truth has been hunted down, captured, and placed on limited display.
No matter what scientists and religious leaders tell you, no matter what I tell you or anyone else concerning UFO’s and prophecy, you have to understand that it can’t be taken as gospel until you make your own individual discovery.
Even then it is important to be critical.
We are seeing a trend in so called alien disclosure and that is a trend that seems tio waffle between a comfortable and determined truth and an uncomfortable lie that needs to be corrected, There is on one hand the embracing of the extra-terrestrials by the Catholic Church, the opening of UFO Files in the UK and the appointing of an ambassador by the U.N. that would handle any and all ET diplomatic relations should an event occur.

Then it is accompanied by, the closing of UFO investigations by the U.K. and the denial of appointing and ambassador by the U.N. We have scientists saying the cosmos are teaming with life, reports of possible panspermia in India and the report of a planet that may be inhabitable. We also get videos on You Tube featuring CGI skills of computer specialists trying to fool people, and arm chair trolls crying “hoax and “fake” which completely handicaps the investigation of what might be real and unexplained.
This is disclosure, imperfect and hollow, opening itself up to ridicule and fakery and once again leaving it up to a new found faith.
It makes me wonder, is finding this stuff out from an authority any more valid?
Science and religion have always stalled the truth or control the truth in order to further some agenda. Governments have also learned how to use information and misinformation to keep the public from figuring out what is really happening in the world.
In the year 1772 a huge fireball was seen shooting across the sky over Luce France. The fiery rock hit the ground and caused considerable damage. An investigation ensued by the Academie Francaise. The respected chemist Antoine Lavoisier said there are no such things as rocks falling from the sky because there are no rocks in the sky.
The result of his statements was that museums in 18th century Europe threw out all of their meteorite specimens because they were humiliating reminders of superstition and mythology.
The strength of Lavoisier’s conviction was such that it helped to stop the study of meteorites for over a quarter of a century.
It seems that humanity remains the same.
In the 18th century one scientist was able to stop the investigation of meteorites because he had enough power and influence to change the way the critical mass thinks. Of course there are many that will say that people in 18th century France weren’t as educated and therefore could easily be misled.
In our sophisticated society, we somehow think that we are immune to being misled by powerful people whom we complacently believe have our best interests at heart. We have taken for granted that certain things are true because we have not been taught differently nor have we been given another story to ponder.
We have been taught that everything is black and white, right or wrong, good and evil, and that to think otherwise is not healthy. We have science and religion telling us different things and there is also politics trying to coerce us into giving our elected officials the same treatment as kings or gods. Those in power use whatever tools necessary to convince you that their way of thinking is the only way to think.
There has been independent speculation and since the modern “discovery” or the American UFO/alien nativity at Roswell, the general ideas of alien intrusion have been infinite. Theories dominated the debate and those who created the theories have somehow dominated the rules of what an alien contact should be.  This is dangerous because not every theorist can be right and not everyone who writes a book on aliens or UFOs is an expert.
There is one theory that has needs to be examined.  One that has been around for nearly 2000 years.  It was reported by Dr. John Lash that French scholar Jean Doresse identified the Egyptian discovery at Nag Hammadi as a cache of rare Gnostic texts. In the texts was information about “alien intrusion” of planet Earth.
The ancient texts included a full-blown explanation of how inorganic alien beings came to be present in our solar system. Physical descriptions of these beings occur in several Gnostic codices. Two types are clearly identified: a neonate or embryonic type, and a draconic or reptilian type.  The texts also revealed a darker secret about mankind and his relationship with the beings.
This relationship had to be tested.  So mankind went about developing a method to summon these beings from heaven. These beings wre called “Archons.”  They existed in a realm that appeared to be closer to the earth and not light years distant.
Ancient seers detected and investigated the problem of alien intrusion during the first century CE, and certainly well before. Gnostics taught that these entities envy us and feed on our fear. Above all, they attempt to keep us from claiming and evolving our “inner light,” the gift of divine intelligence within. In short, the ancient seers knew the character of the beings thousands of years ago because they met them face to face.
Dr.  Lash went on to say that these beings were somewhat similar to what Jacques Vallee had proposed and that is the r “Archons” were part of a spirituality control system.  They would use misdirection and deception as a method of control.
Their main tactics they used on humans were confusion, creating an intellectual virus, or false ideology, especially in religious doctrines and the use of simulation. The”Archons” were predatory, unlike a wide range of non-human and other-dimensional beings also know to the Gnostics, beings who are benevolent or neutral toward humanity.
This ET Archon theory is especially important when you consider that there is a unique emphasis on the Goddess Sophia. The ancient seers taught that, through a special link to the Goddess, our species can overcome the “Archon” intrusion and secure a human, and humane, future for the Earth.
The ET Gnostic theory explores the idea that the earth does not belong in this planetary system. It was put here and was captured in it. The Archons saw it as an opportunity to use it as a playground or a testing range for the creatures they did not care for. So the intrusion has been constant and has been manifested in many forms. That is why we read in ancient texts different versions of saviors, miracles from the sky, pillars of fire, wheels with in wheels, beings with faces of bulls, lions, eagles.  Angelic hosts, messengers, demons, gnomes, goblins and aliens.
All manifestations of unknowns and scenarios of abductions and abuses all can be attributed to Archons who wish to thwart the evolution of humanity.
The Gnostic codices warn us in great detail that these predatory alien entities can and will infiltrate our minds through our spiritual belief systems. They will first tamper and change our views on humanity and its sanctity.  The Archon or alien entities will propose and insert many belief systems that will cause mankind to eat itself or partake in its own flesh.
The cannibalistic nature of these beings has been the very secret that mankind refuses to acknowledge. The sacramental rituals of blood and flesh are part of their intrusion.  According to the Gnostics, the belief systems created by the Archons are drills, ritualistic drills that include the self sacrificial motif. These systems, especially the Judeo-Christian-Islamic program of salvation, are not entirely of human origin, but arise in our minds due to non-human deviance.
The idea of Salvation through death is an ideological virus of extraterrestrial origin. Jehovah was a demented pseudo-deity who pretends to be our creator. In reality he is an alien God that does not care for humanity but wants its blood to run in order to feed some selfish quota.
Gnostics detected the presence of ETs in the same forms reported today. The Nag Hammadi texts contain firsthand accounts of alien abduction. But at a more profound level, the ancient seers who guarded the Mysteries also discerned the operations of the inhumane Alien mind in the religious ideologies that are today tearing humanity apart at the seams.
It is my conclusion that the ET /Archon theory is underlying theme in the new television show the EVENT or EVƎNT.

I speculated in my Plan 10 presentation that the television program The EVENT would be based on the Gnostic idea that we would eventually be given wisdom regarding our creation.   We would eventually learn the secret of the chaotic Gods. I have said that the greatest secret is that Lucifer rules the world, and in Gnosticism it is Demiurgeous or the Demiurge that is the great God of Chaos and that though the wisdom of Sophia we shall know our true nature.
The meme of an Event that will reverse the way see our lives is evident in the way the logo is presented.  It is obvious that the Event is based in reversed causality and the manipulation of core events that have been simulated and toyed with. Remember that the Archons/or ET‘s are constantly changing our belief systems and creating a lie that we willingly accept. Notice how the word believe highlights the LIE.
The reversal of the E in the logo is also a clue.  A reversed E actually has the meaning of “exactness” or “no other equation.” Mathematically the letter reversed denotes that this is inevitability.  It means that this truly exists and that it is exactly what all adds up.  There is no other equation or mathematical possibility.
The fictional construct or narrative fiction is submitted for consideration. The Future will be changed by an event that happened in the past and Time will catch up to it on a cosmic level in the present.   In the TV show, the president learns of 97 refugees that live in a complex located in Alaska.  The area is known as Mount Inostranka. The name  of the Mount is rather interesting because it is Russian for “foreign woman” some have speculated that it is an indicator or the “foreign Goddess” or “alien Mother.”  As I have indicated earlier.  The Mother or goddess is the Gnostic writing is Sophia.
Sophia is the Goddess of wisdom.  In the television show Sophia McGuire is the liaison to the President of the United States. She knows the secret of the 97 that are held at Inostranka.
When Ground Zero began doing multimedia discussions in 2003 we consulted with Dr. Larry Johns. Johns was a PhD in Theology and specialized in exotheology. He maintained an “alien” museum in Portland with the goal of creating a place to study exotheology and exo-politics.  He authored an essay exclusively for Ground Zero called “Guilt and the Alien God.”
In the article he summarized that America had as its secret a crime that it had committed. This crime was jailing and holding as hostages 17 aliens in a facility underground in Arizona. While the event was fictional it resonated with people and he had held press conferences in the media about his theories.  He related that the 17 were fictional, but it was to bring attention to the possible hiding of extra-terrestrials in underground facilities all over the United States and Canada.
I was alerted by Media Monarchy’s James Evan Pilato that an area of Alaska near the HAARP facilities has been blacked out on Google maps. The Area borders the Yukon and speculation is that there might be a secret facility in Alaska that we are being kept from seeing.

Of course all of the speculation echoes with the secret of the TV show The EVENT. The 97 hostages are fictional, but resonate with .other memorable alien films like District 9 and the very real situation at Guantanamo bay.  We tend to jail and torture that which we consider alien. The idea of an underground alien base at a mountain facility is also not new to people who read about outrageous tales of alien intrusion.
There are stories of three separate witnesses independent of each other who claim that an underground base called Dulce under Mt. Archuletta  in New Mexico had captured and held alien beings underground.  These beings had allegedly been found while the U.S.  Military was creating an advanced tunneling system through the United States.
In 1979, Philip Schneider was employed by Morrison-Knudsen, Inc. He was involved in building an addition to the deep underground military base at Dulce, New Mexico. The project at that time had drilled four holes in the desert that were to be linked together with tunnels. Philip’s job was to go down the holes, check the rock samples, and recommend the explosives to deal with the particular rock.
In the process, the workers accidentally opened a large artificial cavern, Schneider claimed that it was a secret hideout out for aliens that lived underground. In the panic that occurred, sixty-seven workers and military personnel were killed, with Philip Schneider being one of only three people to survive. Philip claimed that scars on his chest were caused by his being struck by an alien weapon that would later result in cancer due to the radiation. He also lost two of his fingers in the fight..
Schneider went on the lecture circuit speaking about his experiences.  After 30 lectures his story never captured the attention of mainstream Ufology. Schneider was found dead in his Wilsonville, Oregon apartment on January 17, 1996. He had apparently been dead for several days (perhaps up to a week), and reportedly had a rubber hose wrapped three times around his neck.  The Clackamas county Coroner’s office said that he died of a stroke.
Officially, suicide is now stated as the cause of death. The Clackamas county medical examiner took blood and urine samples at the autopsy but refused to analyze them, saying that the county would not “waste their money on a suicide”. Although samples would be kept for 12 months, when asked for these samples to be sent to an independent lab 11 months later they were “missing” and presumed “destroyed”.
Schneider had missing fingers on his left hand, and limited motion in his shoulders. It may have been physically impossible for him to have held the rubber hose in his left hand with missing fingers and then wrap the hose three times with shoulders that had limited motion. In order to end up where his body was, he had to sit on the edge of his bed, wrap the hose around his neck, slowly and painfully strangle to death, and fallen head first into a wheel chair. Philip was an expert in chemicals and his own medical needs. He had multiple pills at hand that could have ended his life quickly and painlessly. He also had a 9 mm gun that he had borrowed to protect himself.
Before he died Schneider claimed that the United States eventually made a pact with these alien beings and created Military labs underground.  The aliens would share technology with the Military on the condition that the aliens could abduct, experiment and track certain Americans.  The aliens were kept secluded in several areas and paramilitary units would allegedly round up and detain humans for experimentation and torturous experiments
Former Dulce Base Security Officer Thomas Edwin Castello also broke his oath of silence regarding the underground base and gave details on how aliens and humans worked together in labs under Mt. Archuletta at Dulce New Mexico.
According to Castello , not all of the beings were extraterrestrial. Some of them were the original earthly Saurian creatures that went underground and evolved into upright walking reptilians.  Other beings allegedly were decedents of a race of extra terrestrial reptoid hybrids that  came upon the earth after a great cataclysm.   These beings of course were the offspring of the mating that took place thousands of years ago in the Adamic era. There were also beings that he claimed were grays that worked there as well.
Thomas Castello confessed in a publicized  interview  that there were rules that needed to be followed in order to keep harmony with the underground alien  beings.  Castello claimed that there was no fraternizing with the aliens in the off hours. It was forbidden to speak to any alien race without a clear business oriented reason. Humans could talk to humans, and aliens could speak to aliens, but that is as far as it went. At the work site, however, it was different.
There was “free speech” in the labs. However, everything changed the minute you crossed the threshold of the hall. Instantly, all conversations became strictly formal. If any human had contact outside of the lab with any alien he was arrested or just disappeared.  Castello has never been heard from since he talked about this and it is believed that his wife and child were kidnapped.  It is believed that Castello died mysteriously.
The other so called Witness was William Cooper who claimed that the beings were known as the NAGAS.  NAGAS is Sanskrit for serpent men. They were always seen as half man half serpent.  In the middle east they were known as the Djinn and In Edward Bulwer-Lytton’s book, “The Coming Race,” he describes the existence of advanced beings living in tunnels and caverns beneath the surface of the Earth.  He refers to these beings as the “Ana”, saying that they were forced below because of Earth changes and a flood which destroyed their civilization thousands of years before the Biblical cataclysm.  The question is why were they being held captive in an underground Base in New Mexico? What was the secret of this base and did it exist?
Why would three witnesses come forward with such an outrageous story?  Were these  first modern alien internments the foundation for  a more intense institutionalized torture and incarceration of Political fugitives?
The writers of the THE EVENT have pieced together a hodgepodge of alien folklore, but is it all folklore?   Richard Hoagland has appeared on lat night radio saying that the TV show is a template for disclosure.  I don’t necessarily agree, it may be some cautionary predictive programming using the Archon/ET construct.  If the Gnostic version of the Archon is correct then we are opening the door for a mass possession of the planet by an alien force that has an agenda.
Those who want disclosure of the reality of aliens get irritated when people point out that the extraterrestrial revelation and reality has consequences.  These consequences are seldom mentioned by the New Age disclosure agents that see these beings as saviors.
In disclosure circles we have credible witnesses declaring the alien reality, and others who claim to channel ethical alien beings that want us all to be a part of some greater Galactic community.
The “ethical aliens” are said to bring messages of peace, love, and environmental stewardship.  This seems to be enough to convince a wannabe shaman that the aliens mean no harm.  I tend to want to steer clear of “happy “environmental messages from aliens and stick with what I can determine are proven or repeated communications..  The consciousness that is behind such claims of peace and harmony could very well be the same chaotic message that The Archon/ ET theory warns us about. If you look at history there are many instances where strangers that come in peace have ulterior motives.
Cortez came in peace and secretly wanted to conquer the Aztecs. He brought gold and gifts to Montezuma. He was welcomed as a god. The outcome is tragic history, one of the oldest tricks in war to pacify a people and then wait to ambush them.
How spiritually bankrupt are we, when we allow ourselves to be lured into a trap by simulations, and empty promises of utopia by the Archonic elite?  Extra-terrestrials are seen as messiahs by those who claim to be in tune.  I fear this type of zeal for something that is unknown, something that is alien. How many times have we heard in New Age circles that we are to prepare for the “New Transformation?”  If we are waiting for alien saviors then what are we doing to better ourselves?  If we think they are here to save us we once again can see how this can destroy a society. It can be a rationalization that whatever you do does not matter because “Salvation is at Hand,” “Jesus is returning” or “Disclosure is eminent.”
Can you see how waiting to be saved, is ruinous to your own spiritual growth.  If a whole world is waiting for a savior to rid them of their pain, can’t we see how self discovery and individualism is destroyed?
It is as if Disclosure will give us the ultimate excuse. We will have the real Deus Ex machina, and then an occupation where the alien beings will be our cosmic nursemaids, or galactic babysitters.
As we contemplate disclosure of the alien reality we need to understand that Co-existence is not going to be easy.  Humans are not at all predisposed to trust alien beings.  Humans have a hard enough time trusting each other and we need to stop and ponder the true impact such disclosure would have on the world.
In a world craving transcendence it can be easy to place a spiritual experience in the same realm as the alien intrusion or intervention. Aliens are far more tangible as Gods than the Judeo –Christian Muslim God that is defined by his professed absence.  No major spiritual experience or EVENT has happened in the Judeo Christian Muslim world for hundreds of years.
I believe that this is about to change.  Something tells me that it should not be trusted.
We are inching closer to the revelation of the alien presence on earth.  Maybe they were here to save us at one time.  But mankind stepped in and mixed the substance. The hybridization of the alien with the human mind has become an awful mistake. Most of these “hybrids”are in places of power telling us that all will be saved under conditions of enslavement both physical and spiritual.
We are not ready for the truth about aliens,  if we see them as saviors.
The Path of least Resistance is to be a self savior, your own force and a strong spirit that awaits the brave new world.  If you are self aware and self powerful, no alien force can convince you that you need to be saved.
When the planet is self sustaining we can welcome any and all space visitors with an equal ground, none superior none inferior.
All equal in the galactic community that many people claim will all come together in a great Event sometime in the not too distant future.

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