You may not have participated in a blood ritual sacrifice, and you also may not have sworn your firstborn to a little demon to grant you gold for straw but you may have turned your back on the very things that made you happy and free. You may have compromised your principals for vanity, or an opportunity for you to step on someone else for the edification of your own ego or cause.

The idea of selling your soul to the devil may not have crossed your mind. But the truth may be stranger than fiction.
The idea of calling upon an external force to grant all of your wishes has always been done through prayer and ritual. However there seems to be this overwhelming sense of entitlement for easy gains and so the need for a Faustian bargain seems very inviting to a lot of people who have lost their self worth.
In a Pew Research poll 81% of young people reported that getting rich was the most important thing in life others had said that being famous was Important. Everyone has their price and it seems in this world of broken dreams there are a lot of people willing to do anything to be adored, loved, or appreciated by a large group of people.
It is hard to stand by a moral code in this world and stand for things that are right. People tend to give in to peer pressure or participate in the manipulations of team psychology, thinking that if the crowd is doing it, then it should be good for everyone all around.
While selling one’s soul is an invitation for an external agent to enter into a contract for guaranteed gratification, there may be some hardships that you will have to fade in the process of getting the results you want. Even them you have to remember that the bargain has loopholes and sometimes in a situation where much is given, there is much to lose an much pain to endure after the deal is sealed and the results mean consequences you had no idea existed.
In the United States there seems to be an overwhelming interest in throwing out morals for a short stint with fame or fortune.
It seems as though the United States has been dodging a lot of bullets lately and many will tell you that it is because God looks after the United States. I am not one to believe that this is happening by the grace of any God. It is happening because it looks as if we have been a part of a lot of Faustian Bargains for a long time and eventually the time to collect on the American soul is at hand.
The luck on our country seems to be running out and so many people are finding themselves willing to bargain with the devil in order to avoid being roughed up by a world that had been on a Traumatic slide for a long time. It also becoming evident that the human soul has lost its value and that here in the United States souls can be marketed and sold to the lowest bidder.
We can see it on television as elite vampires all gather to see the latest “Celebrity” that has done nothing to earn that celebrity status. They have somehow risen to some lofty spot on the public spotlight and the public continues eat it up. We see it in politics as the media suddenly becomes aware of its ethics when the ex-wife of a right wing politician comes forward and spills the beans about infidelity and character. We all know about Newt Gingrich but the right wing wants to defeat another criminal so badly, they want to find an excuse to hire another slimy politician to espouse the same intolerant policies.
We are choosing our evil as if we were choosing menu items. We are partaking in a blood feast that the state of mind cannot comprehend because there is safety in knowing that if the majority embraces mass murder, you don’t feel so bad of taking and having while others go without.
Where we sacrifice the purity, value, morality and basic goodness of our soul, the end result will also be dissatisfaction of the soul. It appears that at this time in history, no one has any issues in sacrificing their soul for materialistic pleasures and to get ahead or to fit in with the elite.
It may seem, that the human collective consciousness is all separated. We all believe that we are living our own individual lives. However we all affect one another. We are all connected through a kinship that needs to be cultivated and not abandoned. It all sounds like magical thinking but there is a force that is among us that can indicate that many people in our “family” of consciousness are ready to hand over their souls for instant gratification, make a suicide pact that will eventually snuff them from existence.
We have spoken about the fourth consciousness and the doppelganger forces that can attach to you or that can be implanted into your psyche. It can be done in a vulnerable moment. It could be a moment where you are drunk, or drugged up or even depressed and sick. As your soul feels as if it is damned you cry out to an external force. One you may feel does not answer quickly enough while the other force seems more immediate and satisfying.
Keep in mind that selling a soul is a choice and it is a choice that seems to be made at a time of crisis. Our souls are in pain and we really don’t know who are what can deliver the solution.
In the movie, The Devil’s Advocate, the devil is played by Al Pacino and his portrayal fo the devil is so real and truthful to the point of nightmare as he tells Kevin Lomax, the ambitious lawyer that the devil puts all things in front of the person. He uses props and scenery and opens the curtain. The strings are pulled by you. The devil brings his bait to reall you in and then you are the bait to reel in more. The process continues on and on in multiple levels. What we choose affects others and we reach a point of no return where our selfish egos get in the way of what is fair and balanced. It becomes an ernest demand for entitlement and rationalizing for right and privilege. Something that os never promised in the real world and mistakenly thought to be offered by the external forces of chaos. At the point of negotiation and the soul is on the table awaiting the dotted line signature, you cannot blame anyone else for the consequences of the decision. Driven by our own hubris and fear of failure we have made the ultimate counter intuitive decision.
You begin to abandon those you love, and you begin to become a God incapable of losing. Once the God complex takes over, you can do anything and do not see a limit to your power.
If you would rather be defined by your carnal appetites and desires rather than by your soul and spiritual ideals then selling your soul to the devil might be your best option. You will only have yourself to blame as you will be an accomplice to your own destruction.

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