When people confront me about my beliefs I see it as a trap. The reason is because people love to judge you on what your beliefs are and from there they can dismiss your logic based on what they think is your religious affiliation. That is why I resolve that I am not of any religious belief. I am proud to say that my beliefs remain Fortean in nature. Being a Fortean gives me the freedom to explore all belief systems and leave myself open for whatever “new” belief comes down the spiritual causeway.
I have always believed that there is a greater power that exists in the Universe. I like to think that the power that exists has a personal interest in my welfare, but I have my doubts every once in a while like most people do. Much of the thought processes and schemes that we all plan and every prayer we offer is similar to magic spells and offerings to the universe that we hope will bend in our favor.

There is the old beatitude that we should make heaven on earth. That we should all be aware of what is above and how it effects us below—as it reads on earth as it is in heaven. Many people do not take the time to look up or preoccupy themselves with what is above us. We believe in a God in heaven, but we don’t acquaint that divine being as extra-terrestrial when in fact the truth points to that fact. The truth seems to also point to the fact that what has happened here happened out there in the beginning.
Those who may have lived before out in space were the forefathers of the Egyptians, the Mayans and the Aztecs. All of these ancient civilizations had knowledge of what was out there in the stars. They communed with what they called Gods and had written about travelers that moved across the sky and came down to speak with mankind.
They also spoke of creation and how the earth was like a vast garden planted by the Gods and we were the fruits of their labors. It has been speculated for quite some time that mankind did not have its beginning here on earth. The beginning happened on another planet, perhaps Mars or some other unknown planet yet to be discovered by our scientists.
It has been written by the Sumerians that the first man came from the planet Nibiru, while etymology of the first man, Adam indicates that he may have been formed elsewhere. He was the product of either star dust or red dirt or mud from another planet, perhaps Mars.
The Hebrew name for man is pronounced aw-dawm. The name Adam came from that and is also related to the Hebrew o aw-dawm-ah, which means man of red clay or red earth. According to the Old Testament—a group of gods planted a Garden eastward in Eden and a man made from red clay was created to tend the garden that was seeded by these Gods.
There have been authors who have written that the entire creation was the aftermath of an exodus from Mars or some other planet and that the way the Earth was seeded with life is through a bombardment of comets and meteors that carried the building blocks for life. These celestial bodies were actually launched from this unknown planet for Earth.
This can be a part of some science fiction or comic book philosophy; however we are beginning to see in the 21st century activity from space that may confirm that the creation process is ongoing and that it didn’t stop with the stories of Genesis.
An event took place in 2001 that could only be described as a biblical rain of blood. A Red rain fell for two months over the southern Indian state of Kerala. The strange meteorological anomaly was documented by Cochin University of Science and Technology physicist Godfrey Louis. Louis collected numerous samples of red rain, determined to find out what was causing the anomaly. What he found was intriguing. He found no evidence of sand or dust. According to his findings the rain water was filled with red cells that looked remarkably like blood cells or tiny bugs. Louis had said that the cells had a different outer layer and a distinctive quality that did not appear to be anything from this earth.

Louis published his results in the peer-reviewed journal Astrophysics and Space in 2006, along with the tentative suggestion that the cells could be extraterrestrial, perhaps from a comet that had disintegrated in the upper atmosphere and then seeded clouds as the cells floated down to Earth. In fact, Louis says there were reports in the region of a sonic boom-type noise at the time, which could have been caused by the disintegration of an object in the upper atmosphere.
In 2006 I was curious to see if there was anything else happening that may indicate that something from the skies may have rained down and seeded the earth with anything that may be construed as alien or not of this earth.
I stumbled upon reports of a strange disease that many people called the X-files disease, mainly because it seemed like the plague from outer space. In May of 2006 the mainstream media reported strange cases of a fibrous skin disorder called Morgellons disease. Those who suffer from this disorder notice that fibers grow colored strands out of the skin and upon examination notice viscous or blood like fluid clinging to the strands. Currently, serious research is being done to find the cause.

The CDC is reluctant to call it a “real” disorder and has linked it to Lyme’s disease, however it needs to be said that non-organic and unidentifiable structures in samples are showing that whatever it is it certainly has not been found in any living thing on earth. Many people have feared that it is a covert way at depopulation either form government experiments or even a possible collusion with an alien or extraterrestrial force. Some victims in Morgellons cases are described as having black hard spheres embedded in their skin like nanites or nanotechnological bugs or spores. It has also been revealed that fiber strand samples taken from the skin of some patients have been subjected to intense heat and still have been able to survive.
Could this be a silent invasion? The idea seems outrageous, but could we be in denial? It has been demonstrated lately that life can exist in the most inhospitable of places. Reports were flashing in news groups of possible life confirmations on other planets form Saturn’s moons to Martian terrain.
While critical reviews dismissed anything that even sounded like panspermia or the seeding of anything extraterrestrial on the this planet five years ago, the mainstream news and science has opened up the dialogue again, this time with some of the most outrageous reports that sound unbelievable and yet they are happening everyday and with a higher intensity.
According to a recent article from Scientists, from different institutes, found that not only were traces of compounds like ammonia and cyanide present, which could build complex organic molecules, even nucleobases (a group of nitrogen-rich organic compounds that are needed to build nucleotides, which can make RNA or DNA – the basis of all terrestrial life) were seen. This is not the first time nucleobases were being seen in meteorites.
I have known for years that sugar and amino acids have been found hitching rides on comets and meteors and science has known this for 50 years. Now they are finally admitting that the seeding of earth and other planets may be an ongoing process.
The study found a huge number of different nucleobases in organic-rich meteorites called carbonaceous chondrites, out of which three were extremely rare on Earth. This gives credence to the idea that life may have been planted from elsewhere.
Another story that recently graced the mainstream news was a strange story from Alaska where a strange orange goo was washing up on the beaches. The goo that washed up near Kivalina, Alaska was actually tiny eggs. Offiiacl explanations are that they come from an unknown crustacean or invertebrate.

The eggs however were not connected to anything known on earth leaving some to speculate that they were most probably deposited from a crashed meteorite. This once again opens up the discussion for panspermia building blocks of life hitching rides on comets and meteorites.
Last February, a report from CNN had me do a double take when I heard it. The commentator had said that a recent poll indicated that more and more people wanted to hear about the discovery of large planet or brown dwarf that was lurking in the outermost reaches of our solar system.
The media was confirming that there was a large Brown Dwarf star in the solar system lurking out in space and that would be the reason why so many comets and large asteroids are being detected near the earth because it is pushing it all towards us.
Perhaps this is the big secret—the new Genesis is coming and there needs to be a cataclysm in order to start it again. After all, in the beginning the earth was without form and dark. We are someone else’s property, the harvest may be coming and the garden is being planted again. It is happening while we are still here. The future may be a renewal. We may be the weeds that need to be thinned out.
Could this information all be released bit by bit in order to get the people used to the idea that an alien invasion is coming? There have been many TV shows using predictive programming to get people accustomed to all of this. I have mentioned the cancelled TV show “THE EVENT” using a finale which points to a huge planet coming into our solar system with aliens ready to take over our planet. However there was a report on CNN recently where Paul Krugman the famous economist and columnist for the New York Times said that perhaps a staged alien threat is needed to help people pull together on economic issues.
Krugman was a guest on CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS” when he made the statement “If we discovered that, you know, space aliens were planning to attack and we needed a massive buildup to counter the space alien threat and really inflation and budget deficits took secondary place to that, this slump would be over in 18 months,” he said. “And then if we discovered, oops, we made a mistake, there aren’t any aliens, we’d be better”
We may see in our lifetime the announcement that there is no doubt that we are not alone in the universe and that the solar system is teaming with life. Now we all have to read between the lines and wonder who are the owners of this garden.

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