On September 9th, 2011 there was a major power outage in San Diego California. Richard who is an avid Ground Zero Listener says that on that hot day, he spent a lot of time outside in order to cool down. He explained that while he was outside he saw something that he thought was out of the ordinary in the sky near the sun. He didn’t know what it was and decided that maybe he should take out his cell phone and snap a few photos. What he documented is probably one of the most astonishing anomalies that seemed to defy logic.

What he snapped were pictures of what appear to be an anomaly that was circling the sun. It moved around and at one point looked like a second sun in the sky. He told me he did not know what It was. He wondered if it was a UFO, or Planet X, or even comet Elenin. He looked everywhere trying to find an explanation in the mainstream media and saw nothing about the anomaly. He did submit the pictures to us exclusively for the website in order for people to decide for themselves what is happening in the sky. (Click below to Animate Picture)

I was looking over some of the UFO reports dating back to September 21st, 2001 and while many were simple fireballs reported near the coast, there was actually a case reported where two lights intersected the sky and were silent. The MUFON case that is numbered 32069 had no location given however it seemed that the story was coming from an area of the coast.
Prior to the Ground Zero Lounge that was performed on September 25th, 2011 I gathered a few people including some locals from Seaside Oregon to direct me to Coffenbury Lake near Fort Stevens.
There were reports of UFO activity there and some stories of electromagnetic vortexes in the area. We explored much of the heavily wooded area near Warrenton Oregon. As we approached a clearing in the woods we were surprised to see that the entire area was illuminated by a greenish blue light. It was a cloudy night and the weather was supposed to turn to gale force winds and rain. We had no heavy rain or wind where we were standing and there was no moon in the sky to create such a strange glow in the clearing.
Roger Clooten, a member of the investigating party pointed his camera upward and caught what was above us giving off the light. It was a triad light formation with a huge light in the middle. Many of us were not able to see the UFO and yet it was there flying over head quietly.

The experience was eerie and will go down as one of the most intriguing UFO experiences of my career. I reported in great detail about the event during the Ground Zero Lounge show and presented the photograph of the craft.
That same night it was reported that an unknown object smashed through an SUV on I-205, narrowly missing a 14-year-old girl sitting in the back seat. The SUV was traveling southbound on I-205 near milepost 11, over the Clackamas River Bridge, when the object smashed into the right front passenger-side window, through the interior and then out the left rear side window.
The object entered and exited the SUV and according to the driver the SUV passenger window and the left side rear window smashed almost simultaneously. Police were unable to determine what hit the vehicle.

I am sure that the police are looking for a possible bullet, however with all of the anomalous activity including UFO reports that totaled into the hundreds of thousands it is time to pay close attention.
According to National UFO Database Oregon is now being ranked at an alert 4 with a spike in UFO reporting in August and September.
In my career I have not reported as many UFO sightings and accounts and now it seem that more and more UFO’s and Fireballs are coming down from the sky. These stories are dominating my show and with the latest stories about a Comet heading towards us, a downed Satellite and Solar flares I am beginning to question the credibility of NASA.
I also am beginning to not trust those who parrot what NASA issues as press releases regarding these anomalous events. After my experiences at Ft. Stevens and the reports that I have gathered in the studio I am no longer going to take anything NASA or authorities are saying at face value.
They are lying to us and we are now unable to differentiate between disinformation and real information given by them.
There is something out there and it is coming our way and these UFO’s and fireballs are indicators that something is being kept close to the breast with regard to Near Earth Objects, UFO’s and unfortunately ELE activity where we may see some unexplainable phenomena in the sky.
This after NASA failed to track and accurately give information about the UARS satellite and its re entry to the earth.
The reports coming in now about UFO’s and fireballs are sounding like they pose a threat. The failure for the popular news networks to cover these stories is speaking volumes and the cover-up of what is really going on is evident.
In San Leon Texas firefighters were called to a large grass fire on Saturday September 24th, 2011. Jeff Pittman, chief of the San Leon Fire Department said that 9/11 calls came in from all over claiming that a large unidentified object lit up the sky and fell to earth. The result was a huge explosion and fire. After the fire was out, firefighters conducted a grid patrol using metal detectors to determine if something did fall from the sky. After the fire was contained there was no more comment about the cause of the fire only eyewitness accounts of what looked like a terrifying invasion as the object hovered slowly and then sped up and crashed to the ground. Meanwhile in South America, an Argentine neighborhood was wiped out. There are witnesses who claim that it was a fireball from space. In fact one of the boys who witnessed the event was jailed and later changed his story.
At first it was reported to be a gas explosion at a pizza parlor. It was a huge blue fireball that ran through a neighborhood in Buenos Aries called Monte Grande. A 43 year old Peruvian woman was killed and 9 others were left with critical injuries as the mysterious fireball twisted automobiles and iron fences. While authorities are leaning towards the explanation of the gas explosion, there are others who have determined that what had happened there was a fragment of a meteor or space junk came down from the sky and destroyed the neighborhood.
A picture was posted on various social networks throughout South America showing what appears to be a snake like object, red in color twisting towards the neighborhood from space.

Many witnesses concluded that what they saw in the sky was most definitely an unidentified phenomena racing from the above and exploding in the middle of an area known as Esteban Echeverría. Authorities are claiming that there is no crater in the area indicative of an arrival from the skies.

However Mariano Ribas The coordinator of the Planetarium Located in Buenos Aires, says that he does not doubt that what happened there was the result of aerial phenomena coming down from space in that area.
While witnesses describe the fireball as being the size of a freight train or bus, Ribas claims that the object that fell probably was only about the size of a soccer ball.
Another unnamed scientist appeared on Canal 5, (Argentina Television) to announce that while gas was ignited and exploded during the event, he is certain that what happened was an unexplained Ariel phenomenon that he claims could be more than likely a fragment from space.
The picture circulating around the web showing the red “dragon like” wave is in his opinion a common occurrence in space; however it is rare to catch such an anomaly on film.
There are also pictures that are circulating around the net that show men in radiation suits combing through the debris.

Is this all for an investigation into a faulty gas hook up to a pizza oven? What was the reason for this?
Early reports by some witnesses that they had seen a ball of fire fall from the sky around the 2 a.m. After the reports of a fireball coming down, the government dispatched the large number of searchers to check for radioactivity and any material that might have come from outer space. Provincial justice and security minister Ricardo Casal said experts were “evaluating all theories, from an explosion to something strange that came from the sky.”
The boy who shot the picture of the red fiery column coming down from the sky was later held by police for questioning. After he was arrested he changed his story and said that the picture was a hoax.
But was it all a hoax? Were people reporting things that were not true?
NASA had made a statement saying that the UARS satellite could not have been responsible because it is their claim that they now know that the satellite came down to earth on early Saturday Morning and did not come close to Argentina.
This statement was made even though there was a nebulous tracking of the object Friday Night with no real time reports on national news. In fact there are more accurate readings of the tracking of Santa Claus at Christmas time on the major news networks. This raises the question about the credibility of NASA and whether or not they are lying about the Satellite falls, but also telling lies about space anomalies, no fly zones over the Moon, strange anomalies near the sun, and solar flares.
The ACE Spacecraft reported on September 26th 2011 that a Strong G3 Level Geomagnetic Storm was in progress and that charged particles will be seen in the higher latitudes.
NASA has now announced that a Press conference is pending regarding the objects that have been seen in the sky. According to a news release NASA will reveal near-Earth asteroid findings and implications for future research. There are rumors floating around that NASA may tell us about the possibility of a 1300-foot-wide asteroid, will pass within 0.85 lunar distances of the Earth on November 8, 2011.
YU55 is believed to be a very dark, nearly spherical object that is listed as potentially hazardous. While the scientists tell us that the object has no chance of colliding with us it will be a close shave and with other anomalies like Elenin and every other near earth object we always stand a chance of being hit.
It needs to be mentioned that on November 9th, 2011 there will be a national test of the Emergency Alert System. Congress will extend their meeting time to November. They usually take a break in October. There have been many drills and inspections with regard to underground bunkers and facilities in Denver and other parts of the country.
Do we have reason to wonder if we are getting the truth?
It is a frustrating and tedious position we are in. It is also important not to panic but prepare for anything. I for one will not dismiss out of hand any and all reports of the anomalies and what they may mean for our future.

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