In the Book “Gods of Eden,” William Bramley accidentally uncovered a sinister connection between UFO’s and major disasters. As a lawyer and war historian Bramley had set out to write a book about war and during his studies he was finding that before cataclysmic events or major wars reports of anomalous activities in the skies above the earth takes place.
Bramley has documented that UFO’s and alien appearances are subtle and not overt attacks on mankind. They appear before during and after a major disaster or cataclysm to observe. Bramley contends that governments and the major religions know this but do not know their intent and that is why it is difficult to disclose the real mission of these beings.

Many still cling on to points of view that dismiss outright the very notion of extra-terrestrial intervention and yet they embrace the idea of an extra-terrestrial God being in control. Lately I have been noticing a pattern in catastrophic events and the appearance of extra terrestrial anomalies before during and after these events.
If you recall at the first of the year there was a UFO flap where UFO’s were seen over the west Desert of Utah. Three red lights were seen in formation over the desert. A white shimmering light was then lowered to the ground. There were many witnesses who saw this event take place.
The entire event was seen over a secret Military installation.
Hours later the same UFO was seen over Israel, hovering over the dome of the rock. Even though there were three of four different views including and observatory recording the data on this sighting, the internet was quick to dismiss the story as fake, Even though coincidentally there was a huge uprising of the Muslim brother hood in the Middle East just after the sighting.
I contend that the sightings were real, because no one who discussed any of the debunking addressed the Utah sighting. It should have been considered in the data and the locations of both should have been considered. When you have UFO activity over a well known Military installation and another over a holy shrine, it is important to take notice and to be just as cautious in debunking as well as accepting the recording of the document outright, especially during a time of war.
Some of the world’s darkest events have been linked to an alien presence on earth.
It can be said that many of these darkest times have spawned new religions and these religions have been spawned form celestial events. Saul saw a bright light and changed his name to Paul and became an evangelical Roman.
Even Mohammed was visited by an entity in a cave and he even questioned whether or not he had come in content with a Djinn. He then assumed that he had come in contact with the angel Gabriel. Joseph Smith the 14 year old Mormon prophet claimed that he too experienced something that can only be described as similar as an alien experience with beings claiming to be deity directing and guiding him with the organization of a church.
There is also the question of a forged document that the church tried to suppress that mentions that one of the entities that visited Joseph smith looked like a white salamander. A white salamander would look or even mimic the look of what we now see as an alien gray. However the document that was presented to the church by Mark Hoffman turned out to be a forgery, but was considered at the Time By Gordon B. Hinckley knowing full well that information such as this could have been created by enemies of the church to discredit the faith and perhaps make it out too look like an alien or sorcerers cult.
Truth is most religions are alien cults. Most secret societies stem from secret information that had been imparted to man from the gods.
In paradise we read that Adam and Eve, a metaphoric representation of mankind found an interesting relationship with the serpent, another metaphor for a being that obviously is an alien or some sort of intelligent operative that creates chaos.
The demons or serpent beings described by biblical texts and ancient scrolls of Nag Hammadi are simply put, agents of chaos that act without thinking of consequence. They conduct their activities for the betterment of evolution regardless if we as humans assess it as good or evil.
The interpretations of paradise seldom point out that some of the inhabitants of the biblical Eden were in fact upright walking “shiny” creatures that had a grayish copper color. They were known as the Nachash an upright creature that did not speak but spoke to the mind or whispered to the mind on mankind knowledge.
It is written in many biblical commentaries that the Nachash had the ability to possess the souls of man and force them into doing things against their will. Many were taken away and brought back with the inability to speak. Others were found on alters as sacrifices to the Gods.
This is where many believe the stories of Cain, Abel, Abraham and Isaac came from. Tradition has always been that the Gods, the shiny beings, all demand blood sacrifice in order to be appeased.
The Pre-Adamic civilizations are the very civilizations that are rich in the stories of vampiric gods or beings that have come down from heaven to devour mankind. This is often overlooked by new age believers in divine alien intervention.
It is beginning to appear as if there is some sick cooperation between mankind and darker alien forces that create a cloud of death and chaos in order to control human beings on this planet. .
With our egos in check we must understand that while we believe that we are well advanced and educated, the reality is pointing to the idea that the ancients before us had all kinds of relationships with beings that lived outside of the earth and that they often fought for their own safety as the beings from the skies often wanted women, children and blood offerings for sustenance.
It may be hard to believe but much of what has been covered up by religions and governments regarding our affairs with these entities are actually well known by those who are members of so called secret societies. We see these scenarios played out today just like they were anciently.
The core intelligence that accompanies aliens is that they are actually harbingers of doomsday activity and when they are seen in greater numbers we tend to see disaster late. It is almost as if the watchers are here to see pivotal moments in history.
On September 6th, 2001, 3 days prior to the September 11th 2001 attacks there was a major UFO sighting over Carteret New Jersey. Unidentified objects appeared as lights in a huge V-type formation moving silently through the air over the Arthur Kill Waterway (just South of Newark International Airport). The event was witnessed by hundreds of onlookers, including police officers and a church reverend, the sighting was reported the next day by every major news organization. People that had experienced the sighting actually felt that it was similar to a religious experience.
The events that followed the UFO sighting, namely the attcks on the United states has also been considered to be akin to a religious event.
Many still cling on to points of view that dismiss outright the very notion of extra-terrestrial intervention and yet they embrace the idea of an extra-terrestrial God being in control.
It is becoming more evident that the UFO Intervention has its drawbacks and the histories of their entanglements with humans should be considered when attempting to disclose their existence.
You may see the future unfold with a whole new heaven and earth.and a new order promising you the new and everlasting Eden.

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