In past articles I have talked about different manifestations of Djinn, Men in Black, and spiritual chaotic entities from different cultures. I have also pointed out that through ritual, many of these beings are taken through a portal and their energy is empowered by thought forms.

Ghosts, spirits and all kinds of entities exist behind the veil. Many people who claim to be debunkers do not believe in such things. Debunkers may deny their existence with science, but empower it with their fears.
There are set ideas and templates that are programmed into the collective consciousness which determine whether or not there is an entity in our midst. Those ideas about the supernatural are given to us through mythology, a cadre of witnesses, and word of mouth. There are also depictions of entity experiences that are augmented with dark music, and thunderings on a movie screen using special effects.
The Hollywood version of entity encounters has had to be made over, just as the actors and actresses starring in them, in order for it to properly terrorize a ticket-paying audience. The real-life entity experience is as natural and mundane as the wind blowing through the trees.
In fact, most entities, when called upon to make their presence known to the living are quite acquiescent. They are beneficial, they intervene, and sometimes warn of danger, or appear to give comfort.
But don’t get me wrong; when a spiritual entity manifests, it can be a very traumatic experience for some, and many will determine that the experience itself is from the realms of the abyss.
It is the so-called evil entity that is peculiar.
In George Romero’s Horror classic “Night of the Living Dead” we feel that claustrophobic sense of hopelessness when we see that a house is being surrounded by ghoulish Zombies who feast on human flesh. The occupants inside the house have to act to survive even though their minds are spent knowing that the world that once was normal, slides out of control when a probe from space crashes to earth and releases a virus capable of raising the dead.
In the case of the story of Night of the living Dead we have labeled the attackers Zombies because there is no other word to describe the walking undead. We may want to call them Revenants because there is no association with Voodoo. It has been my understanding is that a revenant being is a being that has returned from the dead to roam the earth. This is why there is that tendency to combine them all because they have the same characteristics as most phantoms, spooks, and haints. Zombie or Revenant is up to the viewer to decide and terror is often in the eye of the beholder.
When Hollywood deals with the unknown they simultaneously paint the picture of what is terrifying and optimistic. The idea of the undead, or ghosts, and little creatures from nether worlds shows us that while they are horrifying, death is not the end. The dead rising from their graves in some sick way is reassuring.
After all, the Bible speaks of the resurrection of the dead, and Jesus was able to command Lazarus to leave his tomb, but no one ever imagines it to be spooky and terrifying.
No one can picture Jesus pulling Lazarus out of the tomb and not throwing up from the awful stench of the maggot infested man who Jesus considered his friend. Let’s face it he was in a tomb a long time before Jesus came by and did the old hocus pocus on his body.
There must be something that triggers the fear of the dead rising from their graves. Are the powers of resurrecting the dead saved for the divine and the sacred? Maybe the power over life and death can come from somewhere else entirely. Can evil energy propel the dead into doing Satan’s bidding, and toy with our minds in order to see us suffer? Is it possible for a doorway to open up and allow a “Night of the living dead” scenario to play out in reality? Are ghosts and the undead the only things to fear when the lights go out?
Of course not.
There are demons that when angered unleash catastrophes.
In the paranormal field there is a tendency to lump Aliens, ghosts, ghouls, and goblins together. With that in mind I have decided to refer to all of these unseen entities as Night Visitors.
The Night Visitors inhabit some other realm of reality and at the same time are not far away from reality. When the netherworld meets with the world we inhabit, a doorway can open and something can slip through and disturb us.
The Night Visitors are the intermediaries between the Gods and us. They are the most frequent visitors. They are the most talked about and the most dreaded of all creatures. Mainly because they are superhuman in most respects yet they use that super strength to intrude upon our lives in often horrifying ways. Many times these entities associate themselves with evil, more so than with goodness. Many associate them with death and dread. They have appeared in our literature for centuries. There have been many people who have mentioned that yes the population of “hell” does spill over and some of the slime creeps into our world and leaves a cold chill in the hearts of men.
The specter, phantom, ghoul, or ghost takes many forms and many people have different interpretations of what they are and what their agenda is. Many people see ghosts as a nuisance e and some do not take the time to understand what they are the target of a haunting. They immediately assume that ghost is malevolent, sometimes we need to listen, watch and learn from these beings that are an important part of our existence.
Shakespeare used ghosts in his plays to teach us about life. In my favorite play Our Town, Thornton Wilder utilized ghosts to give us insight into how human life may not understand how common every day events should be cherished. That life’s events, no matter how small should be enjoyed and never taken for granted. The scene at the cemetery especially nails it when the character Emily dies, leaving her husband George with the farm.
Emily in the afterlife watches George sob over her grave and says “Live people don’t understand do they?” As she observes the funeral party she never realized how troubled people are, how they are unable to be satisfied and happy with the simple things in life.
Emily had the opportunity to go back to a happy day and live one more day after her death but she was warned that not only would she live that day she would watch herself live it. She would observe how she too was preoccupied with things that in the long run really didn’t matter.
She decided to observe simple things that we take for granted. First, she sees the routine of life going on as usual—Howie Newsome delivering milk, Constable Warren telling how he rescued a man lying in snowdrifts, Joe Crowell delivering newspapers. Then she sees her mother and father, who are surprisingly youthful to her. They are preparing to give her gifts.
She speaks with her mother, who tells her to eat her breakfast slowly. Mrs. Webb gives her a dress which she had to “send all the way to Boston” to get. Her father and Wally also have gifts, but Emily can’t go on any longer and breaks down, saying she didn’t realize how much the little things of life—things she did not notice before—really mattered.
I came close to death back in 2007 and learned that I paid no attention to little things like smoking, drinking and abusing my body. All the little abuses wound up in my kidneys. Five tumors were holding my life in the balance. It happened so fast I had no time to regret or cry. I only had time to panic and demand that it be taken out of me so that I could live. I found spirituality then. I really didn’t find God because God was always there. I needed to find me. I needed to find the will and spirit within me so that I could stand tall and walk upright. That has always been my attitude about God. I should not have to bow to God, but to proudly stand and walk upright into his presence. Not afraid, not ashamed, only spiritually healthy.
In my experiences with ghosts I have never had one ghost say in a message that where they are is a happy place. They always seem to be lonely and missing their loved ones. They are anxious to tell someone their story, to show the living that they have purpose.
There seems to be a correlation between ghost appearances and areas of trauma or tragedy. It could be possible that traumatic events are set in the world to open up portals and windows to allow for the safe entry of different entities into our realm of existence.
It has been theorized that a rip in the fabric of time could open up the gate and allow all kinds of different forms of intelligence into our realm of existence. If the collective consciousness is caught up in negative thought forms, or is in a crisis situation, we may see a mass manifestation of strange entities going from home to home.
The veil seems to be thinning , and it becomes even more transparent in the darkest times of the winter solstice. These are the times to be in tune with the spirit world. The messages they send may surprise you.

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