In my last article the focus of the grinning manor Indrid Cold was detoured by Mothman.
The anniversary of his appearance has gone and now a report has surfaced claiming
that a Large butterfly has been seen flying around Los Angeles. The “butterfly” over Los
Angeles has been heralded by the New Age groups as a sign of peace and tranquility.
Perhaps those who wish to see it as a sign of hope are unaware of Mothman and the
significance of his appearance.

When Mothman made his appearance in West Virginia in 1966, I am sure that no one
there was even aware of the fact that there is an ancient Mesopotamian demon that
looks exactly like Mothman, its name is Pazuzu. Those unfamiliar with Mesopotamian
demonology may remember seeing this entity as a stone idol found by the character
Father Merrin in the movie “The Exorcist.” This film of course came out long after the
disaster at the Silver Bridge and the reports of a winged man that terrorized the people
of Point Pleasant West Virginia. The Exorcist showed the demonic image of Pazuzu,
as a statue that had been recovered at a geological dig site in Iraq. Pazuzu eventually
unleashed his spirit upon a little girl and flashed in many scenes as a “grinning” death
Pazuzu according to Assyrian and Babylonian Mythology is the king of the demons and
is capable of unleashing swarms of locusts, great storms and drought. Pazuzu is a
demon with reptilian features, a clown like grin and large wings.
He appears at a time when his wife, Lamashtu is actively seeking out children that
she can devour. Although Pazuzu is, himself, an evil spirit, he drives away other evil
spirits, and appears to warn humans of coming plagues and misfortunes. According to
ancient writings Pazuzu arrived at the first Millennium and then would disappear for a
time only to reappear at the turn of a decade, millennium or century to warn of a coming
It is interesting to also note that on the day of the first Mothman sighting Walt Disney
died. While this may not have significance to the average investigator it may come as a
surprise to many people that the first real contemporary glimpse of a winged demon like
Mothman and Pazuzu came from the Disney’s film Fantasia from 1940.
The Chernabog appears in the segment “A Night on bald Mountain” and has been
called Disney’s best representation of pure evil. The huge, nocturnal and winged demon
is based on the god of the night in Slavonic mythology. At Walpurgis Night. Chernabog
emerges from the peak of Mount Triglaf, near Kiev in southern Russia, to summon all of
his minions; he eventually throws them all into the mountain’s fiery pit.
It is also interesting to note that in the 1960’s somewhere between 1966 and 1968 the
movie Fantasia was re-released in Theaters.
The Pazuzu winged demon motif was also used in the movie Jeepers Creepers.
The “creeper” was able to regenerate and according to the creators of the film was
human at one time. The creeper would feed every 23 years and was first seen as a
Scarecrow in the film. Crows of course are known as symbols of death.
In behind the scenes commentary the producers of the film say that the Jeepers
creepers story is loosely base on the Mothman Legends.
The image of the winged demon continues to endure and it seems that the meme or the
psychic construct somehow appears on the scene accompanied by the “grinning man.”
Prior to the devastating I -35 W bridge collapse in Minneapolis that happened in 2007
there were reports of Mothman sightings all over the area. There was a sighting of the
Mothman in San Antonio as well. I had made some connections to the bridge collapse
in Minneapolis to the Sighting in San Antonio since the creature was seen Near I-35 as
well. There was also a report of an overpass collapsing near where the sighting took
place which destroyed at least 11 cement columns.
In 2006 a 53 year old Cherokee Indian named Wohali, and his 25 year old son said that
they encountered what only could be described as a man-bat. The creature appeared in
front of them on a Highway near La Crosse Wisconsin shrieked and then shot straight
up in the air. The sound that the creature made was so intense that both men had to
pull over to the side of the road to throw up. They remained sick for at least a week after
the encounter.
The Man- Bat was an estimated 6-7 feet tall, sported bat like, leathery wings with a span
of 10-12 feet, long claws on its feet and “hands” and a snarling expression on the face.
Wohali’s son said that the creature looked similar to the one that was seen in the Movie
Von Helsing.
Since the recent sightings of the Large Butterfly in Los Angeles there have been
all sorts of reports of Earthquake swarms, severe weather conditions, floods and
mudslides. The first sighting was just prior to the errant missile that was fired off near
Catalina Island.
Grant Lawrence is the only blogger to give details on the sighting of the creature. He
reports that an eyewitness named Tim saw the “butterfly” in Montrose, California, Los
Angeles County, just north of the Glendale/Burbank area, in the afternoon 3:00 pm on
October 15, 2010. According to Tim it was a partly cloudy day and he saw something
that had wings but it did not fly like a bird. The wings moved like butterfly wings. Grant
Lawrence said that the last time something like this happened was in 1942 and the
Battle of Los Angeles. This has been one of the most intriguing UFO events in the
History of the United States pre-dating Roswell.
6 months after the 1942 sighting a 6.6 earthquake struck the fairly remote area of
southern California.
As I had reported in October Prior to the firing of the unknown Missile, the USGS
had reported that there was a seismic swarm occurring in the United States. Many
areas like the Yellowstone Caldera were on alert. There were also great swarms of
earthquakes in the Santa Monica area which has created a concern for a possible big
quake occurring some time soon.
Is the Butterfly sighting in Los Angeles a precursory event and is the powerful Image of
Pazuzu returning to warn us of some impending disaster?
Only time will tell.

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